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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Eon, the Absolute.
Jorge Olguin: Well. We’ll start with the session. First of all, I will try to channel the Absolute of this Creation, Eon, or rather, Eon’s 10% in order to ask him some questions that were left hanging for some people.
Interlocutor: Eon?
Eon: I communicate with you through this gentle vessel, who has offered to channel part of my concept seeking to elucidate obscure points in the understanding of some of your followers.
Interlocutor: Should I ask the question or are you going to respond directly since you already know my question?
Eon: The main idea is that every embodied being is implanted with a reactive mind. Specifically, the reactive mind is already implicit in the spirit; therefore, it’s inherent in the biological unit as well. The reactive mind makes that that being suffers some disturbance of behavior and descending, as a result, of vibrational level. And when these roles of ego are overcome throughout millions of years, the energy that the spirit releases makes that the next Creation -my next manifestation- has a higher octave.
The question, the big question of a spirit is if I, as the Total consciousness of this Creation, evolve at the expense of the suffering of my creatures, so to speak. The answer is no, because the reactive mind is not implanted, but it’s inherent to the being that is created. Each being in this creation is part of me and, although each being is a thinking and independent unit, each one of you is part of me. If this biological unit, among the thousands or billions of beings, suffers, I suffer as well.
Interlocutor: That is a question I was going to ask. For example, when I suffer Does Eon suffer as well?... Somehow.
Eon: If your finger is pricked that will affect your brain through nerve impulses, making you feel pain. The part of the finger is just a group of cells, but the whole unit; that is you, will feel the pain. The same thing happens with me as a Universal and conceptual Consciousness: I am going to suffer the pain of each one of you. So it’s badly conceptualized that I use each being for my own benefit as if each being were an instrument, because in fact, if it is my benefit it’s your benefit too.
Interlocutor: That’s clear.
Eon: You could tell me: “But the one who suffers is the spirit.” And my answer would be: 'If the spirit suffers, I suffer.’
Interlocutor: Here comes the big question: What is the reason of this suffering? Because it couldn’t be suffering. We could evolve through pleasure or, directly, not evolve, or simply be.
Eon: That too. - I congratulate this vessel because he is doing everything possible to translate my complex concept- However the way of being of each created unit has inherently the reactive mind, which in turn will give the spirit a perspective of behavior. And there's no way that it happens in another way, in the same way that many times you all discussed, according to the laws of the physical plane that the planets and stars are almost spherical and not cubical because that would not be coherent.
Interlocutor: There's another question which is far from us. Although you are the Creator, Are you aware that you don’t create anything since everything is an eternal present?
Eon: Sure.
Interlocutor: So, I have the consciousness that I am moving my glasses three inches from here, but I also know that this act is part of an eternal present. So, from my point of view I did something, but from the Abba’s point of view - the Total Absolute- what I did is part of that circle with all the points. Is that so?
Eon: Right. I would ask you, respecting your Free Will; that you don’t try to envision this eternal present from my place, because you have the feeling of motion. Instead, I have the global conscience, I have both feelings. Thanks to you all, I have a feeling of movement because if I manifest myself in a 10% in this Creation the movement is not as such that. For example, it would be as if you, with your body size, were locked up in a small box and curled up in a fetal position being unable to move.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Eon: I explain it in a very basic way to be understood, I'm curled up in this Creation, somehow, although it’s not like that really because, in my Overall Energy, I am a thinking consciousness, although that thinking can move and have different foci of attention. Unlike all of you, who can only have one focus of attention, I can have millions of different foci, to such point that I'm being conceptualized in this moment through this dear vessel, and at the same time, I'm in a galaxy at 100 million light-years conceptualizing also with another entity that channels me.
Interlocutor: Okay. Either way, we're talking about Eon’s 10%.
Eon: Of course.
Interlocutor: So you, as a 10%, are unaware of your 90%.
Eon: I have consciousness!
Interlocutor: Partial or total consciousness?
Eon: I have consciousness.
Interlocutor: I’m also aware of my 90%, Radael, but it’s rather an abstract consciousness.
Eon: You, on the physical plane, don’t have reincarnative memory. However, my manifestation is not like an incarnation. I manifest myself in the Cosmos - I am the Cosmos- but at the same time, I am independent of the Cosmos and I also embrace the Cosmos.
All that you can say it is. I'm inside and outside at once and I can be contacted with each one of the thousands and thousands and millions and millions of people because those beings are myself. Do you understand that?
Interlocutor: I understand. Clearly.
Eon: Since I don’t lose my memory when manifested, I have contact with my 90% not manifested.
Interlocutor: Okay. What can Eon change? If everything is present and everything is done, is there something that you can modify from what is already done? Let’s suppose that the movement I did couldn’t have been done…
Eon: It is written. And if you don’t do it...
Interlocutor: …Wasn’t it written?
Eon: It was also written that you wouldn’t do it.
Interlocutor: I understand. Clearly. Everything is contained.
Eon: All of you, being incarnated, have an advantage over the spiritual 90% or Angelic Entities because you all can build artifacts and do things that the Spirits or Angelic Entities cannot do. For instance, you can break the temporal logic and travel through time to the past and the future.
Interlocutor: Dragging the 90%.
Eon: Dragging the 90%.
Interlocutor: As long as the 10% embodied travels through time in the physical plane.
Eon: Correct.
Interlocutor: If Abba is the Total Absolute, Is Eon aware of Abba’s existence?
EON: Yes, of course.
Interlocutor: As much as his 90%?
EON: Yes, of course.
Interlocutor: Okay. Now, about Abba...
Eon: …And we have knowledge about other Eons, other Creations. [1]
Interlocutor: I meant more than knowledge, because I can be aware that fire burns but...
Eon: We have contact.
Interlocutor: You both have contact. Perfect. ¿Is Abba motionless?
Eon: I'll give the same example I gave with the Creation where I was manifested, when I said: the concept of movement, as you all understand it, do not exist for me since I am the Creation. To avoid misunderstandings, do not take the "I am the Creation" as if it were the: "I am" said by the Eloah Yahweh, who has caused enough damage in Sun 3, but take it simply as a literal phrase translated by this vessel.
Then, if I'm the Creation I embrace the whole Creation and the Creation contains me and I contain it. The movement is illusory. In the same way, if Abba is all the Creations, manifested and unmanifested, and all the Chaoses, his movement will be conceptual. If Abba is an amorphous mass - this is a license I took in order to explain it because Abba is not like that– Abba embraces all the Creations and all the times then Abba will not have motion, as you understand it, but Abba’s concept can move indeed.
Interlocutor: That I understand. I asked this vessel’s Thetan, Johnakan, a question and he responded what I thought was perhaps the only and most logical answer. However I will ask you the same question: We assume that if we count: One, two, three, four, five, and so on, one can still count to infinity.
Eon: Right.
Interlocutor: So, there is no last number.
Eon: No.
Interlocutor: The question is: If Abba is the Whole, Would that number have to exist? Johnakan said that the last number would be the first...
Eon: That's what you would ask Abba because it is a difficult question, even for me.
Interlocutor: To understand or to explain?
Eon: For Abba to explain it. If Abba is infinite, Abba has no limits. If something has no limits, Can it be contained? Can Abba, by himself, achieve his own fulfillment through his conceptual mind? I’ll explain it better: You have the sense of touch and if your mental decoder, at this moment, thinks of your toe, you can move it or even touch it.
If Abba is infinite, Can He grasp up to his ultimate essence? And you’d answer me: Yes
Interlocutor: That would be the most logical answer.
Eon: And my second question would be: And what is His ultimate Essence if the Infinite has no limits?
Interlocutor: We are going to leave it there
Eon: Sure. It is an ideal question for Abba to answer: "How does Abba grasp his Essence if theoretically the infinite has no “last number”? There is an endless continuum and without end there is no "last number". "Last" and "Infinity" don’t conjoin with each other.
Interlocutor: Perhaps that question for Abba is so huge that it can’t be answered so that we all can understand it.
Eon: Do not fall into the "return to the origin" either, like the Möbius strip that many physicists on Sun 3 talk about, because it is not like that either. Let’s say that there are many scientists who adapt THEIR truth to the explicable, but it’s not so easy to explain.
And I want to clarify one thing more before I leave...
Interlocutor: Wait a moment. I want to ask you another question then...
Eon: Ask.
Interlocutor: It is a difficult question to answer and perhaps it also depends on the difficulty to transmit it, if Eon knows the answer. The question is: What does Abba feel by realizing His Essence? I do not know if my question is clear... I have always wondered that because from our point of view it’s a strange thing. It is difficult to understand that there is a Creation and at the same time, there is no Creation. That is, Abba has always existed or that suddenly there was an appearing of Abba.
Eon: I will give more than one answer.
Interlocutor: But you understand what I said?
Eon: I do understand it, and I will give more than one answer. First of all, Abba did not create us. None of the Eons was created, nor the various Demiurges in the different Chaoses. That is, we are eternal. Now, the second answer regarding to how Abba feels his own magnitude.
Interlocutor: I'm not saying his own magnitude - "magnitude" is not the exact word- but being as He is- that is, realizing how Abba is being as He is and how He interprets himself. Would it be something like saying: "Oh! What a surprise! I am the way I am, I have always been and I always existed? "
Eon: Put away the word surprise.
Interlocutor: Surprise, -between quotation marks-
Eon: Not even that. There are beings that are born in palaces and they take their situation as something natural because that is what they know, and it’s natural for them to drink in golden cups or take showers with flower-scented water. On the contrary, there are young people that are born in disadvantaged places, where barely do they have a drop of water to drink and they also take it as something natural and they don’t see themselves otherwise.
There are even some of them who change their lifestyle throughout their lives and from living in a small room they pass to inhabit a mansion. The embodied being on Sun 3 has a so great power of adaptation that even if due to life circumstances or due to a third party liability, he loses that status, and then returns to a more humble status, it will be a little hard to be adapted again, but he will take it as something natural.
Interlocutor: I think that the question has been answered. That is, Abba sees his condition as something natural.
Eon: Exactly, because Abba never saw himself in another way. Then, to Him it will not be a surprise. He is the Whole and as well as I’m the Absolute of this Creation, Abba is the Absolute of all Creations and all the Chaoses.
Interlocutor: Okay. What would be - because one always talks in terms of pleasure and pain- Eon’s pleasure, as 10%, as 90% and Abba? If you could explain because Abba is an eternal present and, right now, Abba "feels" Jesus’ crucifixion or my toothache...
Eon: Let’s leave aside the eternal present. I will put myself in your present: I feel every one of your days- always referring to the measurement of Sun 3- an enjoyment for each one of the people who overcome their roles of ego, those who stop their impulsive instincts, those who acquire this role of mercy etc. That is the joy I feel. That is my joy, but I also feel the suffering of thousands of people.
Interlocutor: I wonder how that is quantified in terms of... Let's see, if I have a toothache and then I pull out my tooth, I feel pleasure from not feeling that pain. Does Eon feel, from your point of view, all at once and constantly?
Eon: Let’s not get into the eternal present, I'm moving to your present. From my present it would be very complex to explain it, but I feel millions of pleasures and pains at a time, but I differ from you, who you can feel two or three emotions, according to what your decoder can give. My conceptual mind is as wide as the entire Creation. So, I have the chance to feel all at once. For me it is normal to feel everything at once, as it’s normal for you to feel two things at once, for instance, when you scratch your head with a hand and feel pleasure and, on the other hand, someone is pinching your finger and you feel pain.
Obviously, I'm saying that both actions, pinching the finger and scratching your head, are done at the same time. In that case you will feel pleasure, and perhaps some lethargy and pain. And you'll see what it’s more important to you.
I know cases where men raped young girls in Sun 3, and the young girl had kept in her purse a small sharp object and she could take that sharp object in her hand and stabbed it in the rapist arm. The rapist is going to feel pain because the object penetrated his arm, but the pleasure the rapist is feeling will be dominant over the pain. And maybe the rapist is going to take the sharp object away from her hand and even with the pain in his arm, he is going to continue the violation.
Interlocutor: From Eon’s viewpoint, Is there more pleasure than pain?
Eon: Depends on which cases. I gave that example to show you that an embodied being -at least in Sun 3- can feel two or three sensations at once, such as, pleasure and pain, two pleasures and one pain or two pains and one pleasure. I, as a Whole, feel all the pains and all the pleasures of all the beings in the Universe.
Interlocutor: Okay. I wanted to ask a question before I forget. Let’s take the example of the sea. The water drops evaporate then return to the sea and are once again part of the sea. Will we be aware of Abba, the same as the water drops return to the sea, and no longer have awareness of being drops, since they are part of the sea?
Eon: Just before the Big Crunch takes place in each Creation, all the created beings return to me- that is, I merge with all the created spirits. So, in that moment they don’t lose their individuality, but they add to their individuality everything conceptualized by me, and they can resist it. If I tried, at this moment, to send to your decoder the whole concept, your mind would blow up, but then, since they are merged with me, they would conceptualize everything I conceptualize.
Once I’m united with the remaining 90% and I stop being manifested, the Creation disappears and all the created units stop being themselves in order to be me. That is, there are no more individuals, but a global consciousness not manifested.
Interlocutor: Then, we could give the example of an inflated balloon, which was tied up with rubbers in different parts. There is now an inflated balloon with many little balloons on the sides. When the Big Crunch takes place, it’s as if the little balloons were released and all the air of them returns to be the overall air of the balloon being part of the total balloon, and there are no more individual balloons.
Eon: Sure. The air in these balloons disappeared into the big balloon, and they ceased to be because they lost their individuality. In a new manifestation it might be me as a 10%...
Interlocutor: That is already another manifestation.
Eon: ...Or there may be another part of the 100%- that is, It doesn’t have to be me, but in fact, it’s always Eon’s unit.
Interlocutor: Would it be the same thing as if that balloon, which released many balloons, returned to be little balloons with a different air from the first time.
Eon: Something like that.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Eon: And the conscious units created are new conscious units. So, it is impossible, even with your techniques, to remember the past. For example, the mental decoder of this vessel can review your past lives up to millions of years after the Big Bang. Before of that you didn’t exist as a spirit, then, you cannot review anything else, since you are a created spirit, who was created after the Big Bang. Logically, before the Big Bang there were other spirits.
Interlocutor: How about The other Eons and we, as particles, Will we be merged with Abba?
Eon: We won’t merge with Abba.
Interlocutor: We all are together now, Aren’t we? All the particles of the different levels are going to be merged with Eon because we all are part of Him, however we won’t merge with Abba?
Eon: There is a difference...
Interlocutor: So when we all will be merged with you, will I see all the Eons, Demiurges and Chaoses?
Eon: There is a difference. It is and it’s not. When you all are merged with me in the next Big Crunch, you stop being conceptual unities, as spirits, and we all become directly Eon. We, as Eons, never stop being as we are in order to merge with Abba and lose our identity. We all, as Eons, are always independent because there is no other Creation above us. Abba is always manifested. This is a different mechanism, so to speak.
Interlocutor: Let's take an example so that we can understand. It would be like water drops that evaporate from the sea eternally, Would the water drops be evaporated and they would never return to the sea? I mean, if the water drops were the Eons, Wouldn’t they come back to the Sea or in this case Abba?
Eon: The word return is not well expressed because we never stopped being. We all are part of Abba because if Abba is the Whole of Everything and the one who embraces all the Creations, Abba contains Everything, Abba also contains us, the Eons and Demiurges. Then, yes, we all are part of Abba. And you all, being part of me are also parts of Abba. Is that understood?
Interlocutor: Yes
Eon: You all are part of Abba, with the difference that we both, Eons and Demiurges do not lose consciousness. We are always independent and eternal, like Abba. We say that we "belong" to Abba because Abba embraces Everything of Everything.
I am the Absolute of this Creation and Abba is the Absolute of all the Creations and all the Chaoses, but Abba has no power over us. Then, he can conceptualize everything that other Eons and I can conceptualize, and we have consciousness to grasp what Abba conceptualizes as well. Unlike the spirits who might have ego and can shut down their conceptual "curtain," Abba does not shut down the curtain conceptually speaking, Then I can approach to see what Abba is.
Interlocutor: It would seem a privilege to be like Abba, or maybe I’m wrong...
Eon: The word privilege does not make sense to Abba. Abba simply IS.
Interlocutor: From our point of view it’s difficult to understand what Abba is, although it was clarified that from Abba’s point of view, Abba takes himself as natural. It's a very interesting issue. I do not want to continue because I think that the vessel has already made a tremendous effort. I just want to ask you a small question, if you agree.
Eon: Ask the question.
Interlocutor: It is a matter of simple curiosity, and although I could ask my thetan, I'm going to ask you since you are present. You know that I'm handing out some pamphlets about “Grupo Elron” with all our material. The fact is that yesterday there was a pretty nice girl, around twenty or twenty-five years old waiting at a bus stop and the bus driver didn’t open the door, even though this girl was knocking the door of the bus.
When the traffic light changed from red to green light, I approached this girl and told her that sometimes things happen for a reason. I think that maybe she didn’t have to take the bus so that I can give her the pamphlet, as you know; it’s a very important pamphlet with the teachings of the Masters of Light. My question is whether this was a matter of pure chance or if, somehow, the spiritual entities were involved, I know that sometimes they might have that influence.
Eon: No Spiritual Entity intervened. It was causality; it had to be so that she didn’t take that bus.
Interlocutor: Was she interested in the brochure?
Eon: You cannot say that she wasn’t interested, but you cannot that she was interested before she saw what you gave to her. Although I’m not in the role to comment what happens to others, in this case I’ll do it, and I’ll tell you that she was pretty interested. Although she didn’t think: "How lucky I am since I did not take that bus because now I have this brochure!" Somehow her tension was relieved. She even thought to contact you.
Interlocutor: Okay. Anyway, the hundreds or thousands of brochures that I'm handing out should cause commotion, but nothing happened so far.
Eon: The dear Masters already said that there is so much indifference. I want to say something briefly something and then I’ll let this vessel rest because my Energy is quite strong.
When time travel is performed, the calculations done in your future go beyond time travel because most of those who try to understand time travel never take into account the movement of revolution of the planets –It’s called "rotation" when the planet rotates around its axis, and "revolution" when the planet revolves around its star-. For example, if you have a time machine and you go back in time one day, calculating only time, you will appear in the outer space because at that time the planet was revolving around its star, and the planet is no longer there.
Then, when a time travel calculation is done, One has to calculate not only time travel, but also the spatial translation. For instance, If you go back a million years into the past, you have to calculate, with one of your computers, where Sun 3 was at that time because if you make a mistake, just for one day, in a million years you wouldn’t be in a rainforest, but in the deep space. Is that clear?
I send all my Light. Needless to say it because my Light is in all of you. Now many people only need to discover it. I’ll give the floor to Radael
Interlocutor: So long.
Radael : Hello. I'm amazed that this vessel has given me a place. Let’s say that Johnakan has "moved sideways" giving me the chance to express the wonderful feeling that Eon irradiated in the body of this vessel. I feel very joyful. You will tell me: 'If we, on the physical plane, have the capacity to capture the Essence of Eon, only some people develop it.
We, being 90% or 100% pure spirits, can do perfectly. Of course that I perceive the blue-white beam of the Absolute! The Irradiation that the body of this vessel generates at this moment. Being channeled by his decoder makes me feel greater plenitude. I wanted to say that.
Interlocutor: And Am I going to feel that plenitude?
Radael: Yes, and you are feeling it. Perhaps you won’t perceive it, but you will notice a kind of nice tingling in the chest or the stomach or your upper back.
Interlocutor: Yes.
Radael: I Just wanted to say that. I don’t want to be mean with this vessel because he is euphoric, although exhausted.
Interlocutor: Okay, Radael.
Radael: Until the next time.
Interlocutor: Until the next time.
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[1] It refers to the infinite past and future Big Bangs.

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