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Is there an encrypted code in the Bible?
In the same way that the spirits of Error influenced the scientists who examined the eyes of the Virgin of Guadalupe, they also influenced in the Israeli mathematician Eliyahu Rips, Michael Drosnin and his followers so that they accept the secret code of the bible as real.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to talk: Master Ruanel

Interlocutor:. To conclude, because many people have asked me, what validity does the secret code of the Bible have? Supposedly Michael Drosnin found it in 1997
Ruanel: It is purely and simply nonsense. The Bible was written by mediocre and ignorant people and also religious fanatics, and therefore there is no causality in the biblical texts. When they say they have deciphered things using computers it is absolutely false.
There is no evidence written in numbers: if you check the chapters you are going to find such prophecy. Nowhere it says that.
Interlocutor: Have the spirits of error influenced in Michael Drosnin so that he made such blunder?
Ruanel: They have been made a banquet with this author! They made him see things that didn't exist.
Interlocutor: The same as the scientists who studied the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe?
Ruanel: Exactly. Notice that Michael Drosnin didn’t even give a small proof, a small page.
If I incarnated , I were selling you a wonderful hair restorer, the logical thing would be that I give you a sample so that you use it during one week and you prove it to check if I am telling you the truth or if I have lied to you. Drosnin didn't give any proof of what he affirms.
As well as people are conditioned, as it happens to freemasons, believing all that they sell them, in this they are also conditioned.
What are we teaching as a group? We teach the messages, the common sense that doesn’t hurt your sensitivity, and above all things To serve, to be a useful being.
If they teach you something that doesn't have a message, maybe it won't hurt your sensitivity but it won’t contribute you anything either.
Interlocutor: Sensitivity or common sense?
Ruanel: Sensitivity because there are messages that hurt your sensitivity. There are messages that are imposed. The ten commandments for instance. The commandment number one, Doesn't it hurt your sensitivity? "You shall love me above all things." It doesn’t hurt your common sense, it hurts your sensitivity.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Ruanel: I find perfect “you won't steal", “you won't kill", but the topic is that the message doesn't hurt sensitivity or common sense.
Interlocutor: I think that there is also another question: Which is the original Bible? If this author is based on the translated Bible, we know that phrase "traduttore tradittore", that is to say, the translator is always a traitor.
Ruanel: I agree completely, besides we know that there were many more gospels than the four originals of the New Testament. This was already spoken in numerous times, and we also know that inside of those four gospels the editors have distorted the words of our brother Jesus; they have changed things, so…
Interlocutor: . So no code can be extracted from something that is definitely delusional.
Ruanel: Exactly, you have said what I was about to say. As you say, this is what these people who speak that the Bible has a secret code don't understand. As well as they have distorted the original Testament, the Jews, have also distorted the translations. Then, mistakenly it cannot have a secret code.
Interlocutor: What language was the Bible originally written in?
Ruanel: It has been written in different languages, in Aramaic, in Greek, in Latin, There has not been an original language.
Interlocutor: Somehow, the Bible is then, a recollection of texts from different sources.
Ruanel: Correct. How can it be a code of something that is a summary of authors who they didn’t even know each other?
From the Bible they have made, and I apologize for this earthly and mundane expression, a fruit salad, and from a fruit salad, you cannot extract any code because such code is impossible to exist.
It is as if you took some recipes randomly and you used them to make a salad and later on somebody wanted to discover the masterful recipe behind. It would be something senseless.
Interlocutor: Well, I believe that this is also clarified. Do we continue with some other question or we let Jorge rest?
Ruanel: The second thing. I leave all my Light to you.
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.

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