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Jorge R. Olguín: I’ll read first some words of the book “Heaven Responds”

In the beginning of this creation, God entrusted and sent the main character to this school of inner overcoming. His name was Lucifer, an angel that irradiated so much kindness that the Light of his love filled with ecstasy to his brothers.

God sent him to tempt mankind and he could not refuse the divine command. He brought a legion of 72 angels, whose memories were erased so that they could carry out their mission without hesitations. In this way they became Demons, inhabiting the cycles of Darkness (these are cycles that interfere in all the vibrational planes, as much the spiritual and the physical plane)

These demons, in a shape of temptations, dominate the body of desires of the human being and they also act increasing the ego in the spirits of error.

Ego does not only exist in the physical plane because the spirits of error also have ego in the denser vibrations, and this ego brings them lust for power, rebelliousness and suffering. Only the spirits that reached the Light do not have ego.

Once Lucifer started with his polemic mission for those who don't understand completely that it is a role, he was known as Satan, prince of the darkness. Daniel Jose Queralto, my collaborator, friend and webmaster of the page, commented me that human beings do have encounters with demons and many times they don't realize it. We feel that they attack us by increasing any ego left we can have or feel, while they invade our being.

Apparently in those occasions wrapping ourselves in Light doesn't help us. And it is not that they don't respect our Free Will or our discernment, we are the ones who give them place due to roles of ego. At the end, demons leave if we stop being that is to say, we have to stop being so that they don't find anything to attack. I responded to Daniel that it wasn’t easy to stop being because a demon that attacks you, doesn't go against you seemingly, since he agrees with you in everything you think. Even more, the demon develops a role of victim in you so that you demands justice, which in fact is vengeance.

Most of the people think that demons torment us and they make us suffer... they are not silly. They are on our side encouraging us so that we demand an excuse on an alleged offense or damage caused. They put you against the others reaching unsuspected limits and we fall into that trap. It’s not easy to stop playing the role of victim since it’s an overwhelming role and if they whisper you things like: "you didn't deserve this" "It’s not your fault, but the other person’s fault", and if there is no retribution, they will continue taking advantage of you.

What can you do to stop that so attractive role? One must be very strong inwardly in order to be depersonalized, one must be very wise to really understand that we are roles and almost all those who are around us are roles in one way or another and they are reactive. We cannot be part of that current that becomes stronger like the summation of the irrational impulses.

However, not only do demons work on impulses, they also know how to be subtle, and they end up producing short circuits on clear people, who allegedly are free of engrams. Let’s keep in mind that it is impossible to be 24 hours a day in a top tone scale, in a higher tone scale, since things happen. You talk to people that don't listen to you, you are delayed in the traffic, you have a headache, you forgot the schedule at work, the dinner with a person was cancelled, they didn't pay you what you deserved, etc. And undoubtedly you will lower your tone scale! And the demons would enter in the cracks of the body of desires, transforming a low tone scale in a complete depressive state; or, if your character is stronger, the state of bad temper and you don't stand the slightest criticism. Somebody sneezes and you are already angry, je!

The popular proverb says "Demons are inside of you." No, it’s not this way literally, but although we enjoy Free Will and they don't have power over us, I humbly believe that many times we give them place without realizing it.

Well, now we will start a channeling I had never done in nine years. My dear interlocutor will ask in clear and loud voice and we will perform this channeling, which is captivating.


Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Interlocutor: Eugenio Garcia

Entity that came to talk: Lucifer, also known as Satan on Sun3 (planet Earth)

Lucifer: Here I am for the first time communicated with you. I know that you have summoned me for a certain reason and I will try as much as possible to reveal part of that alleged mystery. Please ask.

Interlocutor: Very well. First, I’d like to confirm if I am communicated with the angelic entity known as Lucifer or Satan.

Lucifer: Yes, that’s right. Although in the angelic planes we don't have real names since we contact ourselves by means of vibrations, the mental concept is already different from the others. If for the beings of the physical plane a name is necessary. You know me as Lucifer and more recently as Satan. It’s correct.

Interlocutor: Have you ever communicated previously with some medium embodied on this planet?

Lucifer: No.

Interlocutor: Is this the first time?

Lucifer: It’s the first time that I communicate through a mediumistic entity on the planet Earth, called Sun 3.

Interlocutor: Very well. I’ll ask you the following question only to stablish your message clear. What is your mission with regard to the evolution of the spirits?

Lucifer: To tempt the human being so that through overcoming that temptation he can ascends spiritually. It seems an absurdity because one who is incarnated can think "if they put obstacles on my way, I will be delayed." But it is not so like that; it is not so like that.

There is a tale of yours that I will use with your permission. There was a larva that was about to become a butterfly and a compassionate man in order to help it in its way opened its cocoon before its time, and the butterfly did not develop all its potential and it could not fly, it was defenseless and in a short period of time it succumbed. Then generally the obstacles that look like so pernicious help to strengthen the spirit of the embodied being. Then, I will give you more information about the role of demons in this same session, when the questions conclude.

Interlocutor: Perfect. This is a little bit complicated question, but it is a doubt I have. If as we believe that demons are angels to whom their memories have been erased by mercy of the Absolute, I should assume that these angelic entities don't remember anything, not even that they were angels. But as all beings created they are inherently good that is to say, unable to do something bad by themselves. Then, Why do they carry out with pleasure the worst things that a thinking concept can conceive? Where did they take so much cruelty from? Did they acquire it? Was their essence modified? Is there another explanation?

Lucifer: No. Their essence was not modified. Their memory was modified so that they can fulfill that mission without any mistake though, let us call like this. The answer is very simple. Except for the Creator all the beings below him are fallible.

A long time ago, I didn't delegate to any demon the great mission of tempting the Master Jesus. I wanted to do it myself, as you say personally, as I would say, in my own entity, because it was a very important mission. And as it has already been said in some opportunity, I tried by all possible means to tempt the Master Jesus. Not like the writings say, offering him wealth, properties, but trying to exacerbate his ego by making him notice his great intelligence, his great power of discernment, and how he could subject others...

Interlocutor: I understand.

Lucifer: and obviously He came through with flying colors from the test. He succeeded the test. I recognize that in that moment I felt very excited, and if I had had a physical body I even would have shed tears. I felt a tremendous joy. Many of you will say It’s ironic...

Interlocutor: in spite of your failure...?

Lucifer: An enourmous Joy in spite of the failure? Yes, because obviously that mission had to be carried out, not for divine command, because all the beings of the creation have Free Will. I accepted that mission because somebody had to do it in this part of the universe. But I must recognize that although I am the only one in this part of the universe whose memory has not been erased, many times there are missions I taste, and I am an angel, but it is like I appropriate of my role, just like you when you embody you have a role and you are that role, it is as if I appropriate of that role of tempter that I have.

But with the demons who have lost their memory, something even worse happens. They began to taste like that carnivorous terrestrial animals that taste the blood of the herbivorous animals, and it is like they began to feed. Demons even being angels by nature, as you would say in the physical plane, they have lost that civilization layer. It is like those incarnated beings that are lost in an island or in a higher mountain and they lost their civilization layer because they want to survive.

In this case the demons don't want to survive, directly they took pleasure in torturing, in tempting, they are happy, they enjoy when they see a human being falling into temptations, when they see their projects fail. They are not only fed with humans, they are also fed with the disembodied spirits. Their victims are obviously those who are in the plane -2, the eighth sphere. Those spirits that suffer the pain of millions and millions of other spirits that inhabit in that so dense plane. Demons seek to multiply that pain somehow. They skip the plane -1, the plane of solitude because they practically are not able to communicate with that plane. Obviously they attack to the plane 1, which is the physical plane, the plane two, the plan three.

The plane 2 is easier for the demons, because the spirits that dwell in this plane are immersed in an extreme cruelty and it is easy to manipulate them. The plane 3 is so joyful for them because in the plane 3 most of the spirits dwell. The spirits of the plane 3 are spirits who don't know what direction to take. Some of them are holding grudges, others have desires of overcoming, others want to reach the plane 4 because they want to be useful, others have something kept inside and they don't drop it and they blame others... It is a beautiful plane for demons; it is a fertile field for demons. Demons also seek to touch the plane 4, a Mastery plane, the plane 5 and the plane 6, the angelic plane, but it is very difficult that they find a place there. You can continue with the questions.

Interlocutor: At this moment I have a question I don't conceive from my humble place, and I do ask you because I don't know the answer, How do you withstand from your place with all your memory intact and all your Light all of this?

Lucifer: Maybe I’m justifying myself, but it’s a mission that the Creator gave me. Or maybe I’m getting used to it, or maybe I’m used to it already, or maybe I’m becoming an insensitive being, or maybe my angelic essence is no longer the same... take it as an answer, in fact I am not giving a clear answer, take it as answer.

Interlocutor: Okay. In this world there is a mistaken image of you. Many fantasies, many superstitions. What is the reason of all this?

Lucifer: That is due to the spiritual schools, religions, to the temples where they seek to subject an embodied being... they think that with rituals they summon me, they think that with ceremonies demons are at the service of these people that perform ceremonies... Demons are at the service of evil. Those beings that summon them will not leave unharmed. They are the first victims because they are those who are more opened. Demons must respect the Free Will of all beings in this physical, spiritual and angelic universe. They cannot take a body like in those so sinister writings, they cannot take possession of someone’s volition, unless the same incarnated being gives them place, like it happens in many temples and many ceremonies.

Interlocutor: Let’s go to the following question?

Lucifer: Please.

Interlocutor: I believe intimately that Eon has propitiated the circumstances and causalities so that this channeling takes place. I wanted to know if you could confirm this idea, or give some different explanation.

Lucifer: I respond with three words: It was time.

Interlocutor: I understand. There is another question that you already answered. If you are in all the galaxies of all the universes, or there are other similar entities, you already answered it and I take it as valid.

Lucifer: However, I respond it for a bigger clarification. There are other entities in other parts of the universe, because I am in this sector of the universe with 72 collaborators, but obviously any clarified mind or fairly clarified can start thinking that only in this galaxy there are millions of inhabited worlds and there are millions and millions of galaxies spread all over the whole universe... I am not the Creator. I am not everywhere, then I understand that there are other angels who have been in mission and they continue being in mission tempting other incarnated beings in other distant worlds, and they will fulfill a similar mission, better or worse than me.

I only know that in this world, Sun 3, the task of the demons is being carried out very easily, very easily. Once the Father said that in this world, exclusively in this world called Sun 3, something very special is accomplished. Although the spirits are thinking entities or conceptual beings as you like to denominate them better, they need a potable mental decoder to be able to embody.

If the animated being doesn't have a decoder where an abstract thought could exist, it won't be possible that a spirit embodies. Then, at this time the one that is called homo sapiens sapiens in the planet Earth, gives the exact space so that that spirit embodies. But that same spirit can embody in other humanoids or in other non humanoid beings, in other remote places of the galaxy, and not necessarily they are homo sapiens sapiens. But what happens, and this was said by the Father, I don't say it.

The mixture, speaking in a simple language for you, the homo sapiens sapiens decoder and the spiritual concept make a unique mark on you. Not in all the planets a civilization reaches a stage so important in philosophy as you have reached in Sun 3, or a stage of art, painting, sculpture, so important as you have reached in Sun 3. Even in a well-known planet for many of you, due to several channelings, called Antares 4, which is a world entirely of philosophical beings, they don't end up reaching the magnitude the philosophers of Sun 3 reached.

But that is half of the message. The other half the Father also said it. You are like preschool children. You are depredating this planet. He who destroys a riverbed or destroys an entire species, has the same DNA compared to the one who creates a vaccine, or the biggest philosopher.

The same Master Jesus, if they had extracted him blood to run a DNA test, has the same DNA that the biggest murderers of your XX century had. Then, it is such a strange world, where there are boundaries, there are walls, where you compete for materials that will run out in few years only, where you destroy your food, where you destroy your water, where you destroy your atmosphere... and with all respect for the Father, sometimes I start thinking "what success we had" what success. Because those same beings that are so enormous in their musical compositions! They are the same beings that push a button and they destroy hundreds of people. How won't I be moved?

And in turn, will it be that that role of Lucifer exacerbated the ego in me and in turn I am with joy by saying what success? But if you start thinking like my Interlocutor. That was not our mission. Our mission was to tempt, so that the human being improves himself, not to cause the human being’s extermination. Then we are not being successful. We are devastating.

But beware, beware. That embodied beings put the blame on us because as my vessel before of this session, who gives place to the demons if it’s not you? You can ask.

Interlocutor: Although you already said many things that made me think, I will ask you a question I had scheduled. Is humanity near to change the direction toward the Light or the Spiritual Elevation? Could we march to the opposite Path?

Lucifer: No, I don't see changes at this time. I see sources of Light in different parts of the planet. I see circles of Light in different parts, but there isn’t a general change of conscience yet. On the contrary, if you continue in that direction, this Mankind's maintenance will enter in a tremendous debacle. The natural resources will run out. What else can say that I have not said already?

Interlocutor: The last question I want to ask you is this: if you have some particular message for us related to some topic that we have not investigated and it should be transmitted and diffused due to its importance.

Lucifer: Well. I will begin with the message of the demons because they have requested it to me. Do not take this word as mine, but as their message, and don’t be afraid because you have Free Will, but I must speak:

You are under our power; you cannot do anything to defend yourselves because your ego is our opened door toward your souls. Your souls are ours, your ego is giving them to us, and it is little what you can do. Surrender now because you don't have another choice. It is futile to fight against us because you are weak.

The Masters of Light, ja! -they say-, if some of them have defeated us, all of them would have to defeat us, but Who said that this has to be this way? There will always be special spirits, but the rest will fall, the rest will fall.

Look at your faces, look at your faces, look at yourselves in the mirror, look at yourselves. Look!

Now I will say as Lucifer, as the angel that I believe I still am, the final words. I continue believing in you. I continue believing that you can overcome temptations. I continue believing that the word soul apart from spirit means strength. I continue believing in your inner-selves. I continue believing that as you have that Father's particle, you have inside of you that tool called Love. And that tool called Love is stronger than the other called ego.

But you must make an effort. Do not think selfishly at this time as spirits, because if the planet Sun 3 perishes, I know that you will embody in other worlds, you will continue as spirits, but it’s a pity, because this planet has history, this planet has ruins, this planet has writings, this planet has works of art. This planet is the identification of what you are, this planet identifies you. It is a pity to lose it.

I know that there are Ascended Masters who said that the attachments are part of the roles of ego. I don’t speak about attachments. I speak about RESPECT, and you don't respect the planet. This planet has life, it is not dead as the satellite you call moon, this planet has life.

You have to realize that you are some parasites that are feeding from this planet, but in such way, in such way that you are killing it. But this planet has resources to survive, because it has already survived other attempts of extermination. Then, it’s a pity that this so beautiful race, homo sapiens sapiens, already perishes.

It doesn’t seem my concept what I will say, but please, fight against evil. Fight against the evil inside of yourselves. Fight against self-centeredness, think about the others. If you stop thinking of yourselves and start thinking of the others, all these acolytes that accompany me, will be sterile in their mission.

Until all moment. Lucifer spoke to you.

Interlocutor: Thank you.

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