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In 1981 the Movie “The Entity” which was starred by Barbara Hershey and based on a true story, depicted the story of Carlotta Moran a woman who is permanently attacked by an unseen presence to the point of being physically and sexually abused. Researchers of paranormal phenomena have documented this case very well and they have some theories about this particular phenomenon. Nevertheless, they do not know exactly the source of this phenomenon and the solution to this case.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Who will speak today?
Ruanel: I Am Ruanel. How are you?
Interlocutor: I’m good, Master, and with many questions. Will you give some message or should we start with the questions?
Ruanel: No, not a message, I will simply make a small comment. The physical plane is an enormous gravitational well; I have already said it many times. All that is physical, all that belongs to the plane 1, obviously has gravity. But it is also gravitational at a conceptual level.
How the physical plane attracts to the spiritual world! Feeling the emotions. Notice that when all the spiritual beings embody, they reason with certain philosophies of life, saying that the physical plane is a plane of suffering, where there is pain, disappearances, etc., more in the planet Earth where there are many wars. However, the spirits as a usual expression says in the physical plane: “they stand in the queue to embody again”
Interlocutor: The sentence might be old but it is very illustrative.
Ruanel: The physical plane has something that attracts so much, the feeling of the five senses, to be able to smell a scent, to touch. Notice how the sex attracts in the physical plane that there are beings of the planes of Error 2 and 3 who disembodied with certain engrams at sexual level, and although the spirits have no sex, many of them have the feeling of sexual desire. And for that reason they make focus onto certain women.
Interlocutor: Are we speaking of predisposed women?
Ruanel: Correct. If these women were not so predisposed somehow that behavior of these spirits of error would not take place, because the law of free will would protect these women. If a woman is unsatisfied for some reason, she gives space to those spirits and she attracts them.
Obviously that spirit believes, in his self-centered deceit thinks that he is copulating physically with this woman, but since the spirit have no orgasm because it’s a spirit, it doesn't reach the climax and therefore he is always with the unsatisfied desire, and that brings him more engrams. These are engrams that are restimulated permanently.
Interlocutor: And how does that spirit come out from that situation?
Ruanel: It is very, but very difficult to get out from that situation. I wanted to make this comment because it is very important that you know it.
Interlocutor: Many women have told us they had this kind of experiences.
Ruanel: And they would be many more if they weren’t ashamed to tell those experiences, because that woman would have to admit, like some of them have already said it that they have sexual needs that have not been fulfilled by a man. The movie called "The Entity" is in fact based on real facts, something that you already know.
Interlocutor: Yes, we know that already.

The wiser thing before these negative entities would be sending Light to neutralize them. And in a case like this, they should try to wrap themselves mentally with Christic Golden Light so that no harmful vibration reaches them... In that way they will recover their Energy. In many cases I have confirmed that an energetic Golden cover stops all kind of damage.... If these spirits are too annoying, you can also contact to Prof. Jorge Olguin.

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