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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ien-El (Jesus the current Solar Logos)

Dear brothers, I'm gathered with you all, once again through this beloved vessel, who was my beloved disciple. Yeshu ben Yosef speaks to you, to whom you know as the Master Jesus.

You all say that love hurts, Love does not hurt, Love is enjoyment!!! And it’s true that sometimes personal love is like it gives that feeling of pain, but not due to lack of reciprocity, but due to loving in a very attached way.

The message I want to give is very small, very humble and very simple: For the Father, you all are important, you all can have failures, low self- esteem complexes, as you say, shyness, sometimes not knowing how to talk to another person, the difficulty of having friends or having a relationship, why these questionings, dear ones? Why?

There will be some people who will love you, some people who will feel rejection towards you due to a matter of syntony, and some people may be indifferent towards you... it was said by this beloved disciple who channels me now that you don’t need to seek for other people’s approval, be yourselves, be normal people, let yourselves flow, do what you can, you all say: “We have to be with our feet on the ground”–That’s a motto of yours- and certainly at a spiritual level, we are a conceptual superphysical presence, but in order that you all understand me, we stand with our feet on the ground, at least at conceptual level...

We know how difficult it is everything, how difficult it is to study, how difficult it is to work, how difficult it is to have friends, how difficult it is to have a peer who understands you and makes himself understood as well, because although it is true that there are beings who try to take control of themselves, not allowing that the ego hinders them, dear brothers. I've seen it and I've seen it in sorrow because I have noticed that many times what separates one from another is the ego.

It’s okay, dear brothers, to have different points of view. How dull it all would be if everyone thought in the same way... In diversity there is attraction, and with the exception of "Love in action," which is the only great, eternal and unchanging truth, everything else is conditioned, everything else is debatable, everything else is changing, but I know that there are people who cling to their truth, and they defend it as if it were an impregnable stronghold, and they cling to it as if it were their livelihood, and they have their minds occupied with their truth, leaving no room for new teachings, because that truth is in fact their ego, it’s like the burning nail to which the castaway is clinging in order to avoid drowning, when in fact he is not going to drown.

The purpose is to have a comprehensive approach by listening to others; by prioritizing others, but it also means to give the due importance to yourselves.

Do not allow others to do to you what you wouldn’t do to them. Learn to say no, to digest, to understand, to grasp that you all are also important, because, paradoxically, by feeling that importance in each one of you, you will also see it in your fellow men. If you accept yourselves, you will accept others, if you love yourselves, you will love others and then you all will be loved, otherwise, as my beloved disciple said: The universe is like a mirror, if you give security, if you show yourselves confident , the others will treat you in that way, but if you ask permission even to breathe, no one will take you into account - the universe is like a mirror- do assert your importance, the Father is Father for all of us, the Father does not play favorites, we all are his favorites, if you understand that, the real importance that everything is through us, you will understand that the Path of Light is easier.

And as I said before, I’m with my conceptual feet on the ground, I know how hard it is, I know how difficult it is, people of real value, they are sometimes doing worthy tasks, worthy as any task, but with little reward, but they are sometimes their own spiritual choices, and sometimes in this society you live, the others are the ones who decide for you.

Many people say: 'You are not rich person if you have so much wealth, you are rich if you are satisfied with what you have’ and they label the word "ambition" as something bad, No, dear brothers, it’s not bad if you want to improve yourselves! As long as you know how to lend a helping hand to others and take the other’s hand, I say it to everyone, even for the vessel who is channeling me at this moment, nothing is easy, but my brothers, if you seek within yourselves and find that little bit of love, you will see, you will understand that it’s not a little bit, but an eternal flame to which you all belong! Understand that, I love you all, brothers, so long.

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