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A solitary murderer or a conspiracy?


The murder of Kennedy was the result of a conspiracy in which strong economic interests were involved, especially those related to traffic of weapons.

These interests would be mightily affected because Kennedy was going to put an end to the war in Vietnam. But this is not any secret because it is already vox populi.

Certainly Oswald was not the murderer. He was simply a scapegoat. The plotters promised him that nothing was going to happen to him, but obviously they didn't keep their promise.

Nevertheless, there is another unknown factor, because the true puppeteers, those that moved the threads of the plotters in the physical plan were the spirits of Error.

I transcribe you subsequently the dialogues that I have had with one of our spiritual guides, the Master Ron Hubbard:

Interlocutor: Another topic that I have scheduled it is related to coincidences. Obviously, one of the biggest coincidences is related to the presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. Not only in the events, but also the dates and names of the people imvolved.

Ron Hubbard: First of all, I inform you that your suspicions are correct - I am reading your mind- Kennedy was Lincoln's reincarnation. When the spirit that animated Lincoln asked to reincarnate as Kennedy, he did it to try to complete his mission. The spirits of error, with all their perversity, conspired so that he had a similar death to his previous life.

Interlocutor: I am completely surprised! But there are also similar names and dates...

Ron Hubbard: The spirits of error are behind of that because it is enough that they dictate the names to the causal body or body of ideas so that the incarnated person name to the newly born. First of all, the spirits of error are connected to the body of desires or emotional body to tempt people, and the Spirits of Light are connected to the causal body or body of ideas to dictate important messages. But, sometimes, the spirits of error can end up contacting with the body of ideas or causal body not only to temp but to suggest a name. Then, to Johns Fitzgerald’s parents that name was dictated.

Interlocutor: Are you telling me that the spirits of error dictated Kennedy and Oswald's parents so that they coincided with those of Lincoln's environment?

Ron Hubbard: You have said it...

Interlocutor: But why have they done something like that?

Ron Hubbard: The word that fits more here is "morbidity." They simply did it due to morbidity. In any case it would be necessary to speak of morbid coincidences. When the Thetan of John Fitzgerald Kennedy asked to embody, his idea was to continue with the mission he began in his previous life, the freedom of the oppressed people. He couldn’t carry out his plan in both cases because he didn't complete his presidency due to the spirits of error.

Interlocutor: In which plane is J. F. K.?

Ron Hubbard: He is a spirit of Light of the 5 level although now he is in the plane 3.

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