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The true story
Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Now I want to approach a very sensitive topic, I am referring to Michael Jackson who died recently. Was he a pedophile as many accused him? I remember he was absolved. I believe that there was an arrangement with his accuser who withdrew the accusation.
Ruanel: He had the mind of a child. He truly sheltered children in his house and he lied with them on the same bed, he even ended up touching them, he ended up making affectionate caressings, but he never had penetration or something like that with none of them.
Interlocutor: How about the children?
Ruanel: No, neither did they.
Interlocutor: But then he was not a pedophile.
Ruanel: One can be a pedophile or a sexual molester without penetration. What happens is that he took it as a game; he was just like another child, a big child.
Interlocutor: Well, but then, he was not a pedophile. I mean, at least not like those pedophile priests we know about.
Ruanel: No, not in that way, but if one wants to complicate things, as you say in the physical plane, he didn't stop being one because he was a grown-up man who had a mind of a child besides he was also a super hypochondriac, when he was with the children he became less attentive and he did play a game of caresses.
Interlocutor: That’s clear. and with regard to his death? Was it a case of overdose?
Ruanel: Yes, but I rather call it "malpractice."
Interlocutor: Why malpractice?
Ruanel: Not a direct malpractice, since the doctors, especially the main doctor, they knew all he was taking…
If I, being incarnated, I am taking care of a public celebrity, one of the most famous on the planet, and I see that his behavior is leading to his death, with a low food diet, with a weight of 20 pounds less than his normal weight, with a lot of pills in his stomach, and I see that he doesn't heed my advice. In fact it is not malpractice because he is not heeding my advice, but after all I am the one who prescribed the drugs.
Then I can do two things: either I play the fool or directly I quit being his doctor and I make a notary statement declaring that I quitted being his doctor because my patient doesn't fulfill the requirements of the prescription I gave him warning that his life is at risk. When the doctor didn’t do it, he didn’t stop being an accomplice of his death.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking of a single doctor or a group of doctors?
Ruanel: I mean to the main doctor, the other doctors who also knew he was at risk, played the fools.
Interlocutor: I understand. How about his transformation from black to white Was it a problem related to vitiligo as they said?
Ruanel: No, not at all, it was related to a gigantic engramic problem, bigger than the Himalaya. Notice that one of his sisters went through several operations. They looked like twin siblings with regard to the face. She had her nose sharpened also and many other things. Michael was like he despised his original race, his Afro-American race.
Interlocutor: Concretely then, we are speaking of an engramic problem, in which vitiligo had nothing to do.
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Can we talk about now on behalf of his humanitarian part?
Ruanel: Yes, of course! Besides, musically speaking, and I beg pardon as a Master of Light to approach such a mundane topic, there is no doubt that the video “Thriller” is the best video clip in history, with the commendation that it even had the voice of an excellent actor of horror movies as Vincent Price to whom you know very well.
Interlocutor: Yes, of course, I remember one of his movies, "The fly". By the way and to conclude with this topic, What is the name of Michael's spirit and in which spiritual plane he is?
Ruanel: His spirit is called Monsegael and he is in the plane 3.8.
Interlocutor: The question now is Why he is not in a mastery plane, if he did so many charity works?
Ruanel: The answer is because he has many roles of Ego. In spite of his great success, since when he was alive he was one of the greatest characters, he had a big low self-esteem. If he had known Psychointegration and Psychoauditing, I say possibly because nothing is 100% sure, he would have taken care of himself.
Interlocutor: Well, Master, I consider that we can finish this topic, Do you agre?
Ruanel: Okay, in this way we’ll let this vessel rest.

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