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In spite of many studies made on this subject, there is still controversy among sexologists about this sexual topic. In the first place, the term “ejaculation” would be incorrect since the nature of this process in women is completely different from the male ejaculation.
This particular subject was finally elucidated and perhaps many sexologists were not even suspecting what it was all about.
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel
Interlocutor: Master, one of the issues that I have scheduled today has to do with something really controversial and highly debated in medicine and there is no agreement so far. I’m talking about female ejaculation- that is, whether women really ejaculate or not. I don’t know if there is a categorical answer as for yes or no, because if the answer is positive, obviously that the woman's ejaculation is quite different from man’s ejaculation, for instance, a man usually has an orgasm followed by ejaculation, but this doesn’t happen to women.
On the other hand, the man's semen contains sperm cells, and women’s fluid has no such thing. In addition, the source of this fluid is also discussed, if it’s produced in the Skene's glands, which are located in the vagina, near the G spot, or if it is urine. I also found references to this alleged female ejaculation in porn videos that show, sometimes, women squirting large amounts of fluid. The question is whether these videos are faked or not. Another issue is related to retrograde ejaculation, in which the liquid from the woman goes into the bladder rather than to the vagina.
Ruanel: The issue is hormonal. It has nothing to do with the lubrication that occurs during sexual arousal in women. In this case the word "ejaculation" would be wrong, however, women do emit a substance, but again it’s something hormonal. It's a hormonal discharge that does not have a reproductive function or anything like that, but somehow it's like a body relief.
Interlocutor: Of course, we cannot compare it to male ejaculation.
Ruanel: Absolutely not. For that reason I said that the term "ejaculation" is incorrect and this one is only understood because the physical language is very poor, as I have said many times.
Interlocutor: Where does this fluid come from?
Ruanel: The fluid is produced in glands that are located in the urinary system, the Skene’s glands.
Interlocutor: Do these discharges always occur?
Ruanel: No, not always, in the sense that not all women have a hormonal overexcitement level.
Interlocutor: Concretely, this discharge occurs only sometimes.
Ruanel: Yes.
Interlocutor: What I don’t understand exactly is the hormonal excitement.
Ruanel: When a woman has a sexual arousal it’s also due to... Let's agree that the penis in men is the clitoris in women. The clitoris is underneath the skin for about ten or twelve centimeters. What appears outside the vagina would be like a kind of glans, unlike the penis, which is external, the clitoris is internal.
Interlocutor: Is it like a kind of iceberg?
Ruanel: Correct. The clitoris is not just the part you see from the outside...
Interlocutor: Does that hormonal discharge have something to do with urine?
Ruanel: No, not at all. This doesn’t mean that there are no women who have a weak bladder and urinate when reaching an orgasm...
Interlocutor: But these issues are two different things...
Ruanel: Exactly.
Interlocutor: Let's talk about a "normal" woman... Should a normal woman always have that discharge when reaching an orgasm?
Ruanel: Not necessarily, but I’ll conclude the concept... In the same way that the penis is erected... There are some enzymes that somehow act like in the case of the penis erection and act in the same way by "swelling" the clitoris. Not only the clitoris but, also swelling the labia, the vulva and in the external part of the vagina there is a little swelling. All of this is hormonal. Then, it’s a hormonal discharge, aside from orgasm... Notice that after the male orgasm there is a very long refractory period, unlike women, who can be multi-orgasmic, because enzymes act against, and the penis becomes flaccid.
Interlocutor: Okay, because it has fulfilled its function...
Ruanel: Yes... Obviously, if the man is young he is going to be able to get an erection almost immediately, however, as time passes by and the man gets older; the refractory period will be longer to the point that a man will not even get an erection per day.
Interlocutor: According to your explanation we cannot talk about the existence of female ejaculation at all... I mean, if one would have to say yes or no, the answer would be no... Am I Right?
Ruanel: It's a hormonal discharge that completes the female orgasm because enzymes act differently in women than in men. In the male, once he ejaculates, the penis becomes flaccid. On the other hand, the woman has the capability to keep on having orgasms. Then, this enzyme keeps on working in the woman, in a man would be like having an orgasm and in spite of that, the penis would keep being erected and ejaculating. Something that obviously does not happen in a man.
Interlocutor: Since this hormonal discharge occurs sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t, we cannot really say that women ejaculate for sure. Concretely, If I am to ask you whether or not a woman ejaculates, the answer would be that women don’t ejaculate.
Ruanel: Correct. It's only a hormonal discharge.
Interlocutor: I have another question regarding to the "retrograde ejaculation" a process in which the fluid goes into the bladder instead of the vagina...
Ruanel: Yes, there is a possibility that happens in some women...
Interlocutor: In short, since that hormonal discharge may not happen in some women when reaching an orgasm, it means that it has no connection to orgasm, pleasure or anything like that?
Ruanel: No, absolutely not, and it has nothing to do with lubrication either, as I said previously.
Interlocutor: One last question to conclude with this issue... In some pornographic films I saw women reaching an orgasm and apparently they squirt a large amount of fluid...?
Ruanel: Those videos are faked...
Interlocutor: None of those things are real?
Ruanel: No, everything is false.
Interlocutor: Wow! Even with those things they manage to deceive us?
Ruanel: That's right.

To clarify from the beginning the tenor of this note, we can conclude that women do not ejaculate and those who have said that women ejaculate are wrong.
In any case the term ejaculation is incorrect, although this process is also known as squirting or gushing, perhaps another name would be more appropriate to describe it.
As a matter of fact this expulsion of clear fluid is only a hormonal discharge at the moment of the female orgasm, and it’s independent of this one because not all women have it and it doesn’t occur in all the occasions.
The fluid comes from the Skene's glands, and it has nothing to do with urine or vaginal lubrication, moreover, it doesn’t fulfill any reproductive function either. However, this body emission produces some physical comfort.
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