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All the species have encrypted in their genetic code a racial feature that marks the end of a race and its extinction as a species. This is the whole mystery. When the end of the cycle of a species begins, females become sterile and gradually the species disappears. Is it so difficult to understand something that simple?
The human race also has a genetic racial code that marks our extinction as a species. At the present time scientist ignore where this racial code is, although the Masters of Light have revealed that our extinction is “written” in our genetic code.
This is something that geneticist have not yet found. There is a second genetic code, which lies in our RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) in the future, when genetic scientist discover the mystery of this racial code, they will try to prolong that cycle, perhaps they will achieve it somehow , but in the end the genetic code itself will prevail, because the physical organism is only a temporary vessel used by the spirit.
Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Johnakan Ur-El and Master Jesus, current Solar Logos.
Johnakan Ur-El: ... I will leave... I give my place to the dear Master Jesus.
Interlocutor: Thank you, Johnakan, and see you later.
Master Jesus: I greet you with all my blessings... I have come to give a message, as the thousands that I have given to my dear brethren, throughout all these years... I am Ieshu ben Iosef, your brother Jesus... Mankind has two alternatives: all I am saying is because I have been investigating and also because of some scientists, brethren of this beautiful planet you don’t care enough.
Not all the species in the antiquity were extinct due to catastrophes, but also due to genetic code.
As well as the human being, since the moment of his birth has encrypted already in his genes when he is going to die... it doesn't matter whether this person takes care or himself or not, he is not going to shorten his period of life, except of course when, those human beings who are corrupted with drugs, nicotine or alcohol, they can generate in their organism illnesses and they can provoke their premature disincarnation...
Interlocutor: Just like suicide?
Master Jesus: Just like suicide... But nicotine and alcohol don't shorten the human being’s life, per se, because there is a genetic order that says that a human being has to live a certain number of years and that human being is going to live those years.
It’s is very important that this be recorded. What is shortened it’s the quality of life, not the life itself.
But, I repeat, so that there are no misunderstandings: It’s the first time that I refer to so mundane topics, - and why wouldn’t I refer to those topics? I was also incarnated and I approached mundane topics-. For example, if an incarnated human being is burning the candle at both ends and he is victim, for example, of that illness you call cirrhosis, he can die let us say when he is 30 years old, when his genetic expectation of life was perhaps of 80 years...Is that understood?
Interlocutor: Perfectly, Master.
Master Jesus: Nicotine, for example, can provoke a cardiac arrest in a person with 60 years old, when his genetic code says that he could live until his 77 or 85 years.
Interlocutor: And what is the consequence for that spirit of a premature disincarnation like that?
Master Jesus: Evidently he generates karma, elucidating in his next incarnation what responsibility he will corresponds to him.
But there is something that science doesn't know yet. The sages, with so much knowledge, so self-centered, who have created marvels, like those flying machines... When I was embodied there were only birds... and in these moments they have flying machines that are a true wonder...
In other planets there are ships that travel to sidereal space that are also a wonder...
But what is the thing they don't know in this planet?
The human race has two genetic codes. A genetic code that marks the life-span of an individual and a second genetic code, a hidden code that marks the duration of the race.
It doesn’t matter how well the race takes care of itself; the race has a period of life between 2 and 4 million years.
This means that the human race would be - I don't say it is - doomed to disappear in 2 or 4 million years.
Let us subtract those 100.000 years that the race has already lived, and we could say that the Homo sapiens sapiens (the current human race) has a life expectancy of one million nine hundred thousand years to three million nine hundred thousand years.
There are ancient animals that have disappeared directly because of their genetic code marked that as a race they could no longer continue. Then the females gradually became sterile and they didn’t reproduce anymore.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking exclusively from the physical point of view? I ask this because, as I have understood that the spirit doesn't depend of the race to exist...
Master Jesus: That is the dilemma. It’s important to understand that the human race (Homo sapiens sapiens) is evolving more quickly in the technological part than the spiritual part.
In these last 10.000 years of civilization, the human race Homo sapiens sapiens - that has almost 100.000 years of antiquity -, it has advanced very much, and in these last 500 years it has advanced even more... and what is the thing they have advanced slower?
Interlocutor: I suppose that it won't be in the scientific part...
Master Jesus: No, because science has advanced a lot... The slowest thing in which they have not advanced is in the spiritual part.
There are beings of the antiquity, as the man of Neanderthal or some branch separated from the Pithecanthropus erectus - different from the of Homo sapiens sapiens - that has disappeared, and not because the Homo sapiens sapiens of the antiquity would have killed them.
It’s not that the man of Cro-Magnon killed another and the Pithecanthropus was killed by another superior race.
What happened is that their genetic code marked that the Pithecanthropus had to live two million years, and they died as race.
I want to clarify that the more advanced the species are, the less life expectancy they have in their genetic code.
Notice that the dinosaurs lived more than 200 million years.
How can it be then that the human being has a life expectancy a 100 times less, that is to say, 2 to 4 million years?
The answer is that the human race is a more evolved race. And the more evolved a race is, I repeat, the less life expectancy it has because of the genetic code.
After all this is not chaos. If the human race ends, it is not the end of anything, because as well as human beings disincarnate, and they go to their respective spiritual planes, if the human race disappears all the spirits will continue living. Do you understand?
Interlocutor: Perfectly.
Master Jesus: Then what is the dilemma? As time goes by, Science will advance so much that it is very likely that as well as at this time the human genome is being detected, and it will be known - this was said already - the life expectancy of a person, they will also discover the secret genetic code of the race... and they would even be able to modify it...
Interlocutor: But, Master, as for the individual genetic code, I believe that nobody would like to know his life expectancy...
Master Jesus: It is true that many people wouldn't like to know it, since nobody wants to know the day of his disincarnation, even knowing that there is another life.
This happens because many people have doubts and they lack of faith. You, for example, you have “X” age and I transmit to you: "within a certain time this and that thing will happen to you", on one hand, as you know that a spiritual world exists you will be calm, but as the time approaches, you will feel the same anxiety as if you had to fly on an airplane with failures...
Interlocutor: I am sure that it would be like that...
Master Jesus: Picking up the thread of the conversation, it’s very likely that Science discovers, maybe in the next 100 years, that secret genetic code of the duration of the species, and they might be able to transmute it, and when transmuting it, the human race will be able to live much more time.
Do you understand this?
Interlocutor: Yes, but the question is: Why would a spirit live more time in a body that is no longer good to evolve? Isn’t related the duration of the genetic code to what can be useful to the spirit? That is to say, if the spirit needs a higher race to evolve, the spirit wouldn’t be able to do it when those bodies are obsolete to him...
Master Jesus: But the incarnated beings ignore that and they are interested in the durability of the physical life, to such an extent that the life expectancy when I was embodied was 40 years and now it is practically the double. Is it not?
Interlocutor: Obviously, yes.
Master Jesus: And there is an expectation that in a century the human being could end up living up to150 years. And as you say in the daily jargon of your country, all are "doddering".
Because deep down, you know it, they don't care about the spiritual world, and this is a paradox, because in fact this is their true mansion and not the physical plane 1, and most the people who talk about "life after life" take it with a grain of salt... aren’t they?
Interlocutor: Yes, regrettably.
Master Jesus: Then, what they care most is to live the biggest number of years possible in the physical world. Not only does an individual is interested in this, but also to the whole race.
Interlocutor: How is it possible that the human being can transmute the genetic code?
Master Jesus: There can be a transmutation, but the race will also transmute, because the genetic code will always be smarter than the man himselfn. Why? Because the genetic code is a divine creation of Elohim![1]
Interlocutor: That is exactly what I was going to ask...
Master Jesus: Then, if the man cheats modifying the genetic code so that the race instead of living 2 or 4 million years, lives 10 or 20 million years, there might be a metamorphosis and it is very likely that in 5000 years a new race might appear, a superior man that leaves aside the current Homo sapiens, in intelligence, in discernment, and everything...
Interlocutor: Master, haven't time travelers from 5000 years in the future come to this present to say, for example, what will happen to the human race?
Master Jesus: Time travelers have come, but they are very reluctant to comment things. What happens - as my brother Johnakan, to whom I love so much said -, it is that sometimes, a time traveler can disclose information because, although, as you say in the physical plane they don't "open the mouth", his Thetan is connected telepathically with other Thetans of different planes of this present and they can extract from him information of the future. In every age a different history happens.
Interlocutor: That is to say that there is a Solar Logos of tomorrow, for example.
Master Jesus: Of course!
Interlocutor: The concrete question is: Is there a way to communicate telepathically with the Solar Logos of tomorrow even though that later on he wouldn’t like to "open the mouth?"
Master Jesus: No, we don't have power to communicate telepathically with another time, unless the entity of the future comes to our present through the physical plane 1.
Interlocutor: It is perfectly clear...
Master Jesus: What I want to clarify, and this I say as a final message: It is Ok that the race worries about its health while it is in the physical plan, because it was already said in countless times that when the spirit is embodied in a healthy body, he can do more things for his own evolution...
Interlocutor: And for the others!
Master Jesus: And for the others, it is correct, and definitely it’s the only thing that matters, the Service that I taught two thousand years ago.
Now then, if they only worry about their physical part we take the risk that they leave aside the spiritual part completely.
Then it has to be a balance, and that balance, regrettably, it is not given.
My vessel, my dear disciple, to whom every time I respect more, because he has a lot of discernment and discovers things, he converses permanently with people of different religions and regrettably every time he is more disappointed.
Interlocutor: Master, To whom can we transmit all of this? If it is possible to transmit...
Master Jesus: It must be transmitted. It is duty to transmit it. All that we, as entities, say has to be transmitted, because as I said countless times, “if Wisdom is not transmitted, it rots within the spirit”
Everything, then, has to be transmitted. If later on they don't interpret it, it doesn't matter. The responsibility is already theirs. And in other cases, let them take what might be useful to them and leave the rest. Everything is proposed, nothing is imposed.
Interlocutor: Master, there is an aphorism that Jorge, the incarnated part of Johnakan said: the more elevated is the entity the more difficult are the tests... Then I have to think that the tests that Jorge is suffering in these moments are proportionally difficult to his spiritual elevation.
If it were a physical pain maybe it would be bearable, but having so much to give and not being able to do it because of the indifference of many people...
Master Jesus: I don't know if it is one of the most difficult tests, but I know that it is very difficult.
There are people that will read these things I am saying and they will say that there are more difficult tests, for instance, the death of a beloved person, mother, father, husband, son... No, I don't speak about deaths; I am speaking of tests of solitude and trying to teach the path of Light. Of this type of tests I am speaking.
Interlocutor: Didn't you pass those tests in a greater extent in your time, two thousand years ago? Jorge, at least, meets prepared people... but you were surrounded of peasants...
Master Jesus: No, it is not like that. I believe that it is more difficult what Johnakan is going through now, because he is in touch with people with a lot of knowledge and that is an obstacle, although it is illogical. Many of those peasants, as they were humble, they listened to me...
Please, I want this to be written: "The one who is humble, listens, and those Pseudo teachers, don't listen."
When I was incarnated, most of them were illiterate, most of them didn't know how to read, and they didn't know what a papyrus was. However they had such a spiritual amplitude, so big that they left me satisfied, and now Johnakan rubs shoulders with big Masters, but those big Masters are raised in a pedestal of arrogance and they only listen to themselves.
Then, I don't know which one of the tests is bigger... Perhaps they are even... The only difference is that now, when having civilization, they won't crucify Johnakan... or perhaps they will crucify him in another way... Let us hope not!
And I say goodbye leaving all my Love as always.
My blessings and until all moment.
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.
[1] the Elohim are minor gods who inhabit the 8º Spiritual vibration, they were created by the Absolute so that, in turn, they create spiritual entities.

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