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Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Johnakan Ur-El (John Zebedee)
Interlocutor: Ok, Tar. Thank you for everything, and so long… Who is going to communicate now?
Johnakan: My name is Johnakan Ur-el and I am the thetan of this vessel. This is the first time that I communicate through a Mediumship contact, but many times my physical part, Jorge Olguin, gave messages sent by me, his spiritual part. Messages for guidance to incarnated beings and to make them understand that we come to the physical plane to evolve and that the only guarantees for spiritual evolution are Love and Service. I see much interference from spirits of Error who don’t want us to orient the human being with messages.
Interlocutor: At what plane are you, Master Johnakan?
Johnakan: I am in plane 5, along with Master Jesus and Masters Siddhartha, Ron Hubbard and others. I come to clarify some issues. In the Creation of the Father, there are diverse spiritual levels. Our vibrations are very similar to those of other planetary systems. In every system there is a Solar Logos and diverse Planetary Logos, one for each planet of that system. Think that only in our galaxy are billions of suns that will be the number of Solar Logos in this galaxy. The same is true in neighboring galaxies, as Magellan and Andromeda. Andromeda is a great spiraling galaxy, which is 200,000 light-years in length and we have had the honor to go on a mission with my soul mate, Master Jesus, to one of its stellar systems, thanks to the initiative of Divine Energies of level 7. We get to know very high technological worlds that, by using similar equipment to the Earth radio transmitters, they could communicate with the spiritual levels. But their arrogance is such that despite technological advances, they live almost always in internal struggles. In the spiritual levels 2 and 3 of that world, beings have so much confusion, or more than in their physical level 1. And it is very difficult for those entities to learn to integrate their egos because, although the physical level 1 has its material needs, the other levels compete for power, seeking domination of one over the other. The lust for power in their spiritual planes is absolutely sickening. Their engrams grow almost continuously. In those vibrations (2 and 3) there is no hunger or physical desire, but they channel the ego into needs of power. For that reason, we were very sad to note that little attention was paid to our messages; they were blinded by an enormous ego. I am not saying that our mission failed, because we were able to see a large number of entities, sunk in confusion, thinking over their attitude, but the vast majority continued the same way. Here on Earth the task is also arduous. Good is subject to free will, and sometimes we find it difficult that a spirit of Error assumes that his way is wrong. Master Ron Hubbard has worked on countless occasions with the mission of Love and he is sorry for the little echo that messages of brotherhood have. Ron Hubbard sadness is understandable to see that deadlines are shortened and entities are not rising, since arrogance and appetites for power are becoming larger. In the physical plane the gap between rich and poor is widening and technological advances are only accessible to those who can afford them. Major Corporate interests are causing great wars and when the war is over thousands of people sunk in the greatest neglect. Then is when indifference from those who can help is noticed. As a spiritual entity and incarnated being in the physical plane, my mission is to bring Words of Light to smooth the way for many who are in the search. I am aware of the great spiritual disinterest affecting mankind, and I know that many do not believe that this is happening. It’s not enough going to temples to pray, because prayer is sterile if not accompanied with Service.
Interlocutor: Let me ask you a question... Why are publishing spiritual guidance books so hard, while other mediocre works come to light so easily?
Johnakan: Because the spirits of Error interfere with the publishers decision, influencing telepathically on the people who do the review of the originals. Their interest is that mediocre books are published and, in doing so, continue confusing the human being so that he is delayed in the Evolutionary Plan. Those spirits of Error cannot defy the free will of people, but they make them yield to temptations and so, they are able to take wrong decisions. The important thing is not to lose faith and keep in mind that the path of good is a narrow path with many obstacles. Know that with Love obstacles are vincible
Interlocutor: How can we prepare favorably when the spiritual crisis shakes us up?
Johnakan: Then is when you should have temperance. It’s a matter of will and faith. Faith is not bought. The Absolute provides the vibrational capacity called Faith and another high capacity called Hope. But it depends on the entity that seeks to absorb those vibrations. Both Faith and Hope can be assimilated, if the spirit is guided by positivism. In some spiritual centers faith is represented as a 4-point star and Hope is painted as a rainbow… Faith and Hope together are the mainstays for spiritual change, but at this point, each person, each incarnated entity seeking notorious changes, must have his intuition as a guide and high spiritual mind for not taking wrong decisions. But you and everyone who wants to assimilate this message must be aware that any material wealth, substantial or not, will always give spiritual fruits if it’s canalized based on others, otherwise each one will generate a karmic responsibility so high that it could even destabilize his thetan and make him to descent of level. Take this message literally. In the same way that an incarnated altruistic spirit might break the wheel of karma, if he makes a bad use of material availability, it may lead him to a setback that will generate engrams. Thus, that human being could "contaminate" his thetan until making him “lose his brightness”. Then, not being compatible with his level any longer, this thetan would descend from vibration automatically. Summing up: To greater service, with or without economic possibilities, the greater chances of spiritual growth of each member of the physical plane. If ignoring Service by personal desires, there may be important setbacks in the person, even in his thetan that, as I said, could descend from the level at which he stood. I leave with the joy of having been able to make a modest guidance. Goodbye.
Interlocutor: Thank you Johnakan and until the next session.

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