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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Now I’d like to move one to another topic which has brought a lot of confusion here in the physical plane. Even I have many doubts about it... I’m talking about abortion. We know that abortion doesn't kill life, but in any case it releases it.
When somebody kills a human being in fact he or she is provoking the death of the physical body (disincarnation), releasing the spirit... prematurely or not.
The first question is: In which moment the spirit embodies? At the moment of Birth or before?
Ruanel: The spirit, and this was already said, embodies in a 10% at few days since the embryo was implanted, when the fetus is in formation. Practically to the 20 terrestrial days of gestation, the 10% is already incorporated.[1]
Then, if a mother causes an abortionon purpose-, she is creating clearly a karma, as if she had murdered a person who is 20 years old.
Interlocutor: But what happens if she induces an abortion before the spirit embodies? Is there some difference?
Ruanel: Yes, there is a difference because the preparations are not like a terrestrial trip, where one prepares suitcases and all those things - perhaps they are carried out in seconds in the spiritual planes, but those preparations are made.
Then, if a certain spirit says: "At such hour in such day, I will embody in a certain home", and then if that mother performs an abortion when that spirit didn't still embody, this mother creates karma for herself because that spirit perhaps was coming to learn certain lesson or to learn certain karma or in mission and that abortion is avoiding it.
Interlocutor: Does a mother create karma in all the cases?
Ruanel: Correct, and I emphasize it: the mother creates karma for herself in all the cases. Obviously, when I’m rererring to "the mother" I am also referring to all those that have collaborated with the abortion.
Interlocutor: I understood, of course. But the question goes further on. The Argentinean law doesn't penalize the abortion when there is violation or if the woman is insane or demented.
Concretely, the Art. 86 of the Penal code says:
"The abortion performed by a medical graduate with the pregnant woman's consent, is not punishable:
1) If it has been made with the purpose of avoiding a risk for the mother’s life or the mother's health and if this danger cannot be avoided by other means.
2) If the pregnancy is a result of rape or violation or an attack to the chastity made on an insane or demented woman. In this case, her legal representative's consent will be required for the abortion."
Ruanel: If the thetan is housed in a body where the mother’s neurons don't work and the mother can have Down syndrome or some mental illness and she cannot take care of that creature, evidently the mission will be hindered and then in that case abortion is not penalized.
And it’s not penalized in a case of rape or violation either.
Interlocutor: But in the earthly plane it is not punishable, at least in our country...
Ruanel: It’s not penalized in the planes of Light either. In a case of rape or violation - because that woman didn't ask to be pregnant -, if the mother performs an abortion, she has the Free Will that God granted to her to do it because the spirit that will be born is hindering her Free Will. In this case, abortion does not create karma to that mother.
And it’s not penalized either if the abortion is performed to save the mother's life.
I repeat: First is Love and second Free Will. These are the two options that the Absolute gave us, as much to the spirits as to the incarnated beings.
Well. If a woman is raped and she gets pregnant, her baby is hindering her Free Will although the spirit of the baby is innocent because that mother didn't ask to be pregnant. Then, If due to despair or her parents perform a therapeutic abortion, it’s not Frowned upon by the Entities of Light because in a certain way she is making her Choice according to her Free Will.
However, the situation is completely different if that pregnancy is a result of assented sexual intercourse in which she willingly had sex for pleasure. In this case, the mother, with her Free Will was looking for it.
Interlocutor: Whenever a fetus is formed, Does a spirit have to be incorporated automatically?
Ruanel: No, not automatically. The spirit is incorporated when the menstruation is interrupted and then one already knows that the woman is pregnant.
Interlocutor: But who decides that?
Ruanel: That is the spiritual law! Every spiritual embodied entity, human of animal either in this world or in other worlds, where there is even vegetable superior life, he or she will always be incorporated according to the person's category in which he or she will be born...
Interlocutor: Even though if it’s known that it will miscarry?
Ruanel: Even though if it’s known that it will miscarry, because that it is responsibility of the adults, except for... and I could ask a captious question: And what happens when the mother is sick and her physique is not good and automatically she miscarried at the three months because she had previous miscarriages
In that case, the spirit, for spiritual law, also embodies, although the baby does not born.
Interlocutor: And who is the one that decides that that fetus will be incorporated?
Ruanel: There are many things that are chance. My vessel always says: it doesn't exist good or bad luck, neither punishment nor reward, there are things that are chance, and chance is only based on chance.
Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understood: Unless a woman is raped, she doesn’t have the right to perform an abortion...
Ruanel: Unless she is raped or if she does not reason because she has Down syndrome, or she is retarded or if she is mentally immature.
Interlocutor: Then, in this case of non-punishability would not be a woman that only wants to have pleasurable sex and just by accident the prophylactic breaks…
Ruanel: That is no longer a violation or anything like that. It is the risk that a woman and a man are exposed to.
Interlocutor: So in the countries where they have given to the woman the right to perform an abortion just because they wanted to or because they made a mistake?
Ruanel: It is a terrible mistake and those who participate in this kind of abortions create hard karma.
Interlocutor: Well, I believe that this is clear, perhaps the exposed examples are white or black and we know that in life there are also grays, but at least, these are the basic rules.
If a woman who was raped, in spite of the consequences, decides to give Birth, she is worthy and her behavior is highly commendable because she would be choosing Love over Free Will in that case, but if she also decides to abort by using her Free Will, since she didn’t ask to be pregnant, she does not create Karma for herself.
However, this circunstance does not apply if a woman assented to sexual intercourse andaccidentallyshe got knocked up. If a woman who willingly got pregnant decides to abort, she would be creating karma for herself.
[1] The 10% spirit, embodies in 48 hours according to the Masters of Light. Read: Human Conception

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