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NIKOLA TESLA (1856-1943)



Nikola Tesla was a great philanthropist, a Great scientific genius. Someone who developed extraordinary theories, achieved amazing inventions and wonderful things during his life. He did it simply to serve humanity. And in spite of that, he did not ask anything for his service. A true Master of Light who lived to serve Mankind.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Ruanel Spirit that animated Ron Hubbard

Interlocutor: Master, I have a question for the future, Is there something interesting about Nikola Tesla?

Ruanel:This topic is for a complete session, he has achieved things that later on were destroyed, there was material that was destroyed.

Interlocutor: But, Was Nikola Tesla an extraterrestrial? Did he have contact with extraterrestrials?...

Ruanel: Nikola Tesla had a privileged mind... to such point that he achieved discoveries... and he was even calculating... and this is very hard to believe, notice that we are talking about one century ago, nonetheless, he had mathematical calculations related to teleportation.

Interlocutor: Unbelievable!...

Ruanel: And I’m no longer talking about wireless electricity.

Intercolutor: Did he achieve something?...

Ruanel: He achieved much more than what Japanese scientists achieved in the end of the XX century.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Tera-El, Thetan or 90% of Nikola Tesla

Note: At the moment the spirit of Nikola Tesla has reincarnated.

Tera-El: Dear Brothers, I am here contacted with you to narrate about a previous life to my present life. I am a thetan that inhabit the supraphysical plane 5 sublevel 9, and my mission, aside from guiding, is to unveil different mysteries.

Sometimes, in order to avoid confusion, I rather not give you details of my present incarnation. If you want to give me a conceptual name you can call me Tera-El, in this way, a connection is made somehow.

In 1856, a military man called Milutin watched in the sky a trail of fire that would change his life. A trail of fire in the area known as Serbia that he followed with his eyes going toward the place. He found a flying apparatus with a very small baby and a mother who didn't show signs of life.

Milutin was a man of faith, a man who always preached the love to God, a man that although he lived to grow up, he also lived for the others; he loved and he was loved by his wife and although he was respectful of the laws as a good military man, he didn't denounce the event of the flying object.

He took the baby in his hands and with two reliable men at his service, Slavic and Vortic, men of his intimate confidence, he made the apparatus disappear. These two men were characterized to be not very bright; they asked Milutin what had happened. And since the apparatus was so deformed, he told them that it was a terrestrial apparatus of the enemy and apparently a spy woman was driving it. Since he didn't want to foment more hostility, he asked to his comrades not to communicate it to the high command. The apparatus was “dissapeared” and the woman was buried.

The young Milutin took the baby, the one whose existence in that apparatus, his comrades never knew.

The doctor Fardek, intimate friend of the family, signed a birth certificate and the boy that is to say, myself, appeared that I was born in Serbia in a town called Smiljan the 10th day of July, 1856.

It was such surprise of my father when he saw that that boy he had adopted as his own son was not from this world that his faith was strengthened even more. He abandoned the military career and he became a priest of the Orthodox Church in Serbia.

The one who was my foster mother, didn't have a formal education, but she had a brilliant spirit, an exceptional memory and she was the one who supported me in my physical, spiritual and intellectual growth.

Before of this story, where I appeared as born in Smiljan the 10th day of July, 1856, there was another story. In a distant world where my biological parents were absolutely opposed: A loving mother, studious investigator, intelligent, of all that was related to astrophysics, one of the few women received as spacecraft pilot in that world and my father in that world, a military man, the same like Milutin on Earth, but absolutely different: merciless, you would say without soul. Several times he ended up attacking to mother in fact, but since he had a great military and political power in that world, mother could not continue anymore.

When father went to a tour to another continent. ironically and conceitedly - to give a conference of peace- being that he was totally fond of war and subjection of the poor countries that there were in that world, and they were many, mother took advantage to take the necessary few things and with her invention that would be an anti radar apparatus,- I say it in that way because it’s a concept impossible to translate for this vessel - she escaped from that world. And in spite of going in a small ship, it had interstellar capacity and in its computers it detected what you would call space cracks to arrive to Sun 3, to the Earth.

But not everything was so simple, the last beating that mother had received from my father had left her very hurt internally and the only way to protect me was to escape from that biological father.

The trajectory of the ship was indetectable for the scientists in that world. My biological father in that incarnation the only thing he knew was that a ship was missing, my mother and me. In a short time he forgot us. What happened to him, it’s unimportant in this story.

With the last strength of my mother, she arrived to the terrestrial atmosphere and protecting the ship with a minimum energy field, she lost consciousness and the ship fell. The force field plus the internal antigravity of the ship prevented that the apparatus was destroyed and it avoided in me wounds, as a baby.

Paradoxically, when Milutin, my foster father found me, I had exactly a terrestrial year that is to say, in fact it would be the 10th day of July, 1855 and it was recorded one year later, obviously.

You will wonder: "If one - as a spirit – plans a certain life, in a certain world, to fulfill certain mission, How is it possible that my 10% ended in another world with another mission which was totally different?" But it is not so this way; as well as you in your beautiful game of Chess, those of you who are experts at it can visualize moves before they are made, even many moves in advance and you can have a higher calculation of probabilities, in my case, as a mental concept, I did the same thing with the beings of the physical plane, I evaluated the possibilities, and I foresaw that one of those moves of that game was that my biological mother would escape from that world and there was a higher possibility due to the non compatibility between my parents due to the higher astronautic studies my mother had. You will ask: "And why didn’t I intention directly to embody in Sun 3 as a son of Milutín?" Maybe that is also part of the Chess game.

Milutin loved me as if I were his own son, but in the same time, he saw me like a sign of God; for that reason he abandoned the military career, for that reason he made the vows as a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

He told Mother, my foster mother that he had found me in the fields. Obviously, the same thing was said to the doctor. That is to say for Mom I was always a terrestrial boy.

But I really had a prodigious memory; I learned several languages, I liked to investigate a lot, I read texts in several languages, but above all things, I wondered about the meaning of life, what the world was, what mission I had brought. As a 10% incarnated, I ignored that I had come from another world.

When I turned six years old, father, in one of his strolls told me in a simple language with simple, but concrete words who I was, prefixing to all sentences that he loved me so deeply, in a so deep way that his own life was inferior to the love he felt for me.

My answer was:

- Father, I feel the same thing for you and for mother. I love you both in a deep way.

I was growing. At home I assembled and I dismantled things, I liked to investigate all that was mechanical and while I grew up I had so much dedication to the study that I ended up neglecting my physical part, there were nights that I slept four or five hours. I weakened, I weakened a lot. I contracted malaria, I had higher temperature, I was two times on the edge of death, two times...

My father Milutin worried so much, and he saw that I liked engineering, but he knew that it required years of intense studies and a strong discipline and he was afraid that I weakened even more.

And he told me:

- Son, maybe as well as you were a sign for me, maybe today, God, with your weakness, sends me a sign so that you take the habits and be a priest.

-No, father, I believe that my mission goes on the other way and this does not fail to deserve the Love that I feel for the Father, for the Creator.

I studied the career of engineering at the Higher Real Gymnasium in Croatia, I was devoted to electric experimentation, in three years I finished successfully the career that usually ended up demanding four or five years in the best of the cases. But it was my future, a future that I was writing.

When I finished my studies, both of my parents agreed and they manifested me that I was so demanding with myself and they asked me to make a religious career, it didn't matter the engineer's title.

I contracted cholera, I was once again, for the third time on the edge of death and in that moment I received the call to serve in the army.

My father Milutin was very bad psychically. He was thinking "If my son survives cholera he will be enroled in the army".

He would make the impossible so that I continue a religious career. At times my tone scale lowered, I felt very badly, I hardly had strength to get up of my bed, I was even with bad temper, it was as if something was taking me out of the traced plans that I didn’t know in fact, what my spiritual part had traced, but as I had certain instinct.

My father saw me so bad that he told me:

- Do you want to study electrical engineering? Do it, Do it! Please. he sent me to a rest place so that I could recover. The green, the trees, the fresh air.

And Milutin, since he had some friends left in the Force, he used his influences to avoid that I make the military service.

I recovered from my health problems and I was devoted completely to my work. I was attracted to all that was related to the electric topic because I knew that electricity was not the present, but the future and that thanks to electricity, I could achieve many things, many things.

In the end I have a presentiment that cables were not necessary and wires were not necessary that messages could be transmitted at distance and that I should invent those apparatuses because deep down, I had the notion of how to do it and my inventions will revolutionize the future of the planet Earth.

And sometimes the plans, like the Chess moves, are completed, because this Serbian young man, who in fact was found there by Milutin and registered the 10th day of July, 1856 changed with his inventions the planet Earth.

When I disembodied on January 7, 1943, it was like I was left with eagerness of more. I wanted to continue with my mission of helping.

Three and a half years later I embodied again, at this time I am incarnated and also fulfilling mission.

Now, I’ll leave and I will continue narrating details of the things that I have invented. You can tell me, Tera-El, plane 5, sublevel 9.

Dear Brothers, I send you all my Light. Until another moment.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Tera-El, thetan or 90% of Nikola Tesla

Tera-El: Dear Brothers, I am again gathered with you to transmit a new message and aspects of my previous life. I have been known with the conceptual name of Tera-El.

My father had baptized me as Nikola, he had written my date of birth in 1856 and I was growing. As I said in a previous session, I had several illnesses: malaria, cholera, I was on the edge of death; very few supposed that my physique didn't have the antibodies to counteract bacterias and virus of Sun 3.

I am not going to make in this session a detailed biography of my life year per year, time after time; I will comment aspects of what I have designed, of what is known, of what is unknown and formulas of great minds of the XX century, like Albert Einstein, with whom I did not agree on many theories developed.

Let’s start from the base that I made sketches about ray guns that fire energy rays, nothing to do with what you have developed later on and what you call laser weapons, I was talking about another type of energy, which is very difficult to transmit to this vessel’s decoder at this time. being that it is a very kindred decoder, very, very kindred, but he doesn't have the knowledge and if he doesn't have the knowledge, I cannot transmit to him exactly the type of energy. I can only say that there were microwave weapons in my depictions, special waves - that could even provoke problems of deafness, sicknesses, vertigo and even more serious problems, problems where even the human being could lose his psychomotor function, ultrasound weapons, electromagnetic weapons with potentiated electromagnetism.

Many of those sketches, way before my death, I have destroyed them because I understood that this civilization was not prepared to have those weapons.

I continued developing energy fields to shield flying machines in such way that even a bomb would not have any effect on that shields. Those sketches have not been destroyed and I know that after my death, in 1943, many of my inventions that were not put into practice were kept top secret.

There was a great man in the antiquity, called Socrates who had created a method called Maieutics. What Maieutics made, was that young students think by themselves. Instead of the traditional teaching where you have twenty students in their desks and you explain to them a certain lesson, Socrates made them think. I would like all of you to think and that you use common sense.

Let’s begin with the formula that revolutionized the XX century: (E=m*c2). This means that the mass is equivalent to the energy as long as it was taken to the square of the speed of light, something impracticable - according to Einstein - since all mass that arrives to the speed of light would become infinite.

The brother Morganel said in more than one opportunity: "Speed of light related to what? With regard to a fixed point in the universe? More than that speed it cannot pass?". It was already said that if with a flashlight which is pointing to the right, and another flashlight pointing to the left, both flashlight with their beams of light, theoretically, those beams would be moving away from each other at a speed of 600.000 kilometers per second. Einstein's theory says that it is not like that, he invalidates that concept. Therefore he invalidates that opposed galaxies of this Creation move away from each other at more than 300.000 kilometers per second. Of course that they separate from each other at more than that speed, of course they do.

But let’s go back to the formula. The 10% of Morganel had met with a granite wall, a wall that was not put by himself, but it was put by several mathematicians of the physical plane. The 10% of Morganel explained how we take the speed of light from the square, because it is not the same thing kilometers per second and miles per second.

Obviously, we, in the superluminous planes, don’t depend on numbers, on figures, miles or kilometers, directly we conceptualize the speed of light; we leave aside in that moment if it is in miles per second or in kilometers per second because it would not give the same thing squared, but that is not our problem or a problem of the universe.

That is the problem of the embodied human being in Sun 3, who drowns himself in his own numbers, he hangs himself in his own numbers, he sinks in his own numbers.

If E= m*c2, we know that beyond the speed of light - in vibration, not in displacement, - we reach a non physical plane, which is a superluminous plane. Then, if E=m*c2, what energy are we talking about? because the light itself is already energy, electricity itself is energy; we are speaking of superluminous energy, we are speaking of an energy unnoticeable for the physical instruments.

E=m*c2 takes (m) to become into a supraphysical energy. Therefore, the theory of relativity based in that formula is inconsistent in its explanation.

I know that you depend on a mental decoder. The decoder is not instantaneous like our conceptual thought, but rather your neurons have to make an interconnection among axons. Think about it, think about it calmly. Take a piece of paper, grab a pencil, do the numbers and you will see.

E = m * c2: Reveals a mass (m) that transforms into a supraphysical Energy (E). Think about it, think about it.

Before I leave, I will comment that there is a function of the cerebellum that you still ignore. You already know because of the many messages in the last decade and a half - that the cerebral amygdala is the lodging of the reactive mind, the impulses, of the basic instincts, and that the cortex is where the abstract thinking is, where the analytical mind is.

The cerebellum, independently of the functions that neurologists describe well, it completes the function of connecting the complete decoder or complete brain with the spiritual concept.

That cerebellum has a connection with the auditory system; then, when we speak of a real mediumship, in many cases the auditory system of the medium who is channeling is at risk.

I know that I have repeated many aspects and perhaps you would have preferred that I narrate part of my previous life as Nikola, but it was very important that I reveal this to you because there are many formulas that have to be changed in the future.

And we know that your scientists are not silly, they are clever, and sometimes they take the nail in fire before they drown, they prefer to burn their hands and to grab the nail, in this case, the nail in fire is an information taken from non official sources.

They are clever, but they are arrogant, then, it is almost impossible that they recognize their primordial sources. Their childish whims prevents them to recognize, to realize that a world exists beyond the one they perceive, a superluminous world that a written formula a long time ago- according to your physical life- already revealed, the supraphysical world.

And the ironic or paradoxical is that its own creator didn't grasp that concept.

I send you all my Light. With you, you can call me Tera-El.


Medium: Jorge Raul Olguin.

Interlocutor: Karina

Entity that came to dialogue: Tera-El, thetan of who was Nikola Tesla

Karina: Welcome.

Tera-El: Dear sister, my name is Tera-El, I am in the plane 5 sublevel 9 and I will narrate some of my experiences from when I embodied as Nikola Tesla.

Karina: It is a pleasure to have you here among us.

Tera-El: The pleasure is really mine and you, as Interlocutor are valuable, since your 90% is an angelic entity and as Tera-El I am truly very kindred to Kar-El.

Karina: Thank you, before you begin, I want to ask you a question, Are you embodied at this time in some 10% of this universe?

Tera-El: Yes, at this time I am incarnated, but it is a topic that I won't talk about for the moment...

Karina: Can you tell me at least in which year were you born?

Tera-El: Yes, I was born in 1946. I want to comment what happened in that opportunity. The new century was being celebrated at the beginning of the 1900 and I told to those colleagues who wanted to listen to me that one year was yet to finish so that the century begins on January first 1901. I had many acquaintances that listened to my humble chats, I always liked it, Not the solitude!!!, but it was like I didn't feel completely understood by the society of that time, I even collaborated with some scientists that felt envy and certain rejection for my way of being (I say this with total humility and zero vanity) because they were even afraid that I could surpass them. It was like they were competing all the time, and to me, I was interested in research, to investigate, to investigate, I loved the topic of electricity. But it had crossed my mind (that surely something was dictating it to me). You know as Interlocutor that the Absolute manifested himself in this Creation don’t you?

Karina: Yes.

Tera-El: You know that the Absolute is an Energy... and although he only manifested himself in a 10%, He is a Supreme Energy. I, as Nikola, as incarnated part, understood that if the universe was the manifestation of God, It had to be a remaining Energy, a hidden Energy, a non-perceived energy of God. In semi-dreams, in semi-dreams, in the same way that one day something dictated me (this was later on) that the formula of the Einstein's theory of Relativity was incomplete. At the beginning of 1901 I understood that I could assemble a machine to grab the energy of the universe. Today, more than one century later (in this planet), it’s known that in the universe there are different types of energies.

Karina: You, as a thetan, no longer as Nikola Tesla, but as a thetan, I presume that you must have a bigger knowledge than the knowledge you had being incarnated. Can you tell us some revelation or an amplification of your discoveries?

Tera-El: Look, exactly in that life in 1901, I put together numerous sketches, even reaching a drawing where in a notebook I had countless mathematical formulas of how to design an artifact, with special coils, where I could channel the Creator's energy, but I went further on, not only to channel it, but also redirect it!!!. We are speaking of a trillionth of a trillionth part of that energy, or else you will misunderstand as though it’s possible to channel the Creator's total energy, no, no, no, no!!!, an infinitesimal part of that energy and it is redirected in an energy tube...

Karina: With what purpose?

Tera-El: With the purpose to create an electric field, and that electric field redirected inside that creative energy in order to be spread in the whole planet the wireless electricity, obviously that became public, Not that I could channel the energy of the Absolute, but that I could achieve the wireless electricity. But obviously there was a boycott...

There were factories that were trading with copper, and if I was able to achieve that invention, these companies were going to be in bankruptcy. Then it was easier for them to discredit me. Thomas Edison himself had an antagonistic feeling towards me, and I didn't compete with him, not at all!!!. Marconi himself has taken out "14 of my investigations" and then he "patented" an instrument that was going to change in that moment the transmission in the planet and during decades, he appeared as the author of my invention.

What I want to say, dear Interlocutor, is that I was able to give shape in different outlines that energy of the Absolute, which was useful to me and to the whole world, not only to spread wireless electricity, but also to transmit waves, to condense that energy in such power that it could sweep hundreds of airplanes in the air with a triggering device, but that gave me fear, because I didn't know in what hands this invention could fall into. A ray that others, not me, called "the Death Ray." There is more..., I could use that energy of the Absolute, which is an energy that up until now they have not been able to grab, in order to create an “energy shield”, like the energy there is in other worlds, like in the ship in which my mother brought me, an armored shield that can even resist nuclear explosions!!!

Karina: What do you think we can do to protect the world from its own inhabitants?, in fact, it is the human being the one that attempts against the life on the planet Earth.

Tera-El: Sure that escapes from Nikola Tesla, because in my current incarnation I can’t do it either, I cannot change the world.

Karina: But Do you think that that energy could be used at the moment... for...

Tera-El: For the good?

Karina: To change, to extend the life of our planet.

Tera-El: No, look..., if you seek information about my previous life, you would see that there is an infinity of inventions that they attributed to me and there are inventions that most of the people ignore, like the energy shield, they ignore it completely; I am speaking of the true energy shield, an energy shield that can protect inter-space or inter-stellar ships. Thanks to that Energy of the Absolute, I have been able to create a radar that could detect certain holes in the “space continuum” that could have been used in inter-stellar trips.

Karina: What do you think about teleportation?

Tera-El: I achieved Teleportation, I achieved it, at the end of the XIX century, I achieved it. All the formulas, books, blueprints, everything that they didn’t destroy, was kept secretly.

Karina: In whose hands this material is?

Tera-El: The country of the North has that material, in United States of America they have the whole material. You notice that...

Karina: Excuse me... the American government or some specific group?

Tera-El: No, no, no, directly the government has it, but they have it distributed in several facilities. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was the first one that took my things. I always had a precarious health, malaria, cholera, but it was because of my body, since I had not been born here (in that life), my defenses were not prepared. If you saw me in my last years, I was practically bones and skin, I didn't eat, I kept my lucidity intact, but practically all my pictures were took at a young age. Some have been hidden, when I was 50 or 60 years old, some have been altered, but almost nobody knows the last pictures they took from me. You would get truly scared if you saw my picture, practically after the 40s of the XX century.

And one feels... with that whole intelligence to apply, in a body that doesn't respond, in hands that hurt when clenched, where they have to hold my arm so that I could walk!!!, and they looked at me with...

-Well Mister Tesla, take a seat - but I bother them, I bother them, I have more things to say!!!,

-Well, well, take it easy you will tell us - and I looked at them with my worn out eyes and told them:

- but what, you are ignoring me, you are not paying attention to me, you are not paying attention. I’m not speaking of X rays, which is my discovery, I am speaking of a special ray which is far superior, because it is an energy ray that can visualize the human body, even beyond that Nuclear magnetic resonance.

...And they didn’t pay attention, and I disembodied before being able to write it down to the paper!!!, Then, it was as if I had an unfinished issue.

In my current incarnation, although he is doing so much, he is in another topic, but I want you to know that I have been able to "condense" the energy of the Absolute.

Karina: Under the same normal physical conditions?

Tera-El: I explain it in this way..., a spirit, a spirit, is two things at the same time, energy and concept, Do you follow me?

Karina: Yes.

Tera-El: But at the same time it is a single thing, it is conceptual energy!!!

Karina: We agree.

Tera-El: But they can be separated. The one that you call God, Father or I call the Absolute, He is conceptual energy. Obviously, je, je, 10% the size of the universe, but leaving aside his Supreme concept that He is Everything, in this Creation, He is at least, also energy, and that energy. why would not that energy be channeled in the same way that this vessel can channel an entity? Why wouldn’t we channel with an artifact that Energy?

There are other energies in the universe that belong to the Absolute, the dark energy, the dark matter, but it is also an energy, everything is energy, but intangible (so that we understand each other) energy is the "Energy of the Absolute" . And through that energy so many things could be made that have not been carried out, many created interests, many created interests!!!
That is what I wanted to transmit, dear sister, and now with all my Love and with all my light, I’ll leave.

Karina: But, Can we talk again in another moment?

Tera-El: Don’t have any doubt, don't have any doubt that it will be this way, Dear Kar-El, see you later and I send all my Light!!!

Karina: See you later.

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