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No one puts new wine into old wineskins, else the new wine bursts the wineskins, and the wine spills, and the wineskins will be ruined. The new wine must be put into new wineskins. (Mark 2.22)
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin
Entities that came to talk: Master Jesus, Johnakan Ur-el
Interlocutor: We are ready to receive messages...
Master Jesus: Joyful to be again with you. I am Yeshua ben Yosef. For you, I am Master Jesus.
Interlocutor: I welcome you, Master, and I’m listening to your message.
Master Jesus: I came specifically to clarify some needed points about vibrational levels. There are six positive planes of spiritual vibration, starting with level 1, which is the one of incarnated beings, that is to say, the physical level. Follow spiritual levels 2 and 3, which are planes of Error, plane 4, which is a master's level, and plane 5, where spirits dwell of most Light. Plane 6 belongs to the angelical world. This plane, in fact, is not above plane 5, but giving you an earthly example: a dolphin and an elephant coexist in the same plane, but in different habitats.
In addition, there are two negative planes: level - 1, that is a vibration where the spirit is completely isolated and level - 2, where each spirit shares the pain of all the other spirits who live in that plane.
That so dense vibration is also called the Eighth sphere. [16]
Besides, there is a vibrational level 7, inhabited by Divine Energies and vibrational level 8, of the Elohim or minor gods. While still alive, being incarnated, almost two thousand years ago, the Divine Energy that communicated to me with the Father was “The Christ”, at that time he was the Solar Logos.
There is a lot of misinformation when it’s said that The Christ was Planetary Logos, because that position was held then by Eloah Jehovah. The Christ was Solar Logos and was then in charge of the entire planetary system. The Dimensional Logos was the Divine Energy Abraxas.
The Eloah Jehovah, whose level of vibration was 8, sent part of him to plane 4 in order to facilitate his communication with incarnated beings. That was how he could communicate telepathically with Moses. Unfortunately, human beings had no other form of spiritual communication and confused this Eloah with the Father. To make things worse, Jehovah had very many conduct deviations incurring in despotic attitudes with incarnated beings, sometimes touching the limits of cruelty.
Interlocutor: Was he lowered from level?
Master Jesus: No, in the spiritual planes there is nobody in charge to raise or lower level of vibration to those who behaved well or badly. The entities themselves can ascend or descend, according to their behavior, because that behavior makes them to become subtler or denser. Further, in the case of an Eloah, they belong to plane 8 and cannot lower from level. But when not helping humanity to raise spiritually in two thousand years, this single fact is already a backward in an entity such as Jehovah... Or not?
Interlocutor: Master... What happened when you disincarnated?
Master Jesus: When I disincarnated I asked the Father with all my love to allow me to descend to the Eighth sphere to share the pain of the entities that inhabited that level and alleviate their suffering. Immediately after, I went to level 4 of Masters and I was appointed as a new Planetary Logos.
One thousand years after disincarnating, I had the joy to ascend to level 5, and I was appointed Solar Logos. In turn, the Divine Energy, the Christ, became the new Dimensional Logos instead of Abraxas.
Interlocutor: What is the role of a Dimensional Logos?
Master Jesus: The Dimensional Logos not only guides the destiny of all the stellar system of this galaxy, but also of star systems of all the galaxies in the physical universe. And you can also communicate with other Dimensional Logos inhabiting the 22 parallel universes. The dimensional Logos are also direct messengers of the Absolute. Another misinformation is that some part of Orthodox Christianity, called Catholicism, says that I’m a member of the Trinity. Nothing could be more wrong! I am a son of the Absolute, as all who dwell in any world. [17]
Interlocutor: Master, Why is it said that you descended to hell when disincarnating?
Master Jesus: It said that I descended to that invented hell because, as I said before, I requested to lower down to the Eighth Sphere, vibration -2.
This plane is the densest of the Creation, where spirits who have extreme cruelty dwell. There, they can feel the pain of other spirits where each one lives it like his own. It’s a state of great oppression, until each entity understands that all suffer equally and learn to share pain. Know that no spirit is equal to another one. Because of free will given by the Father, each spirit may choose to serve, love, share or live for their fellow man. He can also choose to submit, dominate, absorb, confuse, hurt or live on other spirits. Anyone who lives on the other, who submits to another, who submerges in permanent mistakes, error, evil, can go down to the Eighth Sphere. But there is also a mistake on this. It was thought that the Eighth Sphere was a very negative dimensional energy center that the cruel spirit, who came there, disintegrated itself with the cosmic energy.
It’s not true, because the spirit is immortal, does not die. And besides, the Father would never allow that any lives were destroyed. Evil is transmuted, not destroyed
Interlocutor: So... Is not the Eighth Sphere Area the end of the black magician?
Master Jesus: It’s the transmutation of the black magician. No destruction or eternal fire. When I asked to go to the Eighth sphere it was because I needed to live experiences of those who suffered.
Interlocutor: I understand… What was your activity there, Master?
Master Jesus: I calmed sorrows, closed wounds, I gave consolation, but they were so blind –not from sight, but spiritually – that they did not listen or became aware of what it was transmitted. I tempted myself and I tried to provide those pearls, contradicting from what I had said to my followers, when seeing so much pain. Later I reflected and I thought that only the Divine Mercy of the Father might induce them to rise slowly and stop squirming in agony.
Interlocutor: It’s crystal clear, Master.
Master Jesus: Another misconception is the belief that the higher the level of vibration, the lesser the suffering. It’s quite the opposite. But obviously, in the Light planes we don’t suffer for our mistakes, but for mistakes of others, for wrong doings of beings that are in dense vibrations, trying to manipulate other beings of their same vibration for personal gain. At level 5 of spiritual vibration, we have much task. We live to serve with many other entities, who feel that the goal is to share, who enjoy seeing others happy, who enjoy their happiness, but not all is joy. We also suffer the pain of those who are dominated by ego. We suffer for those who only think about dominating. We know that suffering is not forever. It was already dictated to this vessel that it will be a great communion with the Father, without losing our individuality, to be able to enjoy in Him, in the Father. And it will be. I leave you and I am with you, always.
Interlocutor: So long, Master, and thanks for the messages. Does any other entity wish to give guidance?
Johnakan: I’m Johnakan Ur-el. I confirm the words of my beloved Master and add: When we suffer at the Light planes we suffer by empathy. We surround with our Ray the spirit of Error who is in crisis and try to console him. We don’t always succeed, as there are spirits who rebel by arrogance and don’t allow to be helped. The same happens on the physical plane. There are many people who believe to have the absolute
truth and don’t listen to any guidance. Others have malice and, guided by ego, make a destructive criticism against those who only seek to serve.
There is still much to do, but not just passing the word, but through work. Because the word without action is sterile, it's like the flower without scent. It’s necessary that everything that is planned is carried out later. Nothing can be achieved without sacrifice, but we know that the path of good is a path with thorns. Never evade a commitment; never cease to respond to a request for help, nor ignore the given word, because honor is fundamental. Don’t ever cease to get knowledge, because the more knowledge you have, the more you can transmit to others. And never hold back what you know, because knowledge that is not given rot within the stingy person. Sharing is also Service. With all my love saying goodbye to you, Johnakan Ur-el.
[16] The spiritual world consists of a physical plane, five positive spiritual planes and two negative planes. They are represented in the form of encircling spheres, where the greater one (the subtler) contains the next one and so forth.
[17] Different religions saw in their prophets genuine Divine-human expression, but unlike Judaism and Islam, Christianity raises Jesus to partner with Divinity, with the Father and the Holy Spirit (Louis Fabre).

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