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TV SESSION - 06/Jul/1999

Interlocutor: Horacio Embon

TV Program: “Zona Infinito” Buenos Aires

Entity that came to talk: Rah

Horacio Embon: We have in this program Professor Jorge Olguin, to whom we are going to ask, what is mediumship.

Jorge Olguin: Mediumship is a gift that all incarnated beings can develop. Many confuse it with telepathy... In fact, mediumship is the communication of the incarnated being with spiritual entities that are disincarnated, commonly misnamed "the dead". However, there is misinformation about it... It’s believed, for example, that the whole soul incarnate, but this is not so. Only 10% incarnate. The other 90% is in the spiritual or vibratory plane. This means that at mediumship level we can communicate not only with a spirit, but also with an incarnate being, but with his spiritual part, that is to say, what is known as "Higher Self” or “Superior I” in some philosophies.

Horacio Embon: What is the difference between soul, spirit and higher self?

Jorge Olguin: They are equivalent expressions designating the same essence.

Horacio Embon: And why does it reincarnate only 10%?

Jorge Olguin: Because that is enough energy to animate our physical body and to act on the physical plane, while the other 90% remains in his own plane... I would not say to "direct" us, but rather to guide us and somehow also "to experience in us". Let me give an example that other Masters have already given, which makes the comparison between the diver who descended to the seabed with his equipment, diving apparatus, shoes, etc. and the captain of the boat who stays above to send him oxygen and to guide him. The diver would be the incarnate being and the captain, the soul or higher self.

Horacio Embon: When my heart stops beating, when clinically the doctor signs my death certificate and read, for example: "Horacio Embon is clinically dead", where do I go, because the "package" will be here on Earth and finally will be disintegrated?

Jorge Olguin: You return to the spiritual world from where you came, to a plane that can be of Light or Error, according to how you lived, the positive or negative experiences you have had in this incarnation.

Horacio Embon: Then does my spiritual future depend on what I have done in my present life?

Jorge Olguin: Basically it depends on whether you have been selfish or altruistic.

Horacio Embon: What is being selfish and what is being altruistic?

Jorge Olguin: The two factors that may pull downwards or anchor us in a karma are, on one hand, the body of desires, which makes us to get into rage, anger, susceptibilities, and on the other hand that tremendous attachment, being selfish, being stingy, thinking first about us, not having any kind of service-oriented... That is being selfish. And to think of vocation of service is being altruistic.

Horacio Embon: And what is the ego?

Jorge Olguin: The ego is practically what impels us to be protagonists, to always think about us... There is even some confusion about this. It’s common for a couple, when they talk over the phone, saying: I miss you, I need you, I want you, "I"... and always based on oneself. We never think - or usually never think - based on the other. That is the ego, thinking only in us. So when we sometimes suffer a loss - loss in appearance, obviously - we have the "need" for that other person...

Horacio Embon: It’s the absence of...

Jorge Olguin: When the ego does not exist, there should not be absence, because then we stop thinking about us. There is no absence when we think of the other; there is no absence when what we do is to give.

Horacio Embon: You say that when I reach my clinical end, I will be what I have reincarnated and something else that I have done in previous life times... Will I always be the result of my past lives?

Jorge Olguin: In every case.

Horacio Embon: …and my soul, already complete, will it be able to reincarnate again?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, yes. When the being disincarnates, the 10% incarnated joins the remaining 90% at the corresponding spiritual plane or vibratory level, conforming the 100%. Then, it will be again a complete spirit, and if the person, being incarnated, did not have an appropriate conduct, it will return to reincarnate to learn that unfinished lesson, according to its karma. Let me clarify and not to have any doubt, that karma is not a punishment, not a fault to pay, but rather a lesson to learn.

Horacio Embon: There are high spiritual entities I am talking about Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Moses... Did they have another level of reincarnation?

Jorge Olguin: They reincarnated in a mission of service.

Horacio Embon: When, for instance, Jesus says: "I am the son of God", what do these words


Jorge Olguin: In fact, we are all children of God. We are all brothers. Jesus is our brother, at the same time, of course, our Master.

Horacio Embon: Did Jesus reincarnate to be God?

Jorge Olguin: Jesus had reincarnated in mission as a human being, as any of us.

Horacio Embon: So then, why are we not like him?

Jorge Olguin: By attachment, by the ego that dominates us, this makes us to think more about us than the need of others. Then we suffer personality gaps, selfishness, fears... Another thing that adds to the confusion is to think that the ego is only pedantry, arrogance... The ego is also the inferiority complex, is feeling diminished, is to be afraid of going for. Everything that is protagonism is ego.

Horacio Embon: Returning to mediumship, how could I contact with those superior beings or my higher self?

Jorge Olguin: Through a skilled medium or having the gift of mediumship, in which case we have to involve ourselves in love, we have to be in great harmony to prevent that the entity that one takes is a spirit of Error, because the important thing in mediumship is the message.

Horacio Embon: So, when you convene or invoke, does everything come around?

Jorge Olguin: Of course.

Horacio Embon: Do both come the Error as the Wise, the Dark as the Light?

Jorge Olguin: That's right, and what is precisely being sought, is that one incorporates an entity of Light, so that he conveys a positive message.

Horacio Embon: And how is the practice of mediumship?

Jorge Olguin: The practice is to enter in a state that is called "alpha", that is to say, it directly puts the mind in "blank", and then calls the Light and the particular entity comes down.

Horacio Embon: How do you do it, so that is not an entity of Error?

Jorge Olguin: No, I don’t classify it, "I filter it", to express it somehow, through an envelope of love. Love, practically, is a kind of filter that prevents the spirits of Error to get through, does not allow them the free pass.

Horacio Embon: Are you a Master?

Jorge Olguin: I consider myself a Master like everyone else. Somehow we all teach and for that reason we are all Masters. But I also consider myself a student, and I will be so until the last day of my incarnation.

Horacio Embon: What is to be a Master on earth?

Jorge Olguin: Somehow it’s to be able to teach people who want to learn the Word.

Horacio Embon: Was Jesus a Master of Light?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, he was, and still is in the high level where he inhabits now.

Horacio Embon: Buddha and Mohammed as well?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, of course, each one in their field.

Horacio Embon: What does it mean: "each one in their field"?

Jorge Olguin: It means that the mistake is in the incarnated human being... All Masters taught the same thing. Jesus said "Love each other". In this case he’s teaching impersonal love, not the personal love of I want you, I need you. Siddhartha, the Buddha taught exactly the same thing: "Put down all ignorance"; "Head towards others." Why, then, the divisions between Christianity and Buddhism? That was the work of human beings, not of these Masters. Each Master, Mohammed, Confucius, Lao Tse, had a similar thought, which was distorted by man.

Horacio Embon: Why did men get confused so much - and confused, at the best style of Babel?

Jorge Olguin: By attachment, by protagonism, to find their own disciplines, to create their own dogmas. Christianity has created dogmas, and many teachings of Jesus were distorted by them, such as the reincarnation... Jesus, at one point, and this is in the Bible, speaks of reincarnation in the chapter of the Transfiguration, where he says: "Elijah already came and you have not recognized him."

Horacio Embon: Who is Jesus referring to?

Jorge Olguin: Jesus was referring to John the Baptist... They have removed many words from the Master... And I am convinced that there are more than 4 gospels and not all of them are true. Related to this, it’s necessary to use common sense. There are gospels in which Jesus was portrayed a little malicious. I leave that Gospel aside, because common sense tells me that the Master was a Master of Love, from birth until he disincarnated.

Horacio Embon: Returning to the subject of karma, what does this word mean? What does it mean that a person upload his karma until the end of his days?

Jorge Olguin: Many relate karma to a fault to pay. Karma, as I said earlier, is a "lesson to learn". One takes a matter that did not well in a previous life and the next one must return to do it.

Horacio Embon: Can we leave pending matters because we didn’t do them well?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, even one can take more karmas than those brought to the current incarnation. There are people who are so selfish that are always thinking of themselves. They are completely self-centered and live generating a karma after another, and instead of reversing certain lesson they carry more lessons.

Horacio Embon: Changing the subject, what are twin souls?

Jorge Olguin: Twin souls, is one of the most important subjects... We have always been taught of the necessity of having someone, because since I was little I have heard the issue of the twin souls, which has been explained by saying that the spirit was split into two and, that upon separation, those souls were eternally living looking for each other until reunion... and then they lived the great earthly love...

This conception, in addition of being totally wrong, pushes humans to be needed. "Twin" souls, on the other hand, are not necessarily two, as they can be three, ten, one hundred, one thousand...

Twin souls, in fact, are souls that vibrate in resonance and the example I give is two guitars, both tuned in the same key... I play a string tone in one of the guitars and the other guitar vibrates without touching it, because they have been tuned the same. A spirit that vibrates at a certain tone and another one that vibrates in the same tone are souls who are going to be attracted automatically.

Horacio Embon: Is that love?

Jorge Olguin: That's love too. The attraction of twin souls is love. I, for example, consider myself a soul mate of Master Jesus, and I say this with the utmost respect, because I vibrate in tune with him. I admit that I still lack a lot to reach his height, but I love him...

Horacio Embon: Was Jesus a medium?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, Jesus had the gift of communicating.

Horacio Embon: Are you a medium?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, I am.

Horacio Embon: And whom do you communicate with?

Jorge Olguin: I communicate with entities of Light, both from planet Earth as other worlds inhabited

in other star systems.

Horacio Embon: And how is it possible to contact extraterrestrial beings?

Jorge Olguin: Because distance is not an obstacle for the thought. We can contact worlds that are

located hundreds of light years.

Horacio Embon: Do you receive or give messages?

Jorge Olguin: I receive messages.

Horacio Embon: What do they tell you?

Jorge Olguin: For example, that there will not be changes at the end of the Millennium, that the Earth is very much divided into fractions, but not referring to political fractions, as it’s very unusual for entities of other planes to get involved in that issue. They involve on topics of belief. Our planet is much divided on this issue; there are fratricidal struggles for religious matters.

Horacio Embon: For example, this latest ethnic strife in Kosovo, not to mention World War II and other historical struggles known by everybody...

Jorge Olguin: Sure, but what hurts the most are the struggles of beliefs, like those of the fundamentalists in Afghanistan, the terrorists of Ireland... I am going to mention a very brief example. A nurse was taking care of an elderly handicapped woman and only after few days that she had begun, she resigned. Her granddaughter went to find

out the reason for that action and the nurse confessed that she had resigned because she belonged to a protestant branch – it’s irrelevant to specify which one – when the old woman was younger, she had been a director of a spiritualist center, so, her belief prevented her from taking care of the woman. Then the granddaughter with the purest common sense replied: How… does Jesus teach the Service without looking at whom?

The message that emerges from this true story is that personal love, our earthly love, is synonymous of respect and that we can not give love without respect. And human being "uses" religion to separate, not to unite.

There is another love, the impersonal love that Jesus taught us. It’s the love of service, which is not fixed on race or sex or religion, which is provided spontaneously to anyone who needs it. Then the only way that we have to practice love is serving, but we have only one way to do it: not discriminating.

Horacio Embon: Do you know who was in a previous life Jorge Olguin, with whom I am talking to now?

Jorge Olguin: The entities have revealed me that I was John Zebedee, the beloved disciple of Master Jesus. And as John Zebedee, I was with the Master until I was 18, he was 35.

Jesus was born on August 6 of the year -6, and passed away on April 30 in the year 30, that is, 35 years and 9 months.

Horacio Embon: And what did John Zebedee do after the death of Jesus?

Jorge Olguin: As John Zebedee, I took care of the biological mother of my Master and at some point, at a certain age, I disincarnated and returned to my spiritual plane, where I was in mission until I returned to incarnate again, also on mission, and here I am.

Horacio Embon: How can it be known who in a previous life Horacio Embon was?

Jorge Olguin: One can learn, or by contacting the Higher self of Horacio Embon, or by making a regression to the past.

Horacio Embon: And how is that?

Jorge Olguin: One leads the person to a mental state known as "alpha", and in this state, the person - alert and not asleep as in the hypnotic trance - is recalling, first his childhood and then continuing going back, until arriving to previous lives.

Horacio Embon: Has it been proven scientifically?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, it has... It’s important, to ensure that the regression is successful, that the person has confidence in the operator, that’s to say, that he’s certainty that the operator is not going to manipulate him, because the person returns to the past fully alert and not asleep. I reiterate that hypnotism is an inadvisable technique because, besides reducing the free determinism, it’s a dangerous procedure, since it can produce unpredictable psychosomatic disorders.

Horacio Embon: Then, is the person conscious throughout the process?

Jorge Olguin: Yes. This is not a technique by which one can manipulate a person like a puppet.

Horacio Embon: Are there any people who can not pass that threshold to go to the past?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, because at that time they may be nervous or afraid of what they will find out upon their return to past lives... The fear and doubts prevent them from crossing the threshold.

Horacio Embon: Can I make contact with previous spirits whom I have known?

Jorge Olguin: Possibly.

Horacio Embon: And what do I have to do?

Jorge Olguin: Opening to them, ask for messages.

Horacio Embon: And does the message arrive?

Jorge Olguin: The message always arrives.

Horacio Embon: But I guess that it will not come as a voice on the phone...

Jorge Olguin: With regard to the mediumship, many people believe that one hears voices... In my case, for example, I speak, simply I speak, as if it were an open faucet that instead of liquid it lets out words...

Horacio Embon: Could you make a demonstration at this moment?

Jorge Olguin: Of course... Just give me a few seconds to incorporate the spiritual entity...

Rah: Here I am with you... My name is Rah... I am a philosopher and I am currently incarnated in Antares 4... I share the pain of all those people who need to get to the path of Light. To those people I say: Be patient, keep faith that your time will come. You are within God and God is within you. Time will come in which you will be fused in Him. There will not be a "final Judgment" but a Great Communion with the Father... There will not be major cataclysms in your planet, but great changes of consciousness. You must become aware and realize that you live in an extremely limited world... I just say to you: Take care of it! I share your pain and convey all my love... Rah spoke to you.

Jorge Olguin: I am with you again...

Horacio Embon: Are you aware of what is happening while the entity communicates through you?

Jorge Olguin: Generally, yes. I remember most of the words that the entity pronounced.

Horacio Embon: Do entities that you incorporate have any physical identity?

Jorge Olguin: Yes. This entity, called Rah, which is not the first time I incorporate, is a philosopher who lives in Antares 4.

Horacio Embon: What is Antares 4?

Jorge Olguin: The worlds are designated by the name of their star. Thus, Antares 4 is the fourth planet of Antares. In our case, we are Sun 3.

Horacio Embon: How is Rah physically?

Jorge Olguin: Rah is an entity whose physical body could not live on our planet, because Antares 4 has a much lower atmospheric density, and would weigh less than 40 kilos (88 pounds) here on Earth. Rah, I mean his incarnated part, is an anthropomorphous being similar to us, a little smaller than the average human being, about 1.5 meter (5 feet) or a little less.

Horacio Embon: Do they have sex?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, of course. Rah is male. Not all beings from other worlds have sex. There are worlds where the vegetal life has dominated and there are worlds where mineral life has dominated.

Horacio Embon: Do you believe in the Messiah?

Jorge Olguin: I believe there are many people able of giving messages. I would be very selfish if I said that there is only one "savior message." In any case, I would say: Lets get towards the Service and we all are going to be saved. I can assure you this. Who devotes his life to Service, is saved.

Horacio Embon: Thank you very much, Jorge Olguin. Best wishes.

Jorge Olguin: For you too.

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