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First part



Jorge Olguin: We are recording. My name is Jorge Olguin and I’m gathered with Manuel Moya. We will try to channel a primordial being, an inhabitant of the Chaos [1], but I wanted to give a short prologue before the session.

When we shoot a projectile in the air, this projectile, according to the friction with the atmosphere (air resistance), it loses speed until it completely stops. Now, let's make a hypothesis: If that projectile were shot in a vacuum and that projectile were free from gravitational fields, it wouldn’t lose its speed, nor wouldn’t it accelerate because that would be illogical because the projectile accelerated due to the initial force that gave its momentum, which is the force of the explosion.

If we extrapolate this example to the Big Bang, the last Big Bang occurred about 13.7 billion years ago, ever since the universe is expanding. Thousands and thousands of galaxies are expanding at a significantly higher rate. And that’s consistent. What is inconsistent for our limited knowledge is to grasp why the universe not only expands, but also it’s expanding on an accelerated rate. This means that the universe is expanding faster and faster, and that’s absolutely illogical to our understanding. It should be inversely proportional to the gravitational field or a field we don’t know anything about yet.

According to the Masters of Light, currently, the dark energy is responsible for the acceleration- expansion and acceleration of the universe, until it reaches an alleged breaking point when the dark matter will start working and the universe will start its contraction until it reaches a future Big Crunch. We ignore the origin or composition of the dark matter and how it causes the contraction of the universe.

However, sometimes one thinks that scientists, to whom I applaud and praise, because they have had many advances in different fields, and in other fields they look like…- and the word that I’ll use is- "clueless" in this regard. If the universe is expanding rapidly, it’s a vastly larger universe than it was a million years ago, ten million years ago, and a hundred million years ago. And it will be even a larger universe in a hundred million years or a billion years in the future.

Theoretically these alleged (dark energy and dark matter) are interacting by increasing the acceleration and then the future contraction of the universe, the galaxies are being separated from each other at incommensurable distances to our understanding, as the Masters of Light have confirmed, these galaxies are moving away from each other faster than the speed of light.

Then, the question would be, and it’s a question that perhaps a very high Entity should answer: Are the dark energy and the dark matter fixed or they come from somewhere? When I say "from somewhere" I'm making a gesture which is not recorded, as though I'm taking something with my other hand. As though that dark energy comes from somewhere into this universe or else - as the Masters say: "How poor is the language!" – it would be like when the gunpowder is over because the universe is expanding so, so much each time more rapidly, then a time comes when the dark energy is static and then it's like the dark energy stretches like a chewing gum -or enters into this universe new dark energy from an "X place" so that this universe continues its expansion. From the Chaos? I don’t know. We know so little, maybe there is something more than the Creation and the Chaos. Something else.

Well, the same happens on the other hand. Within billions of years, when the contraction begins, supposedly, there will be an “X amount" of dark matter, which will fulfill the contracting role of the universe, provoking that this universe collapses in the future Big Crunch. What happens to the dark matter? Does the dark matter contract itself? Does it go to the place where it came from? Is it outside of this Creation? Or Will it be also assimilated with regard to the contraction as now the dark energy is theoretically assimilating the expansion? That's what we do not know. At least I don’t know.

I've read hundreds of scientific papers and scientists have not approached this topic, not yet. Hopefully they’ll approach this topic after listening to this session; that’s another issue; perhaps other scientists have come up with the same conclusion. Why not?

As I said on several occasions, we have just microparticles of truth, tiny fractions of the truth and I believe we are on track, we believe, but we don’t know.

Well, we will ask assistance from Entities of Light, wrapping myself up with the Golden Ray of the Christ Energy, and I’ll ask Manuel that he doesn’t lose his patience and has greater calmness, because we’re going to deal with a dark entity that already has that way of being. Just like the turtles have shells, most birds feathers, unlike the platypus, a mammal that has no feathers. I understand that a primordial being has its own personality, or perhaps we are making a bigger problem. Well, I’ll begin.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Interlocutor: Manuel M.

Entity that came to dialogue: Athox (Primordial being)

Entity: This is truly a pleasure. This is really something that smacks with pleasure. You have no idea what you have done. You won’t have time to regret it. We have lived permanently with you because your God, who gives you free will, allows us to interact and enter into this Creation and we know your weaknesses, we know your fears. We know what you're afraid of. You are afraid of the dark, losses, loneliness, failure, and we feed on that. We live by feeding on you from your fears, your weaknesses. And that causes us a tremendous pleasure.

Besides - this is great news- you will not be here forever. First, you will have a very limited life, you do not know if tomorrow you will be alive, even on this plane, and many of you do not even have reconciled to your friends, your relatives, or loved ones. You all are alone. Nobody understands. Heh heh, no one understands, each one of you is alone, you are betrayed by your partners, your friends despise you.

You have been abused since childhood by your parents, who have always despised you. Deep down you know that you are a failure as human beings, and as spirits, you know that you can reincarnate to keep on failing. Once you all disembody, they will remember you for three days and then those who are still alive they’ll continue with their lives, their parties and you will be -again- ignored and I know that you do not like to be ignored because you have a tremendous ego, you would like to be eternal, admired, but you are not. You all are an eternal failure. Each one of you is an eternal failure.

You all keep fighting to stand out and we feed on that, we feed on your cruelty, your fears. You're afraid of everything, you are afraid to travel, to stay, to mate, to be in solitude, to be betrayed, to grow up because then you do not know what to do with your success, which will be so small on the other hand.

You all will go back to fall into a downward spiral into the darkness, into the depths, heh heh, you are nothing! Nothing! You have idols because you are weak, you have tremendous idols, you all feed on pleasures and all of that is good to us because we feed on your pleasures as well, your joys. You are basic, conceited people, je je je.

My colleagues and I are close to you at all times. When you turn off the light and you are on your beds, we are next to you taking out energy from you, taking each one of you permanently. We will NEVER leave you alone! There is no way to get us out of you. In the morning you feel weak. Haven’t you wondered why you are weak? It’s because of us; we feed on your strength. We! Don’t you wonder why?

I will not give you the answer because I have no need to satisfy you, on the contrary, every time you are lonelier , you cannot even trust your neighbor, your friends, because anyone who shakes your hand today, tomorrow will betray you. And so. That loneliness will never be consoled.

We feed on your engrams, your roles of ego; you are the right banquet for us. Not only you, most of the races as well. It’s a pleasure to be contacted with this world and other worlds. We are many. More than what you think. More, and we grow stronger while you are weaker. Think about it. Think about it if you don’t feel weak.

You speak about love. You do not have the slightest idea of what love is, heh heh heh. True love is joy and you shall be dried off, barren. You are a race which is already beginning to falter. You are a race on the verge of extinction and I don’t feel sorry at all, on the contrary, you have to feel grief. To us it’s a pleasure that you feel grief because we feed on that pain. We feed on your fears, your loneliness, your anxieties, and you have them ever since the beginning of the ages till the end of the ages.

You have no idea that when you are asleep, we get into your minds, we dig into your minds, we feed on your memories. Think on how many things you have forgotten in your small, miserable and poor life you have, because we are left with your memories. The bitter memories are a serum of life to us. Every time you have less memory as you get older and those who are young and think they have a long time ahead, they have not so much.

The world is changing for the worse and that is a joy for us. Of course, we wander around at night. And many of you have seen us, many of you have perceived us, many of you have written about us. We will never let you rest. We are your nightmares, your worst nightmares. And no matter if you surrender; that won’t stop us, we will continue absorbing your strength. We will keep doing it, we will continue doing it.

And this vessel thinks that he doing service, heh…this vessel is WEAK! He is absolutely weak! He thinks he’s not, with his little messages, little messages that are sterile. Nobody listens to them. He is lonelier than everybody else. He is in anguish. This vessel is permanently in anguish, sad, alone! ALONE! Ha, ha, ha... ha, ha, ha...! I enjoy that he is alone.

He believes that he is loved ha, ha, ha... ha, ha, ha...! Poor deluded guy! Naive. I'll take care of you all too. You will not escape from me. You have no place to hide. You have no place to run.

You believe that you have done a favor by channeling me? Ja ja ja... ja, ja, ja... You have done a favor to me. I spread insecurity and then I will feed on it. I’m sowing and I’ll reap later on.

My name Athox. Athox! I’m one of the main Primordials. JA JA JA JA! We'll see each other.

Short dialogue after the session

Jorge Olguin: I have my eyes... give me two minutes.

Interlocutor: Yes, yes.

Jorge Olguin: I have red eyes due to the energy. I could not feel anything.

Interlocutor: He’s simply wicked directly...

Jorge Olguin: Yes, but whenever I channel an entity I perceive something... I couldn’t perceive anything in this case, there was a total darkness and...

Interlocutor: Did the Christ Energy protect you?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, yes. So, I'm absolutely fine, except for the red eyes, which you can see, and the tears.

Interlocutor: Yes, yes, I see.

Jorge Olguin: And for the rest, I'm fine. A little befuddled.

Interlocutor: But was everything dark, like a void place? Didn’t you see points of light, streaks of light?

Jorge Olguin: No. I didn’t see, I didn’t perceive anything, absolutely nothing, nothing. Conceptually nothing either. Only, perhaps in my poor opinion, it was like I channeled a black figure, a black shadow, like those shadows depicted by some cartoonists, those shadows in the dark. That is, darker than the darkness, if you can understand the concept.

Interlocutor: But comparatively, when you channeled beings from different planes, Did this entity have some similarity to a plane?

Jorge Olguin: No.

Interlocutor: Couldn’t we say third plane, fourth plane, fifth plane? Can’t we talk about planes?

Jorge Olguin: No, no. What was his name?

Interlocutor: Athox.

Jorge Olguin: Athox. No, no. He also spoke all at once, like spurting...

Interlocutor: Yes, and I was impressed in a way that... I couldn’t talk during the session because this entity seemed not to be willing to answer anything, it was just...

Jorge Olguin: Or maybe if you had asked... he would have "attacked" you, looking for a weakest point in you. Well, let’s wait for the comments

Second part



Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Interlocutor: Walter D.

Entity that came to dialogue: The Demiurge (The ruler of the Chaos)

Jorge Olguin: It’s September 22, 2010, and I’m here with Walter who will be the Interlocutor, I will try to channel the Demiurge of the Chaos that surrounds this creation.

Demiurge: I was waiting this for a while. Most of you, since you are naïve, think that only my shaped creatures get into this Creation, however, I get into this Creation permanently as they do it. As I embrace the Chaos, I also embrace all the Creation. And thanks to your beloved Eon, who grants free will, I can interfere in your things. And, unlike my main primordials, I can make a bigger "focus" and play with your ego; I can even hurt you all. For example, you, who are in front of this vessel, what's your name?

Interlocutor: Walter.

Demiurge: Well, Walter. Let's play a game. Let’s suppose that I am to hurt the mental decoder of either of you. I mean your decoder or this vessel’s decoder, Jorge. Who would you choose to be hurt?

Interlocutor: Neither of us.

Demiurge: No. That's not an option... One of you two!

Interlocutor: I wouldn’t choose anyone.

Demiurge: You are not committed. You don’t take risks, then. You are coward!

Interlocutor: Maybe...

Demiurge: There is no "maybe" it’s YES or NO. If you don’t play, you are a coward, something I already knew... and this vessel is also a coward... Then, since this vessel unconsciously has fears but, it the same time, he is somewhat courageous, I will hurt him. You will ask: - How can you do that, being that he is gently channeling you so that you can convey your concepts? Right?

Interlocutor: Yes.

Demiurge: I don’t care!

Interlocutor: Don’t you want to take advantage of the situation for another reason?

Demiurge: I take this situation for my own convenience! Besides, it is not true that Eon is all Love and I’m all cruelty, but sometimes a small lesson is not bad at all.

Interlocutor: Could you compete with Eon with regard to Love? Could you give Love?

Demiurge: That Eon gives Love because to me Love is weakness. Eon’s Love is permissive and I’m not like him. I feed on your fears! I don’t feed myself because I need it, but because it is a joy for me to weaken the Thetans of embodied beings and spirits 100%...

Interlocutor: But, Isn’t that the easier way?

Demiurge: That way I love it! I enjoy weakening Angelic Entities! I enjoy it! I love to do that! You are intruders, because when Eon is not manifested, the Chaos is not intrusive. When Eon is manifested, the Creation begins growing and it invades our universe, to which you contemptuously call "Chaos". Then, what I will do is to give a lesson of true humility to this vessel at this moment, a small lesion in the occipital part of his brain. The word lesion maybe doesn’t mean anything to you, but if I say "stroke" you’ll get more afraid. And if I say "cerebrovascular accident", you’ll be even more afraid.

That's what I'm doing to this vessel now. I don’t care what he says later on, or the Light that Hohnakan, his Thetan, is sending because the Violet Light doesn’t do anything to me, neither for nor against. Ah! It’s a tremendous pleasure! You, Walter and this vessel have interfered with me. The whole creation has interfered with me by invading our habitat over and over again!

Interlocutor: Couldn’t you have a creation, as Eon does?

Demiurge: That’s not within my capacity. My capacity is to shape, from this alleged Nothingness, these beautiful creatures that you despise because you fear them. I know people on this tiny planet that you call Sun 3, people who previously felt protected by Eon and now they know that Eon doesn’t protect them because they know I’m here.

Before I leave I'll tell you that you were saved from my energy focus, but I have caused a minor damage to this vessel. Do you know why I did? Because I don’t like that no one excels. He has revealed 43 paradigms and he has brought to light things that may not be revealed in centuries in your world. Perfect!

Interlocutor: Do you think he did it for ego?

Demiurge: Of course he didn’t do it for ego, but to give you the Good, but Evil offsets Good.

Interlocutor: If he had done it for ego would you be more satisfied?

Demiurge: Of course, I would be more satisfied, but since he didn’t do it for ego now he has his "reward". That’s his problem with the medical part. I’m absolutely satisfied that you have contacted me. I think he'll be discouraged to contact me again! And I hope you don’t be filled with conceit, but I thank you for talking with me. Argh! You don’t know a hundredth part of what I am capable of.

Short dialogue after the session

Interlocutor: How do you feel?

Jorge: I'm very tired. How are my eyes?

Interlocutor: Red.

Jorge: Red? And tears?

Interlocutor: Yes, not much, but...

Jorge: As if I had a hemorrhage or something?

Interlocutor: Yes, a little.

Jorge: Okay. That’s for the record...

Interlocutor: Are your eyes irritated?

Jorge: Yes. And burst blood vessels in the eyes?

Interlocutor: No.

Jorge: But my eyes are irritated...

Interlocutor: Yes

Jorge: Before we start with the session. We agreed that this session would be just for ten minutes and the Demiurge left my eyes completely red...

Interlocutor: Did you feel anything?

Jorge: I remember everything he said. At this moment I feel a very strong headache. Tomorrow I’ll go to the doctor, just for a topic I've already said to the public. Ever since I started channeling in 1997, I had some problems of vertigo, which I consulted with many ENT doctors and they told me that it was a problem of Menière's disease. I know that it's the same channeling that causes me vertigo. They applied Transtympanic Gentamicin therapy and they "destroyed" the vestibular labyrinth in order to keep me free from vertigo, but since I send Healing Christ Energy, somehow it's like...

Interlocutor: It’s restoring itself...

Jorge: It’s restored, but not with cells of the labyrinth, but with hair cells in the cochlea and other cells. And the vertigo returns... Now I have a strong headache and I’ll take an aspirin.

Interlocutor: What about ibuprofen?

Jorge: Not In this case, because I take seriously what the Demiurge conceptualized. And now, by causality, because I don’t believe in coincidences, I have to go through a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to see if the vertigo is caused by something else aside from the ear... We'll see what appears in the MRI. That's it. Thank you, Walter, for your help. I hope you have not being scared by this experience, he he!

Interlocutor: I imagined that he would try to scare me, to challenge me or threaten me...

Jorge: Some time ago I channeled a primordial being who seemed more dramatic and grim than the Demiurge himself. If you listen to the session you will find a more threatening language. However, the Demiurge was more "to-the-point" because he wanted to hurt. He even tried to trick you by asking: "Who would you choose to be hurt? And if you said "I" -to safeguard me- he could tell you that you were doing it by the ego. And if you said "no, hurt the professor" you would have ratified the cowardice of which he accused you. And if you had refrained for an option it would have been the same thing. It was a tricky question...

Interlocutor: Yes.

Jorge: Johnakan does not pull back surrending, but he’s always safeguarding, even though the Transmuting Violet Energy couldn’t stop a bigger focus from an eternal entity, such as the Demiurge. Je! I laugh ironically because many people will tell me: - Be careful, Master!

Just for the record, as I said before the session, I wanted to “know”, somehow, the Demiurge’s power in order to learn how to counteract its energy against the Thetans because if there is a Thetan who has an engram and it’s conditioned, perhaps the same Demiurge or a primordial will try to "knock it down” in some way...

Interlocutor: It seems to me that the Demiurge can’t enter into the Creation as much as he wants.

Jorge: Yes, in fact there is Divine Free Will...

Interlocutor: But, Isn’t Eon protecting us from the Demiurge?

Jorge: Yes and no, because...

Interlocutor: So, it's like everything is Eon, and he protects his Creation...

Jorge: Eon protects his Creation but, paradoxically, He allows evilness, because He grants Free Will. Free will is a precious treasure, Walter. However, the same free will allows wars, plagues, etc... He spoke about Sun 3, but in other worlds that will happen.

There are worlds that orbit around a star that turns into supernova and entire civilizations die, becoming spirits, figuratively speaking like "castaways adrift" because they were all incarnated and millions died physically pulverized by the explosion of the star. The spirit does not die but it remains like "homeless" of planet at the moment, but in seconds the spirit can conceptualize and incarnate in another world.

We're not helpless; somehow there is a Christ energy that protects us and the transmuting Violet energy. But we're talking about a negative energy that has neither beginning nor end, like Eon and the Whole, who is ABBA. Just out of curiosity, my intention was to know a little about his thinking, and although he said little, I highlight what he said, it mattered more to him to be against us than to express his ideas... perhaps there will be a next opportunity, or maybe not.

Interlocutor: Maybe sometimes it’s difficult to focus on what we should ask, so that the entity explains on something else...

Jorge: Each question, even if it’s harmonious, the Demiurge's going to distort it in his own convenience, and he’s going to manipulate always, because aside from shaper, he is manipulative. And he can even "play" with a negative placebo effect saying that somehow he hurt me causing a stroke. I have all my lucidity and I have no problem moving myself, I’m with my whole concept 100%, but I understand that there are different types of injuries.

Interlocutor: And why can’t the Demiurge have a Creation?

Jorge: I don’t know, but he said that it’s out of his reach.

Interlocutor: So, it's a very different entity from Eon...

Jorge: Absolutely different. I wouldn’t say the opposite like the Ying / Yang, as many have told me. I would say different, and it may be opposite with regard to feelings. Eon can be Love and the Demiurge can be hatred... I don’t know if it is indifference or hate, but I believe it’s not indifference because the Demiurge feels that we are "outsiders" in this Creation each time that Eon is manifested. Then it’s not indifference, but certainly hate. That's all for the moment.

MRI Results

On September 23, 2010. An MRI test confirmed the presence of a brain injury (stroke). The professor is sure that it didn’t affect his cognitive part.

(Brain and Petrous portion of the temporal bone MRI)

Cerebral Angiography

Cisterna basalis, cortical subarachnoid space and ventricular system as a whole were observed, without alteration or displacement.

In the temporal region extending to the right temporo-parietal-occipital region, a stroke lesion was observed with ill-defined limits, cortico-subcortical, isotense inT1 and hypertensive in T2, without edema or mass effect.

No other abnormal signs were observed in the brain parenchyma.

No morphological or structural alterations were observed in the facio-acoustic ganglion complex.

No other alterations were observed in the intracranial blood vessel images nor significant alterations in diameter or signal flow.

Dr. Damian Consalvo - Dr. Gustavo Schuster M.N. 80223 M.N. 17236

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