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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to talk: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Master, I would like to approach today the topic regarding to the Knights Templar there is enough confusion about them. History depicts them as an order of chevaliers, created at the beginning to protect the pilgrims on their journey to Jerusalem... At the end they ended up burned at the stake.
But the most curious thing in the whole story would be the icon or idol, I don't know how to describe it called Baphomet that we don't know what it was, and how it is possible that being the Templars so powerful they disappeared?
Ruanel: Most of the Templars were not warriors, but people who had a great avidity of knowledge. But the Order was invaded by very fanatic people that represented something that didn't exist.
Interlocutor: For example the Holy Grail? I refer to the cup that according to tradition Jesus and his disciples pupils used to drink in the Last Supper.
Ruanel: Correct... It has already been said that the Holy Grail never existed. The Templars simply armed an entire fantasy as if it were reality and they ended up believing it.
Interlocutor: But Isn’t there something left of that chalice?
Ruanel: That chalice you refer as the Holy Grail, was a simple wooden cup that the time destroyed.
Interlocutor: I understand... And the Templars who were not warriors, what they sustained as to their beliefs?
Ruanel: Nothing valid, their ideas were an entire invention... There was a very big schism among them and when a certain king fought against them, he did it allied with the faction that betrayed to the order, and for that reason they were defeated.
Interlocutor: Here I have written the fact and I mention it for the record: It was about the King Philip “The Fair” who in September 14, 1307 gave the order of arresting all the Templars. The process was organized and held by William of Paris, great inquisitor of France and the king's confessor since 1305. Hundreds of Templars died, only in Paris, under torture, false accusations and the torment of fire.
In March 1314, the Grand Master Jacques de Molay and other dignitaries of the order were burnt alive by order of the pope Clement V a relative of the king of France that curiously was in Poitiers since he didn't reside in Rome. In the rest of Europe the groups of Templars were dissolved without violence and in many cases these knights joined to other military orders as Calatrava or St James. The purpose of the king of France was to take possession of the goods of the Templars at any price, although not everybody sees him right.
Ruanel: That’s right...
Interlocutor: I want to insist in the beliefs of the Templars... Nothing, but nothing, of what they sustained or did believe had some value?
Ruanel: Their beliefs were all unreal. Today, the Apostolic Roman Catholic Church not only do not keep any secret, like the foolishness ideas of Marian Apparitions in Fatima and the so-called Third secret of Lucia, but rather all that is in the light is pure fantasy. No postulate of the Church has validity. Religion itself is nothing more than an enormous engram which by definition is irrational.
Interlocutor: How is it possible there is so much confusion?
Ruanel: It is very simple. An idea begins to rotate and when passing from mouth to mouth through time, it becomes a big snowball that cannot be stopped. Besides, every time that a mystery is made about something, more people are interested to know what there is behind. And that is the reason that many promote it.
Imagine that you, instead of unveiling honesty what there is behind every mystery, that is to say that there is no mystery, you inflate and inflate it and instead of unveiling it you make it deeper... And that has happened to the gifts of Merlin the magician, with the Knights of the Round Table... All fantasies... Please!
Interlocutor: But didn't Merlin the magician or the King Arthur exist?
Ruanel: Merlin the magician existed, but he was a great sage nothing else. The rest was invented by the people. A king also existed in Britain whose name was not Arthur and who was taught by this sage, but nothing to do with the fantasies and nonsense that have been weaved around these people.
Interlocutor: I understand the point. All of this is not bad as fantasy, but the bad thing is when one takes it as reality... To conclude with the topic of the Knights Templar, What was in fact Baphomet? In some pictures it is represented with a human form with horns, with breasts of woman and masculine genitals, and other times without horns seated and with feminine breasts, so it is impossible to determine how this image was. Its origin and function are unknown. But it seems true that this idol was worshipped by the Templars, because they considered their God, their savior that would come to offer them the eternal rest, etc. etc.
Ruanel: Baphomet was an idol that had been made mythologically by two or three Templars that had certain dose of insanity and the rest went with the flow in their own interest.
Interlocutor: Master, with all that you have told me, I believe that all about the Templars was nothing more than craziness... Is that so?
Ruanel: That’s the most exact word to represent the Templars. Don't forget that the confessions were obtained through torture and under torture the Templars said everything that those inquisitors wanted to hear.
Interlocutor: I have extracted here a text from an Italian newspaper, in April 18 2002, it says that the Pope Clement V had absolved to the Templars in the heresy process which put an end to the execution of all the leaders of that religious order in 1308. It was suspected that this exoneration existed, but recently the document was discovered. I even have written down the name of the Italian historian who found it: Barbara Frale. Is it true this acquittal?
Ruanel: That exoneration was real, but false in the sense that it was made so that the people believe that the Church was benevolent...
Interlocutor: Yes, but after the church killed all of them...
Ruanel: Of course... I leave to you all my Light...
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.

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