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Medium: Jorge Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ron Hubbard (Ruanel)
Interlocutor: Here I have scheduled something that really surprised me. It is related to the writer's text Juan Jose Benitez, author of the series of books "Trojan Horse”[1], issued by the Spanish Television Network on November 2, 2003 the text is related to the alleged foundation of the Church by the Master Jesus. I’ll read part of the text for the record:
"Mathew says: “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”
Strange. Did Jesus found a church? If so millions of human beings would have been left aside of the message and hope. No, this was not the style nor the thought of the Son of the Man. The master's words in this place were others. He didn't addressed this words to Peter, but to the twelve disciples saying:
'I declare that in your hearts I will build the Spiritual Fraternity of the Kingdom of the Heaven and on this spiritual rock I will build the Temple of the Eternal Realities of my Father's Kingdom. No force shall prevail against this spiritual Fraternity.'
After Jesus’ resurrection, Peter would be chosen as the unquestionable leader of the nascent organization, and somebody, when editing the Gospels reaffirmed his leadership falsifying the thought and the words of the Master, and thus, the Catholic Church was born as a human invention.
One billion people deceived by history and tradition. And the manipulations continued without the smallest blush, some of them even attempting against the transparent personality of the Son of Man.
To this shameful and endless succession of errors and manipulations it is necessary to add the lamentable silence of the evangelists regarding Jesus resurrected. The believers, once again would be swindled. The texts, allegedly sacred, hardly narrate four appearances of the Master after his death and they ignore the rest. In total were nineteen apparitions each one very important.
And they silence them simply because the words of the Resurrected didn't fit and they were not comfortable in the philosophy and the direction of the primitive and nascent church.
Let’s see two very illustrative examples.
Fifth appearance. The Master appears before Mary Magdalene and other twenty-four women and he tells them:
'You are summoned to proclaim Mankind liberation by the Gospel of the Union with God.'
Women proclaiming the Good News? Women at the same level as men? Peter and the rest, imbued in a chauvinist society in which women were rejected to a second plane, they could not accept it and the event was censored.
Apparition number twelve. Witnesses: eighty Greek and Jews (Tuesday April 18 of the year 30 of our era. Residence of Rodan in Alexandria, one of Jesus’ followers. Twenty hours). The Resurrected appears before them and he says:
'The Father has sent me to establish something that is not property of any race, nation or any other special group of educators or preachers. The Gospel of the Kingdom belongs to Jews and gentiles, to rich and poor, to free men and slaves, to women and men, and even to the children. Pay attention, this Gospel must not be entrusted exclusively to the priests.'
Every comment is more than enough. History, tradition and religions have buried Jesus’ original message; a message so simple, revolutionary and hopeful. A message that says that we all are children of the Good God, a God that doesn't punish, a God who doesn't count the faults and a God that has given us immortality.
And the message concludes, "Children of the Good God and therefore physically brethren, the day will come in this charmed planet that it will be a gentle and luminous world, a world without temples, dogmas or divisions, a world with a single religion, the one of the Spirit.
Well that is part of the text in this book, In my opinion, what Benitez says is fabulous. Were those really Jesus’ words? How did he say something so wonderful?
Ron Hubbard: At this moment I am connected with Johnakan Ur-El and the Master Jesus and it was a channeling of that author.
Interlocutor: A channeling? I didn’t know that Benitez was also medium. The text is so good that it doesn’t seem connected with the nonsense he writes in his book "Trojan Horse"
Ron Hubbard: Sometimes, an embodied being has preconceptions, and even though his decoder works fine, he transmits mistaken concepts, but in occasions he ends up channeling almost with an 80% of accuracy.
Interlocutor: Is this the case of J.J. Benitez?
Ron Hubbard: Benitez is a elevated medium, but he has ups and downs in the channeling due to his erroneous preconceptions, but the text you have read has been channeled excellently.
Interlocutor: Have these words been said by Jesus? I repeat the text: 'I declare that in your hearts I will build the Spiritual Fraternity of the Kingdom of the Heaven and on this spiritual rock I will build the Temple of the Eternal Realities of my Father's Kingdom. No force shall prevail against this spiritual Fraternity.'
I ask it because in my heart, I feel that the Master Jesus could have said something like that, maybe not literally, but spiritually.
Ron Hubbard: The words are not exactly the same because Benitez translated them into his language and each language has its peculiarities, but the spiritual essence of what Jesus said it is well expressed.
Remember that the spiritual concept is infinitely richer than the terrestrial concepts, and it is impossible to translate it into words.
Interlocutor: Why were the words of Jesus distorted? Is it because what the text of Benitez says so? What I want to know is if it’s necessary to give credit to this author because when I read his book “Trojan Horse” I was disappointed since he mixed many truths with nonsense.
Ron Hubbard: It’s necessary to give credit to the text because in that moment this person translated the message optimally.
Interlocutor: What did the evangelists have against women?
Ron Hubbard: This so beautiful Spirit that animated Jesus when he was embodied two thousand years ago [2], in his messages he always highlighted the important role of a woman, and not only has he protected women, but also he has even given to women a prominent role.
Jesus always got along with women, not at a lustful level, but at a sibling level. Remembers Miriam, the beautiful woman at Jacob's Well where Jesus was dazzled at a physical level. There was one of the sisters of Lazarus who washed his feet and the prostitute they wanted to stone.
Notice that there were women that have been witnesses, like Mary Magdalene who witnessed the apparitions of Jesus after his crucifixion. We know that Jesus appeared many more times than the three original versions of the Bible after he was resurrected by extraterrestrials.[3]
And we also know that he has given a tremendous preponderance to the woman's role. The Church, so Chauvinist, denies it to her.
On the other hand Paul, whose name was Saul of Tarsus [4], he had homosexual behaviors - this was said in more than one opportunity - and for that reason he had a tremendous hatred against women to such point that he declares, and this was written in the Gospels, “while the man is in the temple, the woman should be subjected to him”[5]
He couldn’t allow that a woman be in the same category as a man!
Interlocutor: As I read before knowing the Christian faith, Saul or Paul of Tarsus was responsible for the slaughter of many Christians.
Ron Hubbard: I confirm it to you, because he was a spirit of the error.
Interlocutor: Is he a spirit of error now?
Ron Hubbard: No, now not. I meant in that time.
Interlocutor: In what spiritual level was he back then, in the 3?
Ron Hubbard: No, he was in the spiritual plane 2. He had a tremendous cruelty. Then, "opportunely", and I pronounce this word with irony being careful of what I say - I am not prejudicing but simply showing a fact -, "opportunely”· I repeat, Jesus appeared saying to him: "Saul, why are you persecuting me?”, but this was a tremendous fallacy, because he made this event up to adapt it on his purpose and in this way be admitted and serve Christianity. But serving from what base? From the base of a total ignorance, because he distorted the words of Jesus. First of all because he didn’t meet the Master Jesus.
Interlocutor: He didn’t even meet Jesus in astral form?
Ron Hubbard: No, absolutely not. Saul made the whole thing up. It was exclusively his manipulation. And as for Peter, he named him - the word "boss" is not correct –Let’s us call him man in charge spreading the Word, because although John Zebedee was his dear disciple and Jesus's twin soul in those moments, he was only eighteen years old and he saw him very young for that mission.
You have to keep in mind the brutality of men in that time, and men of forty, fifty or sixty years old would never accept the leadership of an adolescent.
Then, the Master, cleverly, tells John; "You are my beloved, but leave that position to Peter, remember that greatness lies in humbleness. Stay relegated."
Peter, unhappy of being the leader, as usual he was jealous of John because he was the favorite disciple of Jesus, he told the Master Jesus: “What about this man?”
And then Jesus answered: "Don't worry about him, in next incarnations he will give the messages that I am giving now."
A very similar thing is what the Bible says when Peter said: “What about this man?”And Jesus answered: "If I will that he remains till I come what is that to you?" This was not well translated.
Interlocutor: To conclude with this topic, would it be something to criticize, constructively, to the text of J.J. Benitez?
Ron Hubbard: The channeling has been excellent. In these moments I am reading the mind of Johnakan because he allows me to do it. I would only substitute where he says “the son of man” and replace it with “Master Jesus” because that sentence of Benitez doesn't make any sense.
Interlocutor: I understood. Is the rest Okay?
Ron Hubbard: Yes, I repeat, it is an excellent channeling of this author. Some words can be a little bit grandiloquent, but that grandiloquence is characteristic of this person's decoder. Besides, that doesn't remove the spirit of what Jesus said in fact. In any case he magnified it a little, but keeping the meaning of what he expressed.
And it is necessary to repeat because it is extremely important, the preponderance that Jesus gave to women. The Navarrese writer said in one of his works, which is true that when the father ate, for example lamb, he cleaned his greasy hands with the fifteen year-old daughter's hair using it as a napkin.
Interlocutor: I remember reading it; I believe that in the first book he published about “Trojan Horse”. Did this really happen?
Ron Hubbard: It happened, I confirm it to you. The woman in that time was not a second class citizen, but a third class citizen.
Interlocutor: Concretely, the words of Jesus were deleted or modified according to their convenience.
Ron Hubbard: Correct.
Interlocutor: Is there a responsible with name and last name?
Ron Hubbard: There are many people responsible. All those who could write something about the Master Jesus distorted the true message because of their ignorance by not giving place to the woman's greatness.
Remember that in the spiritual planes there is no sex, neither color, nor bank account. In the spiritual plane one ascends or descends according to his altruism or his selfishness. This is what they ignored in the physical plane.
In the spiritual planes, I repeat, man or woman, don't exist or Caucasian, black or Latin. In other planets there are beings embodied as plants and even minerals like selenium. What would happen if those beings inhabit here? Surely they would be persecuted! So that the law of the strongest prevails, it’s absurd.
The same word "law" is absurd because where Love reigns, law is unnecessary.
Interlocutor: This was perfectly clear, Master. At this time I have a question: Did I embody as a woman too?
Ron Hubbard: Yes, you have embodied as a woman twice. In one of the times you have lived abnegated to the housework with many children; and in another life you didn’t marry, being a nun who has given help and a lot of Service.
Interlocutor: I see that I have been everything in the Vineyard of the Lord.
"They obliterated the words where Jesus talked about reincarnation. The correct interpretations were suppressed during an ecumenical council taken place in Constantinople in 325 A.D called the Council of Nicaea. Jesus had taught that each human being was responsible for his destiny, but in that year the suppression of those teachings was voted with the purpose of consolidating the control of the Church since it wanted to be the unique authority over man's destiny.
The Church-state concordat was afraid because they saw as a menace the teaching that makes each individual responsible for his or her spiritual salvation allowing them to face their authority, they coined similar prohibition. Those who represented Jesus found inconvenient the people knew that they didn't need dogmas or rituals to reach the Father's Kingdom.
Those religious leaders didn't want that people knew about karma and the law of Cause and Effect. They deleted the words from the Bible where Jesus spoke about reincarnation (the episode of the Transfiguration was luckily intact) and that the mistaken behavior could generate every time bigger responsibilities in the human being.
They cut the paragraphs where Jesus explained that in order to reach the Father was only necessary an altruistic behavior. Nobody needed a Savior to feed the flock.
Obviously, the religious leaders of the VI century needed the lash of the resurrection of the dead to force dependence on the masses. That doctrine was reinforced with promises of eternal glory to those that were subjected and eternal fire in Hell to those that were against it.
The feeling of guilt was manipulated and the conscience was tamed, inducing to delegate personal power to the curia that had been united with the emperor Justinian I, and among them they plotted the biggest conspiracy against the Spiritual Path, decreeing an alleged resurrection of the flesh and a later on a Heavenly Ascension.
As if it were possible to go to the spiritual world with a physical body!
The true resurrection is the resurrection to the Light. That is what they didn't allow people to understand."
Jorge Olguin.
[1] The Book “Trojan Horse” (Caballo de Troya: Spanish) was written by Juan Jose Benitez and so far it was not translated into English.
[2] The Spiritual name of Jesus or Jeshua Ben Joseph is (Ien-el)
[3] Jesus was resurrected by extraterrestrial from Fulgor 5 (Resurrection of Jesus)
[4] Saul of Tarsus known later on as “Paul the Apostle” is known by the spiritual name of Hilarion. During the time or the Apostles, Paul was a spirit of error of the plane 2, today almost 2000 years later, he is part of the Spiritual Hierarchy for his merit.
[5] 1 Corinthians 11. 2-15

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