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(Roger Penrose's Thetan Explanation)


Medium: Jorge Olguin

Interlocutor: Manuel M.

Entity that came to dialogue: Roger Penrose’s Thetan

Roger Penrose: I’m Present here. I am here at this moment gathered with you to answer your questions. Well, tell me.

Interlocutor: How old is our current universe?

Roger Penrose: The current universe is approximately 13.7 billion years. Notice that in this universe there are stars of third generation just like this star that illuminates your world, which you call “Sun”.

Interlocutor: Can we talk about some general outlines regarding to the Big Bang Theory, the great explosion and the Big Crunch, the great collapse?

Roger Penrose: It is true that there was a Big Bang and it is also true that in 20 to 25 billion years will be a Big Crunch. At this time the universe not only is growing, but rather it is even expanding in quicker way; because there is a dark energy that would be anti-gravitational, and somehow it allows that acceleration separating the galaxies from each other. But there is also a dark matter that many theoretical people have thought that makes a force of cohesion, when it reaches to the limit of the universe, it will begin reducing until reaching to the Big Crunch.

Interlocutor: Tell us, if the space-time and the matter-energy began to exist with the Big Bang, then, what existed or what was before the Big Bang?

Roger Penrose: That is a mistake and it is the latest news I reveal that until recently no scientist accepted. Before the current Big Bang 13.700 million years ago, another universe existed, because the universe is eternal and it is an eternal throb. Big Bang - Big Crunch, new Big Bang - new Big Crunch, and so on and so forth. It is an eternity like the Moebius strip.

Interlocutor: Very well. Does it make sense that we wonder as common humans as beings aware of our finite mind, if something existed before the Big Bang or something will exist after the Big Crunch?

Roger Penrose: Every universe thanks to our spiritual evolution, to the energy that we make loose during that evolution, it raises an octave. And the same Eon, which is how the Creator is denominated, He also elevates an octave accompanying to his manifestation. A new universe will exist after the Big Crunch an octave higher than ours. And all those of us who embody in that universe will vibrate an octave higher than we vibrate now.

Interlocutor: Tell us professor, who or what is perturbing to the nothingness so that it begins to exist or that it be the whole? How is it that this interference of the nothingness happens spontaneously- that is, without being subject to the law of causality in a no-space and in a no-time?

Roger Penrose: I copy the words that the sublime Master Johnakan-Ur-El said. In the beginning there was the nothingness and the whole. The Creator was not manifested, because a new cycle had ended. Again it was manifested through this universe we see today and the whole was occupying a place in the physical universe as well as in the supraphysical universes.

Interlocutor: How can we speak about the expansion of the universe, if everything that exists is not contained in something that we can take as a referent to describe this expansion completely?

Roger Penrose: It is contained in the nothingness. The universe expands through the nothingness. And when I speak about the universe I speak about the space-time, of the 4 well-known dimensions and of the 7 not well-known dimensions.

Interlocutor: What is the difference between parallel universes and alternate universes?

Roger Penrose: That is an entire topic, because by means of Quantum Physics, we know that 11 dimensions exist, 7 of which are at this moment mathematical and 22 parallel universes. Many science fiction writers have spoken and they have referred to parallel universes.

Parallel universes always existed. Since the Big Bang began. Alternate universe is another issue. The alternate universe is the one that each one of us, as incarnated beings, form with our decisions.

Then, if I incarnated, instead of taking the bus I choose to take the subway and in that subway I meet with a mathematician friend of mine who tells me: "Look, we need a professor." Oh! And I was unemployed!. If I had not taken that subway and taken the bus, I would not have changed my reality. When changing my reality I formed an alternate universe. Alternate universes are infinite. Parallel universes are 22 and immutable. That is the difference.

Interlocutor: And, what is it the reason that there are 22 parallel universes?

Roger Penrose: It is double of the mathematical dimensions. There is no reason!

Interlocutor: Very well. Is there something true about the theory of the existence of the Pleiadians?

Roger Penrose: Oh! That is an entire topic that I as a spiritual part have studied. This sun that illuminates you is a star of third generation and it has 5.000 million years of antiquity. Pleiades are stars in formation that have hardly 60 million years. There are not solar systems formed in Pleiades, because there are no stars formed there yet, there are no formed planets.

Therefore, the Pleiadians are simply a myth. And it is demonstrated that there is no solar system in none of the stars that form that constellation. To conclude, I want to tell you that the most important thing is not investigating the mysteries, because many terrestrial schools, as you would like to call them, they are based exactly on mysteries to retain, to monopolize, to manipulate. The esoteric thing doesn’t exist, but the exoteric exists. Because the uttermost of truths, and in this I believe that you will coincide with me, it is that if Love doesn't become work, it is sterile. It’s no more than a word. Work is Love made visible, which is Service. And that’s why we came. To be useful to ourselves and to the others. As the Sublime Master Johnakan-Ur-El says: "we cannot held out a hand to the other if we are fallen." For common sense, for coherence, we have to be on our feet to be able to held out a hand to the others. That is what I mean.

Interlocutor: Okay.

Roger Penrose: All my Light to you!

Interlocutor: Thank you.

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