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At the present time we don’t know exactly what Gravity is. However, scientists assume that gravity is the fourth force of Nature. According to the Masters of Light, this is a huge mistake because there are 3 forces only:
1. Electromagnetic Force
2. The Strong Force
3. The Weak Force
It doesn’t matter if scientists believe in channeling or not, at least they should consider this new paradigm seriously, perhaps they can find the answer. We know that they have the formulas right in front of them although their theories are wrong.
Medium: Jorge Olguin
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Morganel.
Morganel: You think that you are advanced technologically. How much you still lack! How many things you ignore. You have no idea of the anti-gravitational principle. You have no idea of anything.
Researches have been made in different countries about time travel and some scientists are already seeing the possibility of those trips; they are no longer denying it, they are already seeing the possibility. But you are far, very far from it. Because I dive in the mind of those incarnated beings and their theories - although they are well-guided - they are wrong.
If the decoder of this vessel had a base of knowledge on the topic – Unfortunately he doesn't have it - I could give him some formulas but I can only transmit the concepts. But if the decoder of this vessel doesn't have a conceptual base on that topic, it will be futile and it will be useless. It is about giving the biggest approach to what one has to say. I can only say this: Do not take gravity as a force, like the strong, the weak, and the electromagnetic; don't take it as a fourth force. Do not look for the Theory of Everything (TOE) because that’s your mistake. We have already investigated it with the sublime Johnakan. You will knock your heads against the wall. There are three forces, not four. Study it, deepen it. Gravity is not a force. Not in the way that you are thinking.
Interlocutor: Therefore, we should recognize our ignorance about the physical cause of what we have called gravity phenomenon and we should still recognize that we don't know what Gravity is.
Morganel: Correct. We could call Gravity as a virtue or a defect that interacts with the mass. Interacts with the matter. That is to say, the same matter itself possesses a gravitational state; we would call it "state" not a "force." A gravitational state.
Interlocutor: My question, Morganel, is: Do you know if Einstein's Unified field theory has some scientific validity?
Morganel: No. It doesn’t have any scientific validity. First because we cannot speak of antigravity since they ignore what Gravity is. One cannot speak of annulling the gravitational force when we have already revealed that Gravity is not the fourth force. One cannot speak of annulling inertia. One cannot speak of those topics because what some scientists are doing in the practice is mixing the forces.
First: Every force has a possibility to be isolated. That is an advance that the scientists have not yet demonstrated. At least not in this planet Sun 3. Every force can be isolated...
Interlocutor: Excuse me, Morgan-El. I know that the electromagnetic force can be isolated and we know that since the XIX century, with the Faraday cage.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: However if the strong and the weak force can be isolated, that would be a novelty.
Morganel: They can be isolated perfectly. Obviously that today in Sun 3 the technological advance is not enough to achieve it. In other worlds they have been achieved. On the contrary, gravity cannot be isolated because it is not a force; then, there is no way to connect it - if you understand the word - with the electromagnetism. Today, still without knowing anything of scientific history, any student of High School -, and any basic student relates the magnetism almost immediately to electricity. However, there is no advanced student that has deepened on gravitational systems.

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