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No one puts new wine into old wineskins, else the new wine bursts the wineskins, and the wine spills,and the wineskins will be ruined. The new wine must be put into new wineskins. (Mark 2.22)
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entities that came to talk: Master Jesus Current Solar Logos
Master Jesus: Dear brothers, I am here again with all my love, love for all mankind, no matter their belief. I am also in great pain, feeling that overwhelms me every time I see injustice.
Many people are misinformed thinking that in our level of spiritual vibration everything is happiness. And it was already said that in plane 5 there is more pain than in the physical plane or plane 1.
Interlocutor: Why? Master, I don’t understand.
Master Jesus: The reason is very simple. The incarnated being generally suffers from his shortcomings. His ego does not allow him to see beyond. Instead, we live sharing the suffering of others. The pain of others is our pain and, the more human beings suffer, the more pain we feel. But don’t misunderstand it. It’s not a pain that bothers us that and we are uncomfortable with. On the contrary, we would take all the pain to ourselves if we could ease the suffering of others.
And we know that's not possible. Because the human being generates his own pain: struggles for power, greed, speculation, indifference.
Some will say: "Indifference is a lesser evil". And I reply: Not so. Because when an incarnated being ceases to be concerned about his brother, he begins to worry about himself. And there begins suffering, his own and his fellow man’s, which he ignores. I feel great pain seeing so much indifference on the Earth, seeing spiritual backwardness and so little cooperation amongst you as a race. On the contrary, I see such barbarism, so many fights for material possessions, and such pettiness. And above all you don’t realize how rapidly you are destroying the planet. You are causing extinction of animal species, destroying plant life, polluting waters. You don’t become aware that the Earth is a world with limited surface.
In this latter period, this planet has lowered its oxygen index and has raised its carbon dioxide index.
You are going to produce the much dreaded "greenhouse effect". You believe that your planet is limitless and you are just a tiny point in space. You have not only to convey the Service but also caring for your world. Stop fighting for limits, when the entire planet is at risk. I place much emphasis on that. This is my message today.
Interlocutor: Before you go Master, I would like to ask you how can you, being so high in the spiritual plane can communicate with us on the physical plane.
Master Jesus: Why couldn’t I do it? The aim is the highest. One is to offer a guide message to enable you to grow as human beings and rise as spirits.
Part of my spirit communicates through this vessel, which is the reincarnation of John, my beloved disciple.
My hope is to be understood, even by a few and if so, my message will not have passed in vain.
Interlocutor: Master, I understand what you say, because we, from our perspective, are not understood either.
Master Jesus: Become strong in love. Do not let evil prevail, yielding to unease. Have faith in the Father, who never abandons His children.
Interlocutor: We know, Master, but here in the physical level, there are obstacles. Sometimes, we have our ups and downs in health and our finances are not loosed.
Even for meetings and transmitting messages, we don’t have financial support from anybody. It costs a lot to convene people, as it’s out of our reach an acceptable propaganda.
This is very frustrating...
Master Jesus: There is something called "will"... Seek that inner strength, combine it with perseverance, mix it with faith and you will achieve the desired result. Your mission is Service; you can do it without neglecting your duties.
Interlocutor: We are going to pay attention to your words, Master. On the other hand, we plan to make a book with all the spiritual messages. I hope that this work will not be lost in oblivion.
Master Jesus: If you knew how many important works have been lost over the history of mankind, books, paintings, statues and many more treasures, which various "conquerors" destroyed in an act of barbarism, it’s so lamentable...
My beloved disciple, Johnakan Ur-el, has written in his previous incarnation many treaties of philosophy that have been lost forever.
Interlocutor: In the incarnation as John Zebedee?
Master Jesus: That's right... There are hundreds of pages written by my beloved John that were destroyed in Greece. He had also written countless messages which I had disseminated. Those messages were burned by people out of reasoning. Those flames also burnt John’s writings and letters to various temples in remote regions. Those letters never arrived to their destination. Once again ignorance was imposed over wisdom.
There are so many messages that were destroyed by savage hordes… they committed so many atrocities against culture: looting temples, libraries, museums... they destroyed huge amounts of information, both scientific and philosophical… humanity went back hundreds of years. And that's not the worst, because those barbarian hordes have the excuse of ignorance, but there were religious authorities, pretending a title they did not have, who destroyed the most important material for the spiritual growth of mankind... and most painful of all is that they claimed to represent me. They committed those acts of vandalism on my behalf...
Interlocutor: Does that material exist, at least in the spiritual plane?
Master Jesus: That material is in our memory as beings of Light and it is being known on the various sessions. I also say that, at present, there are important manuscripts that some few believing to be chosen, are hiding from all beings of the planet. Those men who claim to be spiritual are full of arrogance. They don’t listen nor take any other word but theirs. They never understood my message where I speak that humility is one of the main virtues to reach that spiritual Kingdom. They don’t know humility, leading their followers with pedantry and inventing a punishment to those who contradict them. Instead of conquering by love, they submit by fear... like those Pharisees which I could never convince them of the true Path.
This comes from very many years ago where men belonging to religious institutions and believing that spiritual mystics were a menace, persecuted them mercilessly [24].
Dear Brothers, now I give you the pearls. Multiply them, as I multiplied the loaves of bread... I let the way to another entity. Greetings with all my love.
[24] "When unity is the aim, all means are sanctified: deception, betrayal, violence, imprisonment, life and death. Because the order is for the good of the community, the individual must be sacrificed to the common good "(Dietrich von Nicheim, bishop of Verden, in his book of sublimitate libri III, year 1411).

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