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There are dark forces that have been working to manipulate, to shape and distort the way In which people think, these hidden powers have been infiltrating in a deceptive way in our society in order to control public opinion. In many cases they have used brainwashing techniques to literally erase true facts from history books.

Honest historians have been prosecuted, threatened and in many ways silenced permanently when they tried to expose  the real events of  an inconvenient truth. It would be easy to reveal the names of the people, who control the organizations behind the main stream media, however, it would be also dangerous for the families of brave men and women, who have sought to change the world for the better, because these dark and evil entities threaten to harm their relatives and innocent children, which is a cowardly response that ensures that truth cannot reach public opinion. 

If history were true, nobody should be afraid to explore new evidence that contradicts what oficial history have told us so far, but it becomes very suspicious when we hear that particular people and/or organizations grind or destroy books that reveal the true nature of those who have Won the wars. 

Many times it is hard to unveil the whole truth because these thugs do not hesitate to discredit any information that does not agree with their “oficial” version of history by using mass media, and so they would call us racist, anti-semitic or even worse, they would end up prosecuting us, jailing us and even the valuable spiritual messages published in many years would be removed and destroyed. 

Essentially we are moving towards a world in which freedom of speech will no longer be protected, little by little we have been dragged, as if we were sheeple to a world ruled by fascism and totalitarianism.
Even though the messages of Light speak about Love, Service and tolerance towards our fellowmen, no matter who they are, these dark forces managed to distort the world we live in, by means of subversion, disinformation, blatant lies that most of the times replace the  true events they want to conceal, they also hid very important information that could potentially destroy their plans of world domination or expose  who they really are.

There is still hope In this world for those who seek  the truth, Justice  and freedom from this dark council that plans to destroy our heritage on this planet.

Fortunately there are honest and decent people who are awakening and they are realizing now that wicked and greedy people have been manipulating the public opinion in order to take control of nations. These people behind the government have been rewriting history according to their own convenience ( History is written by the victors)

Ask yourself. Who are behind corporate media? What do they tell you? How do  they tell you? Are they really unbiased? In many cases they censor the information or they argue that there is nothing to talk about, they strongly oppose to historical revisionism, but  they are also affraid of the truth movements that seek to expose the hidden side of history. Do you see why? 

Never believe what they tell you openly because they have already published  fake stories and reported events that never happened.

As l said before, the truth shall come to the Light, sooner or later, and we all shall be free, until then, it's important that you do your own research and inform yourself and others, look for those people who seek to destroy or ban books so-called “forbidden”, those who threaten publishers or sanction them with illegal terms, look for those authors who have been suspiciously found "suicided". Investigate alternative media, try to question certain "facts" they made us believe and don’t match with reality or logic.

Finally, always look for the other version of history. One day you will realize, very surprised, that we all have been lied to. Remember that truth does not fear investigation and we deserve the whole truth, as painful as it can be.
 All the Love and Light to you all!!!

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