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No one puts new wine into old wineskins, else the new wine bursts the wineskins, and the wine spills, and the wineskins will be ruined. The new wine must be put into new wineskins. (Mark 2.22)

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin.

Entity that came to talk: Master Jesus, current Solar Logos.
Interlocutor: Who will communicate in the first place?
Master Jesus: Here I am again with you. I Am the Solar Logos.
Interlocutor: I greet you, Master and I listen to your message.
Master Jesus: I will be very brief, because there is a brother of mine who wants to clarify some doubts you have.
I only came to tell you a small history. When I was embodied in Galilee and gathering people for the group - the group didn't have a name - there was a very good being whose name was John ben Zebedee called - Johnakan Ur-El - who had his conflicts. He was looking for knowledge, Wisdom and he didn't find it.
Then, when he came to meet me I tell him: "You are a fisherman, but that kind of fishing will satisfy only your material appetite, but not your spiritual appetite. You have to help me fishing souls”
And he responded:
--I want you to be my Master.
-- That is what I am offering, I responded to him. And he humbly became my disciple. With all the humbleness that he had, I ended up loving him.
Meanwhile, I met another person who wanted to be part of the disciples you call "apostles". He was called in that incarnation Joseph Ben Samuel and he was a person with great knowledge, but he was hindering to the group. He hindered to the group in such a big way that he was always saying "Buts."
Interlocutor: In which way?
Master Jesus: Saying that he was sent by higher spiritual entities and saying “buts” that was the only way in which the group had to grow. The result was that he hindered me the pace very much, at that point that one day we had to go to Capernaum and we didn't know if we were going to arrive to Jericho, where we had to preach, and even with my higher spiritual level I was confused.
Not even John could tell me what we had to do, because he was as confused as me…
He said: "To Jericho it’s not worthwhile because we will find this problem"; Neither to Capernaum because we will find that obstacle." And he was always blocking us with different intrigues and he spoke with the apostles saying that the teaching I was giving to them was not correct, and he confused them, like Judas who was waiting a material Kingdom.
Interlocutor: Is this person embodied in the group?
Master Jesus: Correct, he is embodied in the group. It doesn't interest me to give his current name, but he is acting in the same way.
The role I was fulfilling before, now it’s being fulfilled by my dear disciple Johnakan, embodied in this vessel.
Johnakan is trying to push forward to the group and this person, maybe confused, thinking that he is playing a role of elevation to the group, he is blocking it somehow.
My higher hierarchy prevents me to accuse and hate anybody. I am simply in pain for all the others who are delayed.
What happened in that time? I followed the tremendous obstacle that this person put, but he always justified it on behalf of Love, saying: "Master, I humbly tell you, this is not the correct way, because it has to be made in that way"
Don't forget that nowadays most of the humanity considered me in a much higher way than they considered me in that time.
He didn't worship me, and I wouldn’t allow it either. I was not worshipped as I am worshipped nowadays. I was one of them.
They sometimes made banters on me. Sometimes the apostles were disrespectful to me, with different jeers. It wasn’t so simple. It was not like it is written in the scriptures, where everything was in my favor.
I had many obstacles... In a certain moment I was about to dissolve the group and the same Judas who had no interest whatsoever in the spiritual part, he jumped and said: "No, how we will dissolve the group, we have to fight to defend the Master Jesus!
And this person, Joseph Ben Samuel, spoke and he said: “No, the Master Jesus is not what matters, what matters is the group."
A similar phrase was heard by my vessel Jorge Olguin - Johnakan - few days ago: "Here what matters is not Jorge Olguin, here what matters is the group!”
But without vanity for Johnakan, because what I taught to Johnakan is humbleness - Johnakan hates the false modesty -, if Jesus had separated from the group, the group would have stopped to be; because I had a very important mission and this was to convert all those souls to an idea that was the Love to the Father, This idea, later on, was changed by different beliefs, it was modified against mankind. But the base is founded, the seed is sowed.
At the moment, my directives to Johnakan, with whom I communicate in every moment, are to lead the group to a higher vibration, to the Father's love.
The directives of Johnakan are to guide to the group. Then, this incarnated person at the moment, Joseph Ben Samuel, he is saying: "Here what matters is not Olguin, here what matters is the group."
Without any vanity for Johnakan, what he is looking for is to serve, He is not looking for any material profit. He is not looking for any spiritual profit, because the only profitable benefit for the Entities of Light is that all the other people are also profitable spiritually. Otherwise It’s of no use.
Being incarnated previously in Galilee, in that opportunity I wouldn’t have been able to rise from level when I disincarnated if I had not pushed forward in vibration to the whole group. This I leave it very clear.
Then, my disciple needs the whole support, as much spiritual as economic, and that every one of you defends the posture of Johnakan. It is very important; I repeat that each one of you defends the posture of Johnakan.
It is indispensable that this message be transmitted, not only to all the collaborators of the group but also to all the people that go to your conferences.
It is extremely important that this be transmitted that the only purpose of the group is to go to the Father's vibration.
In the right moment you will be helped. When previously it was said “we cannot intervene directly, everyone will triumph by their own effort", it is partially certain, because you are never left aside.
The effort will be rewarded. I repeat that you are never left aside. That is simply said so that you can react, because you are, incarnated, like those children that it is necessary to give them claps, affectionately speaking,
Never doubt of my Love, when somehow I make a reprimand, when somehow I correct some circumstance, I never get angry. Love doesn't get angry, Love corrects, but for your own good.
This is the message that I want to be transcribed. Many of the people that integrate the group are losing their time in other teachings that won't yield to them any profit.
It is indispensable that all your economy, all your time be applied to the teachings of the Path to the Father.
Sometimes, and this I know because I connect myself telepathically with each tethan, that there is at least two spirits of the group that invest their personal economy in other teachings that will give to them sterile fruits.
That’s their problem if they continue with that attitude. It is necessary that this be communicated so that each one knows to whom we are speaking.
Interlocutor: And if they decide to continue with the same thing?
Master Jesus: My Father, who is your Father, gives free will, but my mission is at least to let them know. Everyone is free after all to make their will. The Father respects the free will of everyone.
With all my blessings, with all my love, I greet you until the next session.

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