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Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Tar from Orion 4
Interlocutor: So long and grateful for your revelation... I listen...
Tar: I am Tar, a native from Orion 4. I am again with you, joyful to convey my love and also to clarify some doubts. You may ask.
Interlocutor: My first question relates to the U.S. Air Force, which they now say that the so-called "Roswell Incident" had no relationship with extraterrestrials, and that the bodies found were dolls from a military experiment.
Tar: That is a childish story. The bodies found were not dolls, but extraterrestrials. Among the wreckage of the crashed spaceship there were metallic alloys unknown to the Earth. That is an irrefutable proof.
The country of the north has had more contacts. They have more ships that crashed and even more bodies of which you call aliens, at least of 4 different races.
Interlocutor: Were any ships captured by airplanes?
Tar: No, you lack the necessary technology and you don’t have proper armament to capture a spaceship from another planetary system. They were always crashed ships.
Interlocutor: But why coming now with the news that those who can only believe are not in the topic? Is it a question of power?
Tar: They do it just to confuse people, something that is very easy to do, because of the large disbelief that exists in the people of your world.
Interlocutor: Why hiding that knowledge, which could bring a breakthrough to mankind?
Tar: That is the issue. Why share this advanced technology, when they can use it to their own benefit? One of the ships keeps a secret that their scientists are trying to clarify for 40 years: the energy shield. Both crew members of that ship died when crashing and their bodies are still being studied. They cause astonishment by the anatomical difference with human beings, because they are beings very similar to your insects called locusts. They have no internal skeleton, but a kind of shell. They have two eyes and two antennas, which catch irradiation from another being at a considerable distance.
Interlocutor: Where does this race, type of locust, come from?
Tar: They come from the Constellation of Arthur and they are predator beings, who have a total disregard for the lives of others.
Interlocutor: This point is clarified. Now I would like to know whether the following is possible. Imagine that a medium "takes" the spirit of a great mathematician... Could he transmit a determined formula to show that the communication is not a fraud?
Tar: Yes, that is possible, but is not true with language. The thetan does not transmit in a specific language, because in the spiritual planes communication is done through the transmission of ideas or intentions. Therefore, the medium will speak the language he knows, even if he communicates with the spirit of a person from another region or a being from another world.
Interlocutor: Changing the subject... We have talked a lot about spiritual levels. We know that they go from level 2 to level 5, then the angelical level 6, level 7 of the Divine Energies, level 8 of the Elohim. And then, does the Absolute follow?
Tar: No, the Absolute is above all levels of vibration and, as well, is "inside" these levels... because nothing is outside the Creator.
Interlocutor: I had misinformation on that matter. Now it’s clarified ... Another question that I have is regarding to what it means when it says that a Planetary Logo is an entity that manifests through a planet or when it says that a Solar Logo is an entity that manifests through a solar system?
Tar: Planetary Logos and Solar Logos do not have physical manifestation in the worlds, because that would be absurd. The Logos are spiritual entities and have their limitations. If there is a manifestation, the same is in the consciousness of every incarnated being. The only physical and spiritual manifestation in all planets and all star systems of the universe is the manifestation of the Absolute.
Interlocutor: Another clarified point. What powers do Elohim have in plane 8?
Tar: They have the power to create. They are creators. For that reason in the physical plane, in ancient times, Jehovah was confused with the Absolute, when not having another reference. And with respect to Jehovah, that being in plane 8, had to descend a portion of himself to plane 4, to be able to communicate regularly with the earthly entities. Otherwise, such high vibration could have never been channeled by Moses and Aaron. It was regrettable that Jehovah was invaded by the ego and became vulnerable to temptation of spiritual planes 2 and 3, and the subtlety of demons. He yielded to various pressures, making many
errors, as for example the tortures to Job. He also got revenge of those who did not worship him, even punishing an entire population. He imposed by fear rather than by love. What is worrying is that today many religions "fear God" because of cultural heritages badly understood. And we know that the Absolute does not punish, He is all love and his goal is our goal: the great Communion.
Interlocutor: That is clear. Now another question: Is it possible to descend to planes -1 and -2 for pending karma?
Tar: No, entities only descend to those planes due to extreme cruelty. Pending karma may be the reason for which the spirit returns to incarnate as many times as may be necessary until "the lesson is learned", but he will never descend to the seventh or eighth sphere, or planes -1 and -2, by karma, but by acts that brush the limit of what’s despicable.
Interlocutor: Let me clarify something. There is an individual karma, family karma, racial karma, planetary karma... Would it be the sum of these karmas or there is some independent planetary karma?
Tar: There is a planetary karma which can be the sum of all these karmas and other planetary karma that can be independent. I am going to give you a valid example: In many cases, human beings don’t respect the lives of other species and even come to exterminate some, adding indiscriminate fishing, logging in large forests, decimating them. They don’t consider that Earth is a living organism... and they abuse it. That’s an independent planetary karma.
Interlocutor: Master Jesus already said that he is very afflicted by the pollution which this world is suffering...
Tar: That is so... but you should bear in mind that there are different entities, like you or like others, caring for their habitat; obviously they are not part of the planetary karma. The Absolute does not commit injustices.
Interlocutor: Now, I would like to know about a question that many would like to clarify...
Tar: Ask.
Interlocutor: Is Master Jesus incarnated at present?
Tar: Master Jesus is not incarnated in any physical manifestation. It’s not yet the time. All those who claim to have some kind of knowledge about Jesus are directly fantasizing. They might be doing well, but for lying so blatantly, they could create themselves negative karma. And some have such delirium that could even believe it.
Interlocutor: When can we call an entity "thetan"?
Tar: When the spirit is "divided" is called thetan, a 10% is incarnated and the other 90% is in his spiritual level. When the spirit is disincarnated, he no longer is thetan and is called by his name. Jesus is Jesus. All disincarnated spirits have a name. I prefer that you say thetan to the one who is incarnated: "The thetan of..."
Interlocutor: I understand... Turning to the topic of initiations, the book of Alice A. Bailey, entitled "Human and Solar Initiation”, talks about the first initiation, second initiation, and so on. The question is: What initiation, for example, does Johnakan Ur-el have?
Tar: Johnakan received the fifth initiation, the same one that has masters Siddhartha, Lao Tse, Confucius and beloved Master Jesus.
Interlocutor: Hermes said in a phrase that transpired: "As above, so below”. This phrase has its application in the spiritual world, because each entity, when incarnated, has a percentage in the physical plane and another larger one in his spiritual plane. The question is whether the same is true with the Absolute, that is, if He has an incarnated part (the physical universe) and another part outside this one?
Tar: The physical universe is the manifestation of the Absolute, but so are all the spiritual planes. The Absolute is “Everything” and that includes the 22 parallel universes, which are also His manifestation. I don’t know whether there is anything outside the 22 parallel universes.
Interlocutor: Talking about parallel universes, does this mean that if I, here, in this incarnation, have a failure in another parallel universe can I succeed in the same way where here I failed?
Tar: You can have failures in 21 parallel universes and success in the number 22. There may be successes in 21 worlds and failures in only one. The parallel universes are independent of each other. In a world you may have 5 children, being single in another...
Interlocutor: And everything happens at the same time?
Tar: Of course, it happens at the same time!
Interlocutor: Changing the subject, when disincarnating, do we integrate directly to our thetan?
Tar: It's hard for you to understand that part. You are the thetan, but when disincarnating, you are spirit. The thetan is no longer thetan, it is spirit.
Interlocutor: I understand. And the reactive mind, where is it going? Do engrams accumulate for the next incarnation?
Tar: No, engrams stay in the spirit. They are not accumulated.
Interlocutor: And the reactive mind?
Tar: If the spirit manages to integrate his egos, can overcome his engrams, but the reactive mind is inherent to the spirit. The important thing is that the reactive mind is not fertile ground for creating more engrams.
Interlocutor: It has been said that in the planes of Light, the spirits have no Ego.
Tar: No, because they have managed to integrate their ego. But the physical plane is a two-edged sword, as you say in your world. For example: If your thetan is in plane 4 and you, due to selfishness, disincarnate with ego roles, your spirit automatically will lower of vibratory level, because in the planes of Light, the ego has no room, since service is all-embracing. I have to leave you now. Greetings and all my love.
Interlocutor: So long, Tar, and once again, I am thankful for you being with us.

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