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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Jesus (Current Solar Logos)
Master Jesus: Dear brothers, it’s a joy to be communicated with you again. I will narrate to you a past experience before I embodied as Yeshua ben Yosef.
Although a spirit is one and when we usually embody the 10% incarnated is going to have a consistent behavior with his/her 90% non-incarnated, I assuredly say to you, dear brothers- that many times there are events, circumstances that take us to extreme situations where we don’t know how to react.
My goal, my purpose in each incarnation is to help others, you know the role I had as Jesus because this is the role that has transcended on Sun 3 and due to that role I’m Solar Logos now, but as the dear Johnakan Ur-El said, who was my beloved disciple when I was incarnated as Jesus, the physical plane is a gravitational well that pulls you down.
About 2,500 years ago I embodied in a world located in the same arm of this galaxy towards the center, at 5,000 light years from this solar system. My name was Elon, Elon Dard. The planet was called Ganor, Ganor 3; it was very similar to what Sun 3 is today, perhaps a little more advanced technologically than what Sun 3 is now in your century.
We had a rich history, there were religions, regions where they worshiped a god, and there were regions where many gods were worshiped. There were many wars as there are in Sun 3, but the reactive mind prevailed a lot in there and there were many crimes. You all will take it as something strange because although I’m a spirit, you relate my identity to the figure of Jesus incarnated, to the point that when you summon me at mediumistic level you call me "Master Jesus" and that’s okay... Ah! Dear brothers.
In that past life I was a law enforcement officer, what on Earth you would call a cop, a police officer or a detective and I had a close friend called Suber Fuks and both of us were raised together since we were children. We were raised in a middle-class society; we lived in an industrialized and technological world, similar to the United States of America in your world.
We had another calendar compared to Sun 3 which started from the Christian era- that is the inaccurate birth of mine, because you all know that I was born on August 6 of the year - 6 and I disembodied on April 18 of the year 30.
The story I’m going to narrate is a very short. I'll try to tell the story in first person in order to make it more comfortable for you all.
There was what you would call a serial murderer, and I was sealing off a place. A murder was committed. Suber approached me and he said to me
- Elon, I’m very worried.
- Why? Suber, I don’t understand.
- Notice that all these crimes have the same characteristics: the victims are young girls with similar features; they are blonde, slim, long-haired and generally they are from poor class, living in marginal neighborhoods...
I Clarify that we lived in a big city called Shiee with eight million inhabitants. It was a very safe city with video cameras, but outside of the city it was as if the law enforcement was hardly effective and the serial killer was acting and moving outside of the city. The three corpses that were found, apart from being hurt, were raped and tortured. I imagined an agonizing death.
That day I got home late. I met a girl I was dating with for a while, you would call her a girlfriend, it’s strange to tell this story because your concept towards me is different, you all see me in a role and that role surpassed the spirit, but in this life story I was Elon, Elon Dard - the girl’s name was Zatia, Zatia Pyan. When she went to my apartment she told me:
- Elon, I have called you by videophone six or seven times and they told me you left early from the Precinct.
- Well, I wanted to think...
-Think about what? Elon.
- About all this, this cold case, the deaths...
- I understand, but there must be a time when your mind is disconnected from all of this and you enjoy a bit of everyday life.
- I understand, Zatia, but it’s not easy.
- But you have taken so long? Like three hours.
- I was at Almenar, a surrounding neighborhood, finding out clues at inns, bars, investigating.
- And Suber?
- No, Suber stayed working at the Precinct.
The next day, when I got to the Precinct, they told me that near the neighborhood I was investigating in there was a fourth death. Suber asked me:
- Where have you been? Zatia called me to my mobile video, yours was turned off.
- Yes, I didn’t want it to ring while I was researching and asking questions to the people close to the marginal neighborhoods.
- But you could have to put it on vibrating mode...
- I decided to turn it off.
Suber Fuks looked at me strangely and asked me:
- At what time did you get home?
- Are you questioning me?
- No, should I? why?
-No, no, I don’t understand...
-No, okay. Leave it like that.
Our boss, Condar Tex, approached us saying:
- This young woman has suffered more than the others, not only has she been raped, but she was also mutilated... It’s difficult to understand how in this century there are sick minds capable to enjoy that... I hope that you, Suber, who managed to catch a thug that had murdered two women the last year, be capable to succeed on this case this year too. And you, Elon, go with him.
- Yes, Chief Condar – I replied-
We left in a patrol car and we went to the area where they found the body. Just a few blocks from there we went to an unappealing bar and Suber asked the owner if he had seen anyone suspicious.
-No, not really, sir. Your partner -and he pointed at me- was here yesterday around twenty o’ clock.
Suber said to me:
- Elon, you didn’t tell me you were here?
-Yes, I told you, I said that I had been questioning people in different parts of the outskirts of the city.
I felt badly, I felt like I couldn’t understand how there were people capable to cause such an atrocity. And in my mind I was incorporating something from my instinct, which told me that my childhood friend, my partner, as I distantly thought or believed that he was, could have some responsibility in all this.
I had a character that had overcome the stage of being offended, but even beyond that stage, someone closer to you can hurt you - because Zatia, surely would be my future wife, she knew me not long ago- but Suber Fuks, he knew me since we were children and that he thinks that about me…perhaps it was my imagination...
There was a fifth murder. I got to the Precinct and I saw Suber’s face, haggard and sleepless, he had reddened eyes and without greeting me he told me:
- Have you heard?
- Yes, I heard.
- I feel powerless, Elon, I feel helpless. We practically have no clues, no traces, nothing.
- Not even a hair? Some fingerprint? A sperm sample?
- Nothing.
- We must not lose sanity, Suber.
- Losing sanity, Elon? I don’t understand why you are so calm!
- I'm not calm, I'm very sorry, Suber.
Condar Tex, the chief, called us and he set a layout. We were twenty partners in the room and he said:
- Look- pointing a dot in a map- here it happened the first murder, here the second, here the third, here the fourth and here the fifth. Notice that it follows a pattern... it’s as if the killer wanted to be caught.
My way of interpreting the lines was different from how they interpreted. I focused the next point in the west side of the neighborhood while the others were thinking in the other direction. I said that I felt bad and that I had a liver spasm and I asked permission until the next day. Suber stared at me strangely, mysteriously. I shrugged, he thought what he wanted.
I took my car and went to that point driving through the streets. Luckily or unluckily, at about eleven o'clock at night, a few blocks from the river, I heard a scream, a moaning. I went to that place and I found a man adjusting his clothes and the lifeless body of a woman. I pulled my gun and I shouted so that he stops. He turned back with the speed of a lightning and shot at me. A warm wind buzzed next to my face and I lost my ability to react when I saw that it was Suber.
He got away and drove his car while I approached the lifeless body of the woman, immediately I chased him in my car while on the phone I called to the precinct and I asked to speak with the chief Condar Tex.
The persecution was tremendous; we drove at extremely high speeds. At one point, Suber's car crossed the shoulder of the road and the car flipped over one, two, three times and soon it caught fire. I pulled over a few meters ahead; Suber asked for help, he asked me to take him out. I couldn’t move, I don’t want to save him, God forgive me, I don’t want to save him (sobbing) I don’t want to save him... And then I heard an explosion and I fell backwards.
When they went to Suber’s department they discovered photos of all the victims, annotations, a folder. Evidently there was nothing reactive in him, everything was analytic. He was directly a cruel soul, who enjoyed having the power to subdue his victims, to rape and then kill them. And the fact that he was serving the law made him learn to leave no trace, working with a special type of gloves, putting a cover on his head so that he doesn’t lose a single hair on the floor.
I told my boss, Condar Tex, what happened. I told him that I had no time to rescue him and I obviated to tell him that I was five minutes, five minutes watching Suber asking for help while I stood a few meters away crying, but doing nothing.
My personality changed. I retired from the police department, I didn’t marry Zatia. I became a sullen and surly person.
I disembodied relatively young, when I was 49 years, perhaps because I was poorly nourished and from the plane 5.9, I lowered to the plane 3.9. It was still karmic what was done by me.
When I reincarnated 500 years later, in Sun3, I was in the plane 3.9. All that came later on erased somehow that inaction, because there are hostile acts due to inaction or negligence... I cannot judge myself for what happened to me in that life. However, I truly say to you, brothers- that the physical plane is difficult and it’s true that I had engrams from that life as Elon Dard as well as I had engrams in the life as Yeshua ben Yosef, due to the martyrdom on the cross. One thing is to narrate it to you, and another thing is to feel it.
I send all my Light to you all, my brothers. Thank you for listening to me and thanks to this dear vessel.
Jorge Olguin’s comment:
First of all I want to clarify that a spirit does not lower of plane due to implanted engrams, but due to roles of ego and/or hostile acts... So, there are Masters of Light dwelling in the 5th spiritual plane who still have engrams. The heaviest burdens that pull the spirit down are the roles of ego and hostile acts.
The Master Ien-El (Jesus) embodied being in the plane 3.9, but his kindness was intact. We have already argued that his "inaction" when he left his partner die was not a hostile act of premeditated cruelty. My collaborator thinks that he was paralyzed and that he couldn’t rescue the "killer policeman” from the flames... I think differently, I think that the Master (choking and weeping) evaluated that the best option was to let him die so that he can’t continue killing people. And for that reason he lowered from plane.
One has to be there in that situation...
Hugs. Jorge Olguin

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