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The Gravestone of his tomb summarized, in Latin, his strange destiny: "Here lies Kaspar Hauser, Riddle of his time, his birth was unknown, his death mysterious, 1833."

The True Story
This is the exciting story of a boy of unknown origin that one afternoon appeared suddenly in a square of Nüremberg. He did not know how to speak and he used to eat like the animals. It was said that he was a prince's son, and he was kidnapped by political reasons. The detective who investigated the case was murdered and the mystery was never unveiled until now.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Master Ruanel

Interlocutor: ... Who is going to communicate now?
Ruanel: I am Ruanel... greetings... I am ready to answer your questions...
Interlocutor: How are you, Master? Yes, indeed, there is a topic I would like to discuss today and it is that about that enigmatic person, called Kaspar Hauser... Was he an alien?
Ruanel: Why do you ask that?
Interlocutor: Because he was a historical character who appeared suddenly in the streets of Nüremberg, and nobody knew his origin. He appeared from nowhere. But the most curious thing was that he had a letter presumably of his mother who recommended him to the captain of a military establishment that although at that moment it was quartered in that city it was not when the letter was written 16 years ago.
The question, if that letter was real, it's how she could know that almost one decade and a half later it would be a military cantonment in that place?. Was he an alien?
Ruanel: The answer is that Kaspar Hauser was not an alien but a time traveler.
Interlocutor: I cannot believe it! Is time travel really possible?
Ruanel: Kaspar Hauser has traveled through time. He had contact with extraterrestrials, but he is not an alien - I speak in present – . He has asked to travel through time to give news.
In the future there are bases where it’s not permitted to change the temporary line, because a paradox would be created. But sometimes it’s necessary to change things because otherwise history could be changed.
Interlocutor: For example, why don't they come from the future to kill Hitler?
Ruanel: Because it is not allowed to change history...
Interlocutor: Even though when lives could be saved?
Ruanel: That’s right... Naturally, from the theoretical point of view it is possible. We know that the spirit is immortal, and therefore the spirit doesn't die. So in fact nobody dies.
What happens in fact is that Hitler is already part of history already happened and that cannot be changed. But if one wanted, even the gravitational fields can be altered...
I am explaining this very superficially. Let us suppose that suddenly there is a person that changes the temporary line and he drinks of a bottle of beer, gets drunk and drives some of those old vehicles and runs over Einstein when he was 4 years old. The mission of the time traveler is, somehow, to travel to the past so that this drunkard doesn’t run over Einstein when he was 4 years old. In this way, the temporary line doesn’t change.
Interlocutor: But what you tell us Master is merely theoretical or at some time has it been made?
Ruanel: Of course that it has been made! Numerous times!
Interlocutor: But in that case those TV series, like the famous "The Time Tunnel", are not as imaginative as one would believe...
Ruanel: They are not only so imaginative but there are some authors that have received ideas about this aspect because they have been dictated to them
Interlocutor: Then, Kaspar Hauser came from the Earth’s future? I do not get the idea that the Earth can have a future beyond this present...
Ruanel: I do not accept your reasoning... How the Earth won't have a future?
Interlocutor: I expressed myself badly. What I meant to ask is that although I accept a hypothetical future, I find difficult to conceive a future already established.
Ruanel: All times are present...
Interlocutor: Now I understand a little more the idea... From how many years in the future was Kaspar Hauser?
Ruanel: Around 500 years, of the 2500 of your era.
Interlocutor: Are you seeing in these moments 500 years in the future? The question is if you can perceive, for example, to Kaspar Hauser in his world.
Ruanel: We, as spiritual beings, also have barriers that don't allow us to travel through time. I will try to explain in some way you can understand... The physical plane 1, your world, in spite of being one of the most basic planes, because the -1 and the -2 cannot be seen by dimensional tricks, as the energy it is so condensed forming a supposed matter, it has an advantage: it possesses elements with which you can "play"; then, you can create devices which are impossible in our spiritual plane, Devices that can even allow you to reach parallel universes.
In this present they have not been achieved, but in your future they will be achieved.
what presently can be done only by the elohim, the dimensional logos (the Christ, for example) and the galactic logos (Buddha, for example), you will be able to do it in the future: to create machines to pass to other parallel universes.
Then, you, and this is also a paradox, being embodied in the physical plan 1, you can achieve things that are impossible in the spiritual planes.
But this is not to bring shame upon us, because "we" are definitely "you."
Interlocutor: Obviously...
Ruanel: It means that what embodied beings achieve like benefit, 90% enjoys up here. It is as if we were passengers in a deluxe transatlantic.
Interlocutor: Is the Creation an entire present?
Ruanel: God is omnipresent. This gives all the answers. But for the finite mind, each second should be lived as a second and there is no escape.
Here is an example that perhaps doesn't have anything to do... But let us suppose that you now disincarnate of a heart stroke, and you have to embody immediately in a child, and your memory is not erased. And you know that you have a mission to fulfill, you would have to begin in the kindergarten with the drumsticks, in first grade with the numbers and you had the whole memory of your past life... The question is: Would you have all the necessary patience to grow, begin again, knowing in all times that you have an unfinished mission?
Interlocutor: I don’t think so...
Ruanel: For that reason memory is erased! Do you understand the point?
Interlocutor: Perfectly... Returning to Kaspar Hauser, this question of the time travel is somehow related to the famous book "Trojan Horse" by J. J. Benítez?
Ruanel: Yes, but what happens is that Benitez in many things has fantasized. There are no time machines- in this time- capable to travel through time.
Interlocutor: Did Kaspar Hauser change somehow history when coming to our time?
Ruanel: On the contrary, he prevented history from being modified. This is exactly the mission of time travelers...
Interlocutor: And the disappearance of David Lang? I suppose that it was also an extraterrestrial abduction...
Ruanel: In this case his disappearance was due to other causes...
Interlocutor: Don’t tell that Earth devoured him! I say this because they looked for him underground the place he disappeared and he was not found...
Ruanel: David Lang was abducted by terrestrials.
Interlocutor: Terrestrials? I do not understand... Did mankind have already in the last century the technology to disappear people in the air?
Ruanel: No, he was not abducted by terrestrials of the time in which David Lang disappeared, but by terrestrials from the future.
Interlocutor: Master, I am totally perplexed.
Ruanel: David Lang was a time traveler who violating the rules wanted to stay in that time. That is forbidden because time travelers can modify the future, in which case a time traveler has to return to the past to put the things in order again just as they were originally.
Interlocutor: But, Why did he want to stay in that period of time since the last century was almost prehistoric compared to our time?
Ruanel: He simply fell in love with a young woman and to avoid being transported to his time; he destroyed his time machine. But his superiors used a more complex and powerful device to take him back to his time.
Interlocutor: From what time in the future David Lang came?
Ruanel: He came from the year 2500, of the same time that Kaspar Hauser and Nostradamus.
Interlocutor: Master, are you telling me that Kaspar Hauser and Nostradamus were time travelers also?
Ruanel: That is correct. All of Them were - they still are - partners of the same time

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Master Ruanel
Interlocutor: Now I want to ask you a question about time traveling. We know for instance that Kaspar Hauser was a time traveler as you said.
Ruanel: That is right.
Interlocutor: Besides, we know that he was murdered in 1833.
Ruanel: That is also true.
Interlocutor: Well, but what happened with his Thetan? Did he stay in that time or it directly returned to his time, that is to say, when he came from, the year 2500?
Ruanel: The spirits, for themselves, cannot travel through time, because it is necessary a time machine that somehow modifies the temporary frequency.
Interlocutor: Does it have something to do with quantum physics?
Ruanel: That is right. When we speak of quantum physics, we are referring to two words: physics and quantum. Therefore, if it is physical it belongs to the plane 1. Do you understand the pun?
Interlocutor: Yes, perfectly. You want to tell me that "physics" cannot exist in the spiritual planes. Is it correct?
Ruanel: Correct. When an embodied being goes back or advances in time, automatically it drags, also in time his or her 90%, that is to say to his or her Thetan in their own plane.
Interlocutor: It is clear.
Ruanel: Well, if that body dies, the 10% of the spirit which was incarnated automatically join to his 90%, and the 100% of spirit automatically returns to his time of origin, because it had been dragged as if it was tied to a rope.
Interlocutor: Concretely, when, the physical body dies, the spirit of the time traveler returns to his time and nothing can stop it from that.
Ruanel: That is right.
Interlocutor: But and if he wants to stay in the time which his body traveled?
Ruanel: No, he can’t because the physical body operated as if it was an anchor, and when death comes nothing can retain him from it.
Interlocutor: I understand. The topic is clarified. Is it known who murdered Kaspar Hauser?
Ruanel: At this time I don't have the info.
Interlocutor: Can we leave it for the next session?
Ruanel: No Problem.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Master Ruanel
Ruanel: Ask a couple of short questions because the vessel is very tired.
Interlocutor: Well. Who killed Kaspar Hauser, the time traveler?
Ruanel: We will be able to analyze this in other occasion with more depth, but I already tell you that it was about gang wars and they thought Kaspar Hauser was another person.
Interlocutor: Nothing to do with someone from the future who came to kill him or something similar?
Ruanel: Not at all, it is common sense, since almost all the attacks with knives are made by gang issues.
Interlocutor: I will leave that as finished definitively because it doesn't make sense to waste time in discovering something like that.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Well, moving to another question. A consultant asked me a question about Kaspar Hauser, the time traveler who was 16 years old when he appeared in Nürenberg, and he found strange that somebody very young has that profession.
Ruanel: That is nonsense.
Interlocutor: The chronicles on Kaspar Hauser say that he had that age.
Ruanel: Obviously he lied to them because his real age was 22 years old.
Interlocutor: Good, now the thing is different. The point is Clear.

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