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No one puts new wine into old wineskins, else the new wine bursts the wineskins, and the wine spills,and the wineskins will be ruined. The new wine must be put into new wineskins. (Mark 2.22).
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to talk: Master Jesus, current Solar Logos.

Interlocutor: ... Who will communicate now?
Master Jesus: I am at this moment to offer you all my love, so that discouragement don't grow all over among you... I am the Solar Logos of this System...
Interlocutor: What is your real name as a spirit?
Master Jesus: My real name as spirit is Ien-El.
Interlocutor: With "i" or "y"?
Master Jesus: With i that you call "Latin"
Interlocutor: Is it the first time that terrestrial people know your real name?
Master Jesus: Correct. But those who love me know that they can call me Jesus... I want to transmit to you above all things a lot of harmony... I know that at least two of you have gone through a moment of discouragement, a moment of spiritual pain and I know that at times, two of you, different from the other two, have through a delicate physical problem, one in his solar plexus and the other in his gastrointestinal part.
I send you all my Golden Ray to calm that physical pain and I send you the Violet Ray of my disciple Johnakan, so that you can calm down and transmute those moments of anxiety that you have lived in these days, other two of the members of the GRUPO ELRON here present do not claudicate in your intention... This was already said previously. You have to have continuity, but you also have to have unity. If Unity is not present, there won’t be continuity, and you will be isolated lights in the universe and it’ll be more difficult to unite that Great Light which is my Father. You need to be united.
Interlocutor: Master, what we need the most to be united?
Master Jesus: You don’t lack, but you have more than enough, There is plenty of criticism. Sometimes, in the same group which is in formation, there is plenty of criticism, there is a lot of disorder, there is a lot of envy and there is a lot of competition, because some of the Masters belong to the Light, nevertheless they live in criticism.
I said in a previous message that not all of you have criticism that one of my collaborators, when I was embodied in Galilee, he has embodied again and he continues pushing...
The role I was fulfilling in Nazareth, now Johnakan is carrying out. A group is trying to be formed and I am watching with sorrow that in the last periods there were setbacks. It is like that the Light doesn't stir up interest. The darkness is stirring up interest. Light doesn't stir up curiosity, the show arouses curiosity, falsehood arouses curiosity, showing off arouses curiosity. Humbleness, the true wisdom, which is Humbleness doesn't stir up interest...
Interlocutor: Master, I realize that discouragement become extended in me...
Master Jesus: You cannot shield yourself in discouragement to avoid the cooperation with the group... There are different types of cooperation. Do not choose the easiest. Cooperation is sacrifice. Without sacrifice there is no cooperation, because one can cunningly say: "I cooperate in a certain way looking for a simple role", but the Father sees everything and he knows that there are some cooperations that are insignificant...
Jorge B.: Master, since you emphasize that we should insist on going forward, Don’t you believe that we need the support of a Spiritual force or Spiritual guides to strengthen the group?
Master Jesus: Each one of you has a Spiritual Master guide and a Spiritual Angelic guide. Most of the people that enter to the group, apart from their guides, have a Master guide and an Angelic guide also included.
What happens sometimes is that the great competition or the great ego that some of you have distort many messages. The messages don't end up giving the message that they would have to give and the group is dispersed.
See it for yourselves with your own discernment... To the spiritual chats that have been made recently, each one aroused less interest than the previous one. To the informal chats that you make - and I talk of this topic before leaving, because it is unusual in me to take care of so mundane topics, but it was necessary that I tell you - maybe more people will come to the chats of spiritual development...
Interlocutor: Before you leave, Master, I would like to ask you about the percentage of fidelity in the transmissions of this vessel...
Master Jesus: When there are no interferences, this vessel can transmit with 95% of effectiveness.
Interlocutor: And when there are interferences?
Master Jesus: In this case he can end up transmitting approximately with 70% of fidelity. Not in the intention, which is 100%. I say 70% when it comes to names and dates. The interferences can indeed cause errors in these items...
I will leave... I greet you with all my Love and we will have new chats soon...
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.

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