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(The final solution to Fermi’s Paradox)
“We are the Aliens”
To fully understand what we are, where we are going and what we are doing on this planet, it’s important to realize that our true essence doesn’t lie on the matter itself. For instance, we have a physical body, but we are not that body, which will die sooner or later, our real being will transcend beyond the physical life.
Many skeptics and scientists simply deny the existence of a “spiritual self” or a "superphysical world" and many of them also deny the existence of extraterrestrial life, just because they do not have the evidence to disprove it, always based on the Fermi Paradox, therefore, they choose to “believe” that spiritual and extraterrestrial topics are merely a part of science fiction. Even though they don’t have the certainty that this superphysical world could be, not only something real, but an inherent part of themselves.
Here is an example: There was a man called Bob, who used to work as a butcher, Bob was an skeptical person, he didn’t believe in UFOs and, to top it all off, he was also a freemason. Well, the day Bob died, his spiritual part (10%) joined with his (90% or thetan) realizing now, as a 100% spirit- that his earthly life was just one of the many incarnations he had had throughout many thousands of years. (read disincarnation)
Once again, Bob’s spirit decides to embody in another planetary system, for example Anthea 4. (Let’s keep in mind that only a 10% of the spirit embodies)
In Anthea 4, Bob’s spirit reincarnation (10%), excelled as a space ship pilot (UFO or Flying saucer) and coincidentally, he came back to Earth in a Space mission, ignoring totally that in a past life he had embodied as a terrestrial butcher because he doesn’t have reincarnative memory.
Unfortunately Bob, who now is a grey alien, was captured by military personnel at Area 51 and now he is a prisoner in that facility forced to reveal alien technology secrets, but, How will he make them understand that he is only a pilot and he doesn’t know anything about UFO technology?
In the same way, many people on Earth have lived their past lives or incarnations on other planets, perhaps in remote galaxies and they do not remember their past lives, many of them are now religious believers, agnostics or atheists and others are renowned scientists. How will they understand that the universe is cyclical?
Why most people do not remember past lives? The answer has to do with the Akashic records. There are exceptions to the rule as well, and few people do remember some events from a past incarnation, many of them, in dreams, recall some events of their past lives that have nothing to do with their current incarnation. The key to understan this paradox is: We all embody, as spirits, in a 10% and only the other 90% or thetan remembers all about pat lives.
Now, What if a skeptic, a religious person or any other scientist discovers that he or she had a past life on a different planet? Wouldn’t it be a paradox to realize that?
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity than came to talk: Master Morganel
Interlocutor: You have already mentioned planets, where you had embodied at some time, but only of our galaxy (The Milky Way) Can a spirit embody on planets in other galaxies, for example, in Andromeda?
Morganel: Yes, perfectly. We don't have instantaneous speed. To you the speed of light is as if it were instantaneous, not to us! We don’t have a limitless speed either. Then, we can go to another galaxy and embody in another galaxy, but it would also take us time. That is the issue!
Interlocutor: Don't you have incarnations in other galaxies?
Morganel: I will deepen on that topic. I was explaining, as Morganel, if there was the possibility to embody in another galaxy. Rounding the concept, for all of you, embodied beings in the physical plane, unless you have scientific measures, you would never realize that light is not instantaneous, since it almost travels at the speed of 300 kilometers per second. For you, in your so narrow measures, light is instantaneous. In the same way approaching your head out of the window of the superphysical world again it would seem to you that the displacement from one place to another of a spirit is instantaneous. Of course it is! Because in the superphysical universe we have the power to move at a higher speed than the speed of light.
We can be in instants in another planet, being that a planetary system you can travel from one extreme to the other in 12 or 14 hours at the speed of light. For example, the light of the Sun reaches Pluto's orbit in 5 hours and it can take 4 years to reach another solar system. We can reach another stellar system in instants. However, going from one galaxy to another, which can be at millions of light years - we can take time in the journey. Do you understand that?
Interlocutor: We understand.
Morganel: Then we don't find it so comfortable to embody in another galactic system, but it doesn't mean that we are not able to do it.
Interlocutor: So, it is possible.
Morganel: It is possible because we are not limited by time. Compared to your physical time, our time is almost limitless.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Morganel: If you want a paradox, we, as created spirits, can have more antiquity than a star. And this is not a joke! Because at this time in your galactic system there are stars of third generation, - like this star, which is a third generation star the one you call Sun, because the universe has 13.7 billions years and your star "hardly" has 5 billion years. It’s a third generation star. And there are spirits who have more than that number of years. Spirits who are more than millennial! Spirits that have so much knowledge of so many ages, spirits that have embodied in planetary systems that have already disappeared because their stars have disappeared, - or have exploded in supernovas or have collapsed forming neutron stars -, and that civilization disappeared.
There are spirits that can have more than 1.000 lives. There are spirits that have even 10.000 lives! Spirits that at this time are devoted to rest what they have learned and they keep serving. But it doesn't mean that there are spirits that have millions of years and they have already overcome their ego, because ego is part of the spirit, because it is part of the reactive mind. Therefore, no spirit is exempt of roles of ego definitely. The plane is not a guarantee of anything! The antiquity of years when a spirit was created is not a guarantee of anything! Nothing is guarantee of anything!

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