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One of the Missions that Grupo Elron has is to demystify sex. At the present time religions have put on us moral codes, religious restrictions, social taboos, and emotional conventions around sex. Moreover, religions have Labeled sex as something sinful that is only lawful for procreation.

However, the truth is that sex is not purely for procreation as some religions say, but it’s also for pleasure, Try to use some common sense: Why would God give us sex just to take it away from us as if it were something sinful or prohibitive?

According to the Masters of Light, the concept of sin is made up by man
What happens is that they have filled our minds with nonexistent original sins. We never had an "original sin." The only original sin means hindering the Free Will of the other. It is trespassing the freedom of the other. It is trying to subdue others. It is trying to have control, power, arrogance, pedantry.

There is no other type of sin. Then, if there was never a punishment, there is nothing to forgive. (Johnakan Ur-El)
God has given us Free Will and thereby we have the right to enjoy sex within that Free Will given by God, which means that we should also respect the Free Will of the others. For that reason sex must be performed between two consenting adults.
It’s logical that children are not ready for sex since they are not mentally prepared to understand what sex means in life and a previous exposure to sex would imply a hostile act against them, and this is not approved by the Masters of Light.
In other words, two adult people are free to love each other as long as there is mutual agreement between them and foreplay is also a valid part in this loving interaction.
Sex is also valid in homosexual and bisexual relations, only a tortuous mind would say that it’s sinful. Those who condemn homosexuality (religious leaders) base their wrong beliefs in a false biblical story.

Read it here: Sodom and Gomorrah.

Self-abuse, onanism, masturbation or whatever you want to call it, has been labeled as a malpractice and even related to madness in the past, However, masturbation is harmless and nearly every man or woman at sometime has masturbated and many continue to do so. Masturbation is perfectly normal if it’s practiced with balance. Surprisingly religion still states that masturbation is sinful.
Obviously, if masturbation is practiced excessively it can weaken, and it might lead to a sexual addiction (unbalance), the problem in this case would be engramic or medical, but not spiritual.

Even In a case of infidelity in a marriage, sex remains unscathed, because the problem is not the sex itself, but the deception (cheating; the violation of the marital agreement).
Sex is valid in any form as long as it doesn’t hurt third parties. This means that if a wife allows her husband to have sex with other woman, or viceversa, there is no problem as long as there is a mutual agreement to do so.

He who is aberree* will try to find a way to justify his aberration, even by saying that contraception is unnatural. This is nonsense! The real essence of sex is dual (pleasure and procreation).
Therefore, celibacy is based on the false idea that God would see that practice as a virtue. Clearly, those priest that practice celibacy have misunderstood the base of the Free Will given by God. If there is no Freedom of choice, if the Freedom is too restricted or if moral edicts condemn the individual to remorse; that individual is no longer Free. Is that really hard to understand?

It’s also important to emphasize that aberrant behaviors like pedophilia and zoophilia, on the other hand, are totally engramic and irrational, these aberrant behaviors have their origin in the reactive mind, engrams and roles of ego that compel the person to that aberrant behavior. When these engrams are neutralized a man or a woman will no longer feel that compulsive behavior.
To sum up, the attitude towards sex should be the same attitude we have towards food (there are people who have eating disorders, but nobody is blaming food Are they?) Of course, one could live without sex, but not without food.
Sex is a natural fact of life and it’s one of the reasons that spirits embody because in the spiritual planes sex does not exist. Therefore, sex is not the problem around sexual disorders, but engrams and roles of ego which are implanted in the reactive mind are the source of them.
For example, if one has had a bad experience with sex, with certainty that bad experience would be implanted in his or her sons and/or daughters, who will receive it as engrams.
People also develop guilt complexes towards sex because they have been raised in a very religious family and thus they receive an engram that practically enslaves a person leading to unnecessary guilt, oppression and negative attitudes about sex and sexuality, but this is obvious, Religions obtain their power by implanting guilt complexes in people.

Sex has multiple health benefits: Read it here: Health Benefits of sex
To conclude, any man or woman is free to enjoy sex in the best way they want. The only limit to sexual activity is the respect that should exists between consenting adults.

Interlocutor: Master, Does sex exist in the spiritual world?
Ron Hubbard: No, in the spiritual world sex doesn't exist.
Interlocutor: Not even something similar?
Ron Hubbard: No, not even something similar.
Interlocutor: I’m truly disappointed…
Ron Hubbard: Sex is not the only thing important in life…
Interlocutor: Really, Is there something more?
*(non-cleared individual) * Aberree is a neologism meaning an aberrated person vary greatly from those of the cleared (unaberrated) individual. [Source: Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health]

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