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We are those spirits! But without a body. I will clarify this so that there is no doubt. Before embodying, we, as spiritual beings that we are, inhabit some of the spiritual planes from the 2º to the 5º plane, according to our spiritual evolution. If our spiritual evolution is not high, we will be inhabiting the 2º plane. Since in the spiritual planes we don't have a body to feed, we have a lot of time to do wicked acts. These wicked acts are made against incarnated beings. Spirits of Error take advantage from us because we don’t have reincarnative memory and we don't remember where we came from.
Demons (when joining in legion), can produce more serious phenomena in the physical plane than those produced by the spirits of error, like the so-called 'spontaneous human combustion.' They also set fire to objects, make explode candles and/or incenses (this last I confirmed personally).
I want to clarify undoubtedly that they DO NOT have power over us, unless the person relinquish his will to his pastor or priest and 'opens the door' to them, in which case those 'demons' take possession of the individual...
Finally, It is necessary to clarify also, that those 'demons' are not deterring the free will of an incarnated being, because, when the individual is “opening the door” to them, he is giving permission and space to evil, believing that he is 'receiving' the Holy Spirit' that is also a fantasy because such entity doesn't exist, in the same way that the 'Antichrist' doesn’t exist.
The physical plane is the nº 1, and then there are higher supraphysical or spiritual planes, each one of a different vibratory level. The closest in vibration to the physical plan is the nº 2, where the "spirits of Error" inhabit, called in this way because of their ignorance and wickedness.
Naturally that is their nature because these spirits are in evolution. These spirits later on will pass to the plane 3º which is also a plane of Error, but it has a little more Light. Then, as they evolve, they will pass to the plane 4º which is a plane of Mastery, and finally to the 5º Plane Which is a plane of maximum Light, where the Planetary Hierarchy inhabit, with the Master Jesus as Solar Logos, and all the entities of Light we have known on Earth like sages, philosophers or the humanity's benefactors: Confucio, Hubbard, Krishnamurti, Saint Germain, Lao Tsé and the mother Teresa, only to mention some of them.
EVPs stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) refers to the alleged communication by spirits through voice recorders.
EVPs are produced by spiritual entities of the plane 2 “making focus”. It is necessary to remember that spirits don't emit sound, but when they exert a vibration over a magnetic object or the air, they are able to produce a similar sound to the human voice, but more 'metallic', as if people were speaking through a microphone not well gauged.
With regard to ‘poltergeist’, not only do these spirits make 'noises', but also ‘ghastly visions', and they are produced by entities of Error as well as ‘demons’, very negative and harmful energies that we don't keep in mind sometimes.

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