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Any sexual activity between close relatives (Incest), is potentially engramic and karmatic for both parts. There is a deviation of the natural love that should exist between a Father- daughter or Mother son. Even if there is a consensual adult incest, this sexual activity can produce multiple engrams. In addition, the personal respect is distorted and this love becomes unnatural.
It’s important to highlight that sex itself doesn’t have anything to do with this type of sexual intercourse, and although Free Will is respected, this type of sexual activity is unadvisable for biological, engramic and karmatic reasons.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Here I have an email with a question I didn't know how to answer. It is related to incest. I’m not referring to seduction or rape of a father to his daughter, but I’m referring to a case where the daughter is adult and she accepts voluntarily have a sexual relationship with her father. The question is also extensive to other cases like a mother with her son, between siblings etc.
Ruanel: The Master Johnakan Ur-El many times has spoken about the two types of love that exist in the physical plane: the impersonal love, which is synonymous of Service and the personal love, which is synonymous of respect.
Personal love can be for a mate, for parents, children or friends. It is a very strong love, it is a love that Johnakan himself left aside at the beginning while pursuing after impersonal Love, but after a long time of lucubration, Johnakan realized that personal love in the physical plane is very, but very strong and it cannot be left aside.
Anyways, as it has been said, personal love is synonymous of respect and there is no dose of respect in a kind of family love which involves sexual relationships, for the simple reason that they are different types of love and they cannot be mixed with sex.
Then, what those people are doing, for example when a father has sex with his daughter, no matter if it’s voluntarily, they are mixing loves. A father and his daughter that have a sexual intercourse is nothing more than a deviation of the love that a father has to have for his daughter and a daughter for her father. That is to say, the respect is being distorted somehow.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Ruanel: And when respect is distorted, this type of love becomes unnatural.
Interlocutor: Are you also judging sex?
Ruanel: No. not at all. Sex doesn't have anything to do here. I am referring to polarity, to the way that love is addressed.
Interlocutor: Does a relationship of this nature produce engrams?
Ruanel: Obviously that it produces engrams and it can even generate karmas!
Interlocutor: Engramic and Karmatic charges. Huge charges! Then, these type of relationship is completely unadvisable.
Ruanel: Correct, and even more keeping in mind the fact that children can be born with genetic dysfunctions. Imagine that if genetic dysfunctions existed in children conceived by cousins, how much more serious genetic dysfunctions can be in children conceived by close relatives like father and daughter or mother and son
Interlocutor: Are there antecedents of this type of dysfunctions?
Ruanel: Yes, incest has happened so much in the old Great Britain as well as in the old France, where in royalty there were sexual relationships between cousins and there were many stupid kings.
Interlocutor: I also remember that in Egypt the Pharaohs married to their sisters.
Ruanel: Even their offspring, due to genetic dysfunctions, they didn't live beyond the twenty years old. But leaving aside this, let’s go to the moral issue…
Interlocutor: Hold on a little longer Master, please, I want to clarify something before. Did Elohim create genetic dysfunctions for this type of relationships? – by order of the Absolute, obviously-
Ruanel: No, because that would be against Free Will.
Interlocutor: So?
Ruanel: Think about it. If Elohim, with the acquiescence of the Absolute would have created a certain dysfunction, somehow forbidding certain union as disastrous, it would be violating the Free Will granted by the Father.
Interlocutor: But I consider that something like that must exist.
Ruanel: Sure, but it happens the other way around, which would be almost the same thing but with different intention. There are genetic patterns in the family ties that are very closer almost very similar.
When genetic patterns are similar, the DNA chains are similar and there is a sexual relationship between relatives, due to biological law not even understood in the physical plane, the descendants are born with dysfunctions. But it is not something made on purpose because - I repeat- it would be against Free Will.
Interlocutor: I understand perfectly the difference between what the fundamental reason can be and what an incidental consequence would be.
Ruanel: But I want to clarify that the incestuous relationships go beyond the moral part, and it is necessary to emphasize it because children are eventual circumstances and not an unavoidable consequence of this type of relationships.
Interlocutor: I understand, even if they take care and there are no children, the relations continue being questionable.
Ruanel: Correct. The love that parents feel for their children is totally different from sex. It is a protective love, it is a love of contention, it is a love of respect and I mean to another type of respect different from the respect that one feels for his or her mate.
There are things that cannot be mixed. There are many types of respect in family relationships, paternal respect, fraternal respect, son-and-daughter respect, and in this type of respect the physical union does not fit.
Interlocutor: This is very clear, Master, but now I have a doubt, what if that father and that daughter were big lovers in previous lives, in that case there would be an attraction, I would say almost natural. Would not they be maybe pressed somehow by that past?
Ruanel: Yes, in that case there would be an attraction, but also in those cases the common sense has to prevail. There are cases where beings that have been together in previous lives embody together, not for engrams or karmic lessons or to be united physically, but with the purpose of being useful to each other in order to make the other grow.
Interlocutor: I understand.
Ruanel: I want to take advantage of this fact, to express what many times was reiterated by several Masters of Light, that the karmic ties don't exist and nobody owes anything to the other. One embodies for joy, for Service, to be useful. And in addition, as you say in the physical plane, to "earn points", although no Service should be made just to earn points.
Interlocutor: That’s clear. To sum up, a father and a daughter who have sexual relationships or a mother with her son, no matter if it is voluntarily, they are distorting the other type of love that should exist between them.
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Could we also say that there would be a deviation of sex?
Runale: Yes, in fact there is a deviation.
Interlocutor: Would it be similar, and in spite of the differences, like copulating with an animal?
Ruanel: Yes, totally, because it is unnatural. An embodied being, human or animal, in the physical plane, they have what you call “instinct” which is a genetic pattern. This genetic pattern forces the male to copulate with the biggest amount of females to assure offspring. For that reason the human male, called “man”, is generally more unfaithful than the woman for this instinctive reason.
Interlocutor: Obviously, this impulse is independent if one is protected with a prophylactic.
Ruanel: Of course... It is also an instinctive issue that the female doesn't copulate with other males, unless that male doesn't satisfy her, in that case she looks for another male. But the instinct of having offspring is always behind, although she uses some intra-uterine implement in order to not be pregnant.
Interlocutor: I understood clearly. I suppose that this happens to all the races.
Ruanel: Correct. What I explained it’s normal, but while the copulation of a human with an animal doesn't bring offspring, those who carry out that are perverting that natural instinct of procreation.
Interlocutor: It is clear.
Ruanel: In the case of the human female, it is necessary to mention the aggravating circumstance- if one wants to call it in this way- that she is one of the few females of the animal Kingdom, at least among the mammals that is not in heat, because the females cats and dogs, are in estrus and then they copulate in certain periods. And outside of these periods the female doesn't accept the male. On the other hand, the human is the only animal that copulates for pleasure, because he copulates at all times.
But that is reasoned by the human being through his or her mental abstract decoder. The human being is one of the few beings whose mental decoder translates the spiritual concept almost faithfully.
Interlocutor: Well, I believe that this is clear enough.

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