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Many people have erroneous preconceptions about Angelic Entities, not only as for their form, but as for their behavior and character.

A while ago a patient came to my consulting office; she possessed knowledge on esoteric topics because she had a spiritual group. The function of that group apparently was “to clean” denser places taking out from spirits of error and demons that can be there.

She told me that they went to "clean" an abandoned warehouse in a factory. The owners wanted to put the place under conditions and be back in that place, but as they were very superstitious, they wanted the place free from wicked entities first.

This group arrived to that place and once inside they visualized two angels like babies. Those small beings were totally terrified, due to the disastrous entities present that there were in the place.

I told her smiling that the entities of error or demons mocked them.

First: Angels are beings of Light and they are visualized as lines or traces of Light. Those who see them with human form, like babies or human beings, they visualize them in that way them for their own necessity.

Second: We, in the physical plane 1, cannot visualize the subtlest beings unless we have the gift of mediumship, therefore, neither demons nor the spirits of error can see angelic beings because they are also in denser planes so they cannot coexist in the same planes.

Reasoning in that way we will know that they don't have a way to interact with angelic beings and even less to damage them. Therefore, an angel would never be afraid of a demon being.

Even if they could inhabit in the same plane, angels have so high dose of Love that they would suffer to turn off the anger of demons. They would be willing to suffer if with that attitude they were able to transmute that inherent nature in those dark entities.

The lady asked me: “... What did we see?” – looking at me intrigued- and I responded that they had seen dark entities pretending to be terrified in order to transmit that terror to them. They made fun of the group members, taking advantage of their scarce knowledge of the topic.

My patient continued her story and she told me that when they finishing the alleged exorcism in the warehouse they visualized a pitched battle between angels and demons. They immediately left many things they brought like (plates, candles, incense, etc.) and they ran away from the place without finishing the "cleaning."

I repeated the thing I mentioned before: An angel could never fight with a demon for two reasons:

1) Angelic beings give Light through Love. There is no place in them for aggression

2) Angels are in a different vibrational plane; therefore they cannot interact with demons.

Finally I told her that I was appointed to a course which was dictated by a couple that performed mediumship and they were contacted with the Archangel Michael who was the one that was dictating the Messages. The gentleman told me: Try not to miss the class because if Michael gets angry, he will lower with his fire sword and he will punish those that don't complete his rules - Obviously, I didn't go to that course, because I knew at once that they didn't know anything about the topic.

Angels don't get angry, they are Love. Angels don't punish, they are Mercy. Angels don't put rules, they are Service.

If the incarnated being begins knowing the sweet character of angels, he or she will learn how to love them. They are happiness and they only suffer when they see our suffering. They do not know what hatred is because they live to Love.

We can arrive to them, living to love and based on Service because this is the only way grow up spiritually. It’s up to us.


The physical plane is like an immense gravitational well. The spiritual entities that embody are subject to the risks of this plane: Ego acts in a disastrous way, making the incarnated being play various drama roles. The unbounded attachment can end up transforming the person in an egocentric being. Their body of desires will be exposed to diverse self-centered temptations and the spirits of error, demons and ludic energies will take advantage of that breach to manipulate the human being and in this way plunge him in negative behaviors, hindering his Evolution.

Angels are not exempt of falling in the same circumstances, because when Angels embody in Mission (because Angels can embody too), their memory is automatically erased by the Akashic veil.

Just like spirits do, angels embody with only a 10% and the 90% remains in the plane 6.

Then, How do those angels revert their pending karma when they made mistakes? Inside the plane 6 there is a sub-plane called Limbo where those angels who suffer a karmic effect due to an erroneous behavior go. Besides, if Angelic Entities that have embodied in the plane 1 commit cruel acts, either for emotional impulses or for lust for power, they can also lower (somehow) of vibrational plane. How?

As well as the part that embodies in the physical plane is 10% of the entity, if it drags serious karmas, the 10% can lower to the planes 3, 2, -1 and -2, and once there it can experiment the attachment, the ignorance or the pain of the beings that inhabit in those plans. That is to say, the total of the entity doesn’t lower (as it happen with the spirits), but only the 10% that committed hostile acts that generated those karmas. Once the 10% learned the karmic lesson it can return to its plane or request Lipikas to embody in the physical plane again to complete the Mission that was left unconcluded in the earthly previous life.

Remember that in the plane 1 there are no guarantees. Those who embody (angels or spirits) can make mistakes again.


It is important to clarify that Angels are not spirits, but they are Entities of Light that inhabit the 6º plane of supra energy vibration and they complete several functions, always in Service on behalf of human beings.

Not only are they Divine messengers, like the dear Archangel Gabriel. There are also protective angels that try to avoid accidents and other misfortunes, unless the person has to live certain incidents because of his pending Karmas.

Angels act as much in the physical plane as in the spiritual levels where they are necessary.

Their vibration is so high vibration and it is in accordance with their Love, for that reason angels abstain from emitting judgments... and they enjoy doing service.

Incarnated beings visualize angels projecting on them human characteristics. They see an angelic image according to their needs.

The protective person can see a baby with wings, he who takes refuge in solitude maybe will see an angel with human mature figure and, although angels do not have sex, they can end up visualizing a woman or a male, according to the expectations of their subconscious.


He who has the gift of mediumship will be able to visualize a trace of Light, a line or a brilliant point, generally in white tones, then he or she will know that he or she will be seeing an Angel, although most of the human beings, due to preconceptions, only see angels with the well-known forms.

Some specialists describe angels like light pulsations, but not of the visible light that we all know, but of a Light that goes beyond the supra physical universe and inhabits in the 6º plane of vibration.

Among those angels that are in contact with the human being there are four that are well-known: the Archangel seraphs: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel.

There is an angelical hierarchy which is composed by nine qualities:


2) Cherubs

3) Thrones

4) Dominances

5) Powers

6) Virtues

7) Principalities

8) Archangels

9) Angels.

Each quality is directed by a Prince who is accompanied by eight angels.

The Prince of the Seraphs is Metatron also known as "King of Angels," the name may also have something to do with God's throne

His energy is so subtle that it touches the energy of Elohim or minor gods. Even being in the 6º level of vibration, Metatron has the gift of communicating periodically with Divine Energies of the 7º plane.

Metatron directs with Love the majority of spiritual beings, always in benefit of all the spirits in evolution.

Many investigators confuse Metatron with Kether, The First Sephirah.

The prince of Cherubs is Raziel which means "Secret of God" in Hebrew, this entity of Love guides all the creatures that feel abandoned spiritually.

The prince of the Thrones is Tsaphkiel whose name means "Angel of the night". Another denomination is Auriel, this angel helps incarnated beings to find their spiritual path.

The prince of the Dominances is Tsadkiel, "Fire of God." his function is to help those beings that lacking of encouragement to undertake an altruistic task. He is also known as Uriel, the Archangel of Salvation.

The prince of the Powers is Camal who is "Help and Strength of God". He influences in the spirits in evolution so that, through the union with other beings they find the strength to go ahead.

The Prince of the Virtues is Raphael "God shall heal." He is in charge of healing spiritual ills, harmonizing with his Love to each being that feels depressed.

The prince of the Principalities is Haniel "Joy or grace of God,” this angel tries to guide all the spirits of error. He also helps in the affective part to the incarnated beings in the physical plane.

The prince of the Archangels is Michael, "Who is like God?"

When the spiritual evolution began, this Archangel was the paladin in the fight against evil. At the moment, he is the archangel of Peace. When he is invoked he is asked for harmony and confraternity among all incarnated beings.

Some specialists of the Kabala ended up confusing him with Metatron.

The prince of Angels is Gabriel, "God is my Strength." His mission is to remind all living beings that The Father loves everyone and that they will never be abandoned.

When he is invoked, one should request for the union of all men and the balances of the emotions of those who are very impulsive.

It is necessary to highlight the work of Rehael, the Seventh Angel of the Powers. His task is to protect the incarnated beings that are in Mission of all the negative influences that hinder their mission whether spiritual healing or spreading of the Divine Word.

When speaking about angelic entities it is very important to highlight the role of Lucifer whose name means "Light Bearer"

He has a preponderant role in the spiritual evolution of the incarnated beings, since The Absolute chose him to tempt the human being and in this way to strengthen his spiritual resolution.

72 volunteer angels accompanied him, and by Divine Mercy their memories were erased and that is why they were called Demons.

Lucifer kept his memory intact and he saw through millennia how the men succumbed to temptations making almost infinite his suffering. But he stands it for his unconditional Love to God.

Lucifer is known as the Prince of demons.

Tradition stopped to see him as an Entity of Light that helps embodied beings to grow spiritually, but rather it compares him with a wicked being that corrupts the spirit.

It is necessary to have a great inner strength to overcome the temptations and the ballast of ego. The Master Jesus succeeded over the temptation and Lucifer had a great satisfaction because of that, although it is very hard to understand that emotion.

The Absolute is Wisdom and not all the beings can end up understanding his discernment.

One of the most important angels and that very few keep in mind is the Angel of Earth. As well as the Earth has a Planetary Logos, it also has an Angel that protects it along with all the beings that inhabit on it.

He is like a Guardian Angel, but at a planetary level. His name is Geanel and he is in the quality of the Thrones. (Another denomination is Gaianel).

Extracted from the book “Heaven responds” Written by Jorge Olguin.

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