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SESSION - 08/Mar/2003
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: EON (The Absolute)
Interlocutor: Who is here?
Eon: Several times, it has been said that Everything and Nothing are the same, because, in fact, from the Nothing of the Singularity I have created Everything. Within this created universe the energy exists, whether subtle or in the form of condensed matter, and this has its antithesis. As you know, the antimatter has already been detected and scientists have mathematically speculated that if it comes into contact with matter, both would tremendously collapse. They have done laboratory tests confirming that theory.
What they have not gotten to detect is the antienergy, energy with negative polarity. That is what gives stability and balance to this created universe.
The importance of the messages you receive is that catapult you to the forefront of many other spiritual groups that also investigate on similar topics. It was through those messages that, for example, this vessel detected, as novelty on planet Earth, that the brain was a “decoder” which translates the concepts of the Masters of Light from the spiritual planes.
Look… that now, in your twenty-first century, science has discovered, through various drugs, how to produce changes in the brain that significantly reduce what you pejoratively call "stupidity". Manipulation of the brain is a palpable proof, for those who do not believe in the spiritual world, that these worlds exist, that there is a spiritual concept and it can be transmitted through the decoder. There have even been cases where a patient with mental retardation, as amended with certain drugs, has changed some genes and that person has significantly improved his intellectual ability and also his knowledge.
If the spirit world did not exist and you would modify the intellectual capacity of that being, as his earthly learning was limited, his knowledge would remain limited.
For example, if I have a small glass of what you call wine, and I transfer the liquid into a larger glass, the content will remain the same, since it won’t change by the fact that the glass is larger.
Interlocutor: Obvious…
Eon: The example may seem very basic, but gives a good idea of what I want to convey. Without the spiritual concept, modification of the decoder should not alter the knowledge of that being, because that is what he learned so far. However, there have been very illustrative cases where those patients have markedly improved their knowledge. And the only reason is precisely because they have received, through the decoder, knowledge from the spiritual planes.
Interlocutor: But… have investigators noticed it?
Eon: They have realized that a modification in the patient has taken place, but not of what is actually indicating. They give credit to the increase of knowledge only as a consequence of the improvement in the brain capacity.
What scientists fail to understand is that, although the brain capacity improves, if the patient had a certain dose of knowledge before treatment that knowledge would not expand. If it’s expanded is because, by logical consequence, the decoder is fit to receive spiritual concepts in a wider form.
Interlocutor: It’s crystal clear.
Eon: And your group has the merit, because you were the first in giving the word "decoder" the meaning of translator of spiritual concepts. In the decoder, and this you already know, there are two receivers: one is the depositary, so to call it, of the analytical mind, the cortex, because it decodes all the concepts that the spirit sends. And the other is the amygdala, that’s near the hypothalamus, the executor of the emotional or reactive impulsive mind. You are the first, on planet Earth, touching on that subject, because despite the fact that a writer from another country, named Daniel Goleman, has written about the cortex and the amygdala, he has only done it from the material point of view and not as the recipient of spiritual concepts.
Interlocutor: Are you teaching us just new stuff that not even the Masters knew, or is this a review of knowledge?
Eon: Some of the topics are new, some are only known by the Masters and others also known by you. The importance of providing with the new topics is, together with the advanced teaching, to amaze those disbelieving readers to a point as to make them interested in same to some extent.
Interlocutor: Those two aspects of children, the bellicosity and indifference, which we talk about in the last session, for example in psychology, did anybody know about it? Or is it totally newness?
Eon: No, nobody had realized those characteristics. There is a world-renowned researcher on your planet, called Piaget, who has studied children, and he has not yet addressed the issue in the sense that I have conveyed it to you, because those two main factors, the bellicosity and indifference, are not a common denominator among children of your race, but a common denominator of the spirits of error.
And human beings, rather than diminishing their bellicosity and indifference, they strengthen them, but that does not mean that they often disguise them.
Interlocutor: Does it happen in the incarnated beings of Light, as well?
Eon: Usually, yes. Remember that in the physical plane incarnated beings have no reincarnated memory.
Interlocutor: Then, is it a problem of the incarnation?
Eon: No. It’s a problem of every spiritual entity, because if the spirit has inner strength, it does not allow the ego to dominate it and, so, the spirit does not fall into temptations or become denser.
Interlocutor: But entities of Light… Don’t they have a strong spirit?
Eon: Not necessarily. You have proven that there are spirits of Light that are seduced in the physical plane and leave their mission, because what matters to them is mediocrity, with the result that they lower their vibratory level…
Interlocutor: I have a question... At this moment it came into my mind the case of Lazarus who was literally dead and was resurrected by Master Jesus. The question is whether there is some flexibility in the rules.
Eon: That person was able to be resurrected because it was not his time to disincarnate. Generally, the question is that free will is not violated, since this also implies that each incarnated being has to fulfill his cycle.
In the case of Lazarus, it’s obvious that if this beloved Master was able to resurrect him so that he could continue to be in the physical plane, it was because his time to pass to the spiritual plane had not come yet.
Interlocutor: Did the Master request any authorization from the Christic energy before resurrecting Lazarus or the authorization came directly from you?
Eon: Yes, there was a request, and given the circumstances the Christic Energy felt that it was already given my implicit permission. What happens is that it was within probabilities that he remains in the physical plane. There is flexibility, but it’s important, in general, to let things run their own course. When there is any alteration is because, basically, there is a possibility of evaluation and, therefore, modification. But everything is within free will, like for example, avoiding an accident, saving a life at medical level, or correcting certain disease so that a patient heals. They are not violating the rules in the sense that you may think, in which free will is cut when healing a person by preventing him to disincarnate. Simply, there were alternatives and one of them was chosen.
Interlocutor: It’s perfectly clear… However, how could I take advantage of these contacts with you to be able to serve better? I am referring, for example, like asking for someone. Do I get better results if instead of asking the Masters for someone, I ask you?
Eon: You can directly ask the Masters, but note that not always your request is going to be heard, because there are factors that can prevent it, such as a certain karmic lesson where the learning must be finished, and then, although you raise a request, the person will see no change. I have to make a clarification about requests. Many people believe, by misguided religious teachings, that the Absolute and the spiritual being of Light fulfill every wish of the so-called parishioners if they ask with faith, and this is a big mistake.
The Mission of the beings of Light is Service and this is met through Work. But what is work? Is it conceding requests? No, work is to help each being to achieve his life path in the physical plane. My dear son, Master Jesus, already said: "The important thing is not to provide them with fishes, but to teach them to fish". And most of the parishioners in your little world continue requesting fishes...
Regarding to your communication with me, you can communicate with my Energy. My Energy is in you. And here I would like to make some clarifications. Why are some people who raise their thought and try to communicate with certain cosmic energy, knowing, consciously or unconsciously, that cosmic energy already dwells on them?
What you are doing, and I reiterate that you can also do it, is to communicate with what we talked about in the last session, with the nucleus, with the core of the Absolute. Returning to the basic part, if that Energy dwells in you, you're already communicated.
So, why raise the thought in trying to communicate with whom you are precisely already communicated? Because what you're trying to do is to communicate with the core of the Absolute and that is just right.
From there, if you raise the thought and visualize in your decoder a bluish white, you can communicate with the core and can even heal using your hands, without touching the person. But we must always take into account the free will. You will be able to alleviate a person having an irreversible physical problem, but not to cure him. Nobody is going to recover a lost limb, but you can dissolve small tumors using your hands for healing.
There is no need to touch, being enough that the hands are inches from the person. And that does not go against free will. Simply, they are options occurring, and there are always options. Therefore, this is one of the advantages of communicating with my Energy, with the core of the Absolute.
Interlocutor: This is perfectly clear… But, should I have to make a distinction between what I ask you and what I ask the Masters? I mean, of course, that if I would only have to ask you what the Masters could not answer… or is it a flexible matter?
EON: It's important to note that if the actions of these dear children are to provide a Service, that we let them fulfill it. In that situation, it is preferable that the communication be directly with them. And you can come to me when the question is complicated, as you say it in the physical plane.
Interlocutor: I perfectly understood the idea… Looking at the questions that I have written down to make you, the doubt arises as to whether the questions are really coming from me… Do you and the Masters suggest me, in my causal body, questions that I should ask, always, of course, respecting my free will?
Eon: Always, of course, particularly because later on you will benefit from those answers.
Interlocutor: Can the Masters of Light better capture the essence of your concepts? I ask this because I suppose that the Masters directly capture your concepts, while we, in the physical plane, have to rely on the translation made by the decoder of this vessel. Specifically, and this is just hypothetically, if I ask the Masters about something you had said and that this vessel could not accurately translate, could they explain it to me more precisely?
Eon: Not necessarily, because while it’s true that the Masters, being disincarnated and not having a decoder, are 100% open, they are spirits and the spirits are limited, and therefore they don’t entirely capture my concepts. Really, it would be the same thing in both cases.
Interlocutor: The answer is perfectly clear. Now I want to ask you something from the previous session that was not clear enough. Do you, when are incorporated into this vessel, lose notion or perception of the Whole?
Eon: From a general point of view, no, but from the particular one, yes. I lose the perception when being synchronized in this space-time, but as soon as I stop being in contact with the vessel, I instantly retrieve that notion or perception of the Whole.
Interlocutor: Let's see if I understood: you, whom I am communicating with, lose the notion of the Whole?
EON: Yes, I reiterate. The reason is that I concentrate on what happens here in this space-time plane.
Interlocutor: So you, as a particle of the Whole, at this time have no notion of the entire Creation as being a now?
Eon: That's right, but that does not limit the gifts of the Absolute.
Interlocutor: Specifically, at this moment, you as a particle cannot perceive, for example, how Jesus is being crucified, how Nero burns Rome, how the library of Alexandria is burning… Is that correct?
Eon: That's right, because the particle is isolated, by courtesy, and contacted only with you. But as soon as it’s disconnected, it automatically updates itself, to explain it in an understandable way.
Interlocutor: And then, how can you answer questions that supposedly only the Whole knows the answer, for example, what is Nero doing in a given moment in history?
Eon: It's done by communication. The particle remains connected to the Whole. Communication is permanent, because otherwise, it would be impossible to answer.
Interlocutor: Do you, as a particle, know absolutely everything about me, know everything that I want to ask, know all the questions I have written on the agenda…?
Eon: That's right, but I must listen to your questions, as a matter of respect for your free will. It’s like the famous acknowledgement: if one does not acknowledge receipt, the other person may be affected psychologically. If I would answer everything that a person has in mind without let him do the questions, that person may feel invaded in his privacy.
In addition, it’s necessary that the person downloads when making the question. When the person makes a question, he downloads. And this is something new in Psychology, because this issue was never touched.
If you ask, you emotionally download. If your interlocutor answers before you make the question, because he intuited what it was going to be, then you do not download. This is why I prefer that you make the question before I answer it.
Interlocutor: This is interesting to disclose… Does downloading occur with the question and the resulting answer?
Eon: The single question already downloads. And also downloads when the person writes down on a piece of paper some problem he had. Therefore, this download takes place even if you don’t do it with another person.
By overturning the problem down on paper, it’s like you have raised the issue. That’s why it’s downloaded, and if you want, you can even shelve it.
Interlocutor: Don’t we get affected when sending many messages without ever receiving any answer, or perhaps receiving very little?
Eon: Yes, it can affect, but I reiterate that sending is like asking, and therefore you're already downloading. It would affect if you could not send any communication, because then you would be accumulating everything. Sending communication is a way of being downloaded. Clearly, it would be ideal if there was reciprocity on the other side. But, I repeat, the mere fact of sending communication it downloads. This does not mean you just have to keep on sending messages.
Interlocutor: I understood perfectly… Another issue is about the arts, which are not always recovered, for example by a global war, even if they are on file in the Akashic Records. If the arts are archived, why can they not be recovered?
Eon: The arts are not always recovered. The inhabitants of the planets do not usually check the Akashic Records to find out about them.
Interlocutor: Are these records available to every one?
Eon: That's right. The records are available to everyone up to the Big Crunch. But not everyone has the initiative to try to find them. For example, this vessel is able to search the Akashic Records, even records of other worlds and learn about how their civilization was.
Interlocutor: Without your help?
Eon: That's right, without my help. This vessel can perfectly do it because he has a huge "antenna", to put it somehow. But if the inhabitants of the worlds don’t look for it, obviously they are not going to find it. It's like a lost treasure.
Interlocutor: I understand… I have another question regarding whether orgasm – I refer to sexual orgasm – of the incarnated beings in all the worlds, somehow helps the spiritual elevation of the Creation.
Eon: Yes, but whenever it goes accompanied by the spiritual part. Otherwise it’s purely a physiological download and nothing else. It would not fulfill anything else than to meet the discharge of that.
Interlocutor: Clearly. Actually, I thought that it should be something like that …
Eon: Make me a couple of more questions and I will leave, freeing this vessel…
Interlocutor: The question I have now is regarding the antimatter… Is there, perhaps, a Big Bang negative?
Eon: No, there is no one. Discard that...
Interlocutor: So, is everything positive? In other words, is there, for example, a planet Earth made of antimatter?
Eon: No, not even parallel universes of antimatter.
Interlocutor: I have one last question about time travelers… What is the reason for their existence?
EON: Time travelers have the function of correcting the altered facts, so that the original history, the primary channel, does not change.
Interlocutor: But, why is it altered?
Eon: Because although there is a history delineated, in its course some changes occurred with the creation of alternative universes, which later, with new decisions, were deactivated.
The work of the time travelers, then, is that the original layout is not modified, so to call it. To understand this, you should not forget that for the Absolute, everything is an eternal present and therefore you have already lived that story. That original story is what must be preserved. I send you greetings to everyone.
Interlocutor: See you soon and thanks.

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