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The Message is more Important than the Messenger
The spirit of Ron Hubbard (Ruanel) embodied with the mission to develop Dianetics on this planet, during his existence he had many ups and downs and many people criticized his personal life while others believed that he did a lot for humanity.
While he was incarnated, he dismissed mediumship as a science, even though he had developed the theory of theta beings. Ironically, in this time, he is contacting with us through mediumship.
However, it doesn’t matter what scientologists or other people think about him. In the end, the most important thing is the message, not the messenger.

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Ruanel, spirit that animated Ron Hubbard
Interlocutor: Returning to the subject of Scientologists... Would it not be appropriate to inform them that they can take contact with you through Mediumship?
Ron Hubbard: You must respect their Free Will; you cannot influence anyone and try to impose some ideas. I notice that many are tied to a mental structure, and this is indeed one of the things that cause me so much pain.
Interlocutor: I was convinced that in the spiritual planes there was no pain, and even less at the highest levels.
Ron Hubbard: Yes, there is pain. It’s spiritual pain that has nothing to do with the earthly anguish and physical pain. It’s sublime spiritual pain, because in the Light we are not suffering for ourselves, because that would be ego. At higher levels we suffer for others, to see that ignorance leads them pain.
The spirits of error suffer for their own protagonism and we share that grief. But we share it with love and try to alleviate the load of each spirit. The same happens with incarnated human beings. The more needs have generated more suffering. We sent Light to their causal bodies, trying to mitigate their protagonism, but they commit further errors and, in turn, suffer new sorrows.
The pain felt in subtle vibration is supported because we know that some soul is always going to be rescued from his mistake.
Interlocutor: I understand, Master, because something similar happens to me when I see that indifference prevails over compromise. But I know that we must continue in spite of everything...
Now, I have a question: Did your teachers suggest not leaving anything written down on Mediumship?
Ron Hubbard: It was something that at that time was not going to prosper. Then I received in my causal body that I should continue writing about Dianetics. However, and I say this almost certain…you yourselves will be responsible for spreading what exactly is Mediumship and how the spirit world is channeled, because there are many things still ignored on this matter.
There are many wrong bases about Mediumship. Let me give you an example: It is not true that if a medium of a certain region or country "takes" the spirit of a person who lived in a different place, he speaks in the language of that place or either he expresses in the language of the medium but with accent. It is not true because the spirit communicates with ideas that the mind of the medium processes them and then translates into words. Therefore, the one who channels telepathically will express in his language and with his own accent.
Interlocutor: It was a necessary clarification.
Ron Hubbard: You may not be the only one who know what I have said but your group will share the responsibility for disseminating the true techniques of Mediumship channeling, thus not to give wrong messages.
Interlocutor: Master, I wanted to know if I should deepen my knowledge in Scientology, and then transmit it.
Ron Hubbard: Scientology can be one of the walls of the spiritual structure. Mediumship and Spirituality can be other walls along with knowledge. But the therapy of Psycho-integration is the roof of the building, because it seeks to integrate all selves, so that protagonism disappears.
If I may use the expression, everything is going to be like a very high building where the tip will almost touch the level of Light. But that work probably will not be completed in this generation, because the task is too much.
One of the things that we need to achieve, and sometimes we don’t do it, because human being is selfish and tries to get everything for his own glory, is to find in the future people who will continue the work of Guidance and Service.
There are many people who try to rise spiritually, but they are not yet ready for changes, because they have to learn to live in the earthly plane, without bitterness or jealousy. It is the will of the Supreme Maker that everything should work on time. We will always find someone eager for inner growth. Otherwise it would be like planting in a sterile field. Meanwhile, we must continue tirelessly in the search.

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Ruanel, spirit that animated Ron Hubbard
Interlocutor: Master, Why if you wrote very clearly in “A history of man” that thetans communicate telepathically, they have not tried to communicate with you as I did?
Ron Hubbard: First due to inefficiency, second due to a doctrine badly understood, third due to convenience because they are not interested in what could change what they have written, if they change what they have written, they would lose the power they have on the others.
Now, my question is: Don’t they realize that they are prisoners of themselves? Those who subject: Don’t they realize that they are also subjected? Don’t they realize that in this way they are going back in their spiritual level?
Interlocutor: You wrote also in “A history of man” that the Thetan, or rather the spirit, does not embody in a 100 % but only a small percentage. You gave the example of the sliver inserted unwantedly in the thumb. This is the evident…
Ron Hubbard: That’s is very clear, and this vessel has completed this theory explaining the topic of the 10 % and the 90 %. Now then, if they do not want to acknowledge it, it’s because they are pretending like the people of “Brave new World” from that novel of Aldous Huxley where they believe that everything is fine and they march ahead like zombis. And this is what I do not want for what I have created, then I have created a monster...
Interlocutor: I wonder if these scientologists are so stupid that when they read this, which is something very obvious, they won’t realize their mistake...
Ron Hubbard: As the Master Johnakan always says, “prejudice is not in me” I cannot say they are idiots…
Interlocutor: I say it, and I repeat it, and I don’t care if I lower of plane! …
Ron Hubbard: I simply say that they are immersed in ignorance. But notice what kind of ignorance is the one they have: ignorance with sufficiency. And ignorance with sufficiency is pedantry. And what is pedantry, but a role of ego?
See you soon, I leave all my Light with you …
Interlocutor: See you later, Master, and thank you.

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Ruanel, spirit that animated Ron Hubbard
Interlocutor: Well…Did you speak in Scientology about UFOs, aliens, abductions, Area 51? Is there any technique to eliminate engrams caused by abductions in Scientology?
Ron Hubbard: I have left material, but it is like that it is misplaced and they have not read it.
Interlocutor: Is it a confidential material?
Ron Hubbard: Yes.
Interlocutor: In which OT [1] grade is included?
Ron Hubbard: OT VIII, and even in OT VII.
Interlocutor: Is it a confidential material for Scientology here? I mean if you could reveal it to us.
Ron Hubbard: Yes, perfectly, we can reveal it. I do not have why to conceal it. We even might talk about it in some session.
Interlocutor: I would be interested in, now, since you wrote “A history of man” Until which point is real this book?
Ron Hubbard: It has real parts and parts of science fiction.
Interlocutor: Could we analyze it in a session?
Ron Hubbard: Of course.
Interlocutor: To conclude, How did you channel the messages?
Ron Hubbard: In the same way this vessel does.
Interlocutor: What percentage of accuracy did the translation of the spiritual messages have?
Ron Hubbard: I had an accuracy of 90 %.
Interlocutor: Did you, as a 10 % incarnated, realize when you were channeling spiritual messages?
Ron Hubbard: No, I did not realize it.
Interlocutor: So, you took it as if they were coming from the 10 % incarnated?
Ron Hubbard: Exactly.
Interlocutor: I believe you had the certainty of what you were receiving was real…
Ron Hubbard: Yes, yes, I was sure

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Ruanel, spirit that animated Ron Hubbard
Interlocutor: Now I would like to ask you some questions about you.
Ron Hubbard: Go ahead…
Interlocutor: A person asked me about a strange disappearance of yours for a long time of which there was no explanation on your behalf. Was there really something like that? This episode makes me remember the famous disappearance of the writer of police novels Agatha Christie, I remember that you revealed that she had an affectionate encounter with an alien, and for this reason she never gave explanations …Who would have believed her?
Ron Hubbard: In my case it was something simpler … Being incarnated I had tremendous headaches. I am not the only who had something like that…
Interlocutor: Yes, I have the information that something similar happened to Jiddu Krishnamurti
Ron Hubbard: That’s right… This Master of Light had, during long periods of his life, gigantic headaches. And I’m not saying it because I am communicating with his sublime spirit, but because any serious investigator of his works can find written references about him.
Interlocutor: Then, what happened to you in the end?
Ron Hubbard: It happened that these tremendous headaches were so intense that they were even preventing me from thinking, somehow they were turning me reactive. My character being incarnated was already difficult, and even more with these headaches, and for this reason I chose to isolate myself.
Interlocutor: Didn’t you take medicines to relieve the headaches?
Ron Hubbard: I was too arrogant to do it, and I didn’t want to take aspirins because I thought that aspirins could stop the communication with my Higher-self in whom i believe being incarnated.
Interlocutor: Perhaps the aspirin reduce the mental capacity?
Ron Hubbard: No, not at all, that was my mistake.
Interlocutor: The explanation you said is extremely important because in Scientology organizations, when they see someone taking an aspirin , they immediately lose their temper and they send him to take countless courses…

Medium: Jorge Olguin.

Entity that came to dialogue: Ron Hubbard, founder of Dianetics and Scientology.
Interlocutor: Okay. I suppose you've heard about Xenu. (Laughs).

Ron Hubbard: Xenu? I don’t locate it... Some creation of mine?

Interlocutor: (Laughs), well, I read it. A follower of the group said: "What does it mean in Scientology this Incident II (The Wall of Fire)?" a massacre that happened 75 million years ago where the dictator of the galactic confederacy, Xenu, in order to fight against overpopulation, brought to the Earth- which was then known as Teegeeack- around 80 and 170 billion people from thirty-three planets and he dropped and detonated H- bombs and then their souls were captured in large groups to form the spirits or thetans of human beings ".
Master, how did you say those things? Hold on a moment I didn’t finish, Is this a metaphor or simply science fiction that has been confused with the material of Scientology?

Ron Hubbard: It's not a metaphor, it's directly fiction. It’s science fiction besides it is absurd mentioning Captured Souls! Any Scientologist or non Scientologist with common sense would realize that it’s absurd.
Interlocutor: Yes, I always mention this when somebody ask me about it, in the sense that you were a science fiction writer.
Ron Hubbard: Of course, but if there is a movie made about a script, let's take it as fiction. Do not give more importance to the issue.

Interlocutor: Okay. The question is: Have you ever inadvertently channeled spirits of error ? I guess that once...

Ron Hubbard: Yes, when I was incarnated I did.

Medium: Jorge R. Olguin

Entity that came to dialogue: Ruanel, spirit that animated Ron Hubbard
Interlocutor: Master, you spoke well about Freud above all, you did not speak so badly about him.
Ron Hubbard: This vessel already said it. If Sigmund Freud had had psychoauditing sessions, of course, the whole psychoanalytic theory would not have developed in the way that it developed.
Interlocutor: Is Freud in the 5th plane as spirit?
Ron Hubbard: What matters is the intention, it is always said, unless if in certain techniques catastrophes are made, but what matters many times is the intention.
This vessel, and perhaps he has told you this, he does not have very good concept of my being, this vessel that receives me in this moment, does not have a very good thought of my being. He is surprised that I am in the 5th spiritual plane being that when I was incarnated, according to him, according to my vessel, I have committed some violent acts like being separated from my son and even becoming a staunch enemy, I even subjugated people, somehow at tyrannical level and I honestly admit that many times I have overdimensioned my performance in pursuit of a bigger benefit.


Notice for example the great musicians who composed great music, in their personal lives they were not good examples. Who would like to talk about Paganini, who was imprisoned on the charge of statutory rape, who stole violins, and who was a selfish person? Who would like to talk about Beethoven, who was an unfriendly person and antisocial due to his deafness? I mention these cases because Ron Hubbard exists as a very strange case: all the people attack his personal life instead of his discoveries, this is the only thing that matters. Notice that in the daily life, one does not find out the personal life of a doctor before to go to his clinic, but one finds out if his healing method is good or not.
I entered in Scientology when I read only the book of Hubbard Dianetics, the modern science of mental health. I didn’t know who he was. I was several years in courses auditing successfully, and then, in a certain moment I found out who he was and the questionings about his personal life several years later. The funny thing is that nobody questions his technology, instead they criticize his personal life...
Jorge Olguin
Let's not leave aside the last conclusions, we agreed that Dianetic Auditing was incomplete, since it was uncapable to eliminate the conceptual engrams of the 10 % incarnated... , which means that dianetics will never leave a person CLEAR...
It’s obvious that I admit that without the base, Psychoauditing* would never exist, but... Why am I going to inject the Salk vaccine (which was hurtful enough) if I have Sabin, which is an oral vaccine?
[1] Operating Thetan
* Psychoauditing is a technique developed by Jorge Olguin that eliminates 100% of the conceptual engrams of the 90% and the 10% incarnated.

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