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Marilyn Monroe made in her life two biggest mistakes that took her to her death: the first was to have been lover of the two more powerful men of United States, John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert; the second was to threaten him to speak: “I will unveil this damned thing... I will say everything! Many people have called me to get the history. It is clear that the Kennedys obtained from me what they wanted and then they moved on to another thing."
John F. Kennedy along with his brother Robert made three bigger mistakes that after impelled them to murder Marilyn Monroe: the first was to be her lover, the second to talk in the bedroom about "Classified Secrets" transforming the actress in a bomb of time, and the third to make her feel spiteful.
Sam "Money" Giancana was the executioner. When Marilyn threatened to speak, the president Kennedy even "suggested" to the gangster that it was "necessary to take care of the problem” taking drastic measures. Robert agreed. Officially, it was said that the actress had committed suicide, but the truth is that she was executed.
John F. Kennedy was, contrary to the other presidents who were "puppets", a president who was "in everything", and many times he had been in Area 51 and talked to extraterrestrials. Marilyn, of course, also knew this, and she even knew about The farce about the conquest of the Moon, because when the president ordered the trip to the Moon, There were already human beings seated in our natural satellite.

The intellectual author of the famous actress's death.
We already know the truth about the Death of the famous actress, because the question has been made to our spiritual Guides.
Marilyn Monroe knew many Classified secrets, on one hand because she was part of the government environment, and on the other she had been the lover of two of the American highest public officials.
I refer to John Kennedy and his brother Robert. This is vox populi and with this we are not discovering any mystery.
It is also known that it is almost impossible to keep secrets in the bedroom and the two siblings spoke too much.
This fact sealed her fate. Marilyn had relations with the two brothers and they promised her many things they didn’t keep, when they got tired of her they simply abandoned her. This happened in 1962.
It is necessary to clarify that nothing is more dangerous in this world than a resentful woman, and obviously Marilyn was one of them. And even more when that resentful woman was a basic spirit.
When she threatened to speak and reveal to the press everything she knew, the same president Kennedy even "suggested" to the gangster Sam "Money" Giancana that it was "necessary to finish with the problem, taking drastic measures”.
The president's brother, Bob, agreed with those “drastic measures”, so he was an accomplice. Besides he had also "suggested" to them. Obviously, it was very convenient to him.
Giancana sent his henchmen so that they take care of Marilyn. They went to her house, they held her and they forced her to take barbiturates.
And, to make sure that she was dead they applied to her a suppository with poison.
Officially, it was told that the actress had committed suicide, but the truth is that she was executed.
Surprisingly, the authors of her death had the same luck: John Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, November of 1963, 22 and Giancana in Chicago, July 19 of 1975.
Robert Kennedy suffered the same fate: He was shot on June 5 1968 by the Jordanian born in Jerusalem, Sirhan Bishara Sirvan, dying the following day.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Now I want to ask you about Marilyn Monroe's death. I have seen a documentary where it is shown that Marilyn was murdered by introducing in her anus suppositories of barbiturates in enough quantity to kill her.
Ruanel: Marilyn Monroe had a great depression and she didn't want to continue living, so it was not necessary to help her a lot.
Interlocutor: Ok that is not discussed because it was vox populi, but, concretely, she didn't commit suicide Did she?.
Ruanel: No, She was murdered, and they not only gave her barbiturate through her anus, but also through her mouth. The autopsy revealed barbiturates in her stomach, and that cannot be achieved by introducing them through the anus.
Interlocutor: The key question is who murdered her or who ordered to kill her. In the newspaper I have, it is written Sam Giancana. Was he really the intellectual author?
Ruanel: In complicity with a very important American government's person who didn't want to see his situation more complicated due to the actress.
Interlocutor: In my opinion they can only be: The president Kennedy or his brother.
Ruanel: It was the president in complicity with Giancana.
Interlocutor: And Bob Kennedy?
Ruanel: He was an accomplice but he didn't make the decision.
Interlocutor: In which plane is the spirit that animated the president John F. Kennedy?
Ruanel: It's in the plane 3.
Interlocutor: Which was the biggest secret that Marilyn knew and was about to reveal that caused so much inconveniences to the president?
Ruanel: What inconvenienced the president Kennedy was a lot of things kept in secret, and not only one or two, the actress was going to reveal, arrangements with the Soviet Union, settlements with the mafia, etc.
Interlocutor: I understood, it is not necessary to deepen more on this topic because everything is very clear.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.

Interlocutor: Why did the president Kennedy descended to the spiritual level 3 when he disincarnated? I ask this because we all know that he fought for peace, and he would have been successful if it weren’t for the weapon dealers who were behind that.
Ruanel: It is true that Kennedy fought for peace and if he had lived, the war of Vietnam wouldn’t have caused so many deaths. And it is also true that he was eliminated so that the war continues. But he, in life, made concessions to the mafia; he allowed things in which he was a concealed accomplice.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking of deaths?
Ruanel: Yes, of course. And that is serious.
Interlocutor: About Marilyn Monroe's murder, Was it an agreement with Giancana? or the order was given by the president Kennedy
Ruanel: The story, in synthesis, is this. His younger brother, Bob, insinuated to the president that he should not get in troubles, He should not wait more time and that if it was necessary he should take "measures", although they were drastic.
Interlocutor: Obviously he was referring to Marilyn Monroe.
Ruanel: Correct. Then, there were contacts with the gangsters.
Interlocutor: But was there a direct order of murdering her?
Ruanel: What happens is that the dialogues between the two brothers were very subtle. They spoke as if there were hidden microphones. The president Kennedy practically didn't have direct contact with the gangsters, but through messengers. Then, the president never gave orders but rather he suggested.
The messenger, therefore, never said that Kennedy ordered, but rather he "suggested" such thing: "The president would be charmed if." or “it would be good to he president that...".
Interlocutor: Master, you don't need to tell me more, I understood the point perfectly.
Ruanel: Then, when the president Kennedy decides Marilyn's murder, he doesn't give a direct order but rather he uses subterfuges, seeking somehow, obviously very childish, to be with his conscience clean. And when they informed him that the actress had "committed suicide", he showed a surprised face as if he had not had anything to do with it. His ego told him that he didn't know, in fact he was the one who manipulated the threads. Do you understand what I want to convey?
Interlocutor: Perfectly. There is no doubt about it...

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Moving on to another question, but always about the report of Milton W. Cooper, this person says that behind Kennedy's murder was the Majestic 12, and it was because the president was going to reveal the existence of aliens and denounce that this organization was trading with drug dealers to collect funds to Area 51. Of course we know that the true plotters were the spirits of Error, but I am referring to other responsible.
Ruanel: It is absolutely true what Cooper says about Kennedy's murder, in fact, they didn't have a single reason but several. Mainly because he wanted to reveal what you said.
We could say that Kennedy was dreamer, a lyrical person. He was a romantic person who wanted the best things for the planet. He wouldn’t have allowed the things that other presidents allowed.
I am not saying that as a human being he was perfect, by no means, because he had his secret affairs, he was accomplice of many conspiracies, an intellectual author of many murders. But he justified himself saying: "If I open a body to extirpate a cancer, the wound I cause is justified."
It means that the murders he ordered, according to his justification in that moment, were in benefit of his government.
Interlocutor: it is redundant to say that the one who was justifying was Kennedy's 10%, not his Thetan or higher self.
Ruanel: Of course.
Interlocutor: Did Kennedy visit Area 51?
Ruanel: Kennedy knew everything. He was one of the few presidents who were aware of everything that happened there. The other presidents, even the actual president, were only puppets.
Interlocutor: Was his brother Bob also aware of that?
Ruanel: Yes, absolutely. And there were many people of his family who knew more than they should and they were eliminated by the Men in black.
Interlocutor: Did Marilyn Monroe know about the existence of aliens and Area 51?
Ruanel: Yes, she knew, because in the bedroom Kennedy spoke permanently with her about it.
Interlocutor: Was her murder also because of that? I mean if she was going to reveal the existence of extraterrestrials.
Ruanel: No, because she was in another thing. Marilyn had such a big ego that the only thing she wanted was to be loved. Notice that she was one of the most beautiful women on the planet, nonetheless, she had a gigantic inferiority complex because she had failed romantically with all her lovers.
Interlocutor: Another point is clarified.

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