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Even though the possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use has been decriminalized in the Netherlands, no drug is completely harmless and those who are tolerating or even trying to legalize soft drugs are commiting a hostile act.
A drug addict who is consumming drugs even if he does it in his private life, is also a risk for third parties because the drug itself is making him irresponsible of his acts. Only drug addicts will try legalize and decriminalize these drugs in total disrespect of the welfare of the other people.
Every drug leads to brain damage in the long run, and no country should permit that its citizens become mentally challenged because of a certain drug policy.

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Kether (the Anciento of days).
Interlocutor: Moving on to another important topic, I would like to know, from the spiritual point of view, what damage drugs make in the human being.
Kether: The effect of drugs has to be analyzed, in particular, with reference to each world and each inhabitant of those worlds. Maybe a being from Braco takes a so called illegal drug in this world and to him it doesn't make him anything. And it can also happen that if they take a bit of chlorophyll in the mouth that doesn't make anything to a terrestrial, and they die poisoned because their matter is another.
Speaking exclusively of this world, the true secret of the ingestion of drugs is balance. Alcohol can be benign for that cardiac muscle that you call heart.
Obviously, if you drink in excess, not only you will unbalance your organism , but rather you will provoke that your mental decoder doesn't work well and you can fall and injure yourself, or directly it can affect your brain severely.
Interlocutor: Without mentioning the engrams that are received being alcoholized and the analytic capacity diminished
Kether: Correct, aside from engrams. With regard to illegal drugs, there are certain drugs that can produce altered states of consciousness and they can be beneficial to leave the common state and to be able to visualize things. It happens that there are not many Teachers who can contain those patients at this time because those patients have such big ego.
For example they take what you call Lisergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and they can end up attacking because their ego is free, their reactive minds are completely free, and correlatively, their analytic mind is totally tied up.
Then I don't consider these drugs beneficial at all because they will always work against the organism. All that is made with balance in the physical plane, is well, even drugs, like morphine, which is good to calm excruciating pains for example, but with the warning that the possibility exists, if it is not administered wisely, the patient can become a drug addict.
Interlocutor: And what about wine?
Kether: The common alcoholic drink that you extract from the grape, is highly beneficial because it has a powerful antioxidant, but if one drinks it in excess it can provoke damages in the organ you call liver and it can make the person disembody before the time expected, causing tremendous engrams in the process.
Interlocutor: I take advantage now to ask you about a new drug called "Ecstasy" which is provoking a lot of polemic.
Kether: I am contacting myself telepathically at this time with embodied beings in your planet and they are telling me that it is absolutely negative, extremely pernicious.
Every force that is taken out so that the person in that moment is open, awaken, I mean to the energy awakening, it will always work in detriment of the physical organism.
Then, those people that consume it, can end up altering their nervous and neuronal system to such point of becoming idiots, especially if they are young, 15 or 16 years old. When they’ll reach 35 years of age they will be people whose intellectual quotient will be less than 1.

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