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According to the teachings of the Masters of Light, when homosexual couples (gays or lesbians) adopt children without paying attention to the child’s mental health, they are indirectly causing harm to the mental health of the vulnerable children by exposing them to psychological traumas and thus producing engrams of unpredictable consequences for the future of those inocent children.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Could we start with the questions?
Ruanel: Go ahead.
Interlocutor: The first question I want to ask you is related to the issue of homosexual parenting, adoption and Foster parenting. It is a very controversial topic and of course is highly defended by homosexual people. My question is: What happens to the Foster children that apparently everybody forgets, in these circumstances?
Ruanel: Every creature gets used to his or her condition. The incarnated human being adapts very easily to several conditions. For a boy who is born in a very poor family, where they even eat food from the garbash, it is very normal for him to see the his father collecting food from the garbage or his mother involved in prostitution.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Ruanel: A child who is born in a palace finds his condition normal; he is not surprised by saying: Oh, look all the possessions I have! The child gets used to it in the same way that he finds normal when he sees his parents are of the same sex.
Interlocutor: So, Do you approve that homosexual people adopt children?
Ruanel: No.
Interlocutor: The truth is I don't understand. I thought that with your explanation you would give a positive answer.
Ruanel: I said that children “get used to it." When they already have reasoning, when they already meditate, when they are already adolescent, they can end up having engrams on the topic because what at the beginning was normal for them, later on, when these children see that circumstance at the distance in years they can suffer traumas. Their same ego can end up channeling those traumas.
Interlocutor: One can add to this circumstance the mockeries from their peers at school, especially in the primary school.
Ruanel: What you say happens as long as the children know about that. When the adopted child by homosexuals goes to primary school, the child already notice the difference and when seeing that there is something abnormal with his or her parents, instinctively the child keeps it hidden. When the boy or girl hides it, the child generates engrams, because if it’s something hidden the child already has a guilt complex.
Interlocutor: Obviously. But I think that once the other children know that situation, they can make fun of the child whose parents are of the same sex.
Ruanel: I repeat that this happens when they realize it, yes.
Interlocutor: But it is very difficult that they don't realize it!
Ruanel: No, they don't always realize it, since it would be something exceptional if both parents go to school at the same time. One always goes alone. And although they go together, two women or two men, the other children will think that it’s the mother with the aunt or a friend or the father with an uncle or some friend. Keep in mind that homosexual parents who take the boy to the school won't be kissing exactly at the entrance door.
Interlocutor: You are right, I didn’t think about that. So this is not the problem, but the problem appears when the child realizes the abnormal situation in which his parents live and in spite of that he has to accept them because after all they are his parents.
Ruanel: If a grown boy lacks of ego, something that is so, but so difficult in the physical plane, he won't give any importance to the fact because he will simply think that his parents are limited in certain things.
Interlocutor: In short, and seeing it exclusively from the boy's point of view, it’s a risk for his mental health if he is adopted by homosexual parents?
Ruanel: Seeing it exclusively from the boy's point of view, the answer is yes. And I emphasize on the boy because I am not against homosexuality in the sense that God gives Free Will, and if I were against homosexuality. I’d be against the Free Will that the Creator gave to all his creatures and as a Master of Light I cannot do that.
Interlocutor: So you see the problem exclusively from the point of view of the boy’s mental health in the long run?
Ruanel: Correct. I don’t see it from the point of view of the homosexual's legitimate right to adopt, but from the boy's legitimate right to not be adopted by homosexual parents due to the harmful consequences that this adoption can cause to the child, since the child is unaware of the situation and nobody asks him.
Interlocutor: But just for the same fact of causing engrams to that child, Isn’t homosexual adoption a negative fact?
Ruanel: Of course it is. I don't mind about the union of those gay or lesbian adults, man with man or woman with woman, I worry about the later problems in the creature that can be very traumatic and in almost all the cases they are.
Interlocutor: I believe that the problem is very difficult to solve because heterosexual parents can also implant engrams to the boy.
Ruanel: Of course, with infidelities, with deceits, with quarrels, with arguments in front of the children and many other things.
Interlocutor: Definitely the problems that heterosexual parents will transmit to their children are possibly the same ones that heterosexual parents will transmit to theirs?
Ruanel: No, they are different and much more serious. Guilt complexes are different, the same creature can feel different, segregated, and his self-esteem will lower down in an abysmal way.
Interlocutor: Could we classify the adoption of a boy by homosexual parents as something very risky for the boy?
Ruanel: Totally, but I emphasize that we are seeing it the inconvenience exclusively from the point of view of the boy's mental health, because we don't want that people interpret it as a discrimination against homosexual people.
Interlocutor: That is very clear. They can love whoever they want to love and they are also free to have sex with each other.
Ruanel: Correct. We are not questioning the homosexual union, but to the consequences that adoption can bring to the boy and the fact of being adopted by a homosexual couple.
Interlocutor: I believe that the fundamental problem is that one cannot say in advance what kind of trauma the foster child will have by being raised by homosexual parents.
Ruanel: In 99% of the cases, the traumas will be very severe because very few children will be unharmed under these conditions.
Interlocutor: In short, what we are saying is according from the boy's point of view and not from the point of view of homosexual couples.
Ruanel: Exactly.
Interlocutor: It is ironic because homosexual people fight for their rights to adopt children and they do not pay attention to the children's rights at all.
Ruanel: You can see how self-centered they are.
Interlocutor: You’re right, to conclude, I’ll ask you a hypothetical question: If homosexual couples knew the risk that means for the children, the fact of being adopted by parents of the same sex, would they give up their intention to adopt children?
Ruanel: No, they would adopt children anyways.
Interlocutor: Master, you have been categorical with this conclusion. Would you like to add something else?
Ruanel: No, what was said is enough.

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