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Why is there so much physical, emotional and sexual violence against women and children?

The reason that gender violence exists in particular against women is because women create life and if somebody can affect the energy of the divine feminine, then they can fracture that beauty and that is why these evil people promote violence against these females because they are fearful of this divine energy and although many of the males, who abuse women, would laugh at that, in fact this is the real issue here and when these men use violence of any sort against these females it's because they have lost the argument and they are scared of their energy and can't face that divine feminine.

As for Children, it's because children are seen as pure and uncorrupted beings and if some evil people can corrupt something that is pure and if they belong to a satanic organization they get points for corrupting their mindset.

So, that's why women and children are weaker on this planet and why men usually bully or oppress those who are weaker.

Also, women have been attacked by religions in the Muslim world and the catholic church in particular didn't want women anywhere near the pulpit, they only recently had to give ground because many countries have laws and it would have caused some problems, then, we look at a command and control system on this planet and they have consistently tried to push women into subservient roles, which is pitiful, remember that only one hundred years ago women were not allowed to go to vote.

Why women were not allowed to vote? Was it because they were not as intelligent as men? Or is it because they are more intelligent and harder to manipulate.

If we did not mention before, our planet is a sentient organism, which is changing its vibrational energies toward a feminine energy flow, so to speak, and these shadowy corrupt groups we mentioned before know that fact and they have tried to manipulate this feminine energy in order to corrupt its flow for their own evil agenda, so that's why they have put female politicians  in countries like Germany and England and tried to put a female president in USA, but they failed recently, we do not know how they plan to pursue their plans now, but that was their main goal initially.

So, this is in essence the reason why these wicked organizations keep planning a deliberate attack towards women and their offspring through legalized abortion as well, and this is unfortunately how satanic energies work on this plane, they always attack women and children, sometimes even feminist organizations unknowingly work against their own gender, this type of violence is pure evil and it has to be stopped.

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