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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: How are you Master Are you already there?
Ruanel: Hello, How are you?
Interlocutor: Good. Here Jorge has given us about 5 or 10 minutes just to solve a problem, let's start with the topic, Do you agree?
Ruanel: Okay.
Interlocutor: I’ll refer to cell phones or mobile phones. I’ll ask you a good but very concrete question to begin with- this is important- Do cell phones that are currently used around the world cause cancer? Yes or no? Obviously if there is a "Yes" or "No" answer.
Ruanel: If I had to answer "Yes" or "No" I would have to be like a lawyer asking the witness: - Are you nervous? Because the lawyer wants him to look like as if he is making up his affidavit in order to defend the defendant saying: -No, don’t give me explanations, I don’t want explanations, just tell me "Yes" or "No" , the witness will obviously say:- "Yes" because how he is not going to be nervous in front of a jury, the judge, or the court... Well, then my answer is "Yes", mobile phones can cause cancer, yes...
Interlocutor: The next question is if there is any solution.
Ruanel: Not at this moment, according to the waves emitted from mobiles and there is no contradiction with the testimony I gave at an earlier session...
Interlocutor: Yes, I remember.
Ruanel: ...because the issue is this: A Cell phone can be used usually from time to time, 10 minutes, 5 minutes... and the sum during the day can be up to one hour of use, then these waves...
Interlocutor: Is an hour harmful?
Ruanel: 30 minutes is harmful with cumulative call time effect, but it may pass years until something could appear... or not ... Anyways, what mobile phones cause is a cancer quite unlikely compared to the cancer caused by cigarettes or some toxins, I mean, the "Yes" I gave as an answer is relative compared to other types of tumors...
Interlocutor: Okay, I see, for example, you know that I don’t use a cell phone, then, if I buy a cell phone, How much time would I have to use it (the minimum) to avoid problems or other remote carcinogenic problems? Five minutes a day? Ten minutes?
Ruanel: That, in the case you use it for texting, but in fact the mobile phones are used to speak, so the texting is supplemental.
Interlocutor: So you don’t advise me to use a cell phone? It is difficult question...
Ruanel: I cannot say that I wouldn’t advise it because in a lifetime, it may not happen anything... And yet, you may also be working in a place where there are radio stations and these radio stations can also harm you... because as you all say in Earthly lingo: Do you want me to split hairs?
Interlocutor: Yes…
Ruanel: If I am to split hairs I would say that amateur radio equipment may also cause cancer, a glioma ... Do you want me to split hairs? X-rays can also cause cancer... Do you want me to keep on? There are different types of CT scanning that can cause cancer... and then we would have to ban everything...
Interlocutor: I understood, so, before banning mobile phones, since there is no solution to this issue for the moment, other things more harmful should be banned first...Lets’ say A cup of coffee?
Ruanel: No, no, no...We are talking about X-rays, which is the most powerful source that causes cancer inside the line we're talking about... because we're not talking about tobacco at this moment either; we are talking about wave emissions.
Interlocutor: Sure... It's a very difficult problem to explain a conclusion or to give a solution.
Ruanel: As I said in a previous session, it can be harmful, but unlikely to cause cancer, and it was not a misconception... because it’s unlikely, but I'm not saying impossible, I'm not saying impossible...The thing is that my concept is not literal.
Interlocutor: Sure, I understand.
Ruanel: When I reflect and say, "No, it doesn’t cause cancer" because chances are 1 in 10.000 and over the years... It’s not that you suddenly use a cell phone during 3 months and the doctor says:- "Ups! There is a glioma in the brain because you had a certain problem with the mobile phone."
Interlocutor: Okay. Then you are advising me to use a cell phone because there are other things more dangerous in the environment...
Ruanel: Do not use shortwave.
Interlocutor: So, one would have to be inside of a glass case... Then, what about the warning of the WHO (World Health Organization)? Shouldn’t they have kept quiet?
Ruanel: No, no, no... It’s okay, they have the obligation to say it.
Interlocutor: Okay, but the issue is so relative...
Ruanel: In your country - and here I’m changing the topic- there are restaurants that are banning the sodium chloride (salt) on the tables, unless the customers request it, but anyways, Isn’t it silly? You, for example, I see in your conceptual mind that you don’t consume salt, you consume potassium chloride, but if you want to consume sodium chloride, you might ask it to the waiter and he would bring it to you; that is, the fact that the salt is not on the table does not mean nothing because you can order it... that's childish...
Interlocutor: And which is more dangerous: the Salt or the Cell phone?
Ruanel: The salt.
Interlocutor: So there is a remote risk of cancer caused by cell phones...
Ruanel: Sure, but since you asked me "Yes" or "no", I have to say, "Yes."
Interlocutor: Sure, now I understood... So, it is also dangerous walking on the sidewalk, because if I asked you: "What If a balcony falls off?" And you also have to say yes because there is a possibility that a balcony falls on my head...
Ruanel: If you asked me if there is possibility of a crumbling wall or a collapse in a city of eight million people, I would say "No" as a general answer, then you can walk without problems... but if you pushed me and asked me again: "Yes or no?" I would say "yes" but that "yes" does not mean that you have to walk down the sidewalk looking everywhere...
Interlocutor: Sure. So in this sense, this is your answer to my specific question.
Ruanel: Sure, but it does not contradict my previous answer given a long time ago.
Interlocutor: I understand. Then, in particular, my question cannot be answered with "Yes" or "No" in a categorical way...
Ruanel: Of course, the thing is, if a person asks you: "Can a cell phone cause cancer?", But he does not specify whether in the long run, or in short time or how much exposure, and if you must respond with no lies, you have to say "Yes."
Interlocutor: Master, if I also asked you: Does the water cause problems in the body "Yes" or "No"? You would answer "yes" because it depends on the amount of water that one drinks...
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: So, in this case you would give me the same answer. You cannot answer with "Yes" or "No" because, although cell phones can cause cancer, water can also cause problems if one drinks excessively.
Ruanel: On the physical plane there are men who are 90 years old, and since they were kids they drank a carbonated beverage (Cola) which advertising is absolutely harmful since you can clean rust from metal with that beverage... and it’s absolutely harmful; however, this 90-year-old man drinks that beverage since he was 5 years old...
Interlocutor: Okay. Now a specific question and with this question we would conclude because I understand what the idea is. Do you perceive that someone or some people have acquired cancer due to the use of cell phones? Many, few?
Ruanel: I perceive that there were some people, an absolute minimum percentage who have developed a very particular type of cancer caused by mobile phones, but in such minimum percentage that even oncologists did not attribute it to the mobile phones.
Interlocutor: Well, then I'd say that using cell phones is part of the risks of our Incarnation, and then we’d have to balance the use according to the risk that it might happen.
Ruanel: "Reading" from your conceptual mind, one of your concerns you had to ask and you didn’t has to do to with what advice I would give for the future, and my answer is that I understand that in the future there will be a technology capable to modify certain types of waves, but for the moment it won’t happen and people will still use phones.
Interlocutor: Okay. So, with these examples, you are giving me the guideline that the fact that a mobile phone could cause cancer is remote and that it’s easier than one could be hit by a bus than to have a problem with the mobile phone (laughing)...
Ruanel: Well, the World Health Organization - and here I’m going to be ironic- would have to prohibit road trips, because there are more deaths caused by car accidents, without considering heart attacks.
Interlocutor: Okay, we’ll conclude with this issue because the subject is perfectly clear.

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