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Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Tar From Orion
Interlocutor: Who is going to communicate today?
Tar: I am Tar again, and I convey you all my Light. I have come to tell you that in our habitat, the 4th planet of Orion, although we assume that the spiritual way is first, we are not at odds with technology, which we use for peace. Not so in Orion 3, where there are some very cruel beings that are trying to invade neighboring planetary systems. The same is true in Vega, where in the 4th planet there are beings living for peace and in the 3rd planet there is a race who wants to expand to dominate other worlds, to dominate other races. Both Orion 3 and Vega 3 are unaware of the spiritual path. They are warrior planets. They have a planetary engram that makes them even more bellicose. That planetary engram is very difficult to transmute. Ego is what handles the actions of those people. The same is true in dense spiritual planes. Entities who live in rancor mistakenly think they can download their resentments bringing down other weaker spirits. Observing the planes of vibration 2 and 3, we see how they try to subdue each other to gain more power. The physical plane is modeled on those vibrations.
Interlocutor: Tar, I am going to ask a question with regard to the different planes... What extent do they have?
Tar: The vibrational planes have the same range than the material plane.If the galaxy has an area of 100,000 light-years, each spiritual plane belonging to the Milky Way will also have 100,000 light-years. But every spirit will be in his vibration. On the other hand, as a matter of connection, each spiritual essence will always be closer to the physical location of his latest incarnation. That almost always happens. It is possible that a disincarnated entity from earth may incarnate in Vega, a few light-years away, but it is very rare that he incarnates 10,000 light-years of this solar system.
Interlocutor: That is to say, they are going to incarnate again in neighboring systems, so to speak?
Tar: Usually, that it’s...
Interlocutor: Are the spiritual planes equal in all planets?
Tar: Yes. In Antares 4, where I have great empathy with a being who also approaches you, Rah, its people are dedicated to love. The lower spiritual planes have engrams but are very weak and almost surpassed. A bellicose race as Vega 3 has their planes 2 and 3 completely contaminated. Its vibration is denser. This means that the vibrational planes are different at each planet. There may be various categories of engrams.
Interlocutor: I don’t understand...
Tar: I will try to be clearer. A vibration 2 of Antares 4 may have overcome 80% of engrams, while a vibration 2 of your planet has barely overcame 20%. Both are level 2 in the spiritual scale, but the chances that spirits from this plane go up to level 3, are vastly superior in Antares 4, because the whole plane has better vibration.
Interlocutor: The reactive mind... Is it exclusive to the lower planes?
Tar: The reactive mind is inherent to the spirit, but engrams develop in plane -2, plane -1, in the physical plane 1, vibrational plane 2 and in the vibrational plane 3.
Interlocutor: But... Who created the reactive mind?
Tar: I would say that the Absolute gave to each of us free will, but created the reactive mind so that ego has a fertile field to grow. Remember that you can only evolve surpassing the egos and living for others. If there were not reactive mind there would not be pain, there would be no passions and we would not have the incentive to do better, seeking out into the Light. The reactive mind increases the ego, but it uses different ways to achieve it. One is deteriorating self-esteem. Another, it is creating arrogance, the opposites. Some engrams determine the person to such an extent that he becomes an impulsive and unreasonable being, who is not going to listen to any other argument but his own.
Interlocutor: But those engrams... Can they not be eliminated with Dianetics?
Tar: Yes, you can remove an engram using your science call Dianetics. The person may get clear [12] and, in doing so, being able to control his impulses. It so happens that there are several selves hiding in the unconscious mind which may arise at the slightest possibility, destabilizing the person discernment. In other words, it is almost impossible to predict the ego… and the different selves are like tentacles of him. They cause the person to fall into an internal struggle and even, as if they were independent beings, each “I” blame the other for the frustrations to which the subject is dragged. Psycho-integration makes the person aware of his limitations and seeks unification with The Whole. But he must integrate his selves through this therapy.
Interlocutor: Is it impossible to remove engrams without this therapy of Psycho-integration?
Tar: There are evolved spirits who overcome their engrams becoming aware that they are not important, but those who they serve are.
Interlocutor: Like Master Jesus, for example?
Tar: Not only Jesus. Most of the Masters have overcome their temptations with the Gift of Service.
Interlocutor: But... What’s the real source of the reactive mind?
Tar: The reactive mind is inherent to the spirit and, metaphorically speaking, is the fertile ground where ego originates. This encourages the different selves that turn a human being into an eternal protagonist as well. This is accomplished because they take advantage of their own spiritual weakness that drives the spirit of wanting to govern other spirits to scale positions, without realizing that to the Absolute we are all at the same level. The fact that many are in planes 2 and 3 and some, in planes 4 and 5, does not mean a difference to Him. We all have the opportunity to reach the Light and if many are dominated by indifference and spiritual apathy, does not mean that they are not being taken into account. They are only going “to arrive later” at the Great Communion, but nobody is going to be left out. We will be enjoying all alike, as if it were a great spiritual plunge within The Highest one. There will be no differences; there will be no categories [13] Although we will be “within Him”, for a while, we will not lose our individuality.
Interlocutor: I think it was clarified, but tell me why we will not lose our spiritual identity.
Tar: Because it’s the only way to enjoy that wealth of Love. At this moment that wealth of love can only be accomplished by identifying yourself with another spirit in need and sharing the suffering of that spirit, in the Great Communion we can only enjoy the love of the Absolute, becoming aware of ourselves. Anyway, at the end of the life cycle of the universe, the fusion with the Absolute will be total and we will return to be individual beings in a new expansion or Big Bang, as you call it.
Interlocutor: At this time… Are there more people who have become aware of the pathway to follow or more people seeking to bring others under?
Tar: Giving a percentage can be a subtle way to prejudge, but the figures are roughly the following: there is a 15% of spirits on the path of Light, another 15% with extreme cruelty and a band of 70% in total disinterest. [14] We know that there is a very advanced group in Cuzco, in the mountainous region. They are natives who before the eyes of pedantic and arrogant ones will appear like ignorant, but they have a spiritual culture so broad that is considered one of the greatest in the world.
Interlocutor: Is that culture related to Nazca?
Tar: There are many tribes of Native Americans who had a common origin. They call the Absolute “Inti”, whose visible part would be the Sun, according to their culture. They have great wisdom. Obviously, when not having "the culture of civilization" and only having wisdom, there will always be flaws in the interpretation. This culture involves being able to communicate by writing (perhaps many of those natives cannot read). It also means being aware of what’s happening in the world, in legal matters, in technology, etc. But do not pride yourself of having that knowledge, because wisdom is the only key that unlocks the door towards the Light.
Interlocutor: How is that wisdom reached?
Tar: By leaving aside the meanness, the appetites of power and prejudice. But you should know that you will never have access to wisdom, if you are not looking into your inner self. It’s also important to respect other cultures. The lovers of Inti have found wisdom, but not having full knowledge, as other scientists of the planet, perhaps unaware that there are other suns in the galaxy and that Inti is really one of the many visible parts of the Absolute, metaphorically speaking. On the other hand, they know that Inti gives them the strength to service others. They do not ignore that Inti can guide the spirit to overcome their pending karmas and evolves into the Light.
Interlocutor: Does the Absolute provide aid to facilitate the path of evolution?
Tar: Somehow it is the case. Free will is part of Creation, but there is a "spark of conscience" housed in each spirit, which makes it easier to integrate the ego and find the path. If the spirit becomes aware from that aid, it will be easier for him to raise vibration.
Interlocutor: Is there always help… from the Absolute?
Tar: There's always help. The Father helps without your knowledge. He respects the free will He granted you… He touches each son with His rays of love so that they could handle the ego. When modifying conduct and achieving an altruistic behavior, reverting karmas is eventually achieved, because if you have pending balances of karma from previous lives, your free will is going to be conditioned. Sometimes, our own blindness of understanding, not physically but spiritually, prevents us from perceiving that aid from the Father, which is always on spiritual shoulders of the helpless. Supraphysical planes 2 and 3 are fighting for power and they do not realize that the true fight is try to overcome resentments and protagonism that engrams provoke. Spirits, who already learned to integrate their ego and to dedicate their time helping others, ascend to plane 4, where for some time was Master Jesus. We know that at this moment he is in plane 5.
Interlocutor: Do you know Master Jesus?
Tar: Yes. The beloved brother has contacted several times our planet. He has told us that he is the Logos of your stellar system and that he communicates with the Christic Energy through an "energy bind." It’s like if there were a golden cord from the Christic Energy to the current Solar Logos, Master Jesus. In the same way, Master of Light Siddhartha, who was for a long time in plane 4, has risen to plane 5 and is connected to the Buddhic Energy of plane 7.
Interlocutor: Is Master Ron Hubbard on the same plane as Master Jesus?
Tar: Yes. He has risen to such high vibration by the great help he has given to mankind through the therapy that he has developed and currently, under the guidance of Johnakan Ur-el, [15] he is perfecting it. Master Ron lives for service and continues growing in knowledge, through different communications, giving understanding to all beings in the physical plane.
Interlocutor: On another matter, Tar... Do you ratify that each plane can see the lower plane?
Tar: Yes, because the Supraphysical universe of each plane involves the lower level. But you can not see planes -1 and -2, because by means of a dimensional trick, it’s invisible to your eye and is undetectable to your devices. It is a plane so dense that is obviously undetectable.
Interlocutor: I understand that the negative plane -2 is a plane of lot of pain...
Tar: Yes. Plane -2 is a plane of much suffering. It is a vibration where each entity "feels" the pain of the other.
Interlocutor: My understanding is that the Absolute is the creator of all planes, but each spirit is responsible for being in each one of them. In other words, each spirit at those planes of Error suffers as a consequence of his conduct.
Tar: Yes. Those beings who have done excesses and been possessed by an extreme cruelty, automatically dropped to negative plane -2, to share suffering and thus learn from the pain of others. Now I have to leave you and give way to another entity who wants to transmit a message…
[12] Clear: Free of engrams, where the analytical mind has control. A Clear person does not suffer the negative effects that may cause the reactive mind and he is free in regards to his emotions.
[13] God created us equal in opportunities and, over the eons, the spirit has marked the differences, because his ego pushed him to the cruelest of the struggles: the struggle for power.
[14] This does not mean they have conscientious apathy or lack of interest in everything. There could besomeone who is affected by a painful act, but many lack of that necessary desire to engage in Service. They lack that dedication to think about the other, since they are "suffocated" on their own needs.
[15] Johnakan Ur-el had the privilege of being the spiritual support of two great Masters of Light. When he incarnated as Ananda, he had countless conversations with his cousin Siddhartha and when he arrived at the physical plane as John Zebedee, he accompanied the pain of his Master Jesus, when noticing that most did not understand him.

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