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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ien-El (Jesus, the current Solar Logos)

What a joy to be here with you. Truly I say to you, dear brethren, that many times the changes in different situations and different expectations at times can exhaust a person. However, I truly say to you that inaction wears out more.

Ien-El is talking to you, the one who you all know as the Master Jesus.

There is something very important: in several physical situations in life, there are moments where you have to make a choice. With the exception of our Father, we all are fallible beings and we can make mistakes while we walk the Path, but a true intention, an intention of Light, dear brothers, will enlighten that Path so that you have a wider view of what you want to learn.

Truly, I say to you that there are always uncertainties due to various reasons; whether occupational, personal, emotional, familial, etc. because the fact that you are embodied makes that there are always crossroads present. The important thing is to have a clear mind, being in awareness, wrapped in Love, and things will have to happen.

I want to be honest, dear brothers, and truly I say to you that the physical plane, as my brother of Light Johnakan always says, is like a gravitational well, and sometimes it pulls us down when we are incarnated. Sometimes we have doubts, as I had them when I was incarnated in Judea. However, truly I say that the soul comforts you. Look at your inner selves, your view will be clear and you will make the best choice.

The past is not bad. And there is no contradiction here. Truly, I say that the past is somehow good because it helps the memory to see which were the right decisions and which were the bad ones, and in some way it helps us as if it were a teaching for future decision makings to be done in this present.

However don't take the past by clinging to it because you will be imprisoned, chained to those negative emotions. Sometimes your same Ego, dear brothers, makes you feel bad when cutting off those ties that bind your wings and don’t allow you to fly to new directions.

As you all say in the physical plane, the guilt complexes are roles of ego. Don’t blame yourselves for wanting to be happy because there is something very important, my dear brethren, and this is to grasp that everything you do in good faith in order to help yourselves first and then be able to reach out to others, as I have taught you in several times, will always be for good.

The past is not bad as long as it serves as an aid to memory; however, it’s negative if it binds you, if it doesn’t allow you to spread your wings.

For verily I say unto you, dear brethren- that you should take a chance to go out, it’s important to take a chance to fly. It’s important to understand that the Path of Light is not easy, but it is not impossible either.

Some words have been mistranslated, because although the Path of Light is a narrow path, it’s not a path of sacrifice. As my dear brother of Light Johnakan says, Service is never sacrifice because Service is joy, whereas sacrifice is pain. And the Father, dear brothers, doesn’t want pain for his children, but He wants Love through enjoyment, through happiness.

However that Happiness is useless if it’s not spread to others, because happiness must not be hoarded. Love should not be hoarded as well. Love expands, as the universe is expanding now, because Love is Light.

And truly I say to you that all those who go forward and lend a helping hand to others will be with me and the Father united.

Thank you. I send to you all my Golden Light.

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