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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel.
Interlocutor: Well, we will start with some relatively simple questions, and even, in one of them, we will resume a story that you began narrating in a prior session(*); we could call it the friendship between the Master Johnakan Ur-El and you. First of all, Morganel, who is your guardian angel and who is your spirit guide?
Morganel: My angel guide is Arami-El. It’s an angel of the plane 6.2, who, in a given moment, was embodied as a male, now it is not incarnated...
Interlocutor: It isn’t incarnated?
Morganel: No, not at this moment. It is as Angelic Entity in the plane 6 sublevel 2 called Arami-El.
Interlocutor: Is this your Spirit Guide?
Morganel: No. This is my Angel Guide. What people usually call Guardian Angel. And my Spirit Guide is a Master of Light of the plane 5.7 called Troanel. It is a spiritual Entity that contrary to my investigation desire, the times he has embodied, he has embodied as a musician, and it would give the impression that we didn't have empathy because the times that he has embodied, he was never interested in mathematics as I have been interested about investigation and physics, he was always interested in the music but...
Interlocutor: Excuse me, but Isn’t there any reflection? Because I would have liked to study music. I like music a lot. It’s not something that I could study professionally, but I would have liked to play some instruments, like violin and piano, for example. I’m a delighted about classical music, I admire all...
Morganel: Of course, I know it, for that reason we are a single spirit, it is logical that that happens! And it is something that you had not commented, but obviously that if I’m part of you; I already knew it. And it is for the simple reason that throughout the different incarnations, my Spirit Guide has always "opened up the doors" to all things related to music; because somehow it is like it allowed me to maintain my eagerness in balance. It prevented my avidity from being unleashed because with my desire of investigation, myself, as Spiritual Entity, sometimes it was like I wanted to go beyond the speed of the light, metaphorically speaking; and is it like he calmed the waters, but it didn't calm them to impede the investigation, but to avoid setbacks, so that I don't stumble against the wall; I say it in a figurative sense, yes? We know that a spiritual entity cannot stumble against the wall.
Interlocutor: Yes, sure (Laughing)
Morganel: And he did me well. In several incarnations, although we have had that eagerness on mathematical investigation, the investigation about astronomy, the investigation in other worlds about solid light, the investigation related to inert gases, etc.; it is like always we had hidden in our interior the desire to listen a melody. That tranquilized us and in many incarnations the music has accompanied in situations of solitude and the one who doesn't understand can ask: "And where is the compatibility between investigation and music?” I would not say compatibility, I would say COMPLEMENT and that is wonderful, it’s wonderful.
Interlocutor: I understand it and I feel it in this way also.
Morganel: Then, although I’m a Spirit, who is seeking to serve and looks for investigation, I have always felt restrained by those dear Spiritual and Angelic Entities that have known how to guide me.
Interlocutor: Tell us, Morganel, Is the Master Troanel incarnated?
Morganel: No. He was incarnated as a male and he never stood out in Sun 3 as a great composer, but the same as many other Masters of past centuries, he has composed Hungarian Czardas, which are deepest and melodious sounds that have been composed. Perhaps Radael’s 10% disagrees with my point of view, but we won't debate on music, it doesn't make sense; I believe that it is like each fruit that has its flavor, there are fruits that are sweet or sour and there are fruits that can have little flavor for many of you, like the banana and however its potassium nurtures; and there is music that nurtures, and I believe that Radael’s 10% knows it. I’m anticipating his "but" because I also perceive Radael at this time who is here present as a Master of Light.
Interlocutor: Is there any other Entity aside from Radael?
Morganel: Johnakan as usual, we have the pleasure that Kether is here...
Interlocutor: The Master Kether?
Morganel: Yes, because he is also interested in everything related to investigation. He is a Master with a tremendous audacity of having embodied - and that is important - to stop a conflict between the north and the south of his planet without knowing - by not having reincarnative memory- if his10% would betray his ideal; and however he has been able to transmit that guidance to his causal body, to his incarnated part and he has been able to stop the conflict and well, he knows that I admire him a lot.
Interlocutor: It is praiseworthy.
Morganel: …In addition, he is Logos of his planet.
Interlocutor: Very well.
Morganel: Let us continue.
Interlocutor: Very well. The incarnated spirits have a Guardian Angel or Angel Guide and a Spirit Guide, Do the embodied Angelic Entities have these Guiding Entities also?
Morganel: Yes and the not-embodied entities also have them. Let us say that I have Troanel. When I say “I have” it means that I feel his loving presence and not necessarily he has to have more knowledge than me, nor has he necessarily to be in a higher plane. There are other Guiding Entities, who are not in a higher plane and when we have disincarnated we have been in contact, maybe not as a Guiding Spirit, but as a consultant spirit. The same thing with the angel entity, as a consultant Angel.
In some cases of force majeure, when the Light Entity has to fulfill an important mission in certain world and he/she wants to exercise the entire mental concept in that world in order not to be deviated from the task, we have the feasibility of changing guides or guardian angels. We have that feasibility. It can happen.
Many times it has happened in several lives that we continue having the same Guiding Entities and in a given circumstance these Entities are also changed. For instance: Ruanel (Master Ron Hubbard 100% Spirit) and Radael (H’s Thetan) didn't have a great contact, but when Radael’s 10% respected what Ruanel’s 10% did in his life, following his theory, somehow it’s like he allowed, or consented - you name it as you like more - that both Entities empathize more. Radael was even in the plane 4 in that moment, and well, Ruanel has been Radael’s Spirit Guide for more than a decade, being that Ruanel was not his Guide before.
Then, we can change of Guides, if we have a bigger affinity with another Entity, and the Spirit that stops being Guide will never be offended because we lack ego; that is to say, it is taken as something natural because it would be more beneficial. Let’s see fro instance, if I were at this time a guide of X and that X would have more likeness with Johnakan and I see that Johnakan’s guidance will be more beneficial because they have similar points of view, because somehow both of them enjoy all that is poetry, I could not be offended. On the contrary, I would have an immense pleasure to know that that 10% will be guided well and not because Johnakan be better than me nor am I worse than him, simply because he will have another point of view that will be closer to the way of being of that 10% incarnated. I don’t know if that concept is understood...
Interlocutor: Yes, I understand the concept.
Morganel: ...If I were to transmit it to the spoken language, - joking- the fuses of this vessel’s mental decoder would blow.
Interlocutor: Poor Jorge. By the way, I’d like to ask you a question, since you said "if I were" other being's spirit guide. Are you Spirit Guide of some conscious being, Morganel?
Morganel: No.
Interlocutor: No? Not right now?
Morganel: At this moment I’m dedicated to the task of guiding you as my 10% incarnated and also investigating. This obviously doesn't prevent me from doing small or big service where it is necessary.
Interlocutor: Sure. Can you explain us why conscious beings have a Guardian Angel and a Spirit Guide? Which is the specific function of those beings?
Morganel: Above all the things guidance and contention. The guidance is good as much for the 90% as for the 10%, because even if I am an investigative spirit, I can receive guidance from another spirit and I will have the humility to accept it. One may also be in disagreement. It is allowed. It has to do exactly that we all have free will by holding an opinion.
Incarnated people would have to realize the great Freedom that one has when there is no ego; one doesn't fear to hold one’s opinion, one is not afraid of having divergent or opposed postures, fearing that the other person would take offense badly. It is beautiful when one is capable to think differently. Why would we all have to agree on a certain posture? Even when we speak about the Father, we can have different postures on what the Father means! And yet with all our knowledge, we will know a millionth part of what the Father is. Well, there I am talking about guidance.
On the other hand, contention is only for the 10%. Contention is generally necessary on those beings that have ego; they feel depressed or they have needs; Then, there is contention from that Guardian Angel or that Spirit Guide or the same Thetan. On the other hand, the 90%, if it is in a Mastery plane or in a plane of Light, doesn’t need contention because it doesn't dramatize.
That is very important for all the incarnated people to understand. The ego dramatizes, the ego competes, the ego wants to stand out, the ego makes things up in order to appear more important, the ego makes smiling things up; but I don’t say this to be disrespectful to you all. In our plane we would not even have to say: "I don't say it to be disrespectful to you." This thing is surely heard by the beings of the physical plane, and then I have to clarify it. In our plane it is not necessary to clarify anything, not because others "read" my concept, but because the beings of Light are not offended and so, we are freer to hold an opinion. We know that there won't be offense taken by third parties. Is that clear?
Interlocutor: Yes, it is clear.
Morganel: On the other hand, in the physical plane, it is necessary to be very cautious and try not to offend other people...
Interlocutor: Yes, it is clear; I see that often. (Laughing).
Morganel: ...even at the smallest sound, they take offense quickly...
Interlocutor: Yes, I see that every day. It is necessary to be very careful. (Laughing).
Morganel: I thank Johnakan-Ur-El a lot since he gave me these concepts that I said recently because somehow he has guided me, and I don't have problems saying it. That is the Freedom that the ego doesn't give, because you all cannot have a different opinion, you all cannot say a “but” because on the other side there is a bigger “but,” there is a ferocious competition in which sometimes reality is distorted in order to overshadow the other person and that is something tremendous.
However, I don’t see this in common beings, I see it more in beings that are looking for the Path of Light. Others will say: "How will it be then among common beings?" No, it is not like that, on the contrary, perhaps common beings are more simplistic - but I do insist, because in the physical plane it is necessary to clarify everything- I don’t say this in an offensive way, yes? Since they are more simplistic people, perhaps they don't occupy their time in competing, but in living. That is to say that the most simplistic person is sometimes happier than the most complicated person. But that seems difficult for the beings of the physical plane to understand. That’s tremendous. I thank Kether also, who helped me giving to me this comment.
Interlocutor: Good, thank you Morganel, in a prior session you told us that only in three times have you met with a role of Johnakan’s in Sun 3. You even spoke to us about those three roles. The first, a friend of Ananda’s, who knew Siddhartha Gautama. Ananda was Johnakan’s role in that moment. Then, you had a role in which you met John Zebedee when he was adolescent whereas you were an old man and then you disembodied, after that you had another role as an adolescent and you met John Zebedee again, when he was still incarnated as an old man.
Morganel: Those are the dirty tricks of incarnations.
Interlocutor: And you didn't tell us the names. I remember that the first incarnation, Ananda’s friend, was Ayanti. Then that old man, who met John Zebedee as an adolescent, you didn't tell us the name.
Morganel: Jeremiah. And seeing that fifteen-year-old young devotee, truly aroused my curiosity a lot, he spoke so much of who supposedly was a new Messiah. Obviously, our paths were separated then, but I was left always with that curiosity thanks to him. That experience marked me very much, not like an engram, but like a healthy curiosity. Let us remember that as a Spirit, I was always investigative, and investigating is not solely researching on what the world is, the stellar systems or physics or mathematics; it is also good to investigate the words, the parables and the verses.
Many times, with the brother Johnakan, we have spoken about the Bible that Christianity uses, which is divided between Old and New Testament. I rescue from the Old Testament, which are the writings of the Jewish people, The Song of Songs [Song of Solomon] because it is sometimes understandable for an embodied being that a soul be expressed in a personal way, with a love that seemingly is personal, which seemingly sounds as personal. It is very attractive. Then, it is truly as though it were written music.
Interlocutor: Very well. Moving on with that "friendship" - if you allow me the term - between Morganel and Johnakan, have you both met in other roles aside from Sun 3, for example, in Aldebaran 4 or Antares 4?
Morganel: Yes, in total we have met 30 times.
Interlocutor: Thirty times?
Morganel: Yes, 27 times in other worlds and 3 times on Sun 3. I want to clarify something that the same Johnakan has said and since he is present here, I translate this concept into spoken language. Johnakan has always said that - at least in the affective relationships - we don't have ties. There are writers on Sun 3 that speak about cutting ties that bind. There are no are ties that bind because we are roles; once that role finishes we are spirits with impersonal Love or surely, if we were in the dense planes, we would be spirits with resentment, but unless there is a tremendous attachment, we also leave aside these strings.
In this case the incarnations were by mutual agreement in order to learn together and we didn't always coincide in time, but sometimes with a small contact was already enough for us to learn. Without going further I give the case of Jeremiah, whose curiosity was aroused due to the words of that other man that could be considered a Messiah, a prophet, a revolutionary man. It was a small contact with the young John, but at least that woke something up in my role of that incarnation. This means that not in the 30 incarnations the whole life was shared as Ayanti and Ananda, sometimes hours were shared, sometimes complete rotations - what in here you all call years - but they were all favorable. Always one has learned from the other. It has been reciprocal.
In the case of Jeremiahs' role who was already an adult when he met John, John also learned somehow. Johnakan makes me know that in his concept. He explains to me that John never had low self-esteem, but back in that time the young men were almost considered as the women were, so suddenly an old man pays attention to him - because to Johnakan, Jeremiah was an old man, and when Jeremiah asked him things, trying to know details, it was like he raised a little the ego. Then, the same John fought to take off that vanity and he achieved it; but he had the reward of having raised a little his self-esteem, when he felt in that moment that he was little important and somehow it is like it gave him strength to pay more attention to the Master Jeshua's message in the case that some other traveler, fisherman or carpenter asked him about Jeshua. Then it was like there was reciprocity somehow even when Jeremiah didn’t teach John anything.
Interlocutor: When you embodied as Jeremiah, Did you end up meeting the Master Jesus’ role (or Ien-El, 100% spirit)? What happened to the Master Ieshu ben Iosef? [1]
Morganel: Only from afar. That is to say, I was never part of the group, and well, I would have liked it. In the following incarnation I had like a kind of memory as if I had had recurrent dreams about that life as Jeremiah and the same John, when he was already an old man, made me notice that sometimes one lives other lives and one often remembers them.
Interlocutor: And that was your case…
Morganel: Yes, yes, that was my case. Exactly.
Interlocutor: Since we did mention the Teacher Ieshu ben Iosef - Jesus - Can you tell us how long have you met Ieshu ben Iosef, the current Logos of this Solar system?
Morganel: Practically almost the same time that I know the Master Johnakan, four million and half years. Yes, practically the same time and we didn’t have mutual incarnations, but we have had many contacts at superphysical level.
Interlocutor: Have you both been together, at any moment, engaged in missions of service?
Morganel: Yes, of course. We keep being in service. Yes, many times.
Interlocutor: I will be more specific. Missions of service with Johnakan or missions of service with Ieshu ben Iosef?
Morganel: Yes, yes; the three of us.
[1] NOTE:
The Master Jesus, the current Solar Logos of our system, is a spirit 100% pure, we refer to him by the name of his most outstanding incarnation on Earth: (Master Jesus, Master Ieshu ben Iosef or Jeshua ben Joseph.) However, the conceptual name of this Master of Light from the plane 5 sublevel 9 is Ien-El.
Generall, when we mention the name Jesus or Ieshu, we are referring to the 100% pure Spirit, unless we are making an explicit reference to the role of his last incarnation, at present the Master Ien-El is not incarnated and evidently, as well as the other Spiritual Entities, Ien-El has had other incarnations.
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