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According to the teachings of the Masters of Light.

It’s very important to emphasize that we are exposing what the Masters of Light told us about this controversial issue, and we are not demeaning or denigrating homosexual people at all.
In addition, everybody in accordance to his or her Free Will is free to agree or disagree with these teachings, also we believe that every human being is free to choose and he or she is worthy of respect and politeness in spite of any sexual orientation or religious belief.
The nature of homosexuality and lesbianism has always been a matter of discussion from ancient times and even now there is no irrefutable truth on this subject, the main reason is the difference of opinions between heterosexual and homosexual people and their preconceptions.
However, the nature of sex from the genetic point of view is totally clear, there are men and women and there is no third sex. In addition, sex, as a rule, doesn't have anything to do with the spiritual world and the problems originated from sex abuse or mental deviations are in any case medical and psychical problems or according to the circumstances crimes (such as pedophilia, rape, bondage, etc.)
We said previously that sexual relations are valid as long as both parts assent to them and if there is a mutual agreement between them. On the other hand, sexual intercourse becomes harmful and creates karma if one of the parts forces to the other to do something against his or her Free Will and even more if the other person is physically harmed as a result of that sexual practice.(e.g. sadism, torture mutilation, bondage, snuff)
Homosexual people raise an objection to society because they want to make heterosexual people believe that what is clearly abnormal is normal. And this is the only thing that can be attributed to them!
It is impossible that heterosexual people accept this circumstance, no matter if some of them accept it openly fearing that they will be labeled as homophobes or discriminatory people.
In conclusion, from the very moment the origin of homosexuality was revealed, it was considered abnormal and an illness that has several origins.
To this point, it would not be a surprise if homosexual people don't want to admit that their sexual orientation is simply a mental illness. However, to understand clearly the very meaning of the origin of homosexuality and lesbianism of course, it’s important to understand the difference between psychogenic and psychosomatic illnesses because Medicine and psychiatry have mistaken concepts about these scientific terms.
(psychogenic and psychosomatic illnesses)

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: Now I want to ask you about psychosomatic and psychogenic illnesses. I am a little bit confused about what we should call psychosomatic illnesses at the present time.
Ruanel: Psychogenic Illnesses are, for example, psoriasis, ulcers, asthma, allergies...
Interlocutor: I understand. That is to say, Psychogenic illnesses are all those illnesses known as engramic illnesses in Dianetics... Could we call them Psychogenic-engramic illnesses?
Ruanel: It is perfect.
Interlocutor: Could you give examples about psychosomatic illnesses?
Ruanel: There can be cases where a person has a common, light or serious illness, such as pneumonia, and if that person is hypochondriac, he or she will worsen that condition. That is to say, the psychosomatic condition increases the problem...
Interlocutor: ... Is this something produced at psychogenic level?
Ruanel: No, no, it is not at psychogenic level, but at physical level. There are dysfunctions that are physical. For instance, if you suddenly have a stomachache and it doesn't necessarily have to be a psychogenic illness because it may be simply something that you ate that made you feel bad.
Then, if you are a hypochondriac, you render it psychosomatic and you worsen it. Therefore, you are not worsening the psychogenic problem, but rather you are worsening the real physical condition. Again, for example, If you have sore throat (laryngitis) that causes you intense pain and you suddenly render it psychosomatic you are worsening the problem. It has nothing to do with the psychogenic part.
Interlocutor: Let’s see if I understood... All that is called psychogenic is what people name psychosomatic...
Ruanel: Correct and all that is psychosomatic are real illnesses, virosic, bacterial or accidents, and they are worsened mentally. This is a psychosomatic illness: Suddenly, if I’m embodied and I have a lumbar problem: I render it psychosomatic and the condition gets worse because I am hypochondriac and I round over and over the problem.
Interlocutor: Aren’t we worsening a psychogenic problem?
Ruanel: We are worsening a physical problem. This is psychosomatic. Because psyche means soul, which is thought and soma means body: psychosomatic.
Interlocutor: This was clear. Now I want to ask you about the classification of dysfunctions. Let’s see, for example homosexuality that can be:
1) Engramic.
2) Genetic.
And genetic can be subdivided in karmic-genetic reasons, let’s say, evolutionary, for example if somebody decides to embody as homosexual to find a cure. Would there be more classifications?
Ruanel: Not more classifications, but suborders. Homosexuality, for example, can be rendered psychosomatic.
Interlocutor: I don’t perceive the idea clearly...
Ruanel: Okay, Let’s suppose that a certain person doesn't have any genetic or engramic illness that causes homosexualit,,and let’s suppose that when this person was a child he had practiced erotic games, something very common among children in elementary schools, where there are only caresses without penetration. However, if this person is already adult in High school, these erotic games also include penetration and both people involved can get used to it and they could even end up liking it...
Interlocutor: But if that incident hadn’t happened, the other person would have developed a heterosexual orientation...
Ruanel: Exactly. That person becomes homosexual because the other person induced him to that behavior. Now suppose that this homosexual or lesbian in the future develops a very low self-esteem because of ego. Then, this person renders it psychosomatic. We are no longer speaking about a physical ailment. This person renders the symptom psychomatic and he or she will say: "Well, I am a good-for-nothing, my mission in this life is to be homosexual or lesbian, I will get laid with whomever I want because I’m a failure..."
Therefore, the person renders homosexuality as psychosomatic. That is to say not only a physical ailment can become psychosomatic. And that is not psychogenic, because it is not something that the person provoked, but rather it is something caused by another person who penetrated him. I repeat that he is rendering that behavior psychosomatic, and it is not an illness, because in this case homosexuality doesn't have anything to do with viruses, bacteria or anything accidental.
Interlocutor: Could we say that the person is rendering a sexual orientation psychosomatic?
Ruanel: Yes, the expression is correct.
Interlocutor: And I suppose that this kind of homosexuality can be cured...
Ruanel: In this case, yes, because it is not genetic. But keep in mind the following thing: in this example there is an engramic problem that was caused by the person who seduced him and there is a problem of ego because this person has a low self-esteem.
Interlocutor: Are you combining here two problems?
Ruanel: Yes, because there are other people that have higher self-esteem and they have very little ego and even though they have played erotically with other peers at school when they were children, they are heterosexual people perfectly. They have simply played erotic games and they have not received engrams.
Interlocutor: This was perfectly clear... Now, from the spiritual point of view, how can we subdivide genetic dysfunctions? Because one can have a genetic problem for karmic reasons and also to decide to have that disorder...
Ruanel: You can subdivide it in two categories: (karmic-genetic problem) and (genetic problem for choice). And sometimes, for choice it can be for him or her whether the person decides to embody as a man or a woman, or so that the parents learn certain lesson from past lives.
Interlocutor: Concretely, there are no more categories and suborders than these?
Ruanel: Correct, there are no others.
Interlocutor: Good, another point was clarified.
chapter II
The solution of homosexuality enigma
The fundamental topic on the table is if homosexuality constitutes a disorder or a sexual variant. This last approach was adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO)
However, homosexuality, as any other sex dysfunction (impotence, frigidity, voyeurism, transsexualism, exhibitionism, etc.) is an disorder of psychogenic origin provoked by engrams.
Just like hypnotism, another technique capable to implant in the reactive mind "unconscious" imperative suggestions or what we call engrams that reduce the self-determinism of people by implanting hidden orders that unconsciously must be obeyed without the conscious authorization of the person.
Therefore, hypnosis and engrams are in the bottom similar things. More precisely, we can say that an engram is a powerful hypnotic order that contains physical pain, something that the common hypnosis doesn't have, since generally it’s usually performed with the patient's consent.

Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Master Ruanel.
Interlocutor: I’ll move on to another case. It is related to a closet transvestite. I’ll read his email:
”I came across with your web page and I read among many interesting topics the topic related to homosexuality. I’d like orientation (if you can help me) about transvestism. I am a heterosexual transvestite and I have investigated a lot about this during several years and I definitely coincide that it is not a normal behavior, but I feel an unavoidable tendency in me towards it. It’s not a consuming situation, I can control it for a long time, but it’s always in my mind the idea of making it.
In fact I have admitted it to most of my partners (all women) and it has always caused me certain uneasiness (suffering, to be more precise). Is there some way to understand the reason of my illness? (If it is programmed by myself when I embodied). Is there a way to be cured or treated? since I don't see it as something monstrous and in fact I like it, but as I said previously I know that it is not normal. If you can help me or guide me I will thank you very much if not anyways thank you to have that page, at least it has given me another point of view to think. Sincerely, Luis H."
Well, this is the text of the email I received. My question is: Is this an engramic or a genetic dysfunction?
Ruanel: It is about a dysfunction of engramic nature, don't have the slightest doubt. It is engramic and it is as if the person is playing it to the limit.
Interlocutor: What do you mean by “playing it to the limit”?
Ruanel: In the sense that unconsciously his ego wants to experiment other things, in this case homosexuality.
Interlocutor: Would Psychointegration help him to understand the roles of ego and how they influence in the several “selves” and the way to integrate the mind so that he will always be the master?
Ruanel: Totally.
Interlocutor: But the issue is: why does he have an “I” of this nature? What engram is compelling him to homosexuality?
Ruanel: He has two engrams. One is domestic and he received it when he was a child, he was always devaluated, and the other was directly caused by some of his peers that left him segregated.
Interlocutor: How old was he when he received these engrams?
Ruanel: The domestic, since he was three to seven years old.
Interlocutor: And what would be the content of the words of the engrams?
Ruanel: Insults, scornful words, and things like that.
Interlocutor: And why this kind of words would impel him to homosexuality?
Ruanel: Because the person is devaluated and one of the egos takes it as a kind of rebellion. Add to this fact that when finishing the primary school and he began the secondary, school the boys who were usually very cruel, bothered him with a lot of things more. With this picture you have a complete panorama of the case. It is understood that this person unconsciously tries to understand the homosexual's world getting dressed with woman's clothes.
Interlocutor: Could he simply solve the problem by realizing the origin of his sexual orientation? I ask it because he seems that he is not happy with his situation.
Ruanel: Yes, of course. Besides he didn't end up consummating any homosexual experience.
Interlocutor: So he only has the tendency?
Ruanel: Correct.
Interlocutor: Could Dianetics help him?
Ruanel: Yes, it could be very useful, and also he could read the notes of Psychointegration.
Interlocutor: Is there something more about this?
Ruanel: No that’s all.
Homosexuality and respect for the sick person.
Dear professor: In your page unveiled enigmas you offer answers to questions and mysteries that still perplex humanity. Among them, obviously, it’s homosexuality. Medicine and Psychiatry ignore its origin, and this ignorance has created a tremendous confusion, not only among homosexual people, but also among heterosexual people, and many of them say that gays and lesbians are perverts.
I request that you send me all the pertinent information you have on the topic, any fact can help. My interest is more personal than scientific. Roy.
Dear Roy: I won't beat around the bush: from the strictly scientific point of view, homosexuality is a mental disorder that provokes the deviation of the normal sexuality, in some cases it is provoked by engrams (psychogenic engramic illnesses), and in other cases it’s a matter of choice before embodying (genetic illness), and this last one can be for karmic reasons or for experimentation (evolutionary reasons.)
But in both cases they are disorders of sexuality. A homosexual is man and a lesbian is a woman. There is no third sex.
The ignorance of this truth has contributed to generate confusion, as you say, between heterosexual and homosexuals people.
The day that homosexuality be accepted scientifically as a mental illness, the discrimination will cease, and homosexual people will be respected, loved and helped as any other sick people.
These explanations, obviously, also include other disorders like lesbianism, transvestism, bisexuality, impotence, vaginism, etc. which origins are always the same.
As this matter is something complex, if you want to deepen more in the scientific aspects of the question, I recommend that you read the Origin of human aberration.

Homosexuality and the respect for the sick person II.
Dear professor: I have read your page of unveiled enigmas and although I agree with most of the answers, I consider that mankind is not yet ready to accept them.
With regard to homosexuality, I agree also with your opinion on the sense that if it were universally acknowledged as a mental illness or mental disorder, the problems would end for them, since all the conflicts come from homosexual people who insist that their condition is normal, something that is very difficult to accept for heterosexual people.
But in my opinion I consider that it is a waste of time to decide objectively if it is a pathological condition or not.
I would like to know your opinion on this matter since I am a psychology professor.
Professor Javier Q.
Dear professor Javier: Recently, the Chinese Psychiatric Association issued new rules and decided that being gay is no longer a disease. The new rules specify that homosexual behavior won't be considered abnormal by definition. Although they say that the attraction towards the same sex can be, for those people that don't feel happy with their sexual orientation, a mental disorder and people that are happy with their homosexuality are normal and they don't need treatment.
This transcription goes according to your opinion. Regrettably, this point of view is not correct because it avoids the fundamental matter, a homosexual person is in certain degree a sick person and, of course, as any sick person he or she is worthy of the biggest respect.
Psychiatric associations from all over the world ignore the origin of homosexuality and they try by all means to find out some formula in order to save their ignorance.
Most of the western countries eliminated several decades ago homosexuality from their list of mental disorders.
The American Psychological Association (APA) in 1973 removed homosexuality as a mental disorder. This decision is paradoxical, because they even ruled it out from their list without even knowing what the psychiatrists say on homosexuality or if it is or not a mental disorder.
As for the classification of the pathological condition of homosexuality, taking it from the point of view of the happiness or unhappiness the homosexual feels with his or her sexual orientation, it doesn't resist the smallest analysis.
There is a mental disorder called coprophagy, in which the sick person eats up his own excrement. What would you think if we rule it out from the list of mental disorders and we classify it as a mental disorder in accordance with the happiness or unhappiness that the sick person feels by eating excrement?
And the same thing could be applied to necrophilia, sadism, masochism and the whole list of human perversions classified by Psychiatry. And, of course, homosexuality.
All mental disorders have their origin in the reactive mind and engrams. And one of the characteristics of the reactive mind is to justify by all means the aberration.
The classic example is stigmata. Stigmata have its source in engrams that commands to the organism to produce such condition.
How do stigmatic people justify their aberrant condition? By saying that stigmata is a sign of sanctity or a sign from God.
And of course that they are very happy with their stigmatic wounds!
Through hypnosis stigmata can also be achieved and this gives the answer of its true origin because engrams are similar to powerful hypnotic orders.
Homosexuality and the issue of normal or abnormal.
Professor: I completely disagree with your article about homosexuality. You are being biased and you typecasted what is normal or abnormal...
According to your point of view a lot of people have "normal" coitus, but my question is: what is normal? Where is it written? when? how?...
It is demonstrated that in sexual practices, as in almost all parts in our life (leisure, education, customs... ) multitude of variants exist, each human being is a world, and what I don’t like or what I like you call abnormal, if one doesn't like ice cream, I don't call him "abnormal."
Definitely. Stop being so cynic in the article you wrote you are not being serious and your references and your studies are biased. If you were trying to sell cheap demagoguery on the topic, you have my congratulations.
Luis S. M.
Appreciated Luis: You have not read carefully the article because I am in favor of love, even if it’s made with a person of the same sex or different sex. However, I disagree when people say that anal coitus is healthy and thereby a valid option.
If you want to love a man, you are free to do it, but respect his ass because you can injure him or even kill him, and I am not talking only about AIDS. On this topic I agree with the doctors when they warn about the risks of having anal sex.
You have to have a little more common sense, or else with your approach, it would be also necessary to defend coprophagy, necrophilia, snuff, etc.
In any case, what is normal is measured by what the majority of the people do whether be bad or good.
And in this planet, most of the people are heterosexual and they practice vaginal sex, they don’t eat excrement, they don’t get laid with corpses and they don’t kill people for pleasure.
What else can I tell you?
Are homosexuality and bisexuality disorders?
Professor: I am 18 years old and to be honest, I am bisexual. I believe that I am perfectly capable to love a man or a woman, I am aware of the physical and psychical factors that differentiate us but in the field of feelings, I simply feel that I’m able to love both sexes.
I know that you are based on facts, in proofs, but wouldn't be a mistake to believe to have the truth on the hand?
I’m not saying that you are wrong affirming that my sexual option is a disorder. I only say that it could not be a disorder.
Also, if a woman, for example, loves and makes love to another woman and nobody is harmed, Why should we consider it as an illness? I mean an illness is always something bad What’s wrong if I love another woman? What is wrong if I do what I want and I don’t bother anybody?
Why homosexuality or lesbianism are considered disorders? Is it because they are not normal or they are different from what the majority does? Is it considered a disorder independently of our choice?
What I am saying, is that in my life, everything has been completely natural to me, and I have suffered and I have been happy sharing with women and men, situations, feelings and needs, and I cannot make distinction among them and I had a good time with men and women because there was no difference to me.
If I am sick, and the cure is better than the way I conceive my life, I desire to be treated, but could I be happy repressing an act or a feeling that doesn't bother anybody? Could I be comfortable drowning part of my personality?
Patricia S.
Appreciated Patricia: You have a misunderstanding. We are not saying that homosexuality is a disorder, but only if its origin is genetic or engramic. It’s not an illness if it’s a choice of life.
Any Illness has symptoms and if the sexual orientation is a choice of life there are no symptoms and therefore no disorder exists.
But the fact that somebody opts for homosexuality or bisexuality as a choice of life and they are not disorders, it doesn't mean that they are healthy.
And this is the whole history. Please do not twist it.
And of course that we are in favor of love and the practice of sex with whomever one wants, if it’s made with the same sex or the opposite sex because sex is essentially pleasure and each one can have it for pleasure according to his or her possibilities and orientation.
I remind you, that sex is exclusively a matter of the physical plane and it doesn't have anything to do with the spiritual world.

Engrams and homosexuality
I have read your article explaining that engrams are the reason of lesbianism and homosexuality, but I don't have it clear if there is a cure or not. Thank you
Dear friend: If lesbianism has engramic origin it is obvious that eliminating those engrams it’s cured. The cure is based on techniques that eliminate engrams. What happens is that techniques that eliminate engrams, like Dianetics and Scientology (*) are not certain and many years can pass and even those engrams might not be eliminated. It’s a matter of chance, even more; the problem can be from past lives, in which case Dianetics or Scientology won’t help, but only psychoauditing.[3]
On the other hand lesbianism can be originated from roles of ego or to be directly karmatic (genetic), and complicate or make impossible the cure. These factors can also be combined and that would complicate even more a treatment.
Thank you, in the case of roles of ego, what is the treatment? Who can I talk to in order to know more about it? If I have to fight against this feeling or to accept it since I feel broken-hearted and powerless with my lesbianism. Thank you.
Dear friend: From the spiritual point of view, homosexuality is fine because love is love and the sex is sex, if you understand what I mean. There is nothing wrong if you love somebody of the same sex or if you enjoy your sexuality with somebody of the same sex. Then, it would be necessary to find out the reason of your anguish or distress since you should take it as something natural or at least something that cannot be avoided.
The cure of homosexuality depends on what type of homosexuality is. If it is genetic (karmic) it has no cure. As for homosexuality that is embraced by free will, in theory you could change, but there are always other factors and it is necessary to analyze each case.
In Dianetics and Scientology(*), if homosexuality is caused by one or several engrams of this life, it could be cured if it the engram is audited and erased. But this is aleatory because Dianetics and Scientology are not certain.
It is also necessary to highlight that homosexuality might be from engrams of past lives, which is very likely, then Dianetics and Scientology won’t help because these sciences only audit this life. In this case it is necessary to use "Psychoauditing"[3].
There is something more I want to highlight, if a person is comfortable with his homosexuality, he doesn't have to repress it, but in any case to follow that orientation with logical balance. Homosexuality is not something bad, but simply an orientation in the case the spirit embodied to experiment homosexuality freely. Society has transformed homosexuality into something bad. And this is the whole history. 

[1] In this article homosexuality is approached exclusively from the point of view of its origin psychogenic engramic, since also the disorder can be genetic or due to ego. Many times a spirit decides to embody with this genetic dysfunction for mission, for example so that people around him learn certain karmic lessons.
[2] In this article homosexuality is approached exclusively from the point of view of its psychogenic origin.
[3] Psychoauditing is a technique developed by Jorge R. Olguin that audits through mediumship a 100% spirit or a 90% thetan and thus this technique erases completely present engrams and engrams from past lives as well.
(*) Warning: Dianetics and Scientology are trademarks and we mention them exclusively with informative purposes. Grupo Elron is an independent nonprofit organization that has nothing to do with political or religious movements.
For information on registered marks:

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