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The Books Conversations with God (CwG) written by Neale Donald Walsch are genuine. Neale Donald Walsch channeled the Creator as he said.
Those who have read his books will realize their authenticity in several parts. However, this is not the problem, in fact he wrote his books in good faith and here is where his work fails.
Any medium or channeler simply translates spiritual concepts into spoken language and if that medium translates the messages based on religious beliefs or preconceptions, the message is distorted.
Any spiritual entity transmits the concepts based on the knowledge the channeler has. For example, if a medium does not know anything about quantum physics and the Spiritual Entity is transmitting a message about this matter, the result will be unpredictable.
We are not invalidating these books- they have parts of enormous Beauty and Wisdom-, but we cannot validate them either because they have parts that are incorrect.
For example, the author does not make a difference between Jesus (Solar Logos, plane 5.9) and the Christ (Dimensional Logos, plane 7). Therefore, if anyone is willing to read Neale Donald Walsch’s books, he or she must be very alert, use a lot of common sense and be aware that not all the concepts are necessarily accurate since they might have been distorted by the medium.
Jorge Olguin as a medium channeled the Absolute (Eon) as well, (the same Creator Neale Donald Walsch channeled before in 1992) and the Absolute talked about this book in a session.
You are welcome to read all these messages posted here as (Dialogues with Eon).

SESSION - 27/JUN/2003
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to talk: EON (the Absolute)
Interlocutor: Okay... There is a book written by Neale Donald Walsch titled "Conversations with God". Actually there are three volumes which are available so far and are being sold quite well. Did you dictate them?
Eon: Yes. The author you quote had channeled me, and he has done it even before Johnakan did.
Interlocutor: Is there any problem with that book? I mean that if it’s all true or just some parts.
EON: The book has a problem, perhaps not serious, and is that it does not invalidate its reading for those incarnated spirits who want to internalize its content. But there are many things that have prevented the fluidity of the channeling.
Interlocutor: For example?
Eon: Some ego condition of that channeler that changed what it was dictated, adding messages that I have not given or directly suppressing many of them. But this does not only happen to terrestrial channelers, but also to ones in other worlds.
Interlocutor: What characteristics should have a good channeler to not distort the messages?
Eon: He should simply be free of constraints, because when the channeler is imbued with many preconceptions he cannot avoid putting part of himself in the messages.
Interlocutor: Were the three volumes of the series dictated by you?
Eon: Yes. They were received in different periods of time.
Interlocutor: These alterations of which you speak, were they done somehow knowingly? I refer, for example, to that part of the message where he wrote that the father of Jesus was Joseph, when we know that his biological father was Herod Antipater.
Eon: No, they were unknowingly. The author wrote what he believed in good faith he was receiving from me. His preconceptions were responsible for alterations whether religious, moral or spiritual.
Interlocutor: I would like to write on our website comments about that book. The question is whether I credit or discredit it.
Eon: It cannot be invalidated nor validated, because there are many things that without being harmful could cause idleness.
Note that there are texts of an alleged command, the Asthar command, that actually are beings of Light of the 5th plane, which were badly channeled, where priority is given on “being” and not on “doing”, which really is the right thing.
Interlocutor: Does the mistake of giving priority on “being” and not on “doing” come exclusively from the channeler?
Eon: Not only from the channeler, but also from those spirits of Light. Don’t forget that some spirits of Light may have misconceptions, and for that reason they don’t descend from level. They simply have different interpretations.
And this is what we have to emphasize that 99% of the beings they channel, or those teachers who don’t channel but provide spiritual lessons, leave aside the Service, focusing solely on “being”. Doing, namely Service, is the most important thing.
That being that has channeled me, Neale Donald Walsch, is not that he omits, but he does not give priority to Service. He speaks more on Being and Transcending than on Doing. And as this vessel said – and that is why his message is so valuable –, "you only transcend with the Work".
Interlocutor: As I understand it, this vessel is completing the teachings that Master Jesus was unable to make because of his crucifixion… Is that correct?
Eon: That’s right… There are new concepts, in which Johnakan is working, that are equally or more valuable than those exposed by my dear son Master Jesus, such as the concept of service, supplemented with the concept of humility that he taught, the concept of participation and empathy, that Jesus did not mention, the concept of hugging, mentioned by a being from another planet very close to you…

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