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Session 04/Mar/2013

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Tera-El (Nikola Tesla’s Thetan)

Tera-El: It’s a pleasure to be here with you, not only to unveil enigmas, but also to advise, to guide or conceptually to tender a hand to those who need assistance. My name is Tera-El.

I have perceived, I have noticed that sometimes on the physical plane we are slaves of our own passions, in the same way that you all are slaves of the words since, as I have stated more than once, that the spoken language is poor compared to the spiritual concept. When I speak about passion we understand that it’s one of the roles of ego that sometimes the embodied being puts so much from himself and he ends up disappointed because of his expectation, which goes beyond the rationality, of what common sense dictates, and he ends up frustrated. But why? Because common sense comes from the analytical mind, and the passions come from the reactive mind.

Passion is nothing less than an intense emotion and I add that all that is done with balance is all right. You can be emotional, having a healthy pride and loving in a personal way. Surely there will be a pinch of ego in it, but it is a “harmless” ego: Having pride in achieving an award or receiving a diploma, and I could give you many more examples. However, the ego in the human being threatens not only an emotional relationship, but also a friendly relationship, threatens against society; against a labor relationship, it threatens family relationships and coexistence.

Someone once said: "To hoard, to covet means not only the one who covets, but also the one who acts like a well-fed tiger that despite having satisfied its appetite keeps tearing the prey." There are beings who behave in the same way with material goods. There are countries that behave in the same way by plundering other countries, and although there is nothing left to loot, they keep on digging the region to see what else they can loot.

And as a fellow Entity said: "It is easier to get out from a black hole than to take something physical to the superphysical plane". And I have seen human beings with serious health problems who keep on hoarding, who still have appetites for power. And without being disrespectful I’ll mention a phrase of yours: "They are with one foot on the physical plane and another foot in the plane superphysical plane", figuratively speaking, and yet they keep on hoarding and it’s something that even I, with my high capacity, cannot understand.

In the same way that I speak about human beings I can speak about reigns or empires. If you take a book and you study the history of this planet during the last three millennia, you will see that there were different empires and all of them have fallen under its own weight or because they have been worn out. Look! check the maps throughout the centuries, the Roman Empire and recently for me, watching it from the conceptual point of view, the Ottoman Empire. And what for? And what can we say about religions? Being incarnated I have studied each one of those religions and today, reincarnated, I keep on studying religions where every God speaks about goodness, about not attacking others. All of these monotheistic religions are invaders, at least the practitioners of all these religions, all of them. Then, it seems a global hypocrisy.

However you all advanced, you advanced in the technical part much more than the spiritual part, you all advanced although with mistaken concepts. A little over a century ago, I made discoveries that if I had had the current devices, your computers and the current technology, How I would have boosted them!

Today there is a concept where time is related to the speed of light, as if an object which is approaching the speed of light goes dilating as well as the object itself. The mistake, the big mistake of my fellow spirit was not to think: "Speed of light, compared to what?" Because if we were on a ship in the interstellar space light years from the nearest star where gravitation were almost nonexistent and we were traveling at nearly the speed of light I would ask: "Speed ​​of light, compared to what? To which object? To which Sun?" And they don’t think that it's the opposite: It’s not the speed of light the one that causes time dilation, but the gravity of the bodies is the one that makes time goes faster. It's the opposite.

Tests have been run in your world with clocks with accuracy up to a millionth of a second, where an astronaut orbiting had his clock delayed compared to the clock of a technician, who was on the ground, after a couple of days orbiting the planet.

Then they thought: 'Einstein was right because if at thirty thousand kilometers per hour we can measure up to a part of a second delayed compared to the clock on Earth, it means that hypothetically if we could centuplicate this speed, time would be slower for the one who is orbiting.

But it's the opposite. Although a device which is orbiting is a device that has a permanent fall, the same centrifugal force, which equates to the centripetal, makes that gravity had little effect on him. Hence, time is dilated not due to the speed, but due to the less gravity.

On the other hand, and this is very common in most of the stars, the larger the celestial body is, the faster it will orbit to match its own gravitational mass because, in the end, gravity is a curvature and so that the curvature be not so evident the body spins on itself. For example, your planet makes one complete orbit almost every 24 hours.

Interlocutor: I get the impression that time passes by faster here. Does it have to do with every time we are more on the planet and we are putting more weight on it?

Tera-El: No. That's an impression, it’s a psychological feeling, dear interlocutor, it’s a psychological feeling. But if you study the speed in which Jupiter rotates, the largest planet in your system, you will see that it compensates its enormous size because it spins much faster than your planet, much faster. And if you want to go further you will see a black hole, which has a mass of a thousand or more times bigger than Jupiter, it orbits on itself at incredible speeds.

In the last century, to which you call the twentieth century, you have made as much or many more discoveries than in the whole history of your planet, but in your inner selves, in your flow of divine particles that you are, you have not advanced in the same way. Before you were warriors with a sword, soldiers with rifles today, tomorrow you will be spatial warriors with rays of light that disintegrate molecules. And what a spirit must aspire is to grow up internally, not to fall prey to the passions, not to compete for the fact to excel, not to be success worshippers, to have the pleasure to help others, to learn to love oneself and that is not ego, because the only way that one can be loved by others is if one loves himself with balance, without falling into the obviousness and disdaining the other, because precisely being fortified internally will always be in function to tender a helping hand to the other.

You all are so touchy beings that you fall prey to the flattery, to the praise, to the offense, you get angry. I have perceived advanced teachers who feel that they throw down the gauntlet at them when someone makes an innocent joke; they feel touched in their ego, what you call self-love. Self-love itself is an empty word, a deluded word because it is a role of ego. Self-esteem is acceptable because it is good to accept, to love oneself and feel that one is important, but not to climb on a pedestal and expect that others worship you, feeling important to be able to help others.

It's good that over the centuries you have grown up technologically. Centuries ago illustrious philosophers said "It's craziness to think that something heavier than air can fly." And look, today you think: "With the huge sidereal distances it will take hundreds of thousands of years to reach the nearest stellar system" ignoring that tomorrow there will be quantum computers, as one fellow spirit said, which will detect space pleats through which you will find shortcuts. Do you think that the beings that visit you from other worlds have made hundreds of thousands of years of travel?

You are a little world and there are power struggles that are generated for things that if you pay attention have no value. Outside of Life and Love that we can give and receive, there is nothing else that could have value. Of course health is also important on the physical plane, because without health you cannot achieve anything of that, but in spite of Life with health and Love, everything will stay there on the physical plane, everything. If you are good people, you will be remembered "immortalized" in those who remain.

It’s important that one understands his own value, it is important that one understands his creative nature. And it is important to understand, about all the things, that there is only one way to show Love to the Creator of this universe: understanding all divine particles, which are your brothers. And I’m not only talking about other human beings, I’m talking about all living particles: animals, birds, plants, things that may seem superfluous, but they are not.

You have done so much and yet you have done so little, so little internal work... I perceive so many brothers who speak about the Light, about brotherhood, about being brothers… and when they turn their backs the criticism returns, the gossips. You're children, children disguised as kings. You are playing, you play to have ostentation, to wear elegant clothes, to travel by coach, you are playing.

Pompousness and humility are not synonymous. This is not what the great Master Jesus taught on this planet and what Axxon taught on a twin planet millions of years ago. This is not what both of them taught. And I know what I talk about because I was on both sides.

Thanks for listening to me.

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