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RADIAL SESSION - 28/Jul/1997

Interlocutor: Andrea Frigerio

Program: “100% Andrea”, Radio Del Plata

Entity that came to talk: Tar from Orion 4

Andrea: Let's talk with Professor Jorge Olguin, who says that he makes telepathic contacts with extraterrestrial entities and he can teach us about such contacts. Good morning, Professor Jorge Olguin.

Jorge Olguin: Good morning. How are you?

Andrea: Well, very well, luckily. How is this? Can we all make telepathic contacts with extraterrestrial entities?

Jorge Olguin: It’s a matter of being able to develop mediumship, which we all have in ourselves. There are people who by distrust or disbelief do not develop that Divine gift.

Andrea: What is mediumship?

Jorge Olguin: mediumship is the power which enables us to develop a psychic perception to be able to communicate telepathically, not only with extraterrestrial entities, but with any disincarnated being.

Andrea: What are disincarnated beings?

Jorge Olguin: The theory of reincarnation says that there is no death, but a transmutation. On death, we leave our physical plane of vibration and go to a higher vibrational plane, which is what is commonly known as "the world of the spirits".

Andrea: And you keep contact with disincarnated beings and aliens?

Jorge Olguin: I need to clarify that communication with extraterrestrials does not take place with their physical part, but with their spiritual part. Most of the time they give us messages of love, positive messages.

Andrea: How do you do that mediumship?

Jorge Olguin: There is a previous preparation, where I harmonize physically and mentally to the person to be contacted. Then, one gets into a kind of trance, projecting impersonal love and finally an inspiration is made, visualizing a radiant light. One mentally "intents" that the spirit shows up, and automatically, the entity presents and speaks using the medium's voice. Then we become to be the "vessel".

Andrea: What do they usually say?

Jorge Olguin: That most popular messages lack veracity. That there is not going to be a Final Judgment, but a Great Communion with God, because if there is Divine Mercy there can be no eternal fire. They also say that most of the messages are discouraging. They predict planetary catastrophes, earthquakes, floods or total wars. But this will not be the case. There will be a big change, it’s true. But it’s going to be a change in consciousness in the human spirit. But we still have a long way to go to get there, because we don’t understand that our world is finite and we are depredating it. We have to understand that the Earth is a living organism. Don’t destroy that organism. It’s up to us to avoid that outcome announcing thoseapocalyptic prophecies.

Andrea: When was the last time that you contacted an extraterrestrial entity?

Jorge Olguin: I communicate on a regular basis in the sessions that we organize with the spiritual group. The sessions consist of a first part, a conference about a subject to deal with, and a second part where the telepathic contact takes place. In the conference, I explain that we are not the only inhabited world in the universe.

Andrea: Are there any other inhabited worlds in the universe?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, and I don’t only affirm this because it was dictated to me in the messages, but also because of common sense. Just think that only in our galaxy there are three hundred billion solar systems. Let’s suppose there is life in a small percentage, of a world in a million star systems, we would have a figure of three hundred thousand inhabited planets in the galaxy. In addition, there are billions of galaxies like ours in the universe. If God is the supreme wisdom, He is not going to create an infinite universe that only has life in a tiny


Andrea: Could you get into trance now? How would you do it?

Jorge Olguin: First, One has to be involved in Love, harmonize and mentally "intent" for the entity to communicate.

Andrea: Do we do it?

Jorge Olguin: Yes, you listen and the entity will transmit the message.

Andrea: We listen to you then.

Tar: I speak to you not only to give you all my blessings, but to also let you know that the human race has a great mission. It’s the mission of twinning, the mission of staying in touch with each other and, above all things, to have a vocation of service. Do not think that service is only providing material support to a similar, because not everyone can do it. The service is to give your time, to offer you as a human being, to give that impersonal love that we all living creatures have, not only on Earth but also on all the planets in the known universe.

That service is going to make daily life better, both for the people who give it as to those who receive it. Above all, what we have to offer is that impersonal love, disinterested, in order to ensure that the entire race rises in vibration. At present there is plenty of selfishness and tremendous ego. People are sensitive, take offense, and withdraw into themselves, they only think in their own grief and don’t think of the others’ pain. As my spiritual brother, Master Jesus, said two millenniums ago "Love each other". That is achieved when there is no ego at all. That is the message. My name is Tar; I am from Orion 4, my greetings and I leave you in the company of this vessel.

Andrea: Now is Jorge Olguin communicating again?

Jorge Olguin: Yes. The entity who was communicating is a millennial spirit and is not the first time that I receive him. On Earth, he was known as Thot (Hermes Trismegisto). He is an entity of another stellar system and, as you will have noticed, gives messages of love. I hope that all listeners become aware that Love is the only path towards global brotherhood.

Andrea: Thank you very much, Professor Jorge Olguin.

Jorge Olguin: It has been a pleasure and the main thing is to leave you a message of love from one human being to another human being. We always think about our problems and very few times on other's problems. To Love is not to need, to Love is to give. Let us begin to Love. Thanks.

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