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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel
Ruanel: What’s up?
Interlocutor: How are you, Master? “Long time no see”, Shall we start directly with the session? Because the first question is related to Jorge. Do you agree with that?
Ruanel: Okay.
Interlocutor: Since I don’t know about medical issues. What can you tell me about Jorge’s problem, the vertigo? Of course I think we have to rule out an engramic problem and assume that it’s only a physical problem, Am I right? I hear you Master.
Ruanel: It's a health problem caused ever since 1997, due to mediumship. Somehow, his great mediumistic perception has affected a certain function of the cerebellum, which in turn, affects his inner ear causing Ménière's disease.
Let’s say that few weeks after he began channeling through mediumship, the episodes of vertigo came over him, which were more intense causing him instantaneous vertigo, with the aggravating circumstance that not long ago he channeled The Christ Energy, which is a condensed energy that heals certain people. This healing does not make people refrain from conventional medicine, but it cooperates with it, so that a certain illnesses can be improved.
Interlocutor: So, The Christic Energy is a positive influence on Jorge?
Ruanel: Yes, among the various cells of the inner ear, his doctor applied intratympanic gentamicin, which kills its function and the function of hair cells is never recovered again.
Interlocutor: Is that treatment good?
Ruanel: It's good in the sense that Jorge would no longer suffer from vertigo, but there are stem cells in the part of the labyrinth that are regenerated due to the action of the Christ energy that he channels and It's like those hair cells go back to life again and the vertigo returns.
Interlocutor: So, is this like a vicious circle, somehow?
Ruanel: It's a vicious circle, but obviously he will not stop channeling or sending the healing Christ Energy…
Interlocutor: Okay. Does that affect the accuracy of his mediumship or Are these two different things?
Ruanel: They are two different things. This condition does not affect his mediumship, but it’s a psychophysical problem that somehow makes him a dependent person and creates some disability that makes him different.
Interlocutor: Okay. Is there anything else you can say to Jorge? Is his treatment according to the current medical science?
Ruanel: In medicine there are many things to be learnt in the field of ​​otolaryngology and several diseases that today are not yet curable, but treatable.
Interlocutor: What about the treatment that his doctor is performing on him. Is this treatment according to the current medical knowledge?
Ruanel: Yes, according to the current knowledge. There would be a more advanced procedure, but it would be invasive and this is surgery.
Interlocutor: A microsurgery?
Ruanel: Yes, but in the labyrinth.
Interlocutor: Do you recommend it?
Ruanel: No, not for the moment.
Interlocutor: Is there something more to say about his condition?
No, but I was going to talk something more about the reactive mind and engrams. Millions of years ago, when there was the automatic reactive mind, the impulsive reactive mind was merged with the automatic reactive mind and it was the impulsive reactive mind, conjoined with the automatic reactive mind, the one who saved the prehistoric man from falling prey to a predator mammal bigger that him, such as…
Interlocutor: …A saber-toothed tiger.
Ruanel: …A Smilodon, a megatherium or a mammoth. That reactive mind used to react in a matter of tenths of a second because the analytical mind, If it would have existed, by not having the necessary weapons to defend himself, he would have fallen prey to the beast immediately, just by thinking ‘What do I do???’ He would have lost valuable seconds and, therefore, the prehistoric man would have fallen prey to this predator. Later on, the automatic reactive mind and the impulsive reactive mind were dissociated, if you understand the concept.
When I was incarnated, I knew through various studies that this reactive mind somehow conditioned human beings. Then, I worked many years on the automatic reactive mind, which is the original mind that I ‘rediscovered’ Because in reality nothing is discovered. And this vessel, many years later, rediscovered the impulsive reactive mind, which is the one that was associated in the beginning of the homo erectus with the automatic reactive mind.
Then the terms sub-minds appeared -if you want to call it like that, although I don’t like this word- as the dear brother Johnakan says, the concept is much more beautiful and complete than the spoken language. We speak about the depressive reactive mind, which is a mind that also has a tremendous influence and it also conditions the embodied being.
There are different minds that somehow condition tremendously the embodied being, and this is something that unfortunately, was not approached when I was incarnated in a 10%. The issue related to the roles of the ego.
It is important that this vessel rediscovered that because the roles of ego has been approached for thousands of years in the region called India -probably through Buddhist philosophy, but it’s not so much what they know. There are many “teachers” who speak about the ego, but they do not speak about the roles of ego because they take the ego as if it were an entity and not like different roles that can be in opposition from each other. One can say that the mind in the roles of the ego is not separated like in the several psychoanalytic personalities as your dear friend Freud said.
Interlocutor: Master, you spoke well about Freud overall, you did not speak so badly about him.
Ruanel: This vessel already said it. If Sigmund Freud had had psychoauditing sessions, of course, the whole psychoanalytic theory would not have developed in the way that it was developed.
Interlocutor: Is Freud in the 5th plane as spirit?
Ruanel: What matters is the intention, it is always said, unless if in certain techniques catastrophes are made, but what matters many times is the intention.
This vessel, and perhaps he has told you this, he does not have very good concept of my being, this vessel that channels me in this moment, does not have a very good thought of my being. He is surprised that I am in the 5th spiritual plane being that when I was incarnated, according to him, according to my vessel, I have committed some violent acts like being separated from my son and even becoming a staunch enemy, I even subjugated people, somehow at tyrannical level and I honestly admit that many times I have overdimensioned my performance in pursuit of a bigger benefit.
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel
Ruanel: What’s up, how are you?
Interlocutor: How are you, Master?
Ruanel: Fine, fine.
Interlocutor: I won’t even ask if you want to give a little speech because we’ll skip it.
Ruanel: It's okay.
Interlocutor: No, you know that I’m joking. If you want to say a few words before we begin, we are ready to hear you. If not we’ll go straight to the questions.
Ruanel: Let’s go straight to the questions.
Interlocutor: Just out of curiosity: In how many places are you in this moment, aside from here? We know that you, the spirits, can be in several places at the same time.
Ruanel: Yes.
Interlocutor: So, Are you with us here or with another medium?
Ruanel: No. I'm here.
Interlocutor: Okay. But are you in other places as well or not?
Ruanel: No.
Interlocutor: Are you exclusively here?
Ruanel: Yes.
Interlocutor: But Could you be somewhere else?
Ruanel: I could be ‘conceptually’ in mission helping, conveying conciliatory ideas to causal bodies of incarnated beings, but no, at this moment I'm only here.
Interlocutor: Okay. Master, I have a question that I consider very important, maybe I asked it before, but I don’t remember, at least not at this moment: Do the spirits restimulate in the same way that we, the embodied beings, restimulate? Is this principle correct?
Ruanel: Absolutely.
Interlocutor: Okay. But what happens when a spirit is restimulated and it’s not incarnated? And what happens when a thethan, or 90% spirit, is restimulated? What happens to the incarnated part? I ask it because at one point my thetan almost apologized when we were psychoauditing a past life which caused me distress, anxiety, and it's like my thetan transmitted to me those feelings. How does it happen? I guess that my question is clear, I don’t know.
Ruanel: Well. You have answered one part of the question, for example, what happens when a thetan is restimulated? Obviously the thetan “contaminates” unintentionally the incarnated part or 10%. Even more being a Spirit of Light. Even more being a Thetan of Light.
Obviously the greater consequence will be transmitted to the incarnated part because the embodied being will have all kind of psychophysical symptoms. However, a 100% spirit has no physical part to contaminate and it’s very difficult that a 100% can be restimulated, because the Spirit of Light lives only to serve others. However, it can happen, and it has happened that conceptually the Thetan helps someone else’s thetan, and in turn, this thetan has been affected by the stimulation of situations lived in other past lives. That thetan, or 90% Spirit of Light, will send direct conciliatory ideas, harmony, compassion to that thetan from conceptual mind to conceptual mind. And it will send a concept of harmony to the causal body of the embodied being.
But what happens? Let’s suppose, and only suppose that an ill-fated past experience was lived by a role of the thetan in another past life, which is affecting his present life, and let’s suppose that the Spirit of Light is not incarnated and tries to help that thetan by alleviating the circumstance and it happens that when it approaches -like when you put your head in the water and look at the depth- and the Spirits sees something distasteful.
Translating this idea would be: That spirit of Light is obviously in a plane 5, it has no roles of ego, it may be dragging minimal engrams and it visualizes a past life of the thetan who is being helped and rediscovers that it’s a very similar life to which the Spirit lived decades or centuries or many millennia ago and Oh! The Spirit is restimulated.
Interlocutor: I understand. Now, wait a moment, when the Spirit is incarnated, the 10% would be something like a ground cable, it’s inevitable... Let's see, you know that in Dianetics, you yourself said that when engrams are not removed, a chain of engrams, the reactive mind is not cleared out, right? You said it.
Ruanel: Correct, but in your jargon, the ground cable word has another meaning, it means discharge, as if you as a 10%, would be discharging engrams from your Thetan. It’s not like that. No.
I understand what you mean, but I would change the name. It’s not a ground cable, but it doesn’t matter, the definition is well understood.
What happens is that the thetan can transmit to you slumber. It’s not a physical slumber, because the Thetan, obviously has no body and therefore it has no slumber, but this idea is to be understood, because there is no exact word, not even a definition so that this vessel can decode it in an understandable way, but it’s a kind of mental torpor, which is not that either because the conceptual mind does not feel fatigue.
Interlocutor: Okay. It’s a mistake to call it a ground cable because the ground cable discharges everything, however, the 10% remains charged, I mean the idea is clear.
Ruanel: But there is a very important thing, and don’t forget what you are going to ask- this could be misinterpreted- people could understand that the thetan uses the 10% to discharge… Watch out!
Interlocutor: No, no, I think it's an automatic thing like a lightning. It’s clear. A Thetan can be restimulated and inevitably can transmit unintentionally the charge to the 10% incarnated.
Ruanel: Yes, absolutely. First of all, because the spirit never loses his memory and certainly- not talking about spoken language- the spirit does not live on a planet, then this sentence for you would be –the Spirit is not twenty four hours a day in mission- sometimes the Spirit is hovering. I use this word as a license.
Interlocutor: So it's like the Spirit remembers...
Ruanel: Sure ...
Interlocutor: ... remembers a past life and it’s restimulated.
Ruanel: The Spirit is restimulated even having a complete and absolute certainty that in the physical plane the embodied beings are merely roles. For example, you have seen some romantic movies, which are very emotional and poignant movies that you may even have tears in your eyes and you can say: “Wow! How can this be? Why am I crying if all I’m seeing is just fiction?” They are actors, who are acting, and they received money to act in the movie that you are seeing in the cinema or watching in your TV.
You say: "I know," however, you get into the character and you feel happy if the movie has a good ending or you stay in suspense if the plot in the movie is to be continued…
Interlocutor: Okay. The question is: Can the spirit be restimulated if it embodied as a girl, in a previous life who suffered the same circumstance in a present life? Is it restimulated or am I wrong?
Ruanel: The very Spirit can be restimulated by bringing back to life painful experiences. Now, and this is already clear, but I repeat it in order to make it perfectly clear, when you had a previous life which you have reviewed and you have left - and this is a phrase of yours, not mine- pleasant memories, because you have eliminated the engrams of this life and you have the pleasant memories of having lived a good time and it doesn’t cause you pain remembering a sorrowful past experience. Since you have only pleasant memories. So there is no possibility of restimulation, no, because that is over.
Interlocutor: Okay. That is clear on this issue. Is there something else to say?
Ruanel: No, no, no. That is all.
Interlocutor: Okay. Here I have a question that has to do about confrontation. Could a person that has no roles of ego feel despondent, for example? I think that it’s something normal, very human, we would say. You know where my question aims to.
Ruanel: There is something very important to say, my answer is an answer that would be helpful to many people: First of all, the role of the ego is not destroyed because the role of the ego is part of the spirit, because the reactive mind is part of the spirit and the role of the ego is one of its fruits.
The role of ego is integrated, unlike engrams that are restimulated. If this role of ego is integrated, it may be lurking. Then, if I were embodied and I have the capacity of confrontation in which nothing affects me, I will be affected by the other person's suffering, but that's not a role of ego, this is called compassion and mercy - because they are not synonyms. Compassion is a feeling very similar to pity, but with a total detachment from ego. Compassion is a feeling so elevated as love is.
Interlocutor: Well, of course.
Ruanel: Well. I have no roles of ego being incarnated, but it can happen that the role of the ego will be lurking, watching as a spectator on my ability to confront. And those people that really interest me are going to have in some way-and this doesn’t go against what this beloved Master Johnakan Ur-El said, but they will have more power over me than those people I don’t’ know. For example, If I were a public person and a journalist makes a quite harmful criticism about me, if I had the roles of ego his criticism will bother me very much, on the other hand, if I don’t have roles of ego, his criticism will not have any effect on me! At the most, if I notice a calumny or a slander on behalf of that journalist, I will initiate legal actions against that journalist. Are you following me?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Ruanel: However, if a person close to me, a person who I love or I feel affection or appreciation for that person- you can use the adjective you like- That person will have an influence over me, even if I lack of ego because it’s a person that I'm going to consider and by confronting that person, if that person insults me, somehow I will give more meaning to his words than the journalist’ words to whom I don’t even know or perhaps I know only his name or his photo.
Then, my ability to confront will decrease due to that person I love or I feel affection for. It doesn’t go against what Johnakan said about the Fictitious power of words, not at all. For example, If I am incarnated and I have a brother whom I love with all my being and that brother deceives me, I will be hurt very much and somehow his behavior is going to weaken my being and I will be more sensitive.
If I try to persuade that brother that his attitude is wrong and he argues with me that not only am I wrong, but he also says: - "You've hurt our mother many years ago" when in fact he was the one who hurt our mother, because our mother was missing him when he disappeared three or four days and I was at home with Mom all the time, but he distorted the whole thing at his own convenience and accommodated the reality putting me in the place of the person to blame.
You will tell me: “Well, you have it clear because you know that you would never hurt your mother and on the contrary, you were the one who calmed her down and held her back when she cried because your brother was not coming home and she didn’t know where he was, you would you feel comfortable.” However, at that moment, seeing my brother, perhaps with a so twisted ego, convinced -like many manipulative people- that he left Mom due to more powerful reasons and assuming that I mistreated her or I am picking on him by saying to her: "Did you see my brother? Have you seen how he is? Look how good I am" and my brother disappears and he distorts the whole story and he himself believes his story and at some point, somehow, he loses the ability of confrontation and he may even lose control.
Interlocutor: That is normal in manipulation, we could say, it’s no big deal.
Ruanel: There is nothing special, but obviously you have to work on these roles of the ego, one should work on these roles of ego because the roles of ego are never destroyed. Not only do you have the roles of ego until the last day of your incarnation, but you will have them until the last moment in which you will merge with the Creator in the next big crunch.
Interlocutor: Okay. Master. That is clear. We will continue because, Well, you see a picture here, you know what this is all about.
Ruanel: Let me clarify one thing because many people have asked this. When you say: "Master. Can you see the picture?" I actually can’t see the picture because I have no physical eyes, I can’t see through this vessel either because the vessel has his eyes closed...
Interlocutor: Ah, Do you see it through my eyes?
Ruanel: No, what I do is to conceptualize the photo, I don’t see the picture through you either, I'm conceptualizing. One always says: "Can you see the picture?" And...
Interlocutor: But the concept is much more important than...
Ruanel: The concept is much more important, because people might mistakenly believe that I see the picture through the eyes of the vessel...
Interlocutor: Well, I thought that you saw the pictures in the same way that I see them...
Ruanel: No.
Interlocutor: And perhaps with more details...
Ruanel: No!
Interlocutor: Ah!
Ruanel: in the spiritual planes we have none of your five senses, none.
Interlocutor: Well, but you all have higher senses. I thought you saw us even as we also see each other.
Ruanel: No, no, no. We conceptualize. What happens is that there are different types of concepts. You think unilaterally, you might say...-Poor; I'm squeezing the vessel’s decoder-. You think that the mental concept is an abstract concept and maybe mathematical. Are you following me?
Interlocutor: Yes.
Ruanel: The mental concept goes even further. The mental concept is also a kind of vision; the mental concept is a kind of hearing. This means: Suppose that you want to contact me and you are going to contact me mentally –although there is no telepathy in the physical plane, telepathy does exist in the spiritual planes and between the physical and spiritual planes.
You raise your thought mentally and I get it conceptually. However, let’s suppose that you - like many other people who like to pray- pray and say: "Oh, I would like to ask you…” and you name a particular entity." Not only did I perceive your mental concept with my concept, but also I perceived your voice vibration, I didn’t hear the voice because I have no hearing sense, but I grasped conceptually that vibration and that vibration, in milliseconds is transformed in concept. This is something that was not said before.
I can conceptualize music, I can perceive violin music, I can conceptualize piano music, I perceive sounds, vibrations and I transform them into a conceptual music to my conceptual ear- and I say it in a way that you can understand me because it is not going to sound like that either-. It will sound equal or better than what you can hear with your physical ears while you listen to a piano.
Interlocutor: Okay, Master. But if Jorge opened his eyes and looked at the picture, since you are incorporated, we would say, Can’t you see through Jorge’s eyes?
Ruanel: No, I conceptualize.
Interlocutor: You can’t see?
Ruanel: No.
Interlocutor: Can you hear through Jorge’s ears?
Ruanel: No, because... and I'll tell you why I can’t: Although the vessel channels a certain spirit or thetan, the thetan cannot make any use of that body beyond conveying relevant information, the thetan cannot use his eyes or the sight of the vessel, but...
Interlocutor: But sometimes the vessel moves his hand… Are you the one who moves his hand, for example?
Ruanel: That is the license on behalf of Johnakan who uses this vessel, because if Johnakan didn’t give me permission, I would have a body, ‘almost dead’ because I couldn’t make sounds or even open the mouth. At the time this vessel is expressing himself in spoken language, not only will he move his hands, but also he’s going to move his mouth.
Now, notice a detail -the tree was covering the forest- you noticed that when this vessel is channeling he moves his hands and you said: "Yes, but then, you, Ruanel, somehow are using his body" and you have seen the most obvious thing, the vessel moves his lips. However; that's not Ruanel; that's Johnakan giving a license or permission. I mean, I myself could not do it. In addition, we run the risk – and it’s almost certain that it’s going to happen- that if Johnakan allows the vessel to open his eyes, by opening his eyes is like that, I am disconnected.
Interlocutor: Yes, what I meant was if I light a match and burn Jorge’s finger, you cannot feel that pain, but Jorge does.
Ruanel: Automatically the connection is over and I unplug myself. In other words, we talked about it in a session that if there is a loud noise, the self-preservation of the vessel may throw me away, ‘figuratively speaking’ I say figuratively because actually it is not like that either.
This is very important that people understand about the spiritual world and mediumship. That’s the issue.
Interlocutor: Okay. In the future, whenever I say: "Do you see this picture?..." we already will know that you are seeing it differently.
Ruanel: Yes, yes, of course.
Interlocutor: Symbolically…
Ruanel: Perhaps I might discern many more details than those you perceive with your physical eyes.
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Johnakan Ur-El
Interlocutor: Approaching another topic, I wanted to ask you about A. M., with whom we are communicating through emails. This person is part of a group that communicates with spiritual entities and one of its members is a medium.
Johnakan Ur-El: The Thetan or Higher Self of this person is in the 4 plane of spiritual vibration, you know that it’s a mastery plane. He has made many important things on the physical plane, he has helped many people, he has given money the value only to survive, he’s not a greedy person by any means. His mistake, if you could call it like that, is that he receives wrong information sometimes, and he clings to it blindly thinking that in this way he will achieve spiritual enlightenment.
Interlocutor: Is he a medium or he uses a medium?
Johnakan Ur-El: No, he is not a medium, he is using a medium.
Interlocutor: What percentage of accuracy does the medium have?
Johnakan Ur-El: Unfortunately very little. Only 30% of accuracy. The 70% conveyed though the spiritual entities is crazyness on behalf of the same medium, who has preconceived ideas. It's as if my vessel had the whim, so to speak, to think a particular thing deeming worthless the words of other people that could make him come to reason. And then he channels a spiritual entity and he puts part of himself, distorting the concepts that are given. This can be done because God gives Free Will and the vessel can channel accurately and distort a message as well.
Interlocutor: I understand what you say because a medium I knew before used to do the same thing.
Johnakan Ur-El: That’s right. He even went so far trying to imitate the accent of the language of the Entity that was being channeled, like the incarnation of he who was, for example, Confucius, and whenever this Entity was channeled, the medium used to speak, imitating the accent of the Chinese language, just like the comedians do when they want to imitate someone of that nationality.
Interlocutor: So the whole problem would not be part of A. M. but the medium... Is this correct?
Johnakan Ur-El: The problem is not only the medium, because this person does not use his common sense or rational mind and he believes blindly “to the letter” whatever the medium says to him. He firmly believes what the medium says no matter how absurd or illogical the concept might be.
Interlocutor: Specifically, when he said that he contacted with you It Wasn’t you?
Johnakan Ur-El: Not at all. Those who pretend to be other Spiritual Entities are the spirits of error. The Masters of Light have no need to pretend to be other spirits, because each one of them gives similar messages, in their measure. The tactics of the spirits of error, and this was said in another opportunity, is to convey messages of light at first, so that those people that are attending the sessions come into confidence, and so they are led astray where the spirits of error want to take them. That is, to the confusion.
Interlocutor: A. M. says that in a previous life I was Cauchon, the bishop who ordered the burning of Joan of Arc. He also says that he was Peter, the disciple of Jesus, Julian the Apostate, Mohammed and Jean Paul Marat. He even said that I, as well as Nero, was also Voltaire. Apparently, according to his word, a woman of this group is the current reincarnation of Joan of Arc. Is this all true?
Johnakan Ur-El: He was almost all the people he said, but not Mohammed. It is also true that a woman in this group is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. However, it is not true that you were Voltaire in a past life, because at that time you were incarnated as another person and a spirit cannot have two incarnations simultaneously.
Interlocutor: The problem with this information is that A.M. has part of the truth and the other part is false... You can never be sure about what he says!
Johnakan Ur-El: There's the cunningness of the spirits of error, because if they said all falsehoods everyone would realize immediately the false information, at least some of them, for example through hypnotic regression. However, if they receive a great deal of truth and in between they get some lies, surely they will be confused at will.
Whenever somebody wants to poison his victim, without any suspicions, the poisoner will give a small dose of poison mixed with a sweetening substance, so that the poison passes unnoticed. Based on this principle the spirits of error operate, they poison the minds of the people they want to destroy little by little.
Interlocutor: I don’t understand how the entities of error can say some truths.
Johnakan Ur-El: Some of these spirits of error, who are now in the planes 2 and 3, were Masters of the planes 4 and 5, who fell prey to ego and so they descended from plane. This explains why they can convey truths at times. Those who are channeled not only are the entities of the planes 2 and 3, who have never left these planes.
Interlocutor: Are they communicating with a higher Entity of Light at the moment?
Interlocutor: Not at the moment, but at the beginning they did, They tried to clarify the reliable transmission and the false information, but the medium interrupted the argument. The medium is a person who is blinded by his own convictions and he is hardly objective with the information he conveys.
Imagine the hypothetical case of a medium, who is an Orthodox Jew - I say hypothetical because Jews do not believe in mediumship- and suddenly this “Jewish medium” gives a message saying that Judaism is not the greatest truth.
What will happen then? Well, his engrams will prevent the accurate transmission of the message, due to his own religion- because religion is an engramic implant after all- therefore, he is not going to transmit the accurate concept, which is negative according to his religious beliefs. Do you understand me?
Interlocutor: I understand perfectly and the issue has been clarified.
Email received:
Thank you for creating the website, I've only recently discovered it and have been reading it nonstop :)
I just finished reading about David Icke, where it's written: "In the physical plane such thing does not exist, Telepathy is only an attribute of the spiritual world."
Would it be possible to explain this a bit further? My twin sister and I were telepathic when we were very young. In fact, this scared our mum & other siblings and they could not understand how we would communicate only through our thoughts. In fact, our mom was so frightened that she told us repeatedly to stop communicating this way. I find it hard to believe that telepathy only exists in the spiritual world.
I just wanted to express my thoughts and thank you again for creating such an insightful website.
Kind regards,
C. B.
Dear Friend:
The explanation is very simple; Notice that very close friends, twin brothers and conjoined twins have a very fluent communication between their thetans. For this reason it's not strange that sometimes you begin thinking about a friend of yours or your twin sister and you feel like you want to call that person and suddenly the phone rings and What a Surprise!!! the person you were thinking about a second ago called you in the first place.
Another example, when you have a very good friend, usually that friendship becomes also a friendly relationship in the superphysical planes (between Thetans) and the thetans convey ideas to the incarnated parts and in this way it seems that very close friends or siblings can somehow have the same feelings or thoughts.
However, this process is not physical telepathy. The spiritual communication among spirits or TELEPATHY is when the spirits transmit large ammounts of information without distortion through concepts within seconds.
There is always a distortion of the ideas sent from the spiritual planes to the physical plane, it's not like using your telephone, and therefore nobody can read your mind through telepathy because this communication is based only through concepts not words. Remember. The spirits communicate through concepts not words. This is Very important!
Most of the mediums have an accuracy of 20% while translating concepts even when they are in trance. And I repeat, telepathy is only an attribute of the spiritual world because the brain (mental decoder) only decodes the spiritual message translating it into words.
Most of the people only have a very high intuition, but this is not telepathy.

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