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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Who is present?
Ruanel: I am Ruanel.
Interlocutor: How are you, Master?
Ruanel: There is something I want to comment and it is that I am very addicted to jokes. And I was going to make a joke.
Interlocutor: Well, I am also very fond of jokes.
Ruanel: In our plan, the fact that one makes pranks doesn't limit the spirituality at all. On the contrary. In the physical plane there is something that you call personality that has to do with the roles. The roles are exclusively physical. However, in the spiritual plane, although there are no roles like the ones you have in the physical plane because when being depersonalized we don't have Ego, there is a way of being, since we have our own individuality.
For example, my dear brother Kether is a severe spirit, Johnakan it is a very devotional spirit that very rarely will allow himself to make pranks, Rah is a spirit…
Interlocutor: Cheerful?
Ruanel: Yes, cheerful, but with a somewhat monotonous cheerfulness.
Interlocutor: What was the joke you were going to play on me and the one I’m free?
Ruanel: Well, I was going to pretend to be Rah.
Interlocutor: I was going to jump! What happens with Rah is that he is a spirit with a lot of wisdom, but he exposes his concepts with many details that when this vessel translates them he ends up losing the conclusion of a developed idea. Then, I become crazy when I have to transcribe it to paper because I don't find the conclusion. Well, after this digression, Could we move on to the questions?
Ruanel: Okay
Interlocutor: Perfect. When does a Thetan ascend or descend? I mean if it happens during the incarnation or only during the disincarnation.
Ruanel: We will use common sense. If the one that behaves in a mistaken way is the 10% incarnated, the Thetan, in that moment, doesn't have responsibility. In fact, he does because he is the same spirit, but I express it in this was so that you understand what I want to convey.
Interlocutor: Okay.
Ruanel: In this case, I mean, when the 10% incarnated is committing hostile acts in the physical plane, the Thetan doesn't descend. But when the 10% disembodies and he has such a big, so big density that he contaminates the thetan when he joins with his 90%. Then he ends up dragging him.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Ruanel: On the contrary, although the 10% is making good acts, if the 90% that is in the spiritual plane goes through moments of anxiety he can lower even if his 10% is embodied. That’s just the way it is, because in this case it is the 90% and not the 10% the one who did something negative.
Interlocutor: And can he also ascend in the same way?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: As long as the 10% is not pulling him down?
Ruanel: Of course.
Interlocutor: That means when one disembodies it does not necessarily determine if the spirit ascends or descends?
Ruanel: It is determined when one disembodies whether the spirit ascends or descends if the responsible for the merciful acts or of the egocentric behavior is the 10% embodied.
Interlocutor: the concept was clear enough.
Ruanel: But if the 90% is the one who becomes dense or becomes subtle, he does it without the 10%. He can ascend of descend independently from his incarnated part. But of course, they have to agree. If suddenly the 90% makes a merciful act to ascend from the 4º to the 5º plane, but the 10% is having in the physical plane a negative behavior, he won't ascend simply because they don't agree.
Or vice versa. If the 90% behaves in a fairly hostile way and from the 4º plane he is going down to the 3º plane, but if the 10% in the physical plane is being a great philanthropist, the issue is evaluated.
In fact, although Lipikas [1] can evaluate a behavior, the spirit ascends or goes down from level automatically. That is to say, it doesn't depend on an evaluation. But many times it is necessary an external acquiescence because the behavior of the spirit is evaluated in both planes.
For instance, a person can have a behavior of different roles and moments of cyclothymia in the physical plane and in the spiritual plane it is just the opposite. But at this time the behavior of the 10% doesn't impact on the 90%. But there is a risk when the 10% disembodies and both parts are together again as a 100% spirit, the 10% makes the spirit descend from plane.[2]
Interlocutor: This was very clear.
Interlocutor: Well, I move on to another topic: What is the difference between the planes or error 2 and 3?
Ruanel: The plane 2 is a plane where there are spirits of error with a non resolved ego, with bitterness, with anger, they make the same roles they had in the physical plane, roles of manipulation, roles of control, roles of victim, they complain continually, they live making stress on how unfortunate they were, saying that all is wrong, there are even many of them who are very cruel and they organize groups with longings for power, domination, they weave dramas and things like that.
In this plane, for a spirit of error there is nothing more important that oneself.
On the other hand, in the plane 3 there are no longer these things. There is ego, there is uneasiness, but also more passivity. Let us say as that they think more about the others. They continue with their roles of victim, but they do not make manipulations of power. Being a higher plane, it’s very difficult they try to manipulate incarnated beings. They already begin to ask many things that in the plane 2 they didn't wonder about, why they are here, what they did well, what they did badly, they have doubts, and they already try to help.
Interlocutor: From the vibratory viewpoint, Is the difference simply a matter of density?
Ruanel: Of course. Each plane wraps to the following plane. But it is necessary to emphasize that the difference is fundamentally a matter of behavior. The spirits of the plane 2 are almost at the same level than the spirits of plane -2 are as to their extreme cruelty. They live manipulating.
Interlocutor: Could we say that the most important difference between the spirits of error of the plane 2 and the plane 3 is that those spirits of the plane 3 think more about Service?
Ruanel: Correct, and they reconsider many things that the spirits of the plane 2 dismiss.
Interlocutor: Can we also say that the spirits who are in the plane 2 are closer to go down to the planes -1, solitude and the plane -2 the Eighth sphere?
Ruanel: Correct, because being in the plane 3 they can already aim to ascend to the plane 4, which is a Mastery plane.
Interlocutor: Now, when a spirit wants to reincarnate, What is allowed and what is forbidden? For example, if a spirit wants to be born as a crippled person like the spirit of Stephen Hawking did, so that he could have the mental concentration in order to develop the Big Bang theory.
Ruanel: The answer is that a spirit can choose everything, without limitations.
Interlocutor: But not to reincarnate in an animal body.
Ruanel: Of course not. We are always talking about what the essence of each spirit is. But a spirit can embody as super-millionaire, as a homeless, as a healthy or a sick person. Each spirit chooses and later on he is responsible for his decision.
For instance, if there is a spirit of the plane 2 who has a long series of karmas to revert and he chooses to embody and live a life of a millionaire in Greece and not have any problem, well he will surely live without any problem, but he will continue in the same plane, with the same roles of ego, with the same manipulations. Besides, he won't be happy because he will wonder about a lot of things.
Interlocutor: You say that there are not limits in the choosing, but I suppose that the limits might be in the physical plane, because not all the places will be available or the families in which a spirit wants to embody. I don't imagine that a place always be available here.
Ruanel: There is always a place available. There are families that have seventeen children. And as to the place, they not necessarily have to embody on Earth.
Interlocutor: Can the spirit also choose the planet where he will embody freely?
Ruanel: Of course!, I repeat that there are no limits for his choice.
Interlocutor: Well, the topic was perfectly clarified.
[1] Lipikas are entities of the spiritual plane 7, who keep the akashic records and somehow guide to the spirits who don’t know where to embody (Conceptual and non conceptual spirits)
[2] This process is called disincarnation when the 10% embodied joins with his thetan or 90%

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