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Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.
Interlocutor: Manuel M.
Entity that came to dialogue: Master Morganel
Interlocutor: Well. This is a historical doubt. Can a thetan or a spirit displace or evict definitively the 10% of another conscious being incarnated in some biological unit and then embody in that biological unit? In other words, is a Spirit capable to take possession of the biological unit of another conscious being?
Morganel: No. Absolutely not, for a simple reason. The Divine Free Will exists and everybody has to accept that Free Will. And it has nothing to do with obeying it because there can be demons or spirits of error who don't want to accept it; but it’s directly a Law. For that reason, diabolical possession doesn’t exists either, like some esoteric schools or some religious churches believe.
What it does exist is the possession with the permission of the incarnated being. That was already explained in several opportunities by Johnakan-Ur-El. There are parishioners who are so fanaticized with their priest or with their pastor or minister who believing that they will receive the Holy Ghost, -a word badly interpreted-, they open themselves and the demons enter; but with the person's permission or the possessed person’s approval, ok?
Then, for that reason, if you see in some charismatic churches or in some evangelical temples people that writhe on the ground with epileptic spasms. They are being possessed by demons, but not like in your movies where a demon possesses a person against his will. That doesn't exist! It’s the same person the one that gives space to the demon believing that he or she is receiving the spirit of God.
Interlocutor: Well…When you say that the same person is giving place. What do you mean exactly?
Morganel: For example: if you go to a temple and you are religious fanatic of that Minister that yells at you Hallelujah! Then you open yourself mentally, you open your arms, you show your chest as a sign of approval that you will receive the Holy Spirit and automatically you can be possessed by a spirit of error or a demonic entity!
Interlocutor: And what happens with the 10% spirit that is incarnated in that body?
Morganel: The 10% is left aside, like the 10% of this vessel is aside when I am conceptualizing and making him speak with my voice.
Interlocutor: Then it is a similar situation…
Morganel: It is a similar situation in which, if the being that has been possessed by that demonic entity or that spirit of error takes consciousness and he or she has strength, he or she can expel that demon or spirit of error.
Now that we speak about the topic, Exorcisms are absolutely a lie because as well as a demonic entity doesn't have power over an embodied being, unless this one gives it the power. In the same way, no priest has power over a demon by saying: ”Get out of here,”I curse you.” Or throwing holy water. Let’s leave that for the movies.
Interlocutor: And It is also hollywoodian.
Morganel: The demon laughs in front of that. The demon leaves directly because the one that recovers the good sense in that moment is the person that had been possessed. If the person does not recover the good sense, or his spirit is weak and the embodied being is also weak, the demon can be comfortably days within that body.
Interlocutor: That is to say, No exorcism will help in that case…
Morganel: Exorcism doesn't exist for a reason of coherence, of common sense; because the Free Will is also granted to the demons.
Interlocutor: Ah! Sure.
Morganel: You have a proverb that says:”Every law has a loophole”
Interlocutor: Yes, it is true. (Laughing)
Morganel: Let’s say that, and I apologize to Eon,- Eon’s Achilles heel , so to speak- is the Free Will that Eon has granted for Love.
Free Will is sometimes used by spirits of error or negative living beings to harm others and Eon doesn't have the fault for that.
Interlocutor: Sure, but this should counterbalance the events of this universe or else I believe that it would be very boring.
Morganel: Correct.
Interlocutor: It is a joke.
Morganel: One thing that Johnakan-Ur-El commented, through my lucubration, is this: In the physical plane, the ego is so powerful that it can deteriorate not only your mental decoder, but also your physical body; however, if you channel light. That light can somehow heal your decoder and somehow it can also heal your physical body.
I’m not speaking about magical situations, because magic doesn't exist and miracles don’t exist either; but there are bodies that can even rejuvenate - and I don't say it between quotation marks, I say it literally. -Not like the mythological fountain of youth – but somehow you feel better. Channeling light somehow your cells and cerebral neurons can rejuvenate and you may even raise your tone scale. And that is proven, Johnakan said it.
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