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Séance is an old term that comes from the French to express a spiritualistic way to contact with the “dead”. However, séances are no longer used as a valid term nowadays, instead we call them channelings.
Grupo Elron is far from these old séances that had a reputation for trickery and fraudulent practices in the past.
It’s important to clarify that a human being only embodies a 10% of his or her spirit, thereby a medium can contact with the 90%, thetan or higher-self of that person and even with a 100% spirit, if that spirit has not reincarnated yet.
For example, whenever we mention that we are contacting with “Ron Hubbard”, we are mentioning him just as a reference. In fact the medium is channeling the 100% spirit called (RUANEL) who animated the 10% known as (Ron Hubbard).
In addition, the medium only translates spiritual concepts into spoken language using his mental decoder because the communication in the spiritual world is based on concepts, not in words, and these concepts are transmitted through “spiritual telepathy” or mediumship because telepathy does not exist in the physical plane.
“You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.” (C.S. Lewis)
Medium: Jorge R. Olguin.

Entitiy that came to dialogue: (Ruanel) Spiritual Entity that animated Ron Hubbard
Interlocutor: I’ll ask you a last question. As far as I have understood the reactive mind of the spirits is in the conceptual mind. Is that correct?
Ron Hubbard: The answer is this: A man doesn't have a soul, but rather the man is that soul. I said that before and later on Johnakan ratified it.
Interlocutor: And I would add that, when the spirit is incarnated, the man doesn't have a soul but rather the soul has a man.
Ron Hubbard: Correct. And Johnakan is dictating me at this time that the spirit doesn't have a concept, but rather the spirit is that concept. The spirit is concept.
Then, the spirit doesn't have a conceptual mind because the spirit is entirely a conceptual mind.
Interlocutor: It is clear.
Ron Hubbard: For that reason the conceptual mind encompasses also the reactive mind. The reactive mind is inside the conceptual mind.
Interlocutor: Could we say that when a spirit embodies there is a division between the conceptual mind and the reactive mind?
Ron Hubbard: When a spirit embodies, it is not divided, because the 10%, in the same way that the 90%, also has analytical mind and reactive mind. The conceptual mind is also the whole in the embodied being.
The 100% spirit is concept, and it is also concept the 90% and the 10%. The 10%, being spirit, it has the same potentials the 90% has, and the 90% has also has the same potentials the 100% has.
What happens is that the embodied being is a slave of the vocabulary. Then the expression of that concept is limited. How many times do you have to take care of your words? My vessel said, before this session was held– his incarnated part authorizes me to see his 10% - that he had known a teacher who spoke about taking care of the language.
Interlocutor: Correct.
Ron Hubbard: In the spiritual planes, it’s not necessary to take care of the language because there is not language. There are concepts. While you expressed something in the physical plane, you have to take care of your words. For example, "perfume" sounds better than "odor"
Interlocutor: Obvious.
Ron Hubbard: But in the plane of concepts[1], this doesn't exist. Then our expression is easier.
Interlocutor: Could we say that the 10% and the 90% are the same thing, something like a drop in the sea which is also the sea?
Ron Hubbard: The example is valid. You say that in the future you will be Kronbus, a time traveler. Well, one cannot say in fact with accuracy that you will be Kronbus because you are 10% of the 100%, (you are also part of that 100%) and Kronbus is another 10% of the same 100%.
That is, the 10 spirit% that now animates your physical body won't be the same 10% that will animate Kronbus in the future. It’s another 10%, but in the end it’s you.
Don't forget that the spirit evolves, and the 10% that will animate Kronbus in the future, will be more evolved than your 10% at this moment.
Interlocutor: It is perfectly clear. A long time ago, I asked Tar regarding to the 10% and if always the same 10% embodied every time. He explained to me that it was not like that because the spirit flows.
Ron Hubbard: I’ll Complete Tar’s idea: the 10 % of this vessel is not the same 10% that embodied two thousand years ago as John Zebedee, neither the same 10% that previously embodied as Ananda. Not always the same 10% embodies.
Interlocutor: I’m thinking about the following example: An inflated balloon which is tied with a rubber grabbing 10% of that air. If I release that rubber again, the 10% would become a 100% again and it would form a 100%. If I repeated the operation, the new 10% would not be the same 10% that was grabbed previously.
Ron Hubbard: The example is valid. And I’ll give you something more so that you think about it. In your example, imagine that you release the rubber and that 10% joins with the 90% forming a 100% of that air which is enriched with elements of higher quality. Now, imagine that you make the operation again and you grab once again another 10% of that enriched air.
Interlocutor: I understood what you want to tell me perfectly because the example is clear.
Ron Hubbard: Well, it is time to say good bye. A hug to all of you.
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.
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[1] The plane of concepts is referred to the spiritual planes

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