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SESSION - 09/SEP/2003
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: EON (the Absolute)
Interlocutor: EON?
Eon: Here I am again communicating with you.
Interlocutor: First, is there any message?
Eon: In each world there are different degrees of evolutions. On this planet, where you are living now, there are many things you could do to be better, but you don’t do them. The incarnated human being in this world has a tremendous dose of selfishness, and in many cases you are so possessed by those so materialistic roles, that many times you don't realize how worthless everything is: struggles, fights, endless discussions…
When I started communicating through this vessel, I said that you were as your small children in kindergarten and I reiterate that again.
There are thousands and thousands of planets where there are also homo sapiens-sapiens, because having the same life conditions it can also arise what you call human beings. But despite the fact that all the spirits are fairly equal, you have something special, because you have an abstract thinking and a branch of philosophy so important that is surpassed by very few worlds, although you don’t specialize in the subject as the inhabitants of Antares 4 do, despite the fact that they are pastoral people.
In fact, I would like to clarify that no spirit is equal to another, but when saying fairly equal, I mean that in essence you have the same capacity of synthesis, concept, logic, and consistency. That superior abstract thinking is contradicted by your conduct. The contradiction of having such great capacity of abstract thought, scientific thought, through which you have discovered so many things, nevertheless you continue bound throughout history – which for me is nothing, but for you is a long time – to your irrational fears, your childish fears. And you have got to the point of which both of you, men and women, have communication problems
and look at each other as if you were beings of a different kind.
This lack of communication does not happen in other worlds, where they don’t have your thinking capacity, and here lies the paradox. That is why I say that this world is unusual, not only because of what it was said, but because it is one of the few worlds in this galaxy – in which there are 300 billion stars – where many languages are spoken, where there are so many dialects, so many religions and where you even have territorial
limits… It’s absurd!
Interlocutor: Was this peculiar human way done on purpose or by chance?
Eon: Actually, nothing is random. I will give a very simple example so you could understand me…
It's like when you prepare a salad in the physical plane and you pour the appropriate ingredients and it goes well. The next day, as you liked as it was, you prepare it in the same way but now perhaps it needs a bit more of something or it has a pinch more of something else and then… the salad comes out differently.
Interlocutor: Are we talking from the standpoint of the Absolute or the Elohim?
Eon: We are talking from the standpoint of the Absolute.
Interlocutor: So somehow, is there something unpredictable for the Absolute?
Eon: Let me make this quite clear to avoid any misunderstanding: There are no unpredictable things for the Absolute. There is a Whole within my broad concept… It’s very difficult to translate… This vessel is making a superhuman effort to decode my idea and translate it into your language…
What I mean is… there is nothing unpredictable, but somehow you pour the ingredients and then, using your language, you switch "on" the blender and mix everything. And it’s the blender that’s mixing. And I let the blender doing its job, although in reality it’s not so, because I am the blender as well.
Interlocutor: Are you telling me that somehow you leave something at random?
Eon: Sure… I leave something at random, although that chance is planned. It’s not unpredictable.
Interlocutor: Now I got the idea… The result is within the possibilities that could happen.
Eon: Yes. And indeed, the result I already know it. Then, returning to the previous question, that human being of that other planet “was done” differently from another human being who perhaps has the same type of genes, the same chain of ribonucleic acid, and yet is different, as two brothers are different in this physical plane. And this is why you have got abstract thinking much superior than the one in other worlds.
Interlocutor: I understood… Now, how is that "eternal present" of the Absolute? For example, I make this motion with my arm, from one side to the other, which you obviously perceive. I see it as a movement of my arm in time and space, as any other person will perceive it as well. But the question is how EON perceives that, since for you this full movement is an “all now”. Obviously, EON also perceives it as I do, but I’m referring exclusively from the point of view of EON.
Eon: If you could imagine it as I see it in every possible way, you will still fall short. I see it like that and so much more. But let's try to reason what I mean. It’s not that everything is a now. The moment at which the physical universe exists, there is a physical universe with its four dimensions. We are talking about length, width, height and time. So, yes, that time exists. Of course, what happens is since I do not have limits, I am within the space and outside the space, and within the time and outside the time. But for you, whether you are or you are not incarnated, there is no eternal present. If you could somehow make your decoder leave that space and time and perceive things from outside, perhaps you would see it going faster, like those old films seen.
Interlocutor: Then, would I not see them as something motionless?
Eon: No, as something motionless, no. But up to there it will get your perception, because as your perception was born within the space-time, you cannot imagine something else, because your concept cannot grasp it. Not even as 100% spirit you would have the concept to understand it.
Interlocutor: But when we plunge into the Absolute in the Big Crunch… Will we?
Eon: Yes, of course, but in this case you would no longer be spirit but be part of the Absolute.
Interlocutor: Of course, it’s a way of saying that we are going to plunge into the Absolute and be part of him, because we are part of him… Is it right?
Eon: Yes, it’s correct.
Interlocutor: After all these explanations, I wonder if there really was a creation, that is, if there was a time when it all began… Or both, the Absolute and the Creation, always existed, with all the Big Bangs and Big Crunches?
Eon: The universe is a manifestation of what has been created and what has not been created. What has not been created means that at any given time something was created.
Interlocutor: But then, what was before? This is the crux!
Eon: No, no… Let's wait until the decoder of this vessel works, because he’s making a tremendous effort to translate my concept… And it's not to praise him, but this concept that I am giving, he is the only person on this planet, at this moment, that can translate it…
What it’s not created could be me, but it can also be the physical manifestation, the universe. But in reality this is not the case. I existed, at any given time, as a manifestation of energy, a very but very subtle energy… It was an entire energy level and there was no physical plane and not even spiritual planes. And as well as the stars have the gift, let us not say the power, of heating up until they consume their nuclear reaction and then cool down, my gift, among other things, is to create, and I say among other things because I also give love, mercy, etc.
But let's say that one of my roles is to create. So at any given time I created a physical universe divided into 22 universes, with the multiple universes that began and ended, and also I created the supra-universes, also called spiritual worlds.
Then, it’s excellent what this vessel wrote "In the beginning there was Nothing and Nothing was Everything". Why was there Nothing? There was Nothing because EON could not be perceived by anyone... because there was no one. But as well it was whole, because inside of me there is everything.
Interlocutor: It’ means, that something was latent.
Eon: There was something latent, latent to infinity. Then, when I say Nothing, it’s that Nothing occupied not even a physical point. It was all energy, not tangible energy.
Interlocutor: And, was it the only thing that existed?
Eon: Yes, that was the only thing that existed.
Interlocutor: There was nothing else.
Eon: That's right, there was nothing more than that. And suddenly, only with intentions, because there is the gift of creation, everything known in the universe was originated through the first Big Bang, with its 22 parallel universes, and with supra-universes, that is to say, the spiritual or supraphysical universes with all the planes.
Interlocutor: It's perfectly clear.
Eon: From there on, the structure is formed, which was empty and it had to be filled. So I created the Aes, the Essences, the Elohim, the Divine Energies, and all other Energies, and I gave power to the Elohim to create the Spirits, Angels, Devas. I explain it this way to make it understandable. This is something that not even quantum physicists would understand it.
Interlocutor: Obviously the Elohim created under your supervision.
Eon: Of course. Outside perfection, everything else is imperfect until they evolve to perfection. Let's say that the spirits are evolving beings, but we know that the reactive mind has reached to even some Elohim.
Interlocutor: Yes, we already have that information.
Eon: There may be a hint of imperfection in an Essence, even in the Aes that are at this moment "handling" the physical-atomic structure of the universe with the aim that it does not collapse until it is the precise moment in time…
Interlocutor: Until reaching the Big Crunch…
Eon: That's right… That’s the role of the Aes, to maintain the physical and spiritual structure of the universe. And when I speak of the universe, I mean the 22 parallel universes and also the supraphysical universes.
Interlocutor: It’s clear… What is the role of the Essences?
Eon: The Essences act overseeing that everything goes well, but not at the level of the Aes, which is overseeing the structure of the universe, but the structure of living things. And Essences can somehow try and pass on to me what they perceive to be abnormal. However there are very few times that I intervene for not violating the free will.
Interlocutor: And the Elohim?
Eon: The Elohim continue fulfilling the role of being creators… There are Elohim who have been moved from this sector to other sectors… in this sector there are only seven.
Interlocutor: Let me ask a question… and the following Big Bangs?
Eon: They are going to be the same, except that one octave higher.
Interlocutor: Will they be? Or, are they already?
Eon: I say they will be from your point of view and from the standpoint of people who read this.
Interlocutor: I understand… But, are all previous Big Bangs and all subsequent Big Bangs for eternity? I mean if there is no more creation because everything has already been created.
Eon: The gift of the Absolute is to create, but I do not rule improvising tomorrow. At this time there will be no changes, it’s expected to have continuous Big Bangs and Big Crunches, but if tomorrow…
Interlocutor: What do you mean when saying "tomorrow"?
Eon: Tomorrow may be tens of billions of years into the future, and perhaps tens of Big Bangs and Big Crunches.
Interlocutor: I understand…
Eon: And suddenly, when a Big Crunch comes, instead of making a new Big Bang, I pause that new explosion and say, well, let's see now what can happen if instead of the Elohim, I directly create the spirits… Creations have to be always consistent, there must be balanced universes, and there cannot be multidimensional universes, with double time…
Interlocutor: That’s clear, but what confuses me is that for the Absolute everything is a now. If everything is a now, it should already be designed or rather made all the creations that may exist.
Eon: There are two ways to describe it, and perhaps one will be easier to understand than the other. It’s okay what you say, that for me everything is an eternal present, but also you can understand it as a succession of present times. Besides, although to me there are no limits, we will set a specific number – let’s not say eternity – for example, there will be 1000 Big Bangs and Big Crunches more. I already know what will happen with the last one…
Interlocutor: You say "what will happen", but nevertheless you already know what happened…
Eon: Yes, I already know what has already happened. And we are talking about 40 billion years multiplied by 1000.
Interlocutor: But if for the Absolute everything is a now, it also has to be the Creation 1001, whatever it will be.
Eon: I will try to simplify it so that you can understand it… We just talked about future changes... imagine that at some future date, after the Big Crunch number 1000, I change my mind and I create something different, a universe without Suns, with nebulas, where beings can live at 300 degrees below zero, and evolve rather than with brain decoders, with energy decoders and they communicate with rays or…
Interlocutor: But you already know whether you did it or not…
Eon: Of course I already know it! What happens is that I come into the continuum temporary space to be understood by you. So, I speak through this vessel as if I were within the time too.
Interlocutor: Now I understand… it’s the knowledge of the Absolute seen from our point of view….
Eon: Of course! That's why I said that perhaps at some future date I may change my mind, but deep down I already know if I changed it or not. And I have endless revelations to do of what it might have happened and you would say "what it has already happened" or what is happening or what will happen or what it was or what it is. Because if it is an eternal present, it can be "it was, it is or it will be". It's everything at once! And I can see it in that way.
Interlocutor: Let's see if I understand… When everything is an eternal present, from the standpoint of the Absolute, there is nothing to create because everything has already been created? Is that correct?
Eon: That’s correct.
Interlocutor: And there was not even a creation, a beginning. Everything always was.
Eon: Looking at it from that absolute point of view, yes, that is the case! Even before creating the first Big Bang, when my essence, my being was an intangible energy, I questioned myself at that time if I would create the first universe, as I already had the knowledge of the last one.
Interlocutor: But being everything an eternal present, for the Absolute, was it not already done?
Eon: Sure, it was done as well and for that reason I had the knowledge, because one cannot have the knowledge of what has not been done.
Interlocutor: But in our case...
Eon: You can have that knowledge when imagining what you will be doing tomorrow and eventually you might not do it, because you decided to do something else. But in my case, having knowledge means "already done".
Interlocutor: I perfectly understood it. From the standpoint of the Absolute is a circle, or rather a circumference that always existed and it does not have a beginning. Is it something like that?
Eon: And so the circle can be considered as a whole or as a succession of endless points.
Interlocutor: Now I understand.
Eon: I don't want to say more than is needed, so you won't get confused. Do you want me to continue?
Interlocutor: Yes, of course I encourage you.
Eon: Well, as you would say, you're "getting into hot water".
Interlocutor: I'm already in. I'm in a dancing room and I have no choice but to dance.
Eon: Today – I mean your “today” and not mine – I can change my mind and decide that this be the last Big Crunch, meaning that there will be no more 1000 Big Bangs - Big Crunches. Would that mean that everything that was planned will no longer exist? How could that be, if it had already been planned, until the last Big Bang! Well, I could suddenly, as you say in the physical plane, improvise and say no to myself, I just got bored… using the expression "bored", of course, from your standpoint, as you have the possibility of getting bored…
Interlocutor: You mean that what it has already been done, cannot be changed?
Eon: Yes, that’s right, what is done cannot be changed, but I have the gift, or power, if you want to call it that, to improvise with what I want…
Interlocutor: But, what happens with the events that have already happened? Let’s assume that I throw this ashtray to the floor…
Eon: I would create, from the standpoint of EON, not from the point of view of your decision, an alternative universe… Do you remember when in previous sessions you said: "If instead of taking that bus I don’t take it, I am creating an alternative universe, and later that alternative universe, is rearranged and returns to its normal channel and that alternative universe disappears"…
Interlocutor: Yes, I remember…
Eon: Well, EON, with his decision, can create alternative universes. This is the crux of the matter. That’s why I said that you're getting into hot waters…
Interlocutor: Well, but so far I understand it perfectly… The fact is done… Nero burned Rome and that’s it. How could be done to eliminate what was already done?
Eon: The fact doesn't disappear; there are alternatives that are created.
Interlocutor: Ok, but Nero…
Eon: I already know everything, as everything is an eternal present for me, there will be at least 1000 Big Bangs and Big Crunches more, and I could choose to wait for this Big Crunch to finish and do something else. But on the other hand, the 1000 Big Bangs - Big Crunches more have already been created. Then, what happens with that?
Well, I could create a perfectly valid alternative line. On one side, there would be the 22 parallel universes with their supraphysical universes, with spirits who continue evolving and raising the universe more octaves, which is happening so far. And on the other side, there would be universes of nebulas, without stars, with beings of energy like clouds and they could not understand how it would be possible the existence of other universes with physical forms…
Interlocutor: That's very clear… But those alternative Big Bangs, from the standpoint of the Absolute, already exist…
Eon: That’s correct.
Interlocutor: So everything from the standpoint of the Absolute existed, exists and will exist, as the circumference, which has no beginning or end. Is that correct?
Eon: That’s right, that's it… The effort that has made this vessel to translate my concepts, which were very difficult to interpret, even though on paper are so simple, is so tremendous that he has drained almost all of his energy. At the moment, he is exhausted… His mind has worked hard…
Interlocutor: Will it be Ok to make a few more questions?
Eon: You can make a few more…
Interlocutor: The first one is something that many people ask me, and it’s about the premonitory dreams that we know they do not exist. The second one is… why are time travelers required?
Eon: Let's first see the question on the premonitory dreams. Dreams, categorically, are never premonitory. It’s just that, among several things, dreams are also expressions of desires and often the Thetan may interfere in them so that they are fulfilled. Moreover, and this has already been said, dreams are sometimes mixed with past life events. That’s why when a person is dreaming, he could suddenly find himself in a habitat that recognizes as his own, but after waking up, he realizes that it has nothing to do with him.
Interlocutor: Then, the fact that someone fulfilled what he dreamed, it’s only by coincidence or because the Thetan somehow unwittingly interfered to make such a thing happen. Is that correct?
Eon: It’s exactly the case.
Interlocutor: What about time travelers?
Eon: Time travelers are not indispensable. Simply you have created a technique to travel in time through quantum physics and that's it.
Interlocutor: Then, is it not for repairing alterations in the time line? I say this because Kronbus told us that the mission of time travelers was to repair those facts that have already happened and somehow have changed. So, the mission of time travelers was to make that past events remain as they happened, without alterations.
Eon: There are planets where there are no time travelers and therefore they do not repair anything and history continues its course. What they are repairing is physical. The physical does not matter. We have said that the planet Earth may disappear and the terrestrial race end, and nevertheless the spirits continue their evolution incarnating in another planet.
Interlocutor: As you said, it seems to have no sense that time travelers fix anything…
Eon: Yes, that's what I'm saying. The physical is temporary.
Interlocutor: Sorry for insisting, but the Thetan of Kronbus told us that time travelers come to the past to redress historical facts that were altered.
Eon: It might look fine, because it's like a toy for the incarnated being, but if we look at it from the "above", everything what they are fixing is temporary. I reiterate that the true life is in the spirit and although the life on the physical plane of this planet ends tomorrow, the spirits will continue incarnating and evolving in other worlds.
Interlocutor: But let's assume that a time traveler wants to save Kennedy from being murder… I understand that he cannot…
Eon: No, you cannot because it’s already done, already happened.
Interlocutor: But if they did? Will another time traveler have to go to the past to fix it?
Eon: Yes, he has to go to fix it.
Interlocutor: And if they did not?
Eon: Then, history would change. It would change all the facts, all your memories…
Interlocutor: I was thinking… Let’s suppose that in the true history, Kennedy was not killed and someone from the future come to kill him, because he wants to change history, and no time traveler might prevent it from happening.
Eon: Then, it would change the memory of all human beings beyond that time and history would be as he was murdered.
Interlocutor: But in our history Kennedy was murdered. However, what would happen if a time traveler prevents the murder? Would it form an alternative universe?
Eon: No, an alternative universe is not formed. Just the history of the murder did not happen and everybody would remember Kennedy alive and that the murder was prevented.
Interlocutor: So Kronbus was wrong to say that the time travelers are important.
Eon: Kronbus saw it from the standpoint of the incarnated human.
Interlocutor: But I telepathically communicated with his Thetan!
Eon: It's the same thing. The Thetan of Kronbus is a spirit and the spirit has limitations. He is also "within" time.
Interlocutor: Now I understood… the last question: Was incarnated Kronbus curious to find out how was him at this present time?
Eon: Yes, he was, but he did not communicate. And his thinking was that he did not recognize the person as him from the past. The same thing would happen to you if you travel to ancient Rome and see yourself there… you would not recognize him as you in that previous incarnation.
Interlocutor: I understand… so the incarnated Kronbus didn’t know that his Thetan was telepathically communicating with us.
Eon: No, because the incarnated being doesn’t know what his Thetan is doing… I send you all my bluish white Light.
Interlocutor: Until next time EON and thanks.

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